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Ketchum-McCorkell Family Reunion
Sunday, October 13, 2013
11:00 a.m. till dusk
Pikes Peak Park
111  6th Street
Norco, CA 92860
Corner of 6th Street & Crestview Drive

Off the 15 Freeway between the 10 and 91 Freeways

From the 10 Freeway)
Take the 15 Freeway – South
Exit – 6th Street – Left (east) – Drive almost to the end of 6th Street
After passing Crestview Drive – park on left

From the 91 Freeway
Take the 15 Freeway – North
Exit – 6th Street – Right (east) – Drive almost to the end of 6th Street
After passing Crestview Drive – park on left

The park was a big hit last year. Being able to see the children play while visiting made it much more enjoyable for many.
Bring your child's razor scooter or tricycle. They can ride around the children's play ground.
Remember the trees are young and small.  Maybe bring an umbrella or an easy up for extra shade.   There are several horseshoe pits
and a basketball court. If you have a set of horseshoes or a basketball, please bring them along.

Bring your favorite dish to share and a blanket or some lounge chairs.  Please don’t forget to bring your family’s drinks, eating utensils,
plates and serving utensils. Bring a wrapped white elephant gift marked with age group for BINGO games.
I am asking for a
donation of $5.00 per each family to help cover the cost of the park rental.

On a side note, our cousin, Robbie Addleman, wrote the Ketchum McCorkell Pioneers book and it was published in October of 1993.
I know many of us have not updated our family information. We have lost loved ones and we have also had many blessing added to our familys. We have new marriages too. You can send current information to: to be added to the website.
Go to the website and view (scan down) what information the book has on your branch of the family. That way you will know where to begin with your updating.

If you have any questions, please call me at Home (949) 768-6440  or  Cell (949) 292-7137.


I regret living so far away (Phoenix).  Robbie keeps me updated and sends pictures of your reunions, but it's not the same.  In my early life Jessie and Lolita were very important in our Addleman family life.  My dad, Paul, interacted with Claude a lot. Whenever my mother was sick or recovering from childbirth, there would be Jessie or Lolita to help out.  I always looked up to them and thought Lolita was the prettiest girl around.  For a short while Jessie and Dick lived in a little house next to Aunt Lizzie and I could run over and talk to your mom.  I remember how big and grown up Larry, Eric, and Sammy were -- I think Larry was in the Marines, as was Eric.  Eric stayed in a long time after the war (WWII, that is).  I remember Sammy being in the Navy.  Buddy and I were closer in age and we kind of ran around the property when we visited Claude.  I remember visiting Laura (your grandmother,once), but she was badly debilitated from a stroke and didn't last much longer. This is just to say that the McCorkells were significant in our formative years.  When Dick died from that gunshot it affected us all.

Now, of course, most of the people we grew up knowing are gone and I've never had the opportunity to get acquainted with your generation.

Dave Addleman"

2012 Ketchum - McCorkell Family Picnic

Robert McCorkell & Family

(See more picnic photos below!)

Two photographs have been inserted into the genealogy text.

The first is a photograph of George Riley McCorkle/McCorkell's tombstone in Joplin, MO.
The second photograph is a family picture of George's third family. Click on either of the blue underlined words to see the photographs.


Hannah McCorkle

   This is a picture of HANNAH MALTILDA MILLER, wife of VALENTINE McCORKLE. This was compliments of Michele Williams, a Valentine McCorkle descendant, living in Anaheim, California -- Michele reported the photo was taken in 1910 when Hannah was about 67.

   Valentine was our George McCorkell's youngest brother from Indiana.

Congratulations to Michele on her son's recent graduation from West Point this year! (Michele Williams recently purchased a scanner and sending this was one of her very first achievements with it.)


Jennie & Gifford McCorkell (left);   As a reminder, George McCorkell was Jesse Marshall's, Larry & Robert McCorkell's grandfather. A daughter & son from George McCorkell's second marriage & a stepdaughter from his third.

   Jennie (age 58) and her brother, Gifford McCorkell (age 55) beside Allen H. Bobo (age 64) and wife, Minnie Ketchum Bobo (age 52).

   It can be seen that the greater Ketchum- McCorkell family remained fairly close, Jennie and her brother were issue from George McCorkell's second marriage to Jane O'Leva Gifford. Minnie was George McCorkell's stepdaughter and was an issue from his third wife's (Lillias J. (Burton) Ketchum) first marriage. Sound confusing?

   Jennie Married Thomas Pugh and they are believed to have moved to Riverside, CA. Gifford married and lived in Ontario, CA. His wife deserted him for another.

