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This section was mostly extracted from two documents. The first source was THE BOYLE FAMILY OF POSEY CO. INDIANA, which is a 1998 sixty-four page compilation of Boyle research by Harold A. Hyne from Inglewood, California. Harold Hyne reported the basic research was completed by Loren P. Woods, Jr., with additional research supplements from himself, as well as from Mildred L. Skaar (Rockford, IL), Marilyn Frost (Portland, OR), Camilla A. Tison (Winterhaven, FL), James R. Flener (Poseyville, IN) and Cindy McGraw (Winter Park, FL). The second source was from Marilyn Jean Heckman Frost, DESCENDANTS OF JOHN BOYLE, SR., April 14, 1998. Marilyn Frost presented fifty-seven pages of generational descendant data with an index. She can be reached by email at Both of the above publications were excellently presented. The extracted data was altered to be consistent with the format previously presented in this web site. Only three or four Boyle generations have been presented.


[BOYLE-1] Unknown BOYLE, native of Ireland, immig to America with family, settled in PA; m unknown.

". . . The great-grandfather was a native of the "Emerald Isle" and came to America with his family and settled in Pennsylvania." [History of Posey County, Goodspeed, 1886, pg. 619]

children: (needs further research)

1M   JOHN, b Aug 1764 (PA)

[NOTE: The theory of the existence of an unknown Boyle immigrant, the father and his family, is supported by Goodspeed's County History referenced above. The paragraph is about William T. Boyle, son of Robert & Nancy (Eaton) Boyle and grandson of John & Mary (Hughes) Boyle.]


[JOHN-2 (1764), BOYLE-1] JOHN BOYLE, Sr., b Aug 1764 (PA), L 1820 (KY), d 1824 (Posey Co., IN), poss bur Boyle Cem; m MARY HUGHES [b 15 Jul 1770 (PA), L 1820 (KY), d 15 Jul 1835], children: (birth order needs validation) RESEARCH: [Harold A. Hyne;;;]

1M   JAMES, b 13 Apr 1789 (KY), d 29 Aug 1867 (Birdville, Parker Co., TX), bur Dean Cem1

2M   WILLIAM   , b abt 1790, d 1840 (Nelson Co., KY)

3M   JOHN, Jr., b 4 Jan 1792 (KY)

4M   HENRY, b abt 1793 (near Lexington, Fayette Co., KY), d 27 Sep 1844 (Claiborne Parish, LA)

5F   CATHERINE, b abt 1794

6F   ANN, b 15 Aug 1798 (Bath Co., KY), d 5 Sep 1884 (Concordia, Cloud Co., KS); m SAMUEL WILSON 21 Oct 1817 (Fleming Co., KY) [b Feb 1785, d 14 Sep 1841]

7F   MARY, b 1803 (KY), d 1879, bur I.O.O.F. Cem (Princeton, IN); m1 ELISHA KIMBAL 30 Jun 1821 (Posey Co., IN), m2 NICKOLAS KERN 17 May 1838

8M   ROBERT HUGHES, b 28 Oct 1805 (KY), d 13 July 1893 (Posey Co., IN)

9F   SARAH, b 1808 (KY)

10F   JACINTHA (Cyntha/Cynthia) JANE, b 10 Mar 1810/12 (KY); m ALLEN D. BURTON 28 Oct 1830 (Posey Co., IN), [b 11 Aug 1808 (poss. Scotland/England?)] [Research:]

11F   ELIZABETH, (positioned as 1st born by Marilyn Frost)

12F   PORTIA ANN, b 1815

9M   JULIUS (positioned as 2nd born by Marilyn Frost)

1. Morren, Laveta, email ( 23 Apr 2001



April the 17th 1846

"Dear SISTER and NENIPHEN [Heniphen?]

"I received yours of the 27th of March with the unfortanate news of your great loss [husband's death]. I would be glad to go and see you but it is holly out of my power at this time my health is better then it has "been for two years but my back is So bad that I have to walk with two Sticks and can hardly get about the house, and the helth of my Son JAMES is So bad that I have to hire So much work that makes it necessary that I Should be at home this time of the year but I will try to See you before this year is out, if I know what would be interesting to write I mite fill two Sheets of paper of things that has taken place Sence we Saw each other, My Son in law DAVID MARTIN is dead he Died the 17th of last December of winter fever and his wife hase come home to me with three children but they are all boys WADEs children is all in this neighberhood and has been here about, one year I Suppose you have heared thate WADE and CATY is dead. his youngest child SARAH ANN is living "with me GEORGE lives with BOB POLLY ANN with our beloved Sister Mrs. C. CURRESS, and JANE lived with LIONEL HUGHES BOYLE our Rich friend wont those that can work the boys are worcking about JOSEPH at JAMES BRITTON, JOHN at WM. HARRISEs and HENRY at JOHN BABLEs the Childron is nice Sman childron considring the chance, the Relations is well as far as I know the last Season has been remarkable Sickly and a grate number of deaths, let me know what you wuld wish to hear and I will write more in my next yours


"BETSEY Sends her best respects and would wish to See you verry mutch and wonts you to com and See us if you can Sister ANN WILSONs Son JAMES and her daughter BETSY ANN was here last fall and Stayed for three or four micks [sic] BETSY ANN has lost her husband and left with three children two Boy and one girl She is a nice Smon [sic?] woman and So is JAMES NER B [sic] Brother HENRY is ded



[This letter was saved by Jacintha (Boyle) Burton, along with other Burton letters and then presented to her daughter, Lillias Jacinth Burton. Each surviving generation saved these old letters. They can be seen in the book, Ketchum-McCorkell Pioneers, 1993, Robert P. Addleman (see Book Section), as well as in the Burton Section of this web site.]


