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(The McCorkell surname originated from the McCorkle spelling. Any first name in the table below is assumed to be McCorkell unless otherwise written.)

Surname Section Spouse or Other
Able Riley Ruth A. McCorkell
Aguna George Brent McCorkell
Alderson George Jerome W. McCorkell
Alexander Genealogy Samuel McCorkle
Allen George Charlotte Payne
Alvarez-Sanchez Claude Claude E. McCorkle
Amaya Claude Stella E. McCorkell
Anderson, Duane Andrew C. McCorkle Julie Berndt
Anderson, Karen Claude Edward J. Lemus
Asbell Andrew C. McCorkle Doris Pitman
Ashcraft Andrew C. McCorkle Ella McCorkle
Atkinson Riley George R. McCorkell
Ball Riley Kathleen McCorkell
Barger Riley Bobbi Kropp
Barson Claude Cynthia A. McCorkell
Bell Riley Stephen Kropp
Bennett, Rex Riley Sharon McCorkell
Bennett, Tracy Riley Douglas Able
Bernard Andrew C. McCorkle Glenda McCorkle
Berndt Andrew C. McCorkle Betty Thompson
Billstrom Claude Samuel L. Marshall
Bisera Claude Paula Marshall
Black Riley Margaret McCorkell
Blair Samuel McCorkle Adam McCorkle
Blunk Andrew C. McCorkle Lenna McCorkle
Boschee Andrew C. McCorkle Ronald Starr
Boyd Andrew C. McCorkle Robin Starr
Bozarth Katie Ken T. Walker
Brewer Andrew C. McCorkle William Pitman
Bronson Claude Claude E. McCorkell
Brott, James Richard Claude Jessie L. McCorkell
Buchanan Samuel McCorkle Samuel McCorkle
Buckner Samuel McCorkle John McCorkle
Bucko George Charlotte M. McCorkell
Budzinski Claude Howard Fee Marshall
Burton George George R. McCorkell
Bushnell George Ida Elnora. McCorkell
Buzzard John John F. McCorkell
Callesone Samuel McCorkle Martha McCorkle
Camp Claude Edward J. Lemus
Campbell, Julia Andrew C. McCorkle John McCorkle
Campbell, Kathy Claude Richard H. Brott
Campbell, Tina Riley Larry W. McCorkell
Canez Claude Howard Fee Marshall
Carr Andrew C. McCorkle Vicky McCorkle
Cartier George Karen McCorkell
Cartwright Samuel McCorkle Harriet McCorkle
Casper Andrew C. McCorkle Roxan Thompson
Cavett Claude Cynthia A. Barson
Chapman Samuel McCorkle Sarah McCorkle
Childers Riley J. Tal Williams
Chilton Andrew C. McCorkle Robert Pitman
Chronister Andrew C. McCorkle Enoch McCorkle
Church Andrew C. McCorkle Mildred Thompson
Clark Andrew C. McCorkle Gertrude Pitman
Clayton Riley Bonnie J. Stoner
Cobble Samuel McCorkle James McCorkle
Cole Riley E. Maxine Mayfield
Combs Riley Jimmy McCorkell
Contreras Claude Eric C. McCorkell
Cook Andrew C. McCorkle George McCorkle
Crabtree Andrew C. McCorkle Andrew C. McCorkle
Crockett Genealogy James McCorkle
Crow Riley William B. McCorkell
Darnell Riley Robert Kropp
Daughenbaugh Andrew C. McCorkle Scott Wolf
Daugherty George George R. McCorkell
Davis, Rachel Claude Brian P. Barson
Davis, Teresa Riley Timothy McCorkell
Davis Andrew C. McCorkle Evalon Clark
Dean Claude Laura J. McCorkell
Dixon Andrew C. McCorkle Richard McCorkle
Doenitz Andrew C. McCorkle Mary McCorkle
Doran Andrew C. McCorkle Richard McCorkle
Dragoo, John Morgan John Verna C. McCorkell
Dragoo, John Morgan John Lolita Kirk
Dunham Andrew C. McCorkle Marsha Thompson
Echole Andrew C. McCorkle Lisa Church
Ellis Claude Robert Edwin McCorkell
Elrod Andrew C. McCorkle Robert Pitman
Enriquez Claude Samuel G. McCorkell
Enyart Riley Marsha McCorkell
Finney Claude Marcia K. Lemus
Flook George Samuel R. McCorkell
Forrest, Eliz. Samuel McCorkle Robert McCorkle
Forrest, Lydia Samuel McCorkle John McCorkle
