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   ANDREW CHARLES McCORKLE (ca 1789) and his first wife, MARY ANN CRABTREE. were married in Green County, Kentucky in 1822. They soon migrated to Lawrence/Orange County, Indiana and started their young family. In the 1830 U.S. Census, Andrew McCorkle was in Lawrence County, Indiana and had five children: three sons and two daughters. Polly (Mary Ann), his first wife, is believed to have died before 1832. The 1840 U.S. Census indicated "Andrew McCorcle's" wife was younger than she was in 1830. This suggests his first wife must have died and he remarried to a younger one between the ages of twenty and thirty. The second marriage for "ANDREW McCORKEL" and "MALINDA TINCHER" occurred on 10 November 1831 in Orange County, Indiana. The 1840 U.S. Census taken in Northwest Twp., Orange County, Indiana recorded "Andrew McCorcle" with eight children: four boys and four girls. Malinda is believed to have had at least two sons and died before 1838, as Andrew's third marriage was to CHARLOTTE PITTS on 28 December 1837 in Northwest Twp., Orange County, Indiana. He is believed to have had two more children, a son and daughter, by his third wife. Andrew Charles McCorkle is believed to have died before 27 December 1849 in Orangeville, Orange County, Indiana. Some of his children who have been identified are: SUSANNA (ca 1823), SAMUEL (ca 1824), GEORGE RILEY (1830), JAMES M. (ca 1835), JOHN (1836), CHARLOTTE (ca 1838) and VALENTINE (1842).

   The apprentice contracts are interesting because they show they were administered by CHARLOTTE McCORKLE. On 29 December 1849, Charlotte negotiated a contracted for seven-year-old "VALENTINE McKORKLE" to apprentice as a farmer until the age of twenty-one. It's interesting that the contract included a 'morals clause," as well as some stipulation for education. At the conclusion of this contract, he was to receive a new suit of clothes, a horse, saddle & bridle. In 1851, CHARLOTTE WESTMORELAND renegotiated a contract for Valentine as an apprentice wheelright. On 5 January 1850, Charlotte McKorkle also negotiated an apprenticeship in farming for "JOHN McCORKLE." On 20 November 1852, CHARLOTTE WESTMORELAND broke the contract for John. From these contractual negotiations, it can probably be assumed that Andrew Charles McCorkle had already passed away and that Charlotte McCorkle later remarried to Mr. Westmoreland.

   The 1850 U.S. Census shows the scattered locations of deceased Andrew Charles McCorkle's children. In French Lick Twp., Orange Co., Indiana, SAMUEL-5 (26) was a farmer and married to Eliza Jenkins (26). They had two children: Mary E. (5) and Maria E. (1). JOHN McCORCLE-5 (13) was a farmer living with Abram H. Osborn (26), who was a farmer. VALENTINE McCORELE (11) was listed as a wagon maker and living with Abram Noblitt (66), a wagon maker. In Northwest Twp., Orange Co., Indiana, JAMES McCORELE-5 (15) was living with George Shirley (37) a farmer. And in Paoli Twp., Orange Co., Indiana, GEORGE McKORKLE-5 (19), a blacksmith was living with Wilford Hoggott (41), who was a blacksmith. It can be assumed that most, if not all, were apprenticed into their various professions.

   SUSSANNA McCORKLE-5 (ca 1823) married JOSEPH PITMAN on 21 January 1840 by S. Dalton the Justice of the Peace in Orange County, Indiana. They lived in Spice Valley Twp., Lawrence County, Indiana and had nine children: MARY ANN (ca 1842), SARAH (ca 1844), WILLIAM (1847), GEORGE (ca 1849), SAMUEL (ca 1849), MARIA (1854), NANCY (1856), JANE (1860) and SOLOMON (>1860).

   SAMUEL McCORKLE-5 (ca 1824) married ELIZA JENKINS on 6 April 1844 in Northwest Twp., Orange County, Indiana by Justice of the Peace Samuel Dalton. They had four children: MARY ELLEN (ca 1845), MARIA ELIZABETH (ca 1849), JANE (>1850) and GEORGE THOMAS (1858). GEORGE THOMAS McCORKLE-6 (ca 1858) married SARAH JANE WOODS (1875) and had eight children, of which MARY ELLEN-7 (1875) was the oldest who married FRANK W. THOMPSON in 1896. They migrated to South Dakota and began a long line of McCorkle/Thompson descendants in that location. ENOCH N. McCORKLE-7 (1890), the youngest child of George T-6, married RUTH NAOMI CHRONISTER in 1921 and remained in Kansas. He had four children, of which Ella Jane McCorkle-8 (1923) married GEORGE H. LEDERMANN and later became an important McCorkle researcher.

   JAMES M. McCORKLE-5 (ca 1835) married MARY E. MAGNER in 1839 and lived in Orangeville Twp., Orange Co., Indiana in 1860. They had a daughter, Nancy J. (ca 1853). Nothing further is known about them.

   GEORGE RILEY McCORKLE-5 (1830), lived in Paoli Twp., Orange Co., Indiana in 1850, after his father passed away. He was living with Wilford Hoggott, a blacksmith, and was presumably learning how to be a blacksmith. In the next section, it can be seen that he was married, lived in Loogootee, Indiana and enlisted in the Civil War as 'GEORGE R. McCORKELL," private in Co. G, 146th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry. He was honorably discharged on 14 April 1865.

   Researchers are still piecing together information on the 'Indiana McCorkle line' of Andrew Charles McCorkle. It is clear that the limited current information does not present a clear picture of his family. Perhaps some day in the future, another researcher will use this information as a 'stepping-stone' to further research and publish a clearer understanding of this branch of the McCorkle family.


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