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Col. Asa C. Ketchum   This Civil War era picture has been passed down through the family and supports a report by 'family tradition' that Asa Calkins Ketchum was once an officer. Old letters report he was a colonel in the Home Guard, which was what later became the National Guard. Family tradition also says he proudly never accepted pay from service to his country. Finally, we know he was in Memphis, Tennessee in 1862 when his daughter Grace Greenwood Ketchum was born.

   The above has been very difficult to validate. Asa C. Ketchum is not listed as having served for the Union in the Civil War. Then there is the claim that he was a Home Guard Colonel. Was this some type of honorary title where he served in a quasi civilian capacity? We do know that Memphis was conquered by the Union in 1862. Did attorney Asa C. Ketchum serve as some type of administrator in Memphis? Also, it appears the coat in this picture might not have been the official Union uniform overcoat but one similar to it. Anyone have any ideas? For a larger presentation of this picture, go to Asa C. Ketchum's genealogy.


Hester Clark

   On the back of this 1898 photo, it says: "A picture to Minnie Ketchum, from her Aunt Hester." It also has "Seneca's wife, Clifford's wife and Aunt Hester -- La Fayette, Onondaga Co., NY."

Hester Ketchum Clark, Asa C. Ketchum's sister, is sitting and it is presumed that Seneca Ketchum and his wife are on the left. It is also presumed that Clifford and his wife are on the right. It is also presumed that Seneca and Clifford are brothers, as the resemblance is very close. For a look at a larger picture, link to HESTER CLARK KETCHUM at HESTER-7.


Forest Hill Cemetery

Forest Hill cemetery in Cortland Co., NY is where many of our Ketchum, Spencer and Stowell ancestors were buried. Ephraim-5 Ketchum's wife, Jemima Calkins Ketchum, was buried here.

Of course, many ancestors spread out into the surrounding localities and were buried nearby.

 Some were in or around Lafayette, Onondaga Co., NY: (1) Lafayette Rural cemetery (2) Sentinel Heights cemetery; the (3) Ketchum-Hibbard cemetery and in (4) Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY; and some in the (5) Ketchumville cemetery in Tioga Co., NY.

The Lafayette Rural cemetery in Lafayette, Onondaga Co., NY has recently been identified as the location where Ephraim-5's son, Seneca-6 Ketchum (and family) was buried. Jim McVoy recently came across a listing of the cemetery on Roots Web. The data had been transcribed and uploaded by Danielle Morgan of Lafayette, NY (, who is a Ketchum-Clark descendent.

Many Ketchum ancestors continued the westward migrations to the surrounding states and the midwest.

Jemima Calkins Ketchum

JEMIMA CALKINS KETCHUM, the widow of EPHRAIM KETCHUM and also a Mayflower descendant, migrated from Milford, Otsego Co., NY to Virgil/Homer, Cortland Co., NY with her grown children around 1803-15. She later applied and was granted her deceased husband's Rev. War service land around 1845.

EPHRAIM KETCHUM, a Revolutionary War soldier, died in 1803 and is believed to have been buried in a now unmarked grave, possibly on their old farm in Milford, NY.


Henry Clark home

Hester (Ketchum) & Henry E. Clark purchased this home in 1866, according to Lafayette Town Historian, Roy Dodge. Later on, Seneca E. Clark (1848-1924) lived in the home. Both Seneca and his father farmed together successfully for over 50 years.


Clark Monument

This large monument was erected in the Lafayette Rural Cemetery at the center of the Clark family burial plots. On each face of the monument's base is a Clark name: HENRY E. CLARK (father), S. E. CLARK (son, 1848-1924), & C. J. CLARK (son). A closeup can be seen below.

Henry E. & Hester A. Clark

One face of the closeup reads: HENRY E. CLARK 1818 - 1893 and HESTER A. His Wife 1822 - 1902. Henry (aka Harry) was the patriarch of this branch of the Clark family. For more data on Hester, click on the Hester-7 tab.

Of course "Hester" is Hester Ann Ketchum, daughter of SENECA & SABRINA (STOWELL) KETCHUM who are buried nearby.

Hester's brother, ASA CALKINS KETCHUM, had an uncompleted date on his stone. He migrated to the midwest and died in an unmarked grave in Kansas.

CLIFFORD J. CLARK married LILLIAN MORGAN on 17 June 1896. These photos were provided by a Morgan descendent, Danielle Morgan, on 1 Feb 2001.


Slikers & Lewis

Scott Sliker's Stowell descendants.

Cliff & Jim Sliker

Scott Sliker provided these pictures of his family. He has been a key Ketchum-Stowell researcher and has generously shared his findings.


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