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The Pictures Section will be a revolving group of pictures that will remain a few months and periodically, another Addleman descendant group will be presented. We will try and present photos from private collections that may not have been published before. Sometimes the identity of those in the photos will be known and other times we will ask for your speculation. Participants are invited to submit their pictures by either email (uploaded JPEG: 72 dpi and reduced to approximately 70k or less) or regular U.S. Mail. Please contact Bob Addleman at


Wertheim, Baden-Wurttemberg


   Hans Michel Adelmann (1723-1814) left Sonderreith, The County of Wertheim, Germany in 1752 and immigrated with other "Wertheimers" to Colonial American1 (Philadelphia) where he was recorded as John Michael Addleman. (John (aka Hans/Hance) later lived in West Caln, Chester Co., Pennsylvania until his death.)

Wertheim, Germany

   The Adelmanns lived in Sonderriet(h) and Nassig. Hans Michel Adelmann's mother was from the city of Wertheim (upper right red star) where her father was a burgher and a boatman.

[Reference the "Germany Section" for more details.]

1. Don Yoder, editor. Pennsylvania German Pioneers 1709-1786, page 190 (included the Langguth List of Wertheimer Emigrants to Colonial America).

Note: Dr. Otto Langguth's son, Erich Langguth, lives in Kreuzwertheim and continues the family research.

One Person's Research Helps Another!


Ship Priscilla

July 13, 2006 "I too have a Wertheim ancestor, Johannes Hotz 1571-1644, and his wife Anna Schürer 1584-85-1644.  They were both executed as witches in Wertheim on Sept. 30, 1644, after being jailed for two years.  Anna was kept in the Spitze Turm, and they were executed in a building in Vaitsgasse (alley).  All of this is from information in the Wertheim Staatsarchiv in Bronnbach.  They owned the old Kette inn which was located at #11 Marktplatz.  The building that stands there now is different from the original, but I'm told the basement from the Kette is still there.  (The Kette on the Tauber River is not the old Kette.)  Later generations in my family later owned a building, #7 & #9 Zollgasse (Custom's Alley) from 1682 to 1757.  Like you, I found a lot of this information out from Erich Langguth whom I contracted with to do research on my family, though I also do some of my own research as well and have had help from a very nice retired American who lives on the Main River not far from Wertheim.   He also has ancestors from Wertheim, the Krank family.  I must comment that though Erich Langguth comes through with great information, which is probably the most reliable you'll find, he takes a tremendous amount of time to send information.  I have employed him to work on my Hotz family.  In 2002, he handed me copies of the newspaper stories from the Wertheimer Zeitung on the 350th anniversary of the execution of the Hotzes in 1994.  He is a very personable and charming man.

 As to your Addleman webpages, I was happiest to learn that my ancestor, a son of a butcher, Johann Michael Hotz, 1731-1783, who left Wertheim in January 1750 according to the Auswanderer Buch located at the Archiv in Bronnbach, might have been on the same ship as your Wilhelm Adelman, the Priscilla which arrived in Philadelphia on Sept. 12, 1750.  I had a suspicion that Michael Hotz might have been the person listed by a clerk on that manifest as "Michael Roth".  The fact that Erich Langguth states there were many others on the Priscilla from Wertheim on that trip, and the fact that Michael left Wertheim without paying for his manumission, as found in Don Yoder's book, "Pennsylvania German Immigrants 1709-1786" (pages 176, 177, 195 and 222) leads me to believe even more strongly that listing was for him in Rupp's on page 240.  (I can't find Michael Hotz on any ship's manifest even though he returned to Wertheim twice, 1765 and 1769, after migrating in 1750.)  Michael eventually did pay his manumission in 1765.  His daughter Anna Maria, was my 3rd great grandmother, wife to Christian Lorentz (Lawrence) of Philadelphia.  The occupation of butcher, which was also an occupation for Johannes who was executed, (I don't know exactly what his father, Johannes' d. 1596, occupation was, though I think he might have been an innkeeper too.) 
Jim <>


Ship Phoenix

16 Dec. 2010

"My wife's ancestor also came from the town of Wertheim to Philadelphia in November 1752 aboard the ship Phoenix (but arrived on 2 Nov instead of 22 Nov -- which leads me to believe there must have been two ships with the same name -- as it is impossible for a ship in that period to have made two trans-Atlantic crossings [Philadelphia to Rotterdam and Rotterdam back to Philadelphia] in 20 days). Like your ancestor, my wife's relative submitted an application for manumission (10 May 1752). . . . Do you have any indication of the existence of two different ships, both named Phoenix, that were sailing between Rotterdam, [Cowes] and Philadelphia?

