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[GERRARD-A, MICHAEL-B, JOHN (SR)-C, JOHN-D, ROBERT-E, JOHN-F, ROBERT-G, THOMAS-H, HENRY (DE)-I, NICHOLAS (DE)-J, JOHN (LEDE)-K, WILLIAM (LEDE) SPENCER-L] GERRARD SPENCER, b 20 May 1576 (Edworth, Bedfordshire, England), d bef 1646 (England); m ALICE WHITEBREAD 10 Nov 1600 in St. Mary's Parish (Upper Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire, England), [dau of John Whitebread & Eleanor Radcliffe], children:

1M   WILLIAM (REV), b 11 Oct 1601 (Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England), Immig "early 1630's to MA," ca 1631 NEWE TOWNE/CAMBRIDGE & HARTFORD FOUNDER, d 4 May 1640 (Hartford, Hartford Co., CT)

2F   ELIZABETH, b 31 Oct 1602 (Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England), Immig "early 1630's to MA," L 1630 (Saugus/Lynn, MA), d 1645 (Lynn, Essex Co., MA); m TIMOTHY TOMLINS

3M   JOHN, b 22 Jan 1603/04 (Edworth, Bedfordshire, England), d 20 Oct 1607 (England?)

4M   HENRY, b 11 Aug 1605 (Edworth, Bedfordshire, England), d 20 Oct 1607 (England?)

5M   THOMAS (SARGENT) (HARTFORD FOUNDER), b 29 Mar 1607 (Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England), Immig "early 1630's to MA," d 11 Sep 1687 (Hartford, Hartford, CT)

6M   MICHAEL, b 5 May 1611 (Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England), Immig "early 1630's to MA," d 6 May 1653 (Lynn, Essex Co., MA)

7M   "a son," bur 24 Mar 1609/10 [Henry Perry, Along the way your Roots, 1981, pg. 150/D. L. Jacobus, The American Gen., April 1951, pgs. 79-86]

8M   RICHARD, b 11 Dec 1608 (Edworth, Bedfordshire, England), d 6 May 1614 (England?)

9M   GERRARD (ENSIGN) (HADDAM FOUNDER), b 25 Apr 1614 (Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England), Immig "early 1630's to MA," d 3 Sep 1685 (East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT)

"Gerard (1) Spencer (1614-1685) along with his older brothers, William (1601-1640), Thomas (1607-1687), and Michael (1611-1653) were among the very first settlers in New England under the auspices of the Massachusetts Bay Company. Their sister, Elizabeth Spencer, also was a pioneer as the wife of Timothy Tomlins. Almost certainly all were among the first passengers of the Winthrop Fleet when the first contingent of eleven ships reached New England in 1630." [Jack T. & Edith W. Spencer, Gerard Spencer, A Pioneer of Cambridge, Lynn & Haddam; Connecticut Nutmegger, Sept 1997, pgs 188-614; provided by]

Note: For more early Spencer English genealogy, reference Tim Tucker's web site.


"From the Haddam, CT, genealogical site (

"GERRARD CAME TO AMERICA with the first Winthrop Fleet in 1630. He was under the leadership of John Winthrop who established the Massachusetts Bay Colony in Cambridge. The first mention of Gerrard is in the Cambridge Town records "in the prime of September 1634, Lots granted one west side River - Gerrad Spencer 4 ackrs." He moved to Lynn, MA with his brother Michael in 1638 and ran the ferry there. The ferry ran from Needham's Landing in Lynn to Biards Landing in Saugas. In 1661 he was one of the 28 purchasers of the town of Haddam. He was commissioned an Ensign for the town of Haddam on September 14, 1675. A pewter flagon and Urim Basin are in the glass case in the rear of the church sancturary at Haddam.

Colonial Records of Connecticut, Volume 2, published 1852, states on p. 182 that "Ensigne Jarrad Spencer is propownded for a freeman." This entry was made at a Court session held at Hartford, June 26, 1672. This session was presided over by Governor John Winthrop, and a footnote indicates that this session was hastily called in response to a letter from the King of England that he had declared war against the States General. The King's letter advised the Colonies to make "speedy and effectual provision for their defence against the Dutch." Exactly what is meant by the entry regarding Ensign Spencer is unclear.

