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[GRACE G-8 (1862), ASA C-7 (1821), SENECA-6 (1798), EPHRAIM-5 (bapt 1765), EPHRAIM-4 (1719), NATHANIEL-3 (1679), JOSEPH KETCHUM-2 (ca 1648), EDWARD KATCHAM-1 (d 1655)] GRACE GREENWOOD KETCHUM, b 21/22 Nov 1862 (Memphis, TN), d 6 Oct 1902 (Wagoner, Indian Territory - OK) "of milk-leg;" m1 HARRY WILLIAM CONLEY [b 22 Nov 1862 [?], d ca 1903 (Wagoner, I.T., OK].

"I'll start and tell you all I can about your mother. She was born in Indian Territory, June 1, 1902. Her mother, GRACE CONLEY, was the daughter of Col. ASA KETCHUM. (I don't know her mother's name, as she died and he married my grandmother, LILLIAS J. BURTON, who was his 3rd wife (they had three girls, my mother being the oldest, before he died at age 63).

Two Ketchum Grandsons "GRACE & WILL CONLEY had HARRY, FRANK, WILLIAM ASA and then VELMA in her change of life. She had "milk leg" and died when Velma was 4 months old. Her father brought her to her half-aunts who nursed her but my mother (her half-aunt [Minnie K. Bobo]) didn't have enough milk for two -- we were 3 days apart. Another cousin of mine was 6 wks older and his mother, "Aunt Lizzie," nursed Velma. At the age of 11 months, Will Conley (your grandfather) brought her to my mother, MINNIE KETCHUM BOBO, and ask her if she would keep her until he returned from homesteading some land in Oklahoma. (I always thought [Oklahoma] but some say in no. Calif.) Anyway, he was out on this homestead and walked to neighbors, some miles away, for milk. He had a stroke, fell in the snow and died. When he was found, there was a circled-path all around him where the wild animals walked but none bothered him!

"So that left VELMA at my mother's with me. She was 10 or 11 months old by then. When she was born, her mother sent a birth announcement to my mother who had just sent her one of me. So they crossed in the mail, neither one consulted the other about naming their babies and it was a coincedent they had 'twin names:' VELMA LOUISE CONLEY & VERA LORENA BOBO. So my mother thought the Lord intended for us to be raised as twins. She dressed us exactly alike from then on and we were known as "The Bobo Twins." . . .

"During the war, HARRY CONLEY, sent my mother money to buy us two girls clothes -- we were about 15 then. So Mama (M. K. B.) bought us each a blue serge pleated dress and a wool sweater, the First ready-made clothes we ever had. Mama was "an expert seamstress and sewed for rich people in Reno, Nevada where they moved when we were 1 year old. . . .

. . . She came from a good line of people. Her grandfather (and mine) a Col. in the Civil War. He was a lawyer and "looked up to" in those days."

Children (birth order needs validation):

1M   WILLIAM ASA, b 11 Mar 1880 "lost track of after WWI"

2M   FRANK, b ca 7 Aug 1896, d (Reno, NV)

3M   HARRY, b ca 1898, Military (WWI), d ca 1940's (?) Veteran's Hospital (Sawtelle, CA)

4F   BIRDELLA E., b 15 Dec 1897 "dau of Will & Grace Conley"

5F   VELMA LOUISE, b 11 Jun 1902 (Wagoner, I.T.-OK) "adopted by Minnie K. Bobo"


[VELMA L. CONLEY-9 (1902), GRACE G-8 (1862), ASA C-7 (1821), SENECA-6 (1798), EPHRAIM-5 (bapt 1765), EPHRAIM-4 (1719), NATHANIEL-3 (1679), JOSEPH KETCHUM-2 (ca 1648), EDWARD KATCHAM-1 (d 1655)] VELMA MAY CONLEY, b 11 Jun 1902 (Wagner, I.T.-OK), taken & raised by her aunt Minnie (Ketchum) Bobo and 1908 adopted by Minnie & Allen Bobo (Reno, NV), L (OK, MO, NV, CA & WA), d 8 Sep 1938 (West Riverside, Riverside Co.,CA), cremated "ashes spread over the desert;" m1 CHARLES ARTHUR SQUIRES 28 Oct 1920 ("591 Magnolia Ave., Arlington, Riverside Co., CA), div [b 1901, O (painter, interior decorator), his m2 Rachel Coonradt, m3 Vita Grace, L (Twenty-Nine Palms, CA), d (Twenty-Nine Palms, CA)]; m2 DONALD (Dan) K. McRAE 1936 [L (403 Mission Blvd., Riverside, CA)].

" . . .My half-sister, BERTHA BOBO, took care of us two girls [VELMA LOUISE CONLEY-BOBO & VERA LORENA BOBO] until she married at 18, "to get away from all the work of caring for us children." My mother had a boy by then too.