His name was David Gottfried Uthe.  He is mentioned in Yoder's book (p. 249). The application for manumission is for someone named Samuel (or Daniel) Gottfried Uthe (also mentioned on p. 249 as Samule Gottfried Utz -- but that is a mistranscription of the name on the document -- which is clearly Uthe).
Problem is, according to Erich Langguth, there is absolutely NO record in Wertheim of anyone named Samuel (or Daniel) Gottfried Uthe (or Utz).  The ONLY person shown is David Gottfried Uthe.  He arrived from Nordhausen, became a citizen of Wertheim in Nov 1750, married Anna Dorothea Flegler in Nov 1750, and they had a child in July 1751.   David Gottfried Uthe is also in the Wertheim Stadtarchiv as having left to go to Pennsylvania, and he shows up on the passenger list of the ship Phoenix arriving in Philadelphia on 2 Nov 1752.  When he got there, he signed his full name (David Gottfried Uthe) on the oath of abjuration at the city hall. . . . Also traced him back to Nordhausen (a bit farther north in the modern state of Thuringia), where I found records of his father (Johann Nicolaus Uthe) - but again, no record of anyone named Samuel (or Daniel) Gottfried Uthe.  I think it must just have been a "typo" by the clerk that wrote up the application.
I've traced him through Pennsylvania (where he and his wife had a son in 1754) and down to North Carolina (where they had two more sons).  I've also got his signature on a claim against the estate of an individual for work done as a shoemaker -- and that signature from 1781 is identical to the signature from 1752.  The fact that the fellow in North Carolina is also a shoemaker ties back to the individual who married & had a child in Wertheim, and who was 'freed' in 1752 (also a shoemaker)."

[Any ideas?]"

Eric <>



John M. Addleman St. John's Episcopal Cemetery is the probable location where our immigrant Addleman ancestor was buried. It is located in Compass, West Caln Twp., Chester Co., Penn.

This is the stone of JOHN M. ADDLEMAN (1793-1841 or 1844), one of the several grandsons named after the immigrant ancestor. His father was WILLIAM (1758), who was the oldest son to remain with the immigrant on the old homestead and after his death, migrated to Wayne Co., Indiana in 1819.

According to Wm. Henry Egle, in his Notes & Queries, 1970, John M. Addleman died "in his 48th yr." His first wife, NANCY, was also buried in St. John's -- "wife of John Addleman, Jr." His second wife, MARY McCLEES, is also buried in St. John's -- "Mary, wf of John Addleman . . . in her 56th yr."

[Has anyone done any original research on the old Addleman homes in
Lancaster or Chester County?]

[Note: William Addleman's (1758) line provided the most information to future generations about the immigrant, JOHN MICHAEL ADDLEMAN (1723-1814).]




The immigrant's oldest surviving son, ANDREW ADDLEMAN (ca1752), migrated from eastern Penn., Burket Cemetery to central Penn. In 1789, Andrew was first taxed in Franklin Twp., Huntingdon County and the following years until his sudden death around 1795. He left seven children: MARY (m. Thompson), JOHN (1773), MARGARET, WILLIAM (1779), ANDREW, SARAH and RACHEL. It is theorized that Andrew Addleman may have been buried in what is now called Burket Cemetery.

This is a photograph of Addleman-Ganoe Row in Burket Cemetery, Warriors Mark, Penn. The third stone from the right is that of Sarah Ganoe Addleman and the broken stone to her left is that of John M. Addleman (1773). The stone on the far right is that of Rebecca Ganoe. The photo was taken around 1985-90.

This shows a nice view of the countryside in the background.



This page and a few other bible-page copies were submitted by Paul Vance of Mesa, AZ.



An Addleman-Ganoe descendant cousin recently emailed: "I am traveling to Warriors Mark and want to check out our mutual ancestor's place."

Warriors Mark Directions:

"Traveling from Altoona area on I-99, which was old route 220, as you come off the exit ( which one has to exit), you will see a road off to the right - a sign indicates Warriors Marks - this starts out as rte 350 and will intersect with rte 550 ( about 3 miles) - turn left and follow rte 550 and drive to Warriors Mark."

