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(of old Norwalk & Wilton, CT)

[NATHANIEL-3 (1679), JOSEPH KETCHUM-2 (ca 1648), EDWARD KATCHAM-1 (d 1655)] NATHANIEL KETCHUM, b 23 Jan 1679 (Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT)1, L (Norwalk, CT) & (Wilton, CT), 27 Jan 1727 Congregational Church (Wilton, CT) "Nathaniel Ketchum, age 48, born Norwalk, assigned to Great Pew at First Seating"2, Military - Capt. 2nd Co., 16th Reg't Conn. militia, d 19 Sep 1738 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT), bur prob Congregational Church Cem ; m SARAH WAKELEE 12 Jun 1710 (Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT)3 [ b 1 Dec 1683 (Stratford, CT), dau of Deliverance & Anna (Nash) Wakely, desc. of Richard Wakely of Hartford 1640].

   "NATHANIEL-3 (Jos-2) b 23 Jan 1679 (old Cal) Norwalk, CT, d. 1738 btw towns of Norwalk & Wilton nr Norwalk River, m 12 June 1710 Norwalk, Sarah Wakelee d/o Deliverance, & of Hannah Nash, b 1 Dec 1683 (her twin bro d. infancy) Stratford, CT. In 1727, the Seating Committee bestowed a great honor on Nathaniel-3 by assigning to him the Great Pew of Wilton Cong. Church. Conn. Assembly established Nathaniel Ketchum as Ensign of the 2nd Co. of alarm list, 16th regiment, State of Conn. Made Lieut of the Wilton Trainband of the local militia Oct 1727, Captain by Oct 1730. The settlement of Wilton was "established later than Norwalk and it took in the area where Nathaniel and his father owned property. The very early records of Nathaniel call him 'of Norwalk;' and the births of his children were first recorded with the church there. But, when the Congregational Church of Wilton was established, ca 1730, Nathaniel transferred his children's birth or baptism records to Wilton. In 1730 Nathaniel-3, with bro Joseph-3, was named executor in his father's Will; 1730 he inherited land from his father; in 1731 he sold a parcel of this land to his bro John-3.

   "Deliverance Wakelee, father-in-law of Nathaniel was b ca 1650 New Haven Colony, d 6 Nov 1707 at Stratford, CT age 57 yrs, m 3 Nov 1678 Stratford Hannah (Anna) Nash b 18 Jan 1651 New Haven Colony-Stratford, d/o Edward Nash. The father of Deliverance was Henry Wakelee (James-1 Wakelee/Wakelin) b pr 1620 England, d 1690 CT, m 4 Sept 1649 New Haven Colony to Sarah Burt widow of Judah Gregory whom she m 20 June 1643 and the d/o Henry Burt. (Source: Families of Old Fairfield; Savage; Mary E. Ketcham)."

   "Edward Nash came early to Norwalk . . . . Another child of Edward Nash, by his first wife, was Hannah, who married, Dec. 3, 1678, Deliverance, son of Henry Wakeley of Stratford, and an early Hartford lawyer. . . . This establishes the claim that the "Hannah Nash" who married Deliverance, son of Henry Wakeley, the noted colonial lawyer of Hartford, was a daughter of Edward Nash of Norwalk, rather than of Sergt. Joseph Nash of New Haven; and as Nathaniel Ketchum, who married June 12, 1710, Sarah, born Dec. 1, 1683, daughter of Deliverance and Hannah (Nash) Ketchum, was the probable ancestor of Amos and Hiram and Morris Ketchum as well as of Maria Ketchum Averill, wife of Chancellor Reuben Hyde Walworth of Saratoga Springs, it gives to these kinsfolk an additional Norwalk lineage." (Source: Norwalk, Selleck, 1896, p.104)

   Will Abstract of NATHANIEL KETCHUM, 9 Sep 1738, Wilton Parish, Norwalk Twp., Fairfield Co., Conn. Colony: [Original will at Wilton Public Library4]

1.   wife SARAH, 3 acres of Salt Meadow & 1 1/2 of land near the widow Keelers and she will pay the legacies to my   daughter HANNAH & daughter SARAH, when of age

2.   wife SARAH, use & improvement of one-third part of my dwelling House, barn & all lands during full term of her   continuing my widow.

