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   This is a genealogical web site to assist Ketchum researchers in discovering more about the family and descendants of ASA CALKINS KETCHUM (1821-1881). From the home page, you can either click on this branch of Ketchum first names (Asa, Grace, Henry/Harry, Minnie, Elizabeth & Hester) or click on the underlined Table of Contents.

   Check the Surname Section for a quick way to find all your other allied family surnamed relatives. The names are listed alphabetically and linked directly to their locations.

   Discover the library and state where you can see a copy of the now sold out book, KETCHUM-McCORKELL PIONEERS, Midwestern Families of Lillias Jacinth Burton, published in 1993, in the Bibliography Section of this web site.


   I DON'T KNOW WHO MY KETCHUM ANCESTOR WAS! If you are new to Ketchum family history, then you will have to try and determine information about your oldest known Ketchum. In this line of Ketchums, Asa Calkins Ketchum (1821) descended from the Norwalk, Connecticut line of Joseph (ca 1648) and Nathaniel (1679) Ketchum. He was born in upstate New York in Cortland County. For more specific information, other than what has been provided in this web site, you are advised to contact a Ketchum/Ketcham researcher who has looked at a much broader focus than that in this one Ketchum branch.




Calkins, Kenneth W. at provides GED of Calkins descendants.

Ferwerda, Paul at is a Calkins/Hyde descendant.

Frese, Minnie at is an officer of the CALKINS FAMILY ASSOC.

Hough, Bill at is a Calkins/Hough descendant.



Adams, Eleanor descends from Ebenezer-4 (1722) of Wilton at

Addleman, Bob descends from Ephraim-4 (1719) thru Seneca-6 at

De Bruin, Teresa, descends from ITHAMER-6 (1790) at

Ketchum, Charles of West Seneca, Broome Co., NY descends from Nathaniel-3, Elihu-4 (1714) at or web site

Marean, Betsy descends from deceased Delilah-8's husband's 2nd marriage at

Maiurano, Karen Spencer descends from Ephraim-4 (1719) thru Mary/Polly-6 at

McVoy, James - descendant of Ephraim-4 (1719) thru Ithamer-6 at and

Morgan, Danielle T. - descends from Hester-7/Clarks in Lafayette, Onondaga Co., NY at

Sliker, Scott descends from Ephraim-4 (1719) thru Sarah-6 at

Other Ketchum Sources

   Ginger Stork had published a newsletter called Ketcham Kables and has a large amount of computerized research on the greater Ketcham/Ketchum family. Unfortunately, she is not online but can be reached through the U.S. mails at: 2133 Hermitage Dr., Davison, MI 48423.

   John Ketcham has created an excellent web site on the greater KETCHAM/KETCHUM family. It can be seen at

   For more information on widow Lillie Ketchum's second marriage, see

   For more infomation on the Asa C. Ketchum descendant allied families, this webmaster has created two other web sites. For the French descendant BOBO family, see and for the German descendant ADDLEMAN family, see



Kenter, Cheryl - descends from Lucy Spencer Mudge at

Maiurano, Karen - descends from Spencer/Burnside/Ketchum (Otsego Co., NY) at

Miller, Lee - (see note under Ithamer Spencer) at

Taylor, Norris - at or

Tucker, Tim - at ttucker1@ix; and Tucker Haddam, CT Genealogy web site at (see Founders):

The Spencer family was also from East Haddam, Middlesex County, CT. The GenWeb site is:

Also see:

The Spencer Hist. & Geneal. Soc. (fee payments required) at



Niemeyer, Arlene - descends from Alpheus, son of Archelaus & Olive Stowell at

Sliker, Scott - descends from Sarah Ketchum & Lucius Stowell at



Reina, Betty - descendant of Francis Harrison Burton at


   Please take a few moments and contact the web master using the subject: "Asa C. Ketchum Web Site" when emailing to:

The end of a 1990 Penn. research trip.


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