Burket Cemetery is about one mile southwest of the Warriors Mark Fire Station (center of the village), where many older Addleman's and Rev. War Capt. Jacob Ganoe are buried in the older section. .


Our reunion committee is looking for any pictures that may be available to share with us for our next reunion. We are trying to locate pictures of Clarence L. Addleman (1848) and his wife Mary Elizabeth Johnson Addleman (1846-1892). They were from the Warriors Mark Pennsylvania area. And, any pictures of their family: Joseph P. (1877), Alva J. (1881), Verner C. (1874) and Ernest L. Addleman (1871). Would it be possible for you to post to the web site for us asking for any pictures? Scanned photos via email are fine or copies via surface mail. Contact information would be myself - Diane R. Roan, 234 Rock Ridge Lane, Bellefonte, PA 16823 or email:

At the reunion last summer, we did not take any large group pictures, only small groups or individuals as they were participating in things. We will try to get a grouping at the next one, we did not think soon enough to get one and it was hard to keep everyone's attention because we were meeting alot of new faces.

Any help would be appreciated on the picture issue. We used several older photos as auction items and would like to do the same if we can locate any of the above.

Diane Roan
Pres. Reunion Committee
March 5, 2009


An Addleman central-Pennsylvania branch had a reunion. .

Date: June 14, 2008

We had a great day. About 75 showed up, which we thought was pretty good for our first time in over 40 years. Lots to eat! We had fund raisers during the day and raised $1000 for next reunion - pretty good for 75 people. We had live music from a pick up band, outdoor games for the kids, and an ice breaker to start the day which went really well. So far, I have not heard anything negative about the event. We did a survey which we asked them to do and after hoping for more ideas and suggestions from the group and plan on continuing the event - just not sure if it will be every year yet or not. We had folks who came from California, Florida, Alabama, New York, Virginia, and Arkansas. We also followed up on Sunday with a private tour of the Boal Mansion and Christoher Columbus Chapel, and got to go through the servants quarters where Alva and Edith and most of their children had lived while working for the Boals. Gave us goosebumps going through there. The rooms were so small I don't know how they all fit. Christopher Lee (the current Boal descendent) asked us for names/dates about all of them and us. And said that he would be interested in any photos that we may come up with while they were at the house during that time. About 18 of us went on the tour and lunched at Duffy's Tavern (local land mark for Boalsburg).

The day started a little rocky - the site forgot to unlock the bathrooms and set the air conditioner. When we finally located the man he was at an auction and had to drive back - while we were waiting I commented that now the caterer will probably not show up. Well they didn't. Called them and said they put it down for the next day. They scrambled around and delivered us 2 kinds of BBQ chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, BBQ ribs, potato salad and cole slaw for the same price we had already paid. Lots more food than we ordered. We all laughed and it was the joke for the day.

The committee plans on meeting in July again to review the surveys, go through pictures we took that day and do some follow up flyers to shared with the relatives. Then start the new plan for the next reunion. There were some relatives who came who had never met each other at all - very interesting. We are trying to form a plan in order to review and share old photos with each other.

Diane Addleman Roan <>
Granddaughter of Alva J. Addleman


"I came across this photo.  The back reads:
"Herbert Franklin Phillips and ???Addleman."

Can you put a name with this unknown Addleman?"

Dixie Confer <> descends from the Addleman-Thompson branch
originally from Central Pennsylvania.



Telegraph Line Crew (ca 1890)
[photo provided by David Lee Addleman (1935)]

Addison Perry Addleman (1866)
(standing 2nd from the left with his arms folded)

Addison Perry Addleman (1866) was a grandson of Andrew (1800) & Margaret Addleman, who migrated westward in 1843 from Warriors Mark, Huntingdon Co., PA to Eau Claire, Butler Co., PA. The grandfather, Andrew Addleman (1800), had a large family of 13 children and the oldest male was Miles Addleman (1832 - 4th child). Miles & Nancy Jane (Atwell) Addleman had 9 children and remained in the Eau Claire area to raise their family. (Some of Miles' brothers and sisters migrated to KS.) Addison Perry Addleman was the 4th sibling and oldest son of Miles & Nancy Jane Addleman.

An excerpt from his later obituary described: ". . . . At an early age he made a tour of western United States. During his life he was employed by the western Union Telegraph Company, the Postal Telegraph Company and finally servd as manager of the Citizen's Telephone Company, Westmoreland Co., PA. . . ." For more info on him, please link to the Butler Co., PA section of this website.