"We left Reno, Nevada when we were 8 years old [ca 1910], Velma a head taller by then. As we came on the train from Reno to San Diego, Calif., I had to scoot down in my seat to pass for 6 years of age and ride free. They had to pay half-fare for Velma, as she looked to be eight. Then there was ERNEST & LESTER [Bobo], a babe in arms. Our father, ALLEN H. BOBO, went earlier to San Diego and had a house waiting for us. We left Reno, Nev., for his health, as the doctor said he wouldn't live if he stayed in Reno's high altitude. He was healthy in San Diego and lived to be 88 years old. He died in Arlington, Calif.

"After your father and mother were divorced several years, she married a Scotsman, who was very good to her and they were happy. They found out she had cancer and could only live 3 or 4 months, so he asked her what she wanted most. (They were in Washington then for her health.) She said she wanted to come to So. California and be near Vera. So they came to West Riverside. She was very thin but able to walk around. I would go get her, bathe her, wash her hair, etc., and take her back come. Then I went to see her every day or so, when she became bedfast.

"One day as I walked in, she said, "Something just burst! Call DANNY RAE!" He was outside running a fruit stand. He came right in and then called the doctor who came and gave her a shot to ease the pain. He then showed me how to give shots and I gave her one at 5 p.m. and went home. We came back at 10 p.m. and I gave her another. By 2:30 a.m., she was in terrible pain again, so Danny gave her one and she died at 5 a.m. I got there by 5:30 a.m., bringing our mother. The funeral hearse soon came and took her away. I can't remember just how old she was. -- was it 37 or 38 years?

"So now you know why my parents adopted Velma when we were in Reno, Nevada. They made out the papers when we were six years of age. We were always very close and she seemed like a true sister to me. So I have many pleasant memories. I was the bashfull one, so she always took the lead when we were growing up. Both of us marrying when we were 18. . . ."

"Funeral services were held at the M. H. Simons funeral chapel in Riverside last Saturday morning for Mrs. VELMA LOUISE McRAE, 36 who died at her home in Riverside last Thursday at 7 a.m. after a long illness. Rev. Carlton C. Buck pastor of the Arlington Christian church, conducted the rites. Mrs. Frieda Helen Buck sang "No Night There" at the service, with Newell Parker at the organ. Her remains were cremated and are to be scattered over the desert, which she loved so well, and where she and her husband lived for two years prior to coming to West Riverside.

"Mrs. McRae lost her parents by death at an early age, and she was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bobo of Arlington, who reared her in their home. She was but three days younger than Mr. and Mrs. Bobo's youngest daughter, now Mrs. Vera Strohmeier, and the two youngsters were known as the "Bobo twins." Both married at the age of eighteen. Velma Louise Bobo was married to CHARLES SQUIRES in 1920 and one child, MARGARET, was born to them, now Mrs. WM. HENRY of "Riverside. A few years ago she met and married DAN McRAE of Colton, and her last years were marked by his devotion to her during her long illiness. In May, 1938, they moved to Washington state, believing that the change might improve her health, but last June her condition was considered hopeless by her physician and they returned to Riverside to be near her people. She was obliged to use crutches the past three months, but only two weeks ago, attended a family reunion in Fairmount park. On Labor Day her condition became critical.

"Besides her husband and daughter, she leaves two brothers, HARRY and FRANK CONLEY of Los Angeles and Nevada respectively; her foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bobo; four foster brothers Otto W. Bobo of Whitewater, Ernest and Herbert Bobo of Los Angeles, and Lester Bobo of Arlington; and three foster sisters, Mrs. Bertha Johnson of Los Angeles, Mrs. C. C. Strohmeier and Mrs. Paul Addleman of Arlington.

"Dear Sis.   June 12 - 36, Seattle, Wash.

"Well I guess I will have to surprise you. Thanks for the card. I sure am glad to hear from you. Seems like an awful long ways from home up here. I like the summer very much. But I don't know if I can stand the winter or not. I have lost 10 # already. So I am not sure yet if we will try and stay the winter or not. I know we won't if I keep on losing, or don't start gaining some of it back. The Dr. says it's just because I don't eat enough. But I eat more up here than I did down there. I never told Mama how much more I had lost cause I don't want her to worry about it. As she seems to worry mainly about my weight. But the Dr. said my lungs and heart were normal, so I don't have to worry about them, also my blood.

"Dan and I have had some very nice times on the lakes. His step-mother and her husband have a summer resort out on a lake and they have a moter boat and we can go out there and use it any time we wish. In fact, they wanted us to live out there in one of their cabins for the summer. But it is too far from civilization for Erma and I to stay all day by our selfs. If I was well, I should love it. Business is picking up every day. But the union makes it awfully hard for a new business. The union is awfully tough to buck up here.