At page 260-61 of the Colonial Records of Connecticut, Volume 2, Ens. Gerrard Spencer is listed as a deputy at a "Generall Court by Speciall Order of the Gouernor," which met on July 9, 1675. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Indian War which broke out in Plymouth Colony and the danger it presented to the eastern towns in Connecticut. ("The Court being mett, they were acquainted wth the occasion of theire meeting, which was the present trouble of the Indians now risen against the English, spoyleing and destroying of them by fire and sword . . ." [Sent by, 4 Mar 99, Middletown & Old Lyme lookups.]

Gerrard Spencer - Haddam, CT [GERARD-4 (1614), GERARD-3 (1576), MICHAEL-2 (ca1530), JOHN SPENCER-1 (ca1500)] GERARD SPENCER, b bef 14 Apr 1614 (Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England), bapt 25 Apr 1614 St. Mary's Parish (Stotfold, Bedfordshire), son of Gerald Spencer (abt 1576) & Alice Whitebread, Immig 1630 ("with brothers WILLIAM & THOMAS, . . . came to America with the first Winthrop Fleet") to Mass. Bay Colony (Cambridge, MA), L (abt 1631 New Towne/ Cambridge, MA; 1637 Lynn, MA; Hartford, CT & abt 1660 Haddam, CT - a Haddam Founder), Freeman (1634 Cambridge, MA; 1637 Lynn, MA & 26 Jun 1672 Hartford, CT), Militia: Commisioned Ensign (1656, 1672 & 14 Sep 1675 (Haddam, CT), served in King Philip's War, Will written 17 Sep 1683, proved 3 Sep 1685, d 29 Jun 1685 (East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT); m1 HANNAH JOANNIS HILLS 13 Dec 1636 (Lynn, Essex Co., MA) [b bet 1616-1618 (Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England), prob dau of Thomas Hills, d 22 Oct 1692 (East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT)], m2 REBECCA PORTER Aft 1677 (Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT) [b 16 Sep 1630 (Felsted, Essex Co., England), dau of John Porter & Rose White, d 9 Jan 1683 (Saybrook, CT)], children: [RESEARCH:]

1M   JOHN, b 17 Aug 1636 (Lynn, Essex, MA), d 3 Aug 1682 (Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT); m REBECCA HAYWARD abt 1665, dau of Robert Hayward [by Gerard & Hannah]

2F   HANNAH, b 1641 (Lynn, Essex Co., MA), d 1691 (Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT); m DANIEL BRAINERD abt 1663 [1641-1715]

3M   MEHITABEL, b. 1642 (Lynn, Essex, MA), d 1691 (East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT); m DANIEL CONE 1661 (East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT) [1626-1726]

4F   ALICE (MARAH), b 1643 (Lynn, Essex Co., MA), d 22 Dec 1714 (Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT); m1 THOMAS BROOKS [d 18 Oct 1668 (Haddam, CT)], m2 THOMAS SHAYLOR of Haddam [d ca 1692]

5F   SARAH, b 27 Jul 1644 (Lynn, Essex Co., MA), d Aft 1707; m STEPHEN BACKUS [1641-1695, son of William Backus]

6F   ELIZABETH, b 1646 (Lynn, Essex, MA), d August 1688 (Saybrook, Middlesex Co., CT); m JOSEPH STANNARD of Saybrook [d 20 Aug 1688]

7M   THOMAS, b 1648 (Lynn, Essex, MA, d 3 Feb 1698/99 (Saybrook, Middlesex Co., CT); m1 ELIZABETH BATES abt 1672, m2 ELIZABETH WALLER [by Gerard & Hannah Hills]

8M   SAMUEL GERRARD, b ca 1650 (Lynn, Essex, MA), d 7 Aug 1705 (East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT); m HANNAH WILLEY [1642-1681]