(Back Row - Left to Right) David Hoover, Ben Addleman, John Addleman, Elias Chenoweth, George Addleman, John West Thomas, Henry Wilkins Thomas, Lydia Brown Welsh, Sarah Brown Marshall
(Middle Row - Left to Right) David Little, Martha Little, Sarah Jane Collins, Malissa Addleman, Mrs. Joe Woods, Joe Woods?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? Phoebe Barton, Bill Ed Barton
(Front Row - Left to right) Mrs. Clark Addleman, Clark Addleman, ? , Mrs. Kemp, ? , Celia Barton, Bill Addleman, Mrs. Bill Addleman, Sarah Warren, Martha Doolin

"Do you know if anyone has records or attendance information on the Addleman Reunions that were held in Wayne County at Addleman Park? The photo that I sent you seems to have been taken between the years of 1883 and 1897 (going by death dates of people that are in the picture) and would be leaning towards this photo being of the descendants of JM and Sarah Peirce Addleman, Hannah Peirce Whitaker and Elizabeth Peirce Thomas (three daughters of James Peirce and Hannah Way Peirce). Everyone in the picture seems to have an Addleman or Peirce ancestor [from Robert Williams]."

[Al Addleman to Robert Williams]

". . .Caleb Way A was my great grandfather, John Henry A was my grandfather, Lynn A Addleman was my father.  Although Caleb Way lived around Houston, MN in Looney Valley, John Henry Lived around Lake Crystal, MN as did my father.  Although I was born in MN, Most of my adult life has been spent in NYC and Chicago.  My Wife and I now live in Lowell, IN (NW IN). . ." Al Addleman



"From 1st row front (L to R); 2nd Row: Gentleman with child on lap: Henry A. Addleman (Great Great Grandfather); 4th from L: Frances A. (Caldwell) Addleman, his wife; 3rd Row: 3rd woman from L: Della Addleman (Severin);5th woman Mary Addleman (Shirey) wife of Newton Shirey, Curwensville, PA; 7th woman Clara Addleman Rapp (Great Grandmother), wife of George Washington Rapp, Philipsburg, PA - moved to Curwensville 1881-82; 8th woman Rose (McKendrick) Rapp (Clara's daughter in-law, wife of Kelly Rapp)"

Addleman Reunion early 1900's?
Clearfield Co. descendants

 I recently documented some information pertaining to both my father's and mother's genealogy lines that include Addleman ancestry.  It appears that my Great-Great Grandfather Henry A. Addleman [Hans Michael, 1723; Andrew 1752; William 1779; William 1808] in my mother's lineage, along with his wife, Anna (Caldwell) Addleman and daughters, Della, Mary and Clara are pictured in what has been identified as an Addleman reunion that took place sometime early 1900's in Clearfied County (possibly on the Addleman family farm?).  I started to search our family records and also found that my 4th Great Grandmother on my Father's side of the family was Mary Addleman [Hans Michael, 1723; Andrew 1752; William 1779], married to John McDivitt (Centre County).  So my curiousity grew as I learned that we shared relatives on both sides of the family.  Some time ago I found the attached picture in my Grandmother's collection of old photos, and my cousin of 88 years told me it was an Addleman reunion picture, I became fascinated to know who they may be.  The problem is I can only identify my members of the famly and there are so many others in the photo who remain unknown.
I found your e-mail address on your website and was thrilled to read your book on Addleman's Genealogy "The American Addleman's, German Immigrants to Philadelphia" and thought someone else in our family may have this photo, or know of someone who can identify the remaining members.  I'm not expecting a miracle, but I would like to reconnect with any family member(s) who may have information about our ancestors.  Any help you can give would be a step in the right direction.  Thank you.
Mark McFadden,

(Can you provide any names with the faces?)




"The old Addleman Farm is up for sale in Franklin Twp., Wayne County, Indiana.  The land was purchased by Joseph 
Addleman of Chester County, PA
  on June 25 of 1827 in the Cincinnati Land Office.  This summer marks the 180th year.  I think the farm was in the family until the 1940's.  The old house is still standing and most of it is log, was part of the underground railroad!  Joseph's wife Sara Peirce Addleman was a sister to my Elizabeth Peirce Thomas.  Their homes were less than a quarter mile apart." [Robert Addleman:]
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