"We haven't been able to buy any bread for three days and when we can by bread it is 15 cents a loaf. Doesn't that seem terrible. Living is awfully high here. So far it has taken all we have made to live. We pay 24.00 a month for two little rooms and bath. We live up stairs and can look out on Lake Union and watch the boats and yauct [sic] races. Dan takes every other Sun. off and this is his day to work, so I am down at the Station with him. Dan sure would like to be there to play some more Badmitten, as he "sure enjoyed it. I have not heard from Margaret as yet. But I haven't written her either. We had a lot of fun about my birthday, I got two celebrations. Dan had forgotten exactly what date, he thot [sic] it was the 9th. And his Step Mama, was having a dinner party for me, so he told her the 9. then Mama sent me a birthday card and she said for your birthday June 8 - 38. So he had the dinner changed to the 8th. And when I read it I started laughing. Anyway the card arrived the morning of the 8th so the dinner was all set for the 8th and we had it on the 8th. Then Mary sent me one and she said June 12 -- Then yours came on my birthday and saved the day as I don't think Dan realy knew just which day was right until then. Well I guess this is all the news. So will ring off. and every body is feeling Better. Ans. soon.

   Love, Velma & Dan"



1F   MARGARET MAY, b 12 Nov 1921 (Riverside, CA)


[MARGARET M. SQUIRES-10 (1921), VELMA L. CONLEY-BOBO-9 (1902), GRACE G-8 (1862), ASA C-7 (1821), SENECA-6 (1798), EPHRAIM-5 (bapt 1765), EPHRAIM-4 (1719), NATHANIEL-3 (1679), JOSEPH KETCHUM-2 (ca 1648), EDWARD KATCHAM-1 (d 1655)] MARGARET MAY SQUIRES, b 12 Nov 1921 (Riverside, CA), L 1993 (Lakeview, CA); m WILLIAM HENRY 12 Jul 1938 (Yuma, AZ) [b 17 Nov 1919 (Oktaha, OK), son of Homer & Cora Lee (Knott) Henry, d 17 Mar 1982 (Hemet, CA), bur Riverside National Cem], Children:

1M   WILLIAM LEE, b 25 July 1942 (Los Angeles, CA)

2M   CHARLES WAYNE, b 2 Jun 1946 (Riverside, CA)


[WILLIAM L. HENRY-11 (1942), MARGARET M. SQUIRES-10 (1921), VELMA L. CONLEY-BOBO-9 (1902), GRACE G-8 (1863), ASA C-7 (1821), SENECA-6 (1798), EPHRAIM-5 (bapt 1765), EPHRAIM-4 (1719), NATHANIEL-3 (1679), JOSEPH KETCHUM-2 (ca 1648), EDWARD KATCHAM-1 (d 1655)] WILLIAM LEE HENRY, b 25 July 1942 (Los Angeles, CA), L 1993 (Wildomar, CA), O (contractor); MARGARET JEAN WILSON 25 Jun 1960 (St. George, UT), Children:

1M   WILLIAM RALPH, b 20 Jul 1970 (Adopted, Riverside, CA)


[CHARLES W. HENRY-11 (1946), MARGARET M. SQUIRES-10 (1921), VELMA L. CONLEY-BOBO-9 (1902), GRACE G-8 (1862), ASA C-7 (1821), SENECA-6 (1798), EPHRAIM-5 (bapt 1765), EPHRAIM-4 (1719), NATHANIEL-3 (1679), JOSEPH KETCHUM-2 (ca 1648), EDWARD KATCHAM-1 (d 1655)]

CHARLES WAYNE HENRY, b 2 Jun 1946 (Riverside, CA), L 1993 (VISTA, CA), O (insurance sales; m MARGARET ANN YARNELL 5 Jul 1965 (Hemet, CA) [b 31 Jan 1948 (Baltimore, MD), dau Ken Yarnell], Children:

1F   SANDRA LEE, b 16 Aug 1966 (Hemet, CA); m EDWARD CARL WALKER 2 Aug   1986 (Hemet, CA), sep

2M   DAVID WAYNE, b 19 Mar 1968


[DAVID W-12 (1968), CHARLES W. HENRY-11 (1946), MARGARET M. SQUIRES-10 (1921), VELMA L. CONLEY-BOBO-9 (1902), GRACE G-8 (1862), ASA C-7 (1821), SENECA-6 (1798), EPHRAIM-5 (bapt 1765), EPHRAIM-4 (1719), NATHANIEL-3 (1679), JOSEPH KETCHUM-2 (ca 1648), EDWARD KATCHAM-1 (d 1655)] DAVID WAYNE HENRY, b 19 Mar 1968, Military (U.S.M.C., honorable discharge), L (Vista, CA); m MAYLIN, div 1992 [b 18 Jul 1971 (Cuba), her m2 (a Marine), Children:

1M   WILLIAM DAVID, b 28 Jun 1990 (Tustin, Orange Co., CA)

2M   ZACKARY, b 20 Apr 1992 (Tustin, CA)


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