Fraase Andrew C. McCorkle Roxan Casper
Frey Andrew C. McCorkle William Pitman
Gage George Clessa Bucko
Galloway George Dolly McCorkell
Gates Andrew C. McCorkle Ruth Lovell
Gearhart George Albert D. McCorkell
Getler Katie Janet S. Slemko
Gifford George George R. McCorkell
Ginn Andrew C. McCorkle William Berndt
Goodman Samuel McCorkle Madison McCorkle
Green Katie Kathryn A. Parkerton
Griffith Riley Jack McCorkell
Hanson Andrew C. McCorkle Kent Meier
Heath Claude Robert E. McCorkell
Henderson Andrew C. McCorkle Lora Clark
Hitz Andrew C. McCorkle Ella Huffman
Hodges Andrew C. McCorkle Mike McCorkle
Holguin Claude Regina McCorkell
Holt Katie Mary C. Walker
Holzer Andrew C. McCorkle Wilma Thompson
Horning Andrew C. McCorkle Gerald Berndt
Horry Claude Annette C. McCorkell
Hudson Andrew C. McCorkle Martha Pitman
Huff Samuel McCorkle Harding McCorkle
Huffman Andrew C. McCorkle Ella Ashcraft
Hulet Andrew C. McCorkle Maria McCorkle
Hulett Samuel McCorkle Elizabeth McCorkle
Hummel Andrew C. McCorkle Wilma Holzer
Humphrey Claude Kathleen McCorkell
Inglis Claude James E. Henry
Jacob Samuel McCorkle Mary Rucker
James Riley Tammy Kropp
Jenkins Andrew C. McCorkle Samuel T. McCorkle
Jerrett Claude Samuel D. McCorkell
Johnson, Larry Riley Margaret Black
Johnston, Johnny Riley Pamela Williams
Jones, Allan George Karen McCorkell
Jones, Claude George Olivia G. McCorkell
Jonsson Riley Burton L. McCorkell
Keenun Claude Eric J. Lemus
Keilenberger John Joan Dragoo
Keller Andrew C. McCorkle Dorothy Holzer
Kelly John Suzanne Dragoo
Ketchum George George R. McCorkell
Keyser Riley Gary Mayfield
Killillay Andrew C. McCorkle Ora Henry McCorkle
Kirk John Lolita McCorkell
Kittell Andrew C. McCorkle Thelma McCorkle
Kropp Riley Beatrice McCorkell
Kunkel Andrew C. McCorkle Todd Sandin
LaHar Riley Marilyn McCorkell
Lankford Riley Riley B. McCorkell
Ledermann Andrew C. McCorkle E. Jane McCorkle
Lemus Claude K. Lolita McCorkell
Lesmeister Andrew C. McCorkle Debra Berndt
Lilien, Ben Katie Mary C. Holt
Lilien, Jack Katie Marizane (Hoppi) Holt
Lindskov Andrew C. McCorkle Cindy Meier
Linquist Andrew C. McCorkle Judy Holzer
Lipscomb Andrew C. McCorkle Georgiann Ledermann
Little George Claude Bliss McCorkell
Long Andrew C. McCorkle Burdette Thompson
Lovell Andrew C. McCorkle Ruth Clark
Lucus John M. Gene Dragoo
Magner Andrew C. McCorkle James McCorkle
Mann Claude Edward J. Lemus
Maragos Claude Stella D. McCorkell
Markee George Ida Elnora Mears
Marshall, Howard Claude Jessie Brott
Marshall, Paulinee Claude Claude E. McCorkell
Martinez Andrew C. McCorkle Patricia McCorkle
Mason Andrew C. McCorkle George T. McCorkle
Mayfield Riley E. Maxine Kropp
May Andrew C. McCorkle Carrie Pitman
McCann Claude Bradley J. McCorkell
McCarthy George James T. McCorkell
McCluer Genealogy William McCorkle
McCollom Genealogy James McCorkle
McCormick, Mary George I. Jerome McCorkell
McNally Andrew C. McCorkle Suzette Thompson
McNutt Genealogy John McCorkle
McQueen Samuel Samuel McCorkle
McWhorter Samuel McCorkle Mary McCorkle
Mears George Ida Elnora Busnell
Meier Andrew C. McCorkle Kathleen Holzer
Mercer Riley Donna Kropp
Mitchell Andrew C. McCorkle Virginia Pitman
Morris Andrew C. McCorkle Velma McCorkle
Morrison, Mildred Andrew C. McCorkle Donald Church
Morrison, William Andrew C. McCorkle Charlotte McCorkle
Nicola Andrew C. McCorkle Ivan McCorkle
Norris Andrew C. McCorkle Carol Williams
Nutting Riley George T. McCorkell
