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1 1862-06-24 L. H. Addleman VA Eliza Addleman
2 1862-09-19 L. H. Addleman Ketiesville, MD Lisa J. Addleman
3 1862-09-21 L. H. Addleman Sharpsburg, MD R. A. Addleman
4 1863-03-08 Ben P. Addleman 10th Regt, Co. C Eliza Addleman
5 1863-04-30 L. H. Addleman Fairfax Co., MD Liza Addleman
6 1863-05-12 Ben P. Addleman Washington, DC Eliza Addleman
7 1863-05-25 B. P. Addleman Washington, DC E. J. Addleman
8 1891-06-08 Angeline Feeley Clarion Co., PA A. P. Addleman
9 1893-09-10 A. P. Addleman Cherokee Strip Jose Addleman
10 1907-01-28a B. P. Addleman Scott Co., KS A. P. Addleman
11 1907-01-28b Lem Addleman Scott Co., KS Jose Addleman
12 1907-02-21 Lem Addleman Scott Co., KS Jose Addleman
13 1907-02-22 B. P. Addleman Scott Co., KS A. P. Addleman

Note: The above are all Addlemans and their spouses from Butler/Clarion Co., PA -- L. H. is Lindley Hoops Addleman; Eliza is Elizabeth Jane Addleman; B. P. is Benjamin Patton Addleman; R. A. is Robert A. Addleman; Angeline Feeley is Angeline (Addleman) Feeley; A. P. is Andrew Porter Addleman, Jose is Josephine (Adams) Addleman or Port's wife & Lem is Salemna E. or Ben's wife.


[1.]   "June the 24th, 62


   "Dear Sister I take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well at preasent and hope this few lines may find you well I reseived your letter on the 23 20 third and was glad to hear from home and I got a letter from ANGALINE the 21 and one from ROB BLAIR the Same day well I am on camp gard to day it is verry warm and this after noon it raind like the devel and I was on post and had to take it well we have a midling camp here we have no name for it we have the best wauter here that we have had for a good while well I have to stop riting for to nite turn

   I believe I will tell you a word or to more this morning we was out in ie ady to start for a e t was counter manded the ambulance was all ready and the artillery well LISE I seen some rebels for the first the other day we was on picket and we could seen them ridin round only a few some working in a field I dont no what at we had to move our tents to the back part of a field for the rebels throad shells over the side of the camp some bursted in the edge of it the otheer day they throwd ball in to a stable and kild 3 horses and one man some places along the picket line our men and the rebel pickets kan talk back and ford to one and the other well I pretty near forgot to tell you where we are we are five miles of richmond on the rite of MCLELANDS army the 3 brigade is 3 or 4 miles from here I hante seen PATTON for three weeks or a little more he is well I seen SAM LESLEY he told me that they are all well well we ant been paid yet nor dont no when we will be four months in the survise this day I would like to send some home soon as a I can I hante had a cent sence we left Alaxander I dont no if we will get any til after richmond is taken I hante hurd any thing from SAM ROSENBERRY sence a bout a weak after he left us I hurd that he was in the hospital at mount pleasant in myrriland if you have hurd from him lately let me no this chickahommia river ante verry big thair is verry big swamps all a long it STEVISON says to tell his family that he is well nd getting a long verry well HARRISON SACKETTs is doing verry well I seen a baloon up the other day it looks verry nice up in the air it lookt like a small hay stack I dont want any of you o be dreaming at nite things then get oneasy and make big wanders abut it and think it is some of us gota kill well I believe I will wind up tell me how FRANCIS hur that LOREN was only wounded if any of them got a letter or not I red it in the paper that he was kild and PRESLY SLOAN and some of them that got wounded I rote a letter I rote a letter to MARGET I hante got an answer yet I want to no how PORT is getting a long tell me if thair is going to be any grass for hay this year tell me how things is about thare I dont care if you do send me some stamps I believe i must stop tell them I am as lousy and durty as ever all at preasant i send my best respects to you all rite soon



   rite soon"



[2.]   "1862

   September the 19

   "Myrriland, Camp Near Ketiesville

   "Dear Sister I take my pen in hand to let you no that I am well at preasant and hope this few lines may find you all in the same fix well LISE I Suppose you would like to no how times is here last Sunday we had a pretty hard fite at pautuxian mountain we chaste them of the mountain that nite and held the battle ground the rebels came with a flag of truse monday morning to get thair wounded and ded yesterday we had another hard fite with the rebs we held them on the Same ground I dont no yet how it will go the loss is heavy on both Sides I think the war cant last long if evry fite goes like yesterday well LISE I cant rite a big letter this time I want you to rite often as you can tell all the rest to rite I wount have time to rite again to this fite gets Seteld PATTON got of Safe tell them he is well I got a hold through my blous Sleve and one thro my cattridge box but that was as good as a mile for me tell all the folks PATTON and I is well and rite us Sone as you can My best respects to all



