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JOHN ERMYTACHE, Occup (blacksmith of Honley), d 1559 of the Plague (England); m JOHANNA, d 1558 of the Plague (England), children:

1M   EDWARD E. (elder), b 1543, Occup (blacksmith of Woldale), d 1585 (England); m   ELIZABETH of Woldale, England

2M   EDWARD E. (younger)




EDWARD E. (elder), b 1543, Occup (blacksmith of Woldale), d 1585 (England); m ELIZABETH of Woldale, England, children:

1M   JOHN A. (1560-1620) of Woldale

2F   ISABEL, b 1562

3M   ROGER A. (1656-1591)

4M   EDWARD, b 1568

5F   GRACE, b 1571

6F   SUSANNA, b 1573


JOHN A. (1560-1620) of Woldale, England; m MARGARET BLACKBURN (1562-1624), children:

1M   EDWARD, b 1586

2F   MARGARET, b 1588

3M   JAMES, b 1591

4M   ROBERT, b 1596

5M   RICHARD, b 1588

6M   GODFREY A. (1603-1670) of Woldale, England


GODFREY A. (1603-1670) of Woldale, England; m ANN (of Lydgate, England), children:

1M   JOHN A. (1632-1700) of Lydgate; m1 ELLEN 1665 (children: Tobias (1660), Joel (1661-63) & Lemuel (1664-73)); m2 MARY MOORHOUSE (children: Enoch (1677) later immig 1719 to America)

1M   JAMES A. (1634-1699)


JAMES A. ARMITAGE (1634-1699), L 1702 (Montgomery Co., PA) & 1780's (Huntingdon Co., PA); m MARTHA HADFIELD (16xx-1704), children:

1M   BENJAMIN (1660-1735)




BENJAMIN ARMITAGE (1660-1735); m MARY (MARIA) CHARLESWORTH (ca 1664-1730), children:

1M   BENJAMIN (1698-1781)

2F   JAMES (1688-ca1753); m1 HANNAH, m2 MARY LAND

3M   ENOCH, d young



6F   ELIZABETH, d young




BENJAMIN ARMITAGE. b Feb 1698 (Yorkshire, England), d 23 Dec 1781 (Bristol Twp., PA); m1 ELIZABETH (ca1794-1728); m2 JANE POPE (ca1710-1761) 23 Aug 1729 (First Presby. Church, Philadelphia, PA), children:

1F   MARY, b 22 Jun 1719, bapt 1719, d aft 1782; m REED [from m1]


3M   BENJAMIN, b 14 May 1721 (Bristol Twp), bapt 1721, d 20 Jul 1789; m MARY SHEWBERT

4M   ENOCH, b 21 Mar 1723/24, bapt 1725, d 1755; m BARBARA BALTES

5F   MARTHA, b 5 May 1728, d aft 1782; m JONES

6F   ELIZABETH, bapt 1730, d young [from m2]

7M   ABRAHAM (1732-1749)

8M   ISAAC (1733-1749)

9F   HANNAH, bapt 1733, d 1749; m REASER

10M   CALEB (1743-1832)


12M   JACOB, d 1784


JAMES ARMITAGE, b ca 1720 (Bristol Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA), Military (Rev. War: Lt., Commanded pivateers (Sloop Chance, Brigantine Sally & the James), Navy, 1776-81), d 19 Jan 1805, bur Graysville Cem (Spruce Creek Valley); m1 SARAH TOBY (d bef 1783) 11 Jun 1746, First Presbyterian Church; m2 ELIZABETH Elizabeth, Wife of J. Jano (d bef 6 Jul 1807), children: (of James & Sarah)

1M   JOHN (1746-1755) Philadelphia Co., PA, d aft 1833; m NANCY SADLER bef 1783

2M   BENJAMIN, b aft 1755 (Philadelphia Co., PA); m MARY DRAKE

3F   ELIZABETH, b 1760-1836 (Philadelphia Co., PA); m Capt. Jacob Ganoe (b 7 May 1735, d 7 Aug 1812), bur Burket Cem (Warriors Mark, Huntingdon Co., PA)

4M   THOMAS, b 21 Jan 1762 (bapt First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA), d young (?)

5F   MARY, b bef 1765 (Philadelphia Co., PA), d bef 3 Apr 1813 (Napier Twp., Bedford Co., PA); m1 JOHN? KENNEDY; m2 JEREMIAH H. CHANDLER; m3 MOSES INGRAHAM PIERCE



Allied Family

Soldier's Monument DAVID B. - PORTER CUPP, b 17 Oct 1852 (Warriors Mark, Huntingdon Co., PA), son of Henry Cupp (1802-1860) & Mary Martha Branstetter (1812), d 25 Aug 1935 (Rush, Centre Co., PA), bur Gatesburg; m MARY ELIZABETH WARD 23 Sep 1875 (Stormstown, PA) [b 10 Jul 1855 (Stormstown, Centre Co., PA), dau of John W. Ward (1832-1905) & Sarah J. Ebbs (1834-1910), d 5 Aug 1932 (Snyder, Blair Co., PA), bur (Gatesburg, PA)], children: [RESEARCH]

1M   WILLIAM GRAY, b 27 Jun 1876 (PA)

2M   JOHN WARD, b 29 Apr 1878 (Gatesburg, Centre Co., PA) [RESEARCH]

3F   EVA J., b 29 Dec 1879, d 16 Apr 1884

4M   CHARLES, b 21 Jan 1882 (PA)

5F   MAUDE VIOLA, b 15 Jun 1884 (Snowshoe, PA); m JOSEPH PRICE ADDLEMAN 6 Jun 1905

6F   VIOLA MAY, b 15 Jun 1884, d 22 Jun 1884

7M   RUFUS R., b 16 Jun 1887 (Stormstown, Centre Co., PA)

8F   ETHEL R., b 31 Jul 1900

[NOTE: This info was provided by Cindy Cupp from Anchorage, AK. Both the BRANSTETTER & CUPP lines have been researched by Cindy Cupp. The soldier's monument in the old Methodist Cemetery (also Union Cemetery), now known as Burket Cemetery, has the name "S. BRANSTETTER" included with others on the plaque. It is on the first-tier, right side from Abraham Lincoln's picture and the fourth name down. I thought the above 1990 picture might be interesting. To the right of Lincoln's face are three other cousin's names: JACOB GANOE, ISAAC GANOE & GIDEON GANOE.]