O'Leary Andrew C. McCorkle Melvin Thompson
Obuch Katie Kiersten S. Slemko
Olivas Claude Lolita K. Lemus
Pannell Samuel McCorkle Richard Rucker
Parker Riley Michelle McCorkell
Parkerton Katie Myonza Walker
Paul Genealogy William McCorkle
Payne George Enola McCorkell
Pitman, Joseph Andrew C. McCorkle Susanna McCorkle
Pitts Andrew C. McCorkle Andrew C. McCorkle
Polowick Andrew C. McCorkle Enoch McCorkle
Poole Riley William Mayfield
Powell Samuel McCorkle Emily McCorkle
Powell, Sidney Claude Angelina McCorkell
Powell, Emily Samuel McCorkle Alexander McCorkle
Pugh, Samuel George Mary McCorkell
Pugh, Thomas George S. Jane McCorkell
Pyle Claude Larry W. McCorkell
Quintero Claude Arlene F. McCorkell
Rector Riley Laura Stoner
Reynolds Claude James E. Brott
Rister Andrew C. McCorkle Janet Ledermann
Roberts Andrew C. McCorkle Raymond Thompson
Rucker, Martha Samuel McCorkle Harding W. McCorkle
Rucker, Richard Samuel McCorkle Harriet McCorkle
Rucker-Phillips Samuel McCorkle Alexander McCorkle
Sandin Andrew C. McCorkle Donna Thompson
Santos Claude J. Larry McCorkell
Scheumann Andrew C. McCorkle Gary Van Pielt
Scott Riley Keri Kropp
Sexton Andrew C. McCorkle Gary McCorkle
Sherwood Riley Janet McCorkell
Simon Andrew C. McCorkle Walter Berndt
Skaggs Samuel McCorkle Nannie McCorkle
Skiba Andrew C. McCorkle Richard Starr
Slemko Katie Janet S. Holt
Sloan Genealogy unknown McCorkle
Smith, Diane Riley J. Tal Williams
Smith, George Katie C. Eliz. (Betty) Walker
Smith, Linda L. Claude Alfred S. McCorkell
Snow Riley Rhonda McCorkell
Spoerle Claude Richard S. McCorkell
Stark Claude Ellena R. Lemus
Starr Andrew C. McCorkle Marian Thompson
Steele, Jane Genealogy James McCorkle
Steele, Mary Genealogy William McCorkle
Stenquist Andrew C. McCorkle Marsha Dunham
Stoner Riley Bonnie McCorkell
Sturgeon Samuel McCorkle John McCorkle
Teter Andrew C. McCorkle Roberta McCorkle
Thistle Claude Deanna L. Barson
Thompson, Frank Andrew C. McCorkle M. Ellen McCorkle
Thompson, Helen Andrew C. McCorkle Guy McCorkle
Thompson, Linda Andrew C. McCorkle Richard Starr
Thorpe Katie Betti Zane Smith
Tincher, John Andrew C. McCorkle Ava Pitman
Tincher, Malinda Andrew C. McCorkle Andrew C. McCorkle
Tingless George Daisey Payne
Tinsley Andrew C. McCorkle William Pitman
Toso Andrew C. McCorkle Cora Pitman
Towe Andrew C. McCorkle Cora Pitman
Turley Riley Janet Sherwood
Van Diest George Dolly Galloway
Van Pielt Andrew C. McCorkle June McCorkle
Veazie Andrew C. McCorkle Carol Norris
Vreland John Jeffrey Dragoo
Walker, Kenneth D. Katie L. Catherine McCorkell
Walters Andrew C. McCorkle Virginia Mitchell
Warren George Charles T. McCorkell
Weaver Riley Rhonda Mayfield
West Andrew C. McCorkle Robert McCorkle
Wheeler George Julie L. McCorkell
Wheyland George M. Jerelyn McCorkell
Whisman Riley Alex Stoner
White Genealogy Archibald McCorkle
Whitlock George Audrey McCorkell
Wiedman George Marilyn McCorkell
Wiles Claude Claudia Marshall
Wilkinson, Delia Samuel McCorkle George McCorkle
Wilkinson, Thomas Samuel McCorkle Martha McCorkle
Williams, James Andrew C. McCorkle Carol Thompson
Williams, Jerry Riley Carolyn McCorkell
Williams, Linda John J. Richard Dragoo
Willson Genealogy William McCorkle
Wilson Genealogy Andrew McCorkle
Wolf Andrew C. McCorkle Gayle Church
Wood Andrew C. McCorkle Mary McCorkle
Woods, Sarah Andrew C. McCorkle George T. McCorkle
Young Claude Annette C. Horry

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