   Rite Soon"



[3.]   "1862 September 21

   Camp near Sharpsburg Myrriland

   "Dear Brother I Set dow to rite a few lines to let you no that I am well at preasant and hope this few lines may find the corn topt I recievd yours and LISAS letter this evening I was glad to hear from you an that you are getting along as well as you are we happ to Stay in camp to day for the first day for a month So I that I would rite a line well ROB I have been in four battals sense I last Seen your red hed the battle at the mountain we had the best times of any chasing the rebs of the mountain the mountain was verry Steep after we got half way up the Rebels retreated pretty fast I never was as tired in my life as I was after I got to the top of the mountain I am Sorry to hear that pap got hurt well it cant be helpt now well it is hard to rite by a fire after nite and I must Soon draw up ROB you and GOE BLAIR can rite on Sundies I will rite as often as I can I believe I Stop for this nite and finish in the morning PATTON he is well I See him evry day BILLY HOLTERMAN is back to the regt a gain JIM McKIMMY Seen DAVE CON and GIM they ware burring the ded well ROB the next time you rite tell me how the h. . .s is getting along tell LISE I rite to her Some time a gain I would like to have a pippin apple or too but I can get all I want here but they ant gust so good well ROB I Soon shall have to Stop well ROB try and think the thing through about the cornfield and potato patch well I must get Some breakfast I want all of you to rite as often as you can tell GO BLAIR to rite nothing more at preasant but remains your best boy my love to all

   Rite Soon



   L H A

   R R A

   R A A

   Rite Soon"



[4.]   "March 8th 1863

   Camp 10th regt P.R.V.C. Co. C

   Dear Sister

   "After a long delay I take this oportunity of letting you know that we are all well at present hoping that these few lines may find you all enjoying the same blessing I received your letter some days ago with that package of letters that I received from the family but have not answered them all yet wel LIZE there is nothing strange going on here at present worth mentioning only the weather has been midling good for the last few days and we have midling good times here at present LINDLEY is well and harty his feet is as big as ever he will break the government up to keep him in shoes Well LIZE I am very glad to hear that the girls can still raise a beau yet if BEN SLOAN gets going with MAG COCHRAN I would like to know who you could get unless it would be BILLY CONNER or IRAH BLAIR well turn [page break] well I believe you folks are looking for us boys at home well you kneed look with all you mights for I dont think we will be at home for over a month yet and not so soon if we nt get paid before long LIN and I sent one hundred & five dollars to ANGELINE FEELY I think it is time for us to hear from it if it went through at all well LIZ I would like to be at home for a little while tosee the folks and to see how things looks in general I expect there is a little change by this time only I cant see it well I did not commence this letter till it was getting late and so I will have to draw my scribbling to a to a close tell me how the sick is getting along keep the dumplins from them and tha will get well right soon you and ROBERT both right often and tell me the particulars that I would like to hear you can judg them for your self I got a letter from MOTHER written by a ficticious person that I never seen it was a good letter and gave me much information in regards to many things that I and anxious to hear I have not answered MOTHERs letter yet but I will before long if nothing turns up that I now of at present well the 5th of next month will be my birth day I will be twenty one I will get a licken then if I watch right sharp well I must stop writing for this time hoping to hear from you soon nothing more but still remains your cincer brother"





[5.]   "April 30 / 63

   "Camp at Vianna

   Fairfax County Virginia

   "Miss LIZA ADDLEMAN Dear Sister

   I Seat my Self to rite a few lines to let you know of my good health I rescieved your kind letter April 26th and was glad to hear from you Well I expect you would like to know what we are doing we halve been in this camp Since the 16th we halve been doing fatigue duty pretty near every day since we came but it is easy wash Some days we load carrs with cordwood and Some days we on load hay oats and corn and rashions for the cavalry well that is what we halve to do beside camp guarding well i cant brag about this being a nice place but it is pretty healthy as long as we halve t no fiting to do the peach trees are in blossom things are just begining to look green we halve had a grate deal of wet weather here this Spring we was musterd in for too months pay this afternoon I think it will not bee a grate while to we get paid I expect PATTON is paid before this time for I got a letter from him they had send the pay rolls then and that was the 23rd PATTONs regt is campt East of capital hill they are in old barracks our camp is a bout twelve mile from it out in va. from that I cant tell you how long we will Stay here for if the rebs makes a rade we mite go Some where else we halve been under arms Several times Since we came here ready for them, Well LIZA you wanted to no if PATTON and I got that package that ANJULINE Sent to us, we did not get it I cant give you the [shirt ?] for it She Sent it with a fellow belongd to the 66th pa regt about the time that BURNSIDE Stuck in the mud well LIZA you Said ANJULINE dident get any letters from me or PATTON Since march if She dident it was not my falt for I wrote the too last wones to her well I halve nothing more if importance to tell you it this time I Send my best reSpects to all write Soon





