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(of Wilton, CT)

Spencertown, NY [EPHRAIM-4 (1719), NATHANIEL-3 (1679), JOSEPH KETCHUM-2 (ca 1648), EDWARD KATCHAM-1 (d 1655)] EPRAIM KETCHUM, b 11 Aug 1719 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT), Land 1739 (rec'd Harry's Ridge from father's will), L (<1760 (Wilton, CT), 1750 (Amenia ("northeast"), Dutchess Co., NY), 1755 Sharon, CT, 1764 (Salisbury, Litchfield Co., CT -bought mill from prob brother-in-law Judge Mudge) & >1765 (Spencertown ("on the Green River, now Austerlitz"), Columbia Co., NY), bur (poss Spencertown/Austerlitz, NY); m MARY SPENCER 2 Apr 1746 (Wilton Cong. Church, CT) [b 1725 (Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT), dau of John SPENCER (1688-1773, of East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT) & Mary (1694-1789)], children: [RESEARCH: Ginger Ketchum Stork; Karen Spencer Maiurano;;]

   "[Queries:] PERRY, HENRY, 5 Tudor Ln, Apt 3, Lockport, NY 14094: Nd residence & death d of EPHRAIM KETCHAM-4 (s/o Nathaniel-3, Joseph-2) m 1746 CT Mary (SPENCER). Migrated from Salisbury, CT to where about 1765? Nd names of all children of EPHRAIM & MARY (SPENCER) KETCHUM. Known facts: NATHANIEL b 1747/8, child b 1748, HANNAH b 1750, M<ary b 1752, child bapt Wilton CT 1747-52, child bapt Wilton 1752/9 (Pastor neglected to write down the names of the infants); transferred by ltr EPHRAIM & MARY CETCHAM; issue bapt at Salisbury CT in 1765 in group: Sarah b 1759, child b 1761, child b 1763, HANNAH b 1765. Nd confirmation that EPHRAIM KETCHUM who enlisted Am Rev 1779 & m 1785 Jamina Calkins at Spencertown, NY was a s/o of EPHRAIM & MARY of Wilton & Salisbury, CT."1

   "EPHRAIM-4 (Nathaniel-3, Jos-2) b. 11 Aug 1719 Wilton CT; m. 2/3 Apr 1746 Wilton CT Mary Spencer a.21y, 1725 prob. Haddam CT, d/o John & Mary Spencer (founders of Spencertown, Columbia Co, NY; occupation Miller; 2 Feb 1764 bought land in Salisbury from Judge Mudge; 12 Mar 1765 sold grist mill. 1st four children were baptised between 1747 & 1752. Two children died -one at 11 months & the other less than 15 months. The last four children were baptised the same day at Salisbury CT in 1765, but the minister neglected to record their names. Source: Wilton CT Church Rec Vol. I, p. 13; Vol. 3, p. 43; Along the Way, The Perrys & Their Ancestors Vol. II by subs Henry Perry; Early CT Marriages by Bailey." 1

1M   NATHANIEL, bapt 16 Aug 1747 (Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT), d 28 Jun 1748-9

2M   child/JOSEPH, b 1748, bapt 9 Apr 1748-9 (Wilton, CT), L Feb 1760 (N.E. Dutchess Co., NY)

3F   HANNAH, bapt 24 Feb 1750 (Wilton, CT), d 1752 [old style] or <1765 "age 11 mos.

4F   MARY SPENCER, b 19 Jul 1752 (Wilton, CT), d aft 1665

5F   SARAH, b, 1759, bapt 1765 (Salisbury, CT) [Group baptism at Salisbury]

6M   child/EPHRAIM, b 1760/1, bapt 1765 (Salisbury, CT)

7M   child/ADELAIDA, b 1763, bapt 1765 (Salisbury, CT), L 1815 (Virgil, NY); m WEDAD   SPENCER

8F   HANNAH, b 1765, bapt 1765 Salisbury, CT)

1.   Stork, Ginger Ketcum, KETCHAM KABLES Newsletter, (Davison, MI), vol.1, no. 2, Jan - Feb, 1984., p. 18. This was a query from Henry Perry and his research. (In May, 2000, the Wilton Public Library's recopied data from the original baptismal records does not indicate the forgetfullness of the Salisbury minister.)

2.   Maiurano, Karen, Email, 20 April 2000, "Spencertown is a small hamlet at a "y" in the road. There is a nice little park between the two roads. Right there on the right is St Peter's Presbyterian Church, organized 1760 as a Congregational Church, building erected 1771. I believe that this is the church founded by JOHN SPENCER and his family. Behind the building are two very very old slate headstones. One of which is Mrs. ELIZABETH SPENCER. Neither stone marks a grave. Two possible sources for these stone: [1] The church was originally on the green and was relocated to the cemetery property some time ago, apparently over some graves. [2] The second possible original location was next to the Spencer house. Apparently there was a cemetery adjacent to the Spencer house and a subsequent owner didn't like seeing the headstones and plowed them under."

Note-3: Calkins " . . .Maybe the founders — men named Calkin, Peck and Skinner who bought property around 1740 in what was then known as the "far northwestern highlands" — were thinking of the vista when they named the town for the Plain of Sharon in the Bible" . . . .in Sharon, CT, Los Angeles Times (Vacation Section, pg. L6), Sunday, October 17, 2010. They also mentioned "Calkinstown Road" &,0,3188093.story, 21 Oct 2010.

4. Maiurano, Karen, Email, 18 Oct 2010, "It's been a long time since we talked Ketchums!  Did you ever find out where Ephraim (Jemima's husband) is buried?  Every once in awhile I surf the internet for info, but haven't found anything new.  Most likely one of those unmarked or marked and long lost graves that will never be found. . . .I live near the Saratoga Battlefield, and have often wished I knew more about his {Ephraim-4's] service there.  They have recently announced improvements made to the database of American soldiers who served there ( Saratoga Battle database) .  Although Ephraim's name doesn't appear in their database, Jemima's Pension Application states that he was present for Burgoyne's Surrender, and I think that I have seen reference to it elsewhere.  It will be interesting to keep an eye on this improved - and improving - database.


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