   Since Jennie was born in Wichita, KS in 1868, this pictureprobably was taken around 1926 and the location was probably Riverside, California. --------

Grandma McCorkell

   George McCorkell was a Civil War soldier from Indiana, who passed away in Joplin, Jasper Co., MO. He was buried in the old Baptist Cemetery, in Joplin. His wife, Lilly, then applied and received her second husband's Civil War pension. (For more info on George, click on the underlined blue word.)

   Lilly was the third wife of two husbands. She first married attorney and recently a widower, Asa C. Ketchum in Marble Hill, Bollinger Co., MO. Years later and after his death in Chautauqua, Chautauqua Co., KS, she remarried to widower George R. McCorkell in Cherokee Co., KS. This picture is of Lilly and possibly her son, John McCorkell.

Matriarch Lillias Ketchum-McCorkell

   Mrs. Lillias J. McCorkell passed away on 4 July 1924 in Riverside, Riverside Co., California. She is buried in Olivewood Cemetery.   George's widow, Lilly, visited several sons and daughters in Riverside, CA in 1914 and decided to stay.

   For a link to data on Lillias' first husband, click on the following


Jesse Brott-Marshall & Dickie

   As we progress into maturity, it is sometimes forgotten how attractive some of us were when we were younger.

   This is a picture of Claude & Laura McCorkell's daughter, Jesse (McCorkell) Brott-Marshall and her son Dick Brott.

   Both Jesse and her sister Lolita were exceptionally attractive as young women and some of these same traits, as well as musical & athletic abilities, can be see in their later descendants.

The 50th wedding anniversary of Ruben & Lolita (McCorkell) Lemus was celebrated on 8 Jan 2000.

It was celebrated at the Norconian Club at the Norco Naval Weapons Assessment Station.

Lolita is a daughter of Claude McCorkell, who departed the midwest for Riverside, California soon after the end of World War I.


Larry & Vera McCorkell

This more recent photo of Larry & Vera McCorkell's family shows some of their descendants. Larry & Vera are both on the extreme left of the picture (top & bottom).

   Larry passed away and his widow lives in Bellflower, CA. They last attended the 1999 family picnic, which was back in the Corona central park, and all had a good time.



The annual southern California KETCHUM - McCORKELL (McCORKLE) DESCENDENTS family picnic is held in October. It has been held in a variety of locations and counties over the years -- Riverside, Orange & Los Angeles. The majority of relatives have always lived in the greater Riverside County area, but most have been flexible to various locations.This year the picnic has once again been held in the Corona City Park on Sixth Street. It is very easy to access from either the 91 or 15 freeways. Paula Bisera is the picnic coordinator, who mails out the yearly notification flyers. She can be contacted at: 25282 Parthenon Ave., Mission Viejo, CA 92691. Don't forget to bring you self-addressed, prestamped envelope to give to Paula for following year. Also contact her on email at:

This large extended family all got together once a year, if not sooner, for a picnic. Great-grandmother Lillias had two families:

1. Ketchum-Bobo line which included the Addleman's & Bobo descendants,

2. McCorkell line included descendants of Claude & and sister Katie (Mary Lilien).

Reviewing McCorkell genealogy at the 2007 family picinic originally published in 1993.

(Buddy McCorkell recently researched his mother's Mescalero Apache heritage
and discovered a published photo of his Apache grandfather.)


Previous Years

Picnic Circle

   The majority of participants at the Ketchum - McCorkell Descendents family picnic are now McCorkells, with just a few Ketchum descendants.

   One of the many traditions recognized is that of forming a circle, holding hands and saying a prayer. Others include, socializing, playing games and of course, the pot-luck buffet.

   Each family grouping brings their own eating utensils, their drinks and a food dish to share with others.


Family Group #1

At a few family picnics we took photos of specific family groupings. That's Jesse Marshall in the center of the picture. Do you recognize any others?

Family Grouping #2

This second family group has Sammy & Stella McCorkell in the center.


Robert McCorkell & Family

   Robert McCorkell or "Buddy," as we know him (standing in the picture), has been unofficially elected as the 'moral and religious spokesperson' for this branch of the McCorkell family.

   He says the picnic prayer and sends out written 'family remembrances' at Christmas time.

   We all thank Buddy for assuming this difficult and responsible family role.



The Guy & Paula Bisera Family and friends.
(October 23, 2005)




April 7, 2009


My name is Amy Jones and I came across your website while trying to figure out some of my great grandmother's (Chloe Ella McCorkle) genealogy. My family is descended from Samuel (George Riley and Valentine's brother). If either or both of you had anything to do with posting the information on the web, I just want to say "THANK YOU!!!"

What a wealth of information! I had no idea that our family had been in the United States for so long! My mother (Chloe's granddaughter, Norma Gene's daughter) was very happy as well.

Thanks again!
Amy Jones
Stillwater, Oklahoma"

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