[6.]   Bairacks East Capitol Hill

   Washington City DC

   May the 12th 63

   Dear Sister

   "it is with pleasure that I take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well at present hoping these few lines may find you all enjoying the same blessing of health. I receive your welcome letter yesterday and wa glad to hear that the folks were all getting along so well. there has been nothing going on here for some time worth notice we are campt in the city now we are handy the Capitol we are doing guard duty in town and guarding the rebles that are in prison there has been a great many prisoners fetched to Washington from the army of the Potimack I helpt to fetch 795 rebls from the wharf the other day to prison. I have not got much news from home for some time the last letter I received was from LUCINDA they were all well when she wrote. JOHN WELSH has returned to the Co but he is not on duty yet he can tell how times are in Butler Co. I think he has been yarning to your folks a little about me and some more in the Co. I have not seen LINDLEY for three weeks there regiment is campt at a little town by the name of Vienna about twelve miles from the City. I am glad PAP has got his lumber home safe tell me what kind of lumber it is and what it is for I knew the first he got at BARRS was plank for the barn floors but I did not understand what kind this last was. I would like to be at home this summer to work I am about tired laying around camp playing soldier it is such lazy work although we ought to be contented to stay where we are at present for we are in better Buildings now then we have ever been in yet they are regular barracks that we are in it is all filt of in bunks too men in a bunk MEYERS ECEBARGER and I bunk together the ...... story of the building is the cook house we get our grub cooked for us now but last winter we puled .... our watr and was our own waiters well I believe I have yarned enough about that write soon more tell me all the news and how old Lazy SACKETTs is getting if there is no hopes of his recovery kill his dog and get in a lawsuit with him and he will soon get well write soon I send my respects to you all getting more but still remains your brother


   ELIZA ADDLEMAN, general in chief

These stamps MILES sent on a letter to me" [The last sentence was penned over a section where the remains of a postage stamp appears on the letter.]



[7.]   "Camp East Capitol Hill

   Washington, DC

   Monday, May 25, 1863

   Dear Sister

   "It is with pleasure that I take my pen in had to let you know that I am well at present hoping these few line may find you all enjoying the same blessing I received your letter yesterday dated May the 19th I was glad to hear that the fols were all well I believe the folks are all well here a far as heard from I have not seen LINDLEY since we left the Miners hill there Regt. is still at Vienna it is not more then twelve miles to the plase but there is some trouble in getting across the Potomack River by what you said you must of (heard) that we had left Washington City. But we have not left yet nor I don't want to leave in a hurry we came back to the City for the purpose of getting our Regiments filed up, but I don't think they are cumming (with) much speed in filling us up there has been six discharged out of our Company since we left Fredericksburg. I was very glad to hear of you getting a nice present from Aunt FANNY but tell me how you knew than . . . . . each end if they were dun up in old news papers F. H. Well there is nothing going on of any event there is some midling good news from the western Army Gen. Grant has taken Vixburg that was the news in the morning papers yesterday he had taken 59 Pieces of Artillery and 9000 prisiners and had possession of the first line of rifle Pits that will be a worse blow in the Jonny Rebs than if Richmond was taken our men can clear the Mississippi River and that will brake the back of rebellion well that will do for that. I was glad to see JOHN WELSH come back and who do you think came with him it was ARZY FINNEY he met JOHN in Pittsburg and came with him this far he was going to see WILLIAM SAY his half brother he is in the 10th Cavilry and when he got this far the battle was going on and he could not get down the Potomack River he would not go home and he staid all night with us and started to Cincinati on his way to California he had lots of gould with him well that is all. I believe I will "close for the present write soon and tell me all the paticulars excuse this scribling fer I have been in a hurry write soon nothing more but still remains your brother



Address B P A

   Co C 10 Regt

   P R C

   Washington City, DC"