3.   well beloved son NATHANIEL KETCHUM and his heirs, all my land at the Red Oak Ridge,   [right-of-passage through Boggy Meadow] for my two youngest sons JOSEPH & NATHAN

4.   son NATHANIEL KETCHUM 20 acres of land behind Wescots, also 4 acres across northerly part of Boggy   Meadow, also 5 roods of land to take up, also one-third of my commonage & the land becoming due   upon the same.

5.   my well loved son ELIHU KETCHUM, all my lands lying at Canaan in the twp of Norwalk & a horse

6.   my well beloved son EPHRAIM KETCHUM, all my lands lying near Harries Ridge & in the seventy Rod so   called, also one-third part of my comonage & the land becoming due upon the same.

7.   my well beloved son EBENEZER KETCHUM, all my land at Hoyts Plain & my swamp near by it & one-   third of my comonage & the land becoming due upon the same. Also my weaving loome5 & tackling.

8.   my 2 sons JOSEPH KETCHUM & NATHAN KETCHAM, in equal right & proportion; all my lands at &   about Home with the buildings, my swamp & uplands of 6 acres near Durings, also my swamp by David   Keeler of 2 acres, also the rest of my Boggy Meadow on the Boggy Branch & passing priviledges to   cross NATHANs land at Red Oak Ridge

9.   my well beloved daughter HANNAH KETCHUM, what she already had the sum of 30 pounds

10.   my well beloved daughter SARAH, the sume of 100 pounds when she comes of age

11.   MEMORANDUM; my wife SARAH [the right to improve 1/3 of lands for life]

12.   EXECUTORS: wife SARAH & brother-in-law SAMUEL CLUCKSTON


1M   NATHANIEL b 12 Mar 1711 (Norwalk Twp., Fairfield Co., CT) [, as per   Vol. 1, p. 13, Wilton records], O (sea Capt.); m SARAH KETCHAM [bapt 5 Nov 1738, dau Ephraim Ketcham-3]

2M   ELIHU, b 22 Apr 1714 (Norwalk Twp., Fairfield Co., CT) [RESEARCH:]

3F   HANNAH, b 27 Nov 1717 (Wilton, CT); m JONATHAN KETCHAM (of L.I., & son of   Nathaniel & Abigail)

4M   EPHRAIM, b 11 Aug 1719 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT) [see Spencertown, Columbia Co., NY]

5M   EBENEZER, b 6 May 1722 (Wilton, CT), d aft 1777; m1 RACHEL, m2 MARY SHERWOOD 20 Jan 1747,

6M   JOSEPH, b 9 Mar 1725 (Wilton, CT)

7F   SARAH, b 9 Mar 1725 (Wilton, CT), d 24 Nov 1812 "in 88th year;" m Capt. PHINEAS   CHAPMAN 23 Sep 1742 (GreensFarms, Westport, Fairfield Twp., Fairfield Co., CT)

8M   NATHAN, b 5 Apr 1729 (Wilton, CT), d Jan 1806 (Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY), bur Ketchum-Hibbard Cem

1. Selleck, Charles M., Rev., Norwalk, Norwalk, Conn., 1896, p. 80. "Register of Additional Male Settlers who came to, or who attained majority in, Norwalk, from 1656 to 1700."

2. Hubbard, G. Evans, ANNALS OF WILTON, Wilton Village: A History, Vol. III, Wilton Hist. Soc., 1971, p. 24-25.

3. "Nathaniell, m Sarah Wakeling d Deliverence, decd of Stratford 12 June 1710" - LR1, p112 (Town Clerk's Office, Norwalk, CT: Norwalk Marriages, Births & Deaths 1651-1850).

4. Wilton Public Library, Wilton, CT ( has Nathaniel Ketchum's handwritten will in a plastic folder.

5. "Occupation, prob. weaver. (In his will, Nathaniel left his weaving loom & tackling to his son Ebenezer. The loom was not introduced in N.E. until Nathaniel's generation, and upon it's arrival, it was a man's occupation"). Ginger Ketchum Stork in a 3 July 1992 letter.