9M   TIMOTHY, b 1652 (Lynn, Essex, MA, d 6 May 1704 (Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT); m SARAH CLARK bef 1675 (Haddam, CT) [abt 1657-abt 1704, dau of William Clark]

10F   RUTH, b 1654 (Lynn, Essex, MA, d 28 Nov 1744 (Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT); m JOSEPH CLARK abt 1674 (Haddam, CT) [1652-1716, son of William Clark]

11M   WILLIAM, b 1656 (Haddam, Middlesex, CT), d 1731 (East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT); m MARGARET BATES [b 19 Jun 1664 (Dorchester, MA), dau James & Anne (Withington) Bates]

12M   NATHANIEL, b 21 Dec 1658 (Lynn, Essex Co., MA), d 1718 (East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT); m LYDIA SMITH/ or BAILEY [b abt 1659, dau of John & Lydia (Backus) Bailey, d between 1696-1722] [RESEARCH:]

13F   REBECCA, b 1660 (Lynn, Essex Co., MA), d Abt 1706; m1 JOHN KENNARD of Haddam ca 1682, m2 JOHN TANNER of Lyme, CT aft Feb 1689



[NATHANIEL-5 (1658), GERARD-4 (1614), GERARD-3 (1576), MICHAEL-2 (ca1530), JOHN SPENCER-1 (ca1500)] NATHANIEL SPENCER, b 21 Dec 1658 (Lynn, Essex Co., MA), son of Gerard & Hannah Spencer, d 1718 (Haddam, CT); m LYDIA abt 1681 [BAILEY, b 1660 (Hartford, Hartford Co., CT), dau of John (a Haddam Founder) & Lydia (Backus) Bailey or SMITH, dau of Thomas Smith], children: [RESEARCH: &]

1F   LYDIA, b 20 Aug 1682, bapt 8 Jun 1684 Middletown First Church; m SALAMON BATOS

2M   NATHANIEL, Jr., b 15 Jul 1684, d aft 1761; m1 HANNAH 25 Jul 1708 [d 20 Feb 1741 (Haddam, CT)], m2 ELIZABETH LEE 27 Mar 1744 [dau Joseph & Lois (Plumb) Lee]

3F   ELIZABETH, b 18 Jan 1686; m NATHANIEL CHAPMAN Aug 1710 (children: Ichabod (1710) & Nathaniel (1714))

4M   JOHN, b 30 Mar 1689 (Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT)

5F   MARY, b 9 Jun 1692, d 28 Oct 1751 "in 60th yr;" m SAMUEL BELDEN 10 Apr 1712 [b 25 Jul 1689, d 31 Jul 1771], children: Samuel, Jared, Nathaniel, Lydia, Asa, Mary, Ann, Seth, Daniel, Richard, Phineas, Dorothy, Esther & Martha.

6M   DANIEL, b 20 Aug 1694, d abt Jan 1771 (Haddam, CT), Will 19 Feb 1770, proved 19 Jan 1771; m ABIGAIL CLARK 21 Jan 1729 [b 10 Jan 1714, dau Daniel & Mary Clark]

7F   SUSANNA, B 8 NOV 1696

8F   DOROTHY, b 8 Mar 1699, bapt 1 Oct 1699; BENJAMIN SPENCER Sept 1767 [poss cousin]

9M   PHINEHAS, b 20 Mar 1701, d prob (Spencertown, NY); m MARTHA STEEVENS 3/9 Mar 1731 [b ca 1712 (Killingworth, CT), dau Timothy & Mary Steevens]


[JOHN-6 (1689), NATHANIEL-5 (1658), GERARD-4 (1614), GERARD-3 (1576), MICHAEL-2 (ca1530), JOHN SPENCER-1 (ca1500)] JOHN SPENCER, b 30 Mar 1689 (Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT), son of Nathaniel & Lydia (Bailey) Spencer, a Founder Spencertown, d 1773 (Spencertown, Columbia Co., NY); m MARY 18 Feb 1713 [b ca 1694, d "age 85," children:

1M   JOHN, b 19 May 1715, d bef 1772; m MARTHA 25 Sep 1745 (Haddam, CT)

2M   SIMEON, b 12 Aug 1717, d ca 1777 "age 60 of smallpox;" m RACHEL ST. JOHN 22 Feb 1743 (Wilton, CT) [b 16 May 1725 (Norwalk, CT), dau of John & Eunice (Hayes) St. John

3M   JOEL, b ca 1719, d 25 Feb 1806 (Maryland, Otsego Co., NY) "age 87;" m1 MARY BEVINS bef 1745 [b Nov 1719 (Middletown, CT), dau Thos. & Martha Bevins], m2 ELIZABETH, m3 SARAH (HASKELL) ROSE aft 1789, children (Israel, Asa, Mary, Jerusha, Desire, Eunice, John & Dorcas

4M   AHIMAAZ, b ca 1721; m1 MARY WETMORE 15 Sep 1743 [b prob 29 Apr 1725 (Middletown, CT), prob dau Ebenezer & Elizabeth (Cornwell) Wetmore], m2 ZIPPORAH BRAINERD [b 16 Oct 1737 (Middletown, CT), dau Obadiah & Mary (Johnson) Brainerd, d 29 Jan 1767 (Spencertown, NY) "age 30"] m3 SUSANNAH

5F   LUCY, b ca 1723, d 26 Nov 1754 (Sharon, CT) "age 33" [RESEARCH:]

6F   MARY, b 1725 (Haddam, CT); m EPHRAIM KETCHUM 2 Apr 1746 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT) [Ketcham was another descendant family who immigrated with Winthrop's Fleet.]

7M   NEHEMIAH, b prob 1727-30, L 1790 (Kinderhook, Columbia Co., NY), d aft 1800; m EXPERIENCE

8M   ITHAMAR, b ca 1733, d 1 Apr 1825 (Maryland, Otsego Co., NY) "age 92;" m REBECCA [b abt 1733, d 1 Apr 1825 (Maryland, Otsego Co., NY) [RESEARCH: Karen Spencer Maiurano; Henry Perry's Along the Way Your Roots, 1981 (additions etc.)]

9F   TABITHA, b 1736




[JOEL-7 (ca1719), JOHN-6 (1689), NATHANIEL-5 (1658), GERARD-4 (1614), GERARD-3 (1576), MICHAEL-2 (ca1530), JOHN SPENCER-1 (ca1500)] JOEL SPENCER, b ca 1719, d 25 Feb 1806 (Maryland, Otsego Co., NY) "age 87;" m1 MARY BEVINS bef 1745 [b Nov 1719 (Middletown, CT), dau Thos. & Martha Bevins], m2 ELIZABETH, m3 SARAH (HASKELL) ROSE aft 1789, children:


2M   ASA, b 20 Mar 1744, L (Greenriver, Otsego Co., NY), Military (Rev. War Army), (children: Joel, b 2 May 1766; Nehemiah, b 27 Nov 1767; Jonah, b Jan 1770; Asa 20 Mar 1772, Jason, b Aug 1774; Eliel Crosby, b 29 Jan 1777; Asenath, b Sep 1779, Josiah, b 14 Mar 1782; Jerusha, b Aug 1784 & Gertrude* b near Greenriver)






8F   DORCAS, L (Maryland, Otsego Co., NY); m AMOS SPENCER (a cousin)

[Note: Henry Perry, in his book supplement, provided a letter from Miss Gertrude* Fritz of Cincinatus, NY, a descendant of Asa Spencer.]