ALEXANDER HENRY, b (poss Alexandria, Huntingdon Co., PA), "A native of Ireland and a son of WILLIAM HENRY," 1811 - "refused to serve as constable in Wariors Mark & fined $40," Military (War of 1812: "Infantry Volunteer in 'Independent Blues,' 1st Reg't., Penna. Volunteers, from 16 Aug 1814 - 5 Jan 1815, fought under Gen. Biddle, Mar 1812"), Religion (Methodist churches in Dry Hollow & Franklinville1), d 7 May 1823 (Warriors Mark Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA), poss bur Franklinville/Graysville/Water Street cems2Warriors Mark Twp, Huntingdon Co, PA," "Letters of Admin. granted to SARAH HENRY & JOHN HENRY on the estate of Alex. Henry." "George Guiher, ("possibly a brother-in-law") gave sureties for the admin. of Alexander's estate;" m JANE GEYER (or GUIHER), ("dau of Jane Reed (Reid?) of English descent, who was Scotch-Irish but had lived in England for some time prior to sailing for America"), Children: [RESEARCH:;; HDanemark, dec'd;]

1M   JOHN, b 1806, "eldest child," L (Huntingdon Co., PA & Butler Co., PA), d 1846 (Eau Claire, Butler Co., PA), bur "was the first to be buried in Eau Claire Cem - no stone in 1990's," M.E. Church Cem (Eau Claire, Butler Co., PA) [RESEARCH:]

2F   MARGARET, b 3 Mar 1808 (Warriors Mark, Iola Twp., Cem., KS Huntingdon Co., PA, d 19 Aug 1894, bur M.E. Church Cem (Eau Claire, Butler Co., PA); m ANDREW ADDLEMAN (b 3 Aug 1800 (Warriors Mark), 1843 migrated to Butler Co., PA, d 19 Jan 1872, bur M.E. Church Cem (Eau Claire)




6F   FRANCES, b 22 Feb 1820 (Huntingdon Co., PA), 16 May 1835 "Frances Henry" a member of Birmingham Presbyterian Church (Warriors Mark Twp., PA) formed from Sinking Valley church," d 6 Feb 1901 (Allen Co., KS), bur Iola Twp., Cem (near Piqua, Allen Co., KS) Administrators: Robert H. Addleman and Feb 1905, A. P. Addleman (Woodson, Co., KS); poss m BUCK2

(NOTE-1: Some sources -- family letters from Glenn Atwell, Rachel Dotterer, Frances (Addleman) Loring & Jane Topoly, as well as research from Helen Danemark. The above collateral family chart in black type was presented in the book, The American Addlemans, 1991 (Closson Press) by Robert P. Addleman. Also reference Africa's History of Huntingdon & Blair Counties, PA ; Eliz. Nearhoof's ECHOES from Warriors Mark, PA & Surrounding Areas. & Butler County Cemetery Inventory, The Northern Townships, Vol. 1, by Butler Co. Historical Society, p. 150.)

(NOTE-2: FRANCES HENRY was buried in a row with others from Eau Claire, Butler Co., PA, near Piqua at Iola Twp., Cemetery, in Allen Co., KS: ROBERT H. ADDLEMAN & wife, BARBARA HOFFMAN; G. H. SLOAN & wife, MARGARET ADDLEMAN; & MARILDA J. (SLOAN) COULTER.)

1. Methodist Religion, Echoes from Warriors Mark PA & Surrounding Areas, Elizabeth Nearhoof, 1985 (3rd printing), pgs 162, 164 Dungarvin (Dry Hollow): "family names attending . . . . Ganoe, . . . Henry, . . ."; pg 164, Franklinville Methodist Church "from church records of 1897. . .Henry, . . .".

2. "Cemeteries", Echoes from Warriors Mark PA & Surrounding Areas, Elizabeth Nearhoof, 1985 (3rd printing), pgs 200, 202, 205: Henry surname.

3. "Warriors Mark Schools", Echoes from Warriors Mark, pg. 230, "from 1920 until 1968" . . . . Frances Henry Buck . . . .



WILLIAM KELLY, b 28 Feb 1755 (Cumberland Co., Penn.), L (Cumberland, Franklin, Huntingdon & Centre Co's, Penn.), Military (Revolution War: Pvt., in Capt McCoy's Co., Col. Bull's Reg't., of Penn'a Line), d 15 Oct 1837 (Halfmoon Twp., Centre Co.); m JANE MOORE, (b 1759, dau of William Moore, rec'd husband's pension 9 Jan 1849 (North Twp., Centre Co., Penn.), d ca 1849) 8 May 1783 (Path Valley, Cumberland Co) by Rev. Samuel Dougal.

"WILLIAM KELLY1 (1755) of Halfmoon Twp., signed a declaration in Centre County on 29 Jan 