6. Wilton Congregational Church Birth, Baptism, & Family Records, 1726-1858, 10/10/97, p. 3, 16, 22, 23.

7. See Barbour Collection, vol. V for references.


[ELIHU-4 (1714), NATHANIEL-3 (1679), JOSEPH KETCHUM-2 (ca 1648), EDWARD KATCHAM-1 (d 1655)] ELIHU, b 22 Apr 1714 (Norwalk Twp., Fairfield Co., CT), 1733 Wilton Church "4th long seat," L ("1733 Canaan Parish, 1741-53 Sharon, 1753 Oblong, NY, 1760 Crum Elbog, Duchess Co., NY, 1763 Amenia, NY, 1769 Clarksburg, NY"), Military 1747 Lt, 1750 Capt. (Sharon, CT), d 1809; m SARAH (ST. JOHNS?), children:1 [RESEARCH:]

1M   ELIHU II, b 24 Nov 1734, d 9 Sep 1829 (Whiting); m SARAH SEELEY 7 Mar 1763 (Amenia, NY)


3F   MARY, bapt 27 Apr 1740 (New Canaan, CT)

4F   HANNAH, bapt 26 Aug 174? (Sharon, CT); m HEZEKIAH KNAPP 1765

5M   NATHANIEL III, bapt 14 Aug 1745 (Sharon, CT)

6F   ELIZABETH, bapt 29 Jun 1747 (Sharon, CT); m JONATHAN HOLMES (Norfolk, CT) 1771

7M   JOHN b (Oblong, Dutchess Co., NY), bapt 23 Sep 1755 (Sharon, CT), d (Bastard, Ontario, Canada); m ABIGAIL [b 1 May 1757 (Fairfield Co., CT), L (Norfolk, CT; Adams, MA; Rutland, VT), d 1856 "ae 99" (Bastard, Ontario, Canada)]

8M   JUSTUS, b (Oblong, NY), bapt 9 Jun 1758 (Sharon, CT), d 1849 (Barre, VT); m SUSANNA WEST "of Athol, MA"

1.   Wilton Public Library, KETCHUM GENEALOGY. Five pages of typewritten Ketchum descendants beginning with Edward of Ipswich, Mass through Joseph/Nathaniel's lines from Wilton. A previous researcher had also written additional info on the pages.

2.   Ketchum, Chuck. Email 27 July 1998. "Well it looks like we are related in some way: CHARLES L. Jr; CHARLES L, Sr; GEORGE L, Jr; GEORGE L., Sr; LUTHER L; MATTHEW; MATTHEW; ELIHU; NATHANIEL; JOSEPH & EDWARD."


[EBENEZER-4 (1722), NATHANIEL-3 (1679), JOSEPH KETCHUM-2 (ca 1648), EDWARD KATCHAM-1 (d 1655)] EBENEZER KETCHUM, b 6 May 1722 (Wilton, CT), L 1739 (Wilton, CT), 1777 (Albany Co., NY), d aft 1777; m1 RACHEL [b 1725, d 13 May 1747 (Wilton, Ct)], m2 MARY SHERWOOD 20 Jan 1747, children:1 [RESEARCH:]

1M   DANIEL, bapt 17 May 1747 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT) [from m1]

2M   THADDEUS, bapt 11 Dec 1748 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT); m RACHEL BOUGHTON 1769 [from m2]

3M   STEPHEN, bapt Mar 11 1750 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT)

4M   EBENEZER, Jr., bapt 26 Jan 1752 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT)

5M   JONATHAN, bapt 17 Mar 1754 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT)

6M   JOSHUA, bapt 22 Jan 1756 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT)

7F   MARY, bapt 11 Dec 1757 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT)

8F   SUSANNAH, bapt 19 Aug 1759 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT); m SAMUEL MONROE Aug 1786 (Ballston, CT)

9M   JOSEPH, bapt 23 Aug 1761 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT)

10M   BENJAMIN, bapt 23 Aug 1761 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT)

11F   SARAH, bapt 15 Jan 1764 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT)

12M   MATHEW, bapt 4 Aug 1765 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT)

13M   JEREMIAH, bapt 14 May 1769 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT), d 1 Dec 1825 (Camillus Twp., Onondaga Co., NY), a. 56y of Typhus Fever; m Elizabeth Goodridge [b ca 1780 NY, d aft 1850]2

14F   CHARLOTTE, bapt 31 July 1774 (Wilton, CT)

1. Wilton Public Library, Wilton Congregational Church Birth, Baptism, & Family Records, 1726-1858, 10/10/97, p. 22.

2. Stork, Ginger K., KETCHAM KABLES Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 3, p. 43.


JOSEPH-4 (1725) NATHANIEL-3 (1679), JOSEPH KETCHUM-2 (ca 1648), EDWARD KATCHAM-1 (d 1655)] JOSEPH KETCHUM, b 9 Mar 1725 (Wilton, CT), Land (1753 bought father's Belden's Hill), 1754 joined Wilton church, L 1760 (Oblong, Dutchess Co., NY) & (Plattsburg, NY), d 11 Jun 1803 (York (Toronto), Ontario, Canada), age 85y; m ELIZABETH HURLBURT 8 Mar 1749 (Greensfarms/Westport, CT) [dau Capt. Gideon & Margaret Hurlbutt], children:1