[LUCY-7 (ca1723), JOHN-6 (1689), NATHANIEL-5 (1658), GERARD-4 (1614), GERARD-3 (1576), MICHAEL-2 (ca1530), JOHN SPENCER-1 (ca1500)] LUCY SPENCER, b ca 1723, d 26 Nov 1754 (Sharon, CT) "age 33;" m MICAH MUDGE 1 Sep 1741 [b 6 Mar 1718 (Hebron, CT), son Ebenezer & Abigail (Skinner) Mudge, Occup (prob "the Judge Mudge" who sold a grist mill in Salisbury, Litchfield Co., Ct to Ephraim Ketchum in 1764), d 1813 (Florida, Mont. Co., NY), "age 95], children: [RESEARCH:]

1M   MICAH, b 1742; m1 ABIGAIL ROWLEY 1767 [dau Isaacher Rowley of New Lebanon, NY, d abt 1811 (Delaware Co., NY), her m2 Ichabod Carmichael]


3F   LUCY, b ca 1746

4F   RUTH, b 17 Jan 1748, d 24 Oct 1780 (Florida, NY); m JONATHAN SPENCER 26 Sep 1764 [son of Nathaniel-3, a cousin]

5F   ELIZABETH, b 28 May 1750; m1 ELIJAH MENTOR 31 Jan 176.. [of Washington Co., NY]; m2 WILLIAM REYNOLDS [b (Wethersfield, CT), Royalist in Rev. War, L 1796 (Canada)


[ITHAMAR-7 (ca 1733), JOHN-6 (1689), NATHANIEL-5 (1658), GERARD-4 (1614), GERARD-3 (1576), MICHAEL-2 (ca1530), JOHN SPENCER-1 (ca1500)] ITHAMAR SPENCER, b ca 1733 (Haddam, CT), son of John & Mary Spencer, Occup (Deacon), Military (Rev. War: Capt 9th Albany Regt called Claverack Battalion), L 1790 (Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NY), d 1 Apr 1825 "ae 92 (Maryland, Otsego Co., NY), bur Potato Creek Cem; m REBECCA [b ca 1740, d 2 Aug 1826 in 86th yr, bur Potato Creek Cem], children: [Ref: From letters written by Nehemiah Spencer to brother Jonah between 1835-1856 & other sources by Henry Perry dec'd in 1981.]

1M   AMOS, b 26 Apr 1759, d 13 Jul 1843 in 85th yr; m DORCAS SPENCER Nov 179 (Hillsdale, NY) [b 19 Aug 1760, d 29 May 1843 in 83rd yr (Maryland, NY), dau of Joel & Mary (Bevins) Spencer]

2F   REBECCA, b 14 Apr 1763, d 1852; m Rev. JOHN SPENCER 14 Feb 1782 [b 24 May 1758, son of Joel & Mary (Bevins) Spencer, d 25 Aug 1826 (Sheridan, NY)]

3F   LOUANA, b 5 Aug 1767, L 1850 "with Uriah Spencer" (Maryland, NY), d bef 1855; m WILLARD "apparently no children?"

4F   RHODA; poss m GLOUD BURNSIDE [b ca 1770 (Albany Co., NY), son of John]

5F   LOVINA, b 2 Mar 1772, d 17 Dec 1853 (Maryland, NY) "ae 81y-9m-15d;" m NATHANIEL ROSE 1791 [b 6 Apr 1770 (Chester, MA), son of Nathan & Sarah (Haskell) Rose, d 19 Jul 1846 (Maryland, NY) "76y-8m-13d"


7M   PHILIP, b ca 1776, d 30 Nov 1805 "in 29th yr/or age 29;" m LOUIS [L 1807 "unmarried with Simeon Spencer of Green River Congr. Church], children (Harriett bapt 23 Aug 1803 & Naomi bapt 4 Oct 1805, both at Green River Congr. Church)

8M   JOEL, b 1776 (youngest son), d 1820 (Alexandria, IL); m LOIS PECK [d Alexandria, IL - near Cairo] "wife & 3 children died leaving son & 2 daughters" (Almeron (1806), Miranda "d of bilious fever," Sophronia m Joab Vestal, Pamelia)

Note: 29 Jan 2007. Email, Lee Miller ( "I am from the Spencer [& Ketchum] ancestry line.