[JOHN-3 (1792), JOHN BOYLE-2 (1764), BOYLE-1] JOHN BOYLE, Jr., b 4 Jan 1792 KY, Military: War of 1812 "captured by British," L 1818 (to IN), d 3 Jan 1850 Boyle Cem (Robb Twp, nw sect, qtr 9); m ELIZABETH ROSS 29 May 1814 (Nicholas Co., KY) [b 1 Jan 1794 Baltimore, MD, d 21 Jan 1864, bur Boyle Cem], children:

1M   LIONEL HUGHS, b 20 Oct 1815 (KY), d 22 Sep 1892, bur Boyle Cem; m AUGUSTA UHINK 24 Apr 1838 [b 19 Nov 1813 (Germany), d 21 Jan 1864, bur Boyle Cem]

2F   CLARISSA, b 27 Oct 1816; m JAMES S. BRITTEN

3M   VILLIARS, b 21 Jun 1818; m NORRIS

4F   ESTHER, b 1820; m J. H. NORRIS

5M   LUTHER, b 1821


6M   JAMES M., b 5 Dec 1825; m CAROLINE ROSS 8 Jan 1856 [b 16 Dec 1833 (Rush Co., IN), dau of Alexander & Sarah (Smith) Ross] [RESEARCH: & Harold Hyne - see end note]

7F   JACINTHA JANE ("Babe"), b 30 Nov 1827, d 6 Nov 1914; m ROMELIO NORRIS

8M   GEORGE FRANKLIN, b 24 Aug 1832 (Posey Co., IN), d 25 Jul 1908; m LUCINDA M. BARKER


[ROBERT H-3 (1805), JOHN-2 (1764). BOYLE-1] ROBERT HUGHES, b 28 Oct 1805 (KY), d 13 Jul 1892; m NANCY EATON 6 Apr 1826 [b 1807 (KY), d 1868], children:

1F   MALINDA, b 9 Jan 1831, L (Robb T2p., Posey Co., IN), d 1906; m JESSE KIGHT 17 Oct 1850 [b 11 May 1822 (Posey Co., IN), O farmer, d 1906]

2F   SARAH A., b 27 Apr 1835 (Posey Co., IN), d 21 Sep 1917

3M   WILLIAM T., b 1847 (Smith Twp., Posey Co., IN), d 1932; m MARIA H. CALVERT 1871 [b 1850 Vanderburg Co., IN, dau of Leroy & Penelope (Shelton) Calvert]

4M   JAMES F., b 7 Sep 1849 (IN), d 27 May 1925 (Smith Twp., Posey Co., IN)

5F   ELMIRA, b abt 1837

6F   CORNELIA, b abt 1842

7M   JOHN,

8   INDIANA, b 17 Dec 1844, d 14 Feb 1871

9F   PAULINE, b 1827


[SARAH-3 (1808), JOHN-2 (1764). BOYLE-1] SARAH BOYLE, b 1808 (KY); m ENOCH KIMBAL 18 Sep 1828 [b 15 May 1806], children:










[ELIZABETH-3, JOHN-2 (1764). BOYLE-1] ELIZABETH BOYLE, b ca 1810; m ELIHU WILSON 21 Feb 1832 (Putnam Co., IN), [b 3 May 1811, d 14 Apr 1861, bur Hebron Cem], children:

1M   SAMUAL J., b 24 Dec 1834 (IL), d 28 Mar 1877; m MARY JANE CARRINGTON 2 Jun 1864 (Putname Co., IN), [b 9 Sep 1842, d 25 July 1915]


[PORTIA A-3 (1815), JOHN-2 (1764). BOYLE-1] PORTIA ANN, b 30 Oct 1815 (Bath Co., KY), d 18 Dec 1897 (Russell Twp., Putman Co., IN); m JOHN HUGHES WILSON 11 Dec 1838 [b 3 Nov 1815 (Fleming Co., IN), d 3 May 1907 (Russel Twp.), bur Hebron Cem], children:

1F   EUPHEMIA A., b 23 Nov 1839 (Russell Twp., Putnam Co., IN), d 15 Oct 1886 (Russell Twp); m WILLIAM DONAHUE 7 Mar 1861

2F   MARY JANE, b 17 Aug 1842 (Putnam Co., IN), d 22 Feb 1927, bur Hebron Cem; m JOHN RODGERS 6 Oct 1867 (Putnam Co., IN) [b 15 May 1830, d Nov 1913]

3F   AMANDA JOSEPHINE, b 5 Feb 1847 (Russell Twp), d 20 Dec 1937 (Russellville, IN); m GEORGE W. GOFF 4 Mar 1874 (Putnam Co., IN) [b22 Jul 1847, d 31 Oct 1934]

4F   MARTHA HUGHES, b 13 Jul 1855 (Russell Twp., IN), d 10 Jun 1926 (San Diego, CA); m MOSES BURK 18 Dec 1872 (Putnam Co., IN) [b 21 Dec 1848, d Jul 1922 (Portland, OR)]

5M   JOHN C., b 12 Oct 1856 (Russell Twp), d 9 Jan 1942, bur Hebron Cem; m DOLLY BURNSON 5 Sep 1883 (Marion Co., IN) [b 25 Feb 1861, d 27 Sep 1921, bur Hebron Cem]


[END NOTE: Marilyn Frost descends from the James M. Boyle (1825) line through the marriages of two of her grandmother's sisters -- Bertha & Alice Trethewey. Harold A. Hine also descends from the James M. Boyle (1825) line. He is not online but can be reached at 3853 W. 112th St., Inglewood, CA 90303.]


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