1M   JOSEPH, b 1 Oct 1754, "of Plattsburgh, NY", d 6 Sep 1794; m PHEBE MOORE [b 3 Jul 1777, d 24 Oct 1816]

2M   HEZEKIAH, b 14 Jul 1756; m MARY BARLOW

3F   ELIZABETH, b 27 Apr 1758; m CULVER

4F   LYDIA, b 27 Apr 1760

5M   NOAH, b 10 Nov 1761

6M   DANIEL, b 2 Nov 1763

7M   AMOS, b 11 Apr 1765

8F   SYLVIA, b 1 Apr 1767; m JONATHAN LANE

9M   JOEL, b 11 May 1771

10F   SARAH, b 5 Nov 1772

11M   JAMES, b 6 Aug 1774

1. Stork, Ginger Ketchum, comp., KETCHAM KABLES Newsletter, vol. 1, No. 3, p. 14.


[NATHAN-4 (1729) NATHANIEL-3 (1679), JOSEPH KETCHUM-2 (ca 1648), EDWARD KATCHAM-1 (d 1655)] NATHAN KETCHUM, b 5 Apr 1729 (Wilton, CT), Land (bought Deacon Keeler Beldin's Hill house, sold 1773 to Capt. James Selleck), d Jan 1806 (Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY), bur Ketchum-Hibbard Cem; m unk, children:1

1F   ESTHER, b 2 Feb 1752, bapt 24 Mar 1752

2F   DEBORAH, b 29 Jun 1753, bapt 29 Jul 1753, d 10 Jun 1755

3M   AARON, b 29 May 1755, bapt 1 Jun 1755

4F   DEBORAH, b 26 May 1757, bapt 26 Jun 1757

5M   NATHANIEL, b 11 Aug 1759, bapt 23 Sep 1759, d Jan 1806, a77y, bur Ketchum-Hibbard cem (Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY)2

6M   ISAAC, b 16 Jul 1762, bapt 5 Sep 1762, d 10 Sep 1820, bur Ketchum-Hibbard cem (Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY); m poss ANNA HURD bur Ketchum-Hibbard cem; "had dau CHARLOTTE W., d 24 Jun 1834, Aged 23y-6m-22d"; m COLUMBUS MIDLER

7F   RACHEL, bapt 30 May 1774

8M   NATHAN, Jr., bapt 30 May 1774

9M   DAVID, bapt 30 May 1774; PATIENCE, d Nov 1832, a55y, bur Ketchum-Hibbard cem (Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY), had son "Levi W., d 19 Aug 1812, a3y2m12d", bur Ketchum-Hibbard cem (Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY) & poss son "Luke D. d 29 Dec 1826, a27y", bur Ketchum-Hibbard cem (Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY)

10F   BETSY, bapt 30 May 1774

11M   JUSTUS3, bapt 30 May 1774

1. Wilton Public Library, Wilton Congregational Church Birth, Baptism, & Family Records, 1726-1858, 10/10/97, p. 22.

2. Stork, Ginger Ketchum, comp., KETCHAM KABLES Newsletter, vol. 1, no. 3, p. 11. Fayetteville NSDAR copied 7 names in Feb 1924 from the Ketchum-Hibbard cemetery (northeast of Indian Hill) in Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY. Also see web site at "The old Ketchem Cemetery, later 'Hibbard', on the farm now owned by Charles E. Ferris." (Benjamin Ketchum is also buried at the Ketchum-Hibbard cemetery -- he descends from the Long Island Ketchums. "Ketchum, Benjamin, d 18 Jul 1918, (Onondaga, NY), aged 101:" 10,000 Vital Records of Western New York, 1809-1850 by Fred Q. Bowman, p. 129.)

3. Len, email (, 19 Apr 2000. "My great-grandmother was TRIPHENE KETCHUM, dau of JUSTUS KETCHUM. . . .[My genealogy outline] will give the direct line from JOSEPH KETCHUM to me through TRYPHENE."


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