["2. Maiurano, Karen. Email, 20 Oct 2002. "I also ran across an interesting reference to Ithamer Spencer in the DAR Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers, vol 6, p 186: "Spencer, Itham: see preceding page. Capt 9th Albany Regt called Claverack Battalion. Name Ishamer in record. Captured famous Tory Capt. file."

Ithamar Spencer DID marry Matilda Houghton [who has a long ancestry of her own]. Except that this Ithamar [there are quite a few of them], is the Grandson of the Ithamar who married Rebecca, for whom, alas, we have no surname or ancestry.
The line goes: Ithamar Spencer m. Rebecca . . . son of Amos was Ithamar A. Spencer, who married Mathilda Houghton. They lived there later lives in Unadilla, Otsego, New York. son of Ithamar A. was Philip A. Spencer [another son of Amos, John, is the one who married Polly Ketchum; both of whom are buried in Forest Hills Cemetery, Blodgett Mills, NY].

John was my GGGG Uncle; Polly was my 2nd Cousin 5 times removed [2C5R]. son of Philip A. was another Ithamar Spencer dau of Ithamar was Harriet Spencer who married Ernst Ludwig Dinkle, who was adopted by Heinrich [Henry] Heinmiller and took the name of Louis Ernest Heinmiller. son of [now] Louis and Harriet was Ithamar Spencer Heinmiller whose son I am.
I have been to the Blodgett Mills Cemetary [near just south of Cortland] and to the Potato Creek Dip [Spencer-Burnside] Burying Ground in Maryland, Otsego, NY. I also have a Spencer Manuscipt of several hundred pages, and a gedcom of over 65,000 names. If I can share any information in which you may be interested, feel free to drop and email.
Gary L. Heinmiller
Liverpool, Onondaga, New York [just north of Syracuse]
aka Lee Miller, my nom de plume
I also have a copy of Beldan Allen, "The Spencer Family," and Harold L. Spencer's "A Spencer Genealogy - and Descent from Gerard of Haddam, CT. 1977. An earlier version of my gedcom is posted [with notes], when there were about 10,000 names in it, at: <> a similar website [we shared some data before he passed away] is at: <>. . ."


[AMOS-8 (1759), ITHAMAR-7 (ca 1733), JOHN-6 (1689), NATHANIEL-5 (1658), GERARD-4 (1614), GERARD-3 (1576), MICHAEL-2 (ca1530), JOHN SPENCER-1 (ca1500)] AMOS SPENCER, b 26 Apr 1759 (CT or Spencertown, NY), L 1790 (Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NY), 18 Nov 1798 Letter of Recommend (Green River Congr. Ch. to church at Worcester, Otsego Co., NY), Military (Rev. War: 1781 Pvt in Capt. Ezekiel Cooper's Co. of Rangers (Dutchess Co., NY); on Council of Appointments for Otsego Co. from 10 Oct 1798 until 1805), d 13 July 1843 (Maryland, NY) "in 85th yr;" m DORCAS SPENCER Nov 1779 (Hillsdale, Berkshire Co., MA) [b 19 Aug 1760, d 29 May 1843 in 83rd yr (Maryland, NY), dau of Joel & Mary (Bevins) Spencer], children: [Ref DAR records 9-256 & 73-41]

   "Spencer, Nathan, p. o. Virgil, farmer and stock dealer, born in Virgil in 1821, was supervisor three terms; first wife, Polly Ann Price, married in 1843 and died in 1863; children five: Earl W., Henry F., Emma Dett, Alice V. and Egbert D.; second wife, Mrs. Angeline (Smith) Homer, married in 1866; one son, Lin C. Parents, Isaac and Nancy (Peabody) Spencer, natives of Otsego county. Grandparents Amos and Dorcas Spencer, natives of Rhode Island, the former was a Revolutionary soldier, and died in Otsego county."1

1M   SIMEON, b 11 FEb 1781, d 8 Aug 1808 "ae 28;" m CATHERINE DEAN [b ca 1784, d 31 Jan 1860 "ae 76," her m2 to brother-in-law Nathan Spencer]

2M   ITHAMAR A., b 27 Aug 1782, d 4 Nov 1870; m CAROLINE MATILDA HOUGHTON ca 1805 [b ca 1784 MA, d 11 Apr 1863]

3F   DEBORAH, b 20 Apr 1784, L 1855 "age 71/unmarried"

4M   AMOS, b 15 Jan 1787 "died young?"

