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[EDWARD KATCHAM-1 (d 1655)] EDWARD KATCHAM1, b ca 1590 (poss Kent, near Chatham, England), O (Tradesman?), L (Cambridge, England; Ipswich, MA; 1651 Southold (CT Col.), L.I.; 1653 Stratford, CT), 1655 (Norwalk, CT), poss Immigrated 1629 Ship Hopewell 2 of Winthrop's Fleet (Salem, MA), Freeman in 1635, d 8 Jun 1655 (Stratford Plantation, Connecticut Colony), Will proved 17 Jun 1655; m1 MARY HALL 22 Aug 1619 St. Andrews Anglican Church (Cambridge, England) [ d <1639]; m2 SARAH SALMON ca 1640 [b ca 1600-15 (London, England), dau of CHRISTOPHER SALMON, (her m2 HENRY WHITNEY ca 1658-59, he d Oct 1673), d >1673.

   "In 1940, [Amiko] in a letter to John L. Ketcham, Counselor at Law, states, "Edward arrived in Mass. Bay in 1629 (with the Winthrop Fleet) on ship Hopewell with his sons SAMUEL and JOHN from his former residence in Cambridge." . . . All we know for certain about Edward is he was last seen in the records of Cambridge Oct 1628/9 and is not seen again until 1635 at Ipswich, Mass. Somewhere between these two dates he immigrated to the New World."

   "Ipswich in the Mass Bay Colony by Waters (1905), contains a copy of the petition signed by fifty-seven men, 21 June 1637, asking the younger John Winthrop to remain at Ipswich instead of going to Boston. Edward signed this petition as "EDWARD KATCHAM." This is the only known document bearing his signature."


1F   MARY CETHAM, bapt 7 May 1620 St. Andrews Anglican Church (Cambridge,   England)

2M   JOHN CETHAM, bapt 6 Sep 1622 St. Andrews Anglican Church (Cambridge, England), d   17 May 1696 (Newtown, Queens Co., L.I., NY); m1 SUSAN ca 1646 (Ipswich Plantation,   Mass Bay Colony), m2 BETHIM RICHARDSON 14 Mar 1676 (West Farms, Westchester   Co., NY)

3F   HESTER CHATTCHAM, bapt 10 Apr 1626 Holy Trinity Anglican Church (Cambridge,   Eng)

4F   ANNA KETHAM, bapt. 19 Oct 1628 St. Michaels Parish-Anglican (Cambridge, Eng)

5M   SAMUELL KETHAM, b ca 1630-38 (Ipswich Plantation, Mass. Bay Colony), d 1707   (Huntington, Suffolk Co., L.I., NY); m MARY (TITUS?) ca 1670 (Huntington, Suffolk   Co., L.I., NY) ("He called Edward 'his brother' in a deed made 1707.")

6F   SARAH, b ca 1640 (Hashamommock, Southold, L.I, NY); m JOSEPH WHITMAN   (Suffolk Co., LI, NY)

7M   EDWARD, b ca 1643 (Hashamommock, Southold Co., LI, NY), d Dec 1722 (Newtown,   Queens Co., LI, NY); m1 MERCY HARCOURT 1673 (Oyster Bay, Suffolk Co., LI, NY);   m2 ELSE ca 1696

8F   REBECCA, b ca 1646 (Hashamommock Southold Co., LI, NY); m THOMAS TAYLOR   14 Feb 1677 (Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT)

9M   JOSEPH, b ca 1648 (Hashamommock, Southold Co., LI, NY)

1. Stork, Ginger Ketchum, KETCHAM KABLES, 1983-90 (2133 Hermitage Dr., Davison, MI 48423). The majority of this web site was initally created from Ginger Stork's Ketcham Kables newsletters.

2. Stork, Ginger Ketchum, Letter, 3 July 1992 to Robert P. Addleman. " . . . poss immigrated 1629 Ship Hopewell . . . (Genealogy Morton, pen name "Amiko," when he did a genealogical column for the Boston Transcript in the 1930's, wrote to Attorney John L. Lewis (desc. of John-2 Ketcham) in 1940, after he went to England where he researched the Ketcham name (his wife was a Ketcham), in which he stated, "Edward-1 came over in 1629 on the ship Hopewell of the Winthrop fleet with his sons John Samuel." He never quoted his source, or his logic if this was an assumption on his part. Before he could be asked to explain how he derived at this date & ship, he was killed by a motorist upon leaving work. But, from the records I have, I accept his statement based on the fact that Edward-1 placed his dau. Hester in bondage to John Woolrige who did come over in 1629 on the Hopewell. Edward-1 & Woolrige may have been related, at least came from the same part of England as Edward. It doesn't seem, to me, that he would place his dau. in the home of a stranger.)"

3. Selleck, Charles M., Rev., Norwalk, Norwalk, Conn., 1896, p. 79.


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