[8.] "Maple Grove june 8 91

Mr. A. P. Addleman

Dear Brother

"it hs been some time since we had a letter from you but Ma has been looking for you for the last 4 month & she looks very sad when you do not come. She thinks now you are waiting for Patten to Come as he thinks he will be in Pitts again the 4th

"Ma is some better in the last 2 weeks, She has been poorly all winter sometimes she had a death look for a few days then she would rally again since she herd of Patten & Mag coming it has cheered her up Smiths had a letter from Patten last week

"now if you can not come up as soon as Cora comes send Ma a good strong pr of slippers for every day the ones you brought her are good but she will not wear them every day & the tax she worries about that I paid the insurance tax in Apr the other is near $5 so if you could send it her mind would rest but come up as soon as you can get away for her life is un certain & we often regret delays

"Wash Sloans burried their youngest girl june 1st 15 yrs old Miles are well Ema was well last week had a letter from Loue they were well 1 from Lucinda they were well she had a letter from uncle john Addleman Aunt Lizzie has been dedd 3 years again Aug & stays among his children Ema has been living Clay Center. Clay Co Kans for 10 yrs he was with her when he rote & will be there a while now let us hear from you soon if you do not come sooner with love best wishes from all for mother

     A A F"



[9.] "Indian Territory Sept 10 189 [Cherokee Strip Land Rush Letter]

Dear Wife

   "I will scrible you a few Lines this Morning to Let you Know We arived heire all right to Arkanses City yesterday We Stoped to see REN and SLOANS but thay had left on Monday fur the Strip so we came down heire yesterday On the Road Out heire we cat up to REN and NIRTON [NEWTON] ROSENBERY Then we all Came To the Booth on the East We are Campt about One hundred feet from the booth the line formed last night so we waited till this morning whenb the line was up to Our Tent so we hold the line In front so we can sit in the Shade while the rest Takes the Sunn: GEORGE SLOAN ROBERT ADDLEMAN ALBERT ROSENBERY NIRTEN SLOAN Will bee heere by ten O clock we will Get Registered Monday The Boothe will be Open at 7 am Monday we are on the Edge of the Strip now and I tell you it lookes Good as fer as One Can see and thar will bee One of the Greatest Govermant horse Raises that has Ever Been Runn thar is Plenty of evry thing to Eat and Drink and Rather a pleacent looking Lot of men and I havant heard as mutch Noise so far as back Back in allegheny ev [sp] we have not Bought Any Poneyes yet al Thingh we have Our sadles and Bridles we will do the best to winn that we Can I tell you the Sunn comes up Clear and Bright you will see a Little of the dust of the territory but sutch Is life Out hiere well JOSIE I will stop scribling fir this time by sending my Love to you

your husband



Arkansas City, Kansas"



[10.]   "Pence Jan 28 19 7

   "Dear Sister and family

   will write you in answer to your letter was glad to hear that you were all well we have good health out here but have to work pretty hard HARRY goes to School BEN is working at the RADNORS I Stay alone all day If no one Comes I am not afraid night or day here now but if we get a Rail Road the tramps will come I am afraid of them.

   "we have had a pretty close winter for the last two months not snow but cold nights frost and fog the Roads fine Smooth as a floor ALFORD PENINGER was here yesterday he Just got his cane Seed hauled a way he had about 80 acres in It made him Seven Dollars an acre he thrashed I went down and cooked for him It took them two days and nights for we did not get home to after midnight ALFORD is getting a long all right - but - I dont think he is verry well he has a lump in the corner of his Eye It looks bad to me I dont know what it is we have wanted him to go to a Doctor but he thinks he has not the time I am So glad his mother is comeing may be he will do Some thing then to help it he Said for me to Say to RALLEY Something a bout comeing out he is so anxious for him to See the West to See what he thinks of it ALFORD must have about two hundred acres of fall wheat and is going to put in 75 of Spring wheat

   I am glad that you folks are comeing out and hope you will like it but I would not go back to piqua to live for nothing after being on free Range So long I can See where a man could make a dollar here when he could not make five cents at piqua I dond want to advise any one to go west but If any of My Piqua friends or PORT and family wants to come out here they are welcome to my Humble Shed if you all Engjoy your Selves like ROY did when he was here it will pay you to come I never Saw a "child he Seemed crazy to See the country I would like to See PAUL and ROY both ED WHITHAMS was comeing here to day but it Snowed yesterday EVE SATHEY did not come down but mr GRABLES came over and last sunday we had mr RECTORS family I have not Seen Stella and baby yet though I would of been up before this but . . . we broke our buggy and have not got it fixed yet I am going up Just as Soon as I can STELLA Sail She would be down but She has not come ED WURST went to utah wrote back that he got there in time for the funeral of the woman he was to marry Poor ED Seems to have a hard time of it She died with pneumonia It is getting late I will have to Stop writing give my love to Mrs LAMBERT aunt BARB . . . Mrs MASSATH I would like to See her I would like to See Evry one I knew I dont know that I left any Enemys in piqua

   "I will close with love to all

   (signed) LEM

   "will have HARRY to write to ROY if he gets Home in time ALFORD took him last hight I think farming pays better than anything Else"



[11.]   "Pence Scott Co Kan Jan 28th 1907

   "Dear Brother I recd your short letter last friday while at RADNORS and this is Sunday Evening and I am at home so will try to answer your letter We have had a beautyful Winter so far no snow of any account but plenty of frosty Clear nights, Today is Clear sunshiney day with a col South Wind HARRY and GRABLES boys are out playing Hide and Seek.

   "Now in regards t your letter of Jan 22nd I never learned just what the Government was doing at Garden City but the Sugar Co did build a big Refinery there last Summer and JACK HATHAWAY is working in the Factory and The Rail Road Co is going to build a new Road from Garden City to Scott and through to Pence The Engineers got through to Scott last Thursday and are Several miles this Side of Scott now I expect tha will be grading as Soon as the frost gets out of the Ground. but Just at presant we dont know there arrangements & wish you could get out here a soon as you could with your Team Send you family out on the Train and you drive through I have plenty of House room until you find out what you want to do

   "There probably will be plenty of work to do in this Neighborhood this Spring and Summer and one thing Certain if that kind of work fails you can be here to put in a crop if you would get in about 50 acrea of Sod Corn it would be good for Four Hundred Dollars and not have to work it either and a crop of Corn is another Sod crop that pays from 5 to 8 dollars per acre, and there is plenty of Breaking to do at 150 per acres so a man nead not be out of a job. ALFRED PENNINGER would be greatly please to have RALLA PENNINGER come out here ALFRED could Give him a good layout if he wanted to help him farm ALFRED has in about 200 acres of Wheat Sowed and intend to Sow a good crop of Spring Wheat

   "Well I think I have to bring this to a close hoping to see you JOSE and the Boys Soon I had a letter from JOHN H. FEELY & was surprised to hear from him he is working at Casey . . . & will answer his letter soon, our kindest regards to you all and get a Hustle on as Soon as the weather will permit and get out here one and all I remain your Brother

   (signed) B P ADDLEMAN

   "PS Did the Old Mare Flora bring a Mule Coalt after She got back or not BPA"



[12.]   "Pence Kansas February 21st 1907

   "Dear Sister and Family was glad to hear from you and that are going to come out to try the west and hope you will not regret it we will be glad to meet you or help you in any way we can BEN is at RADNORs putting the finish on the New House HARRY is at School he is so glad ROY is comeing he can hardly hold him Self Evry one is at the plow they are putting in Barley oats and spring wheat they have farmed here all winter how I wish PORT had of come through with out driveing I am a fraid the weather might be bad. I am glad you Sold your chickens they cost to mutch to Ship them we have an Incume (sp) and I get five to Six Dozen Eggs a Day So you See you can Soon fit your Self out in the Chicken business Eggs is 14 cts Butter 20 c that is what I got yesterday at pence we get 2 c more at the Road Evry one is well as far as I know I Saw WANDA She is a Sweet little thing I will close for this time hoping to hear from you soon

   from LEM to JOSIE

   "Kindest Regards to all Enquireing friends tell PAUL here is a big Kiss for him"



[13.]   "Feb 22nd 1907

   Pence Scott Co Kan

   "Dear Brother & Sister and the two Boys I will drop you a line this evening to let you know that we are all well and hope your sale went off all right I have been working at RADNORs this week and I did not get anwwering your letter until this eve you wanted to know if I could meet JOSE and the kids at Scott Just let me Know What day tha will leave Piqua and I will know when tha will arrive in Scott and I will be there to bring them out

   "If you leave at 8 or 9 in the morning you will get to Scott the next morning about 4 Oclock in the morning I will be at the Depot waiting hoping this will find you well I will bid you all good night for this time hopeing to See you all Soon Yours


[NOTE: These letters demonstrate the encouragement and support one brother is willing to give to another. In this case, Civil War veteran Patton (his wife called him Ben) evidently went further west and was encouraging his younger brother Port to follow.]



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