5M   JOHN, b 9 Feb 1789, d 17 May 1870 (Blodgetts Mills, Cortland Co., NY) "age 81;" m POLLY KETCHUM ca 1811 [b ca 1789, d 2 July 1873] [Ref: Ketchum Genealogy]

6M   ISAAC, b 19 Jan 1791, d 29 Dec 1869 (Cortland, NY); m1 NANCY PEABODY 1/7 Jul 1816 [dau Jirah & Thankful Peabody], m2 REBECCA aft 1850 [b ca 1798 (VT), Adm'n 26 May 1875 to L. Clinton Ball]

7M   NATHAN, b 4 Jan 1793, d 13 Feb 1865 "ae 72y-1m-9d; m CATHERINE DEAN SPENCER 1815

8M   ENOCH, b 6 Dec 1794, bapt 25 Jan 1795 Green River Congr. Ch (Columbia Co., NY)

9M   CALVIN, b 30 Apr 1796, bapt 5 Feb 1797 Green River, d "aged abt 8"

10M   URIAH, b 29 May 198 d 10 Oct 1872 (Maryland, NY); m ESTHER WORDEN Nov 1823 (Maryland, NY) [b 3 Aug 1798 (Middletown, Greene Co., NY), d 15 May 1867]

11F   DESIRE, b 2 Nov 1799, L 1878, Migrated to MN; m SANDFORD BABCOCK [b 1798], children (Abner, Eunice, Loisa, Ira, Lorin, Thomas, Caroline)

12M   AMOS P., b 22 Mar 1801/3, d 5 Mar 1837/9 "age 35y-11m-13d," Will 2 Mar 1837; m1 SARAH "Sally" BABCOCK [d 11 Apr 1864; her m2 DANIEL WILBUR], children (David Fish, Mary Jane & Emily Melissa)

13M   ABRAM, b 6 Dec 1806

[NOTE: Karen Maiurano sent an extract from Belden Allen's THE SPENCER FAMILY, which described Isaac & John (who married Polly Ketchum) Spencers walk from Otsego to Cortland county in 1807. Isaac was 16 and John was 18. They purchased "360 acres, two miles northwest of Blodgett Mills and six miles from Cortland."]

1. Sliker, Scott. Mailed Ketchum-Spencer-Stowell research: Extract from "Brief Personals," unknown publication, pg. 539.

2. Maiurano, Karen. Email, 20 Oct 2002. "I also ran across an interesting reference to Ithamer Spencer in the DAR Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers, vol 6, p 186: "Spencer, Itham: see preceeding page. Capt 9th Albany Regt called Claverack Battalion. Name Ishamer in record. Captured famous tory Capt. file."


[TABITHA-7 (1736), JOHN-6 (1689), NATHANIEL-5 (1658), GERARD-4 (1614), GERARD-3 (1576), MICHAEL-2 (ca1530), JOHN SPENCER-1 (ca1500)] TABITHA SPENCER, b 1736, d prob aft 1817 (Whitehall, Washington Co., NY); m MOSES CLEVELAND 31 MAY 1759 [b 20 Jul 1736 (Windham, CT), son Benjamin & Ann (Church) Cleveland, d ca 1790 (Whitehall, NY)], children:

1M   ELIPHAZ, b 13 Feb 1761

2M   ASA, b 13 Mar 1763

3F   ESTHER, b 7 Jun 1765, d 1835; m1 DOWNS, m2 SAMUEL SMITH

4M   CLARK, b 12 Mar 1768

5M   ABEL, b 25 Jan 1770

6M   DYER or OBADIAH, b 22 Oct 1772

7M   JAMES, b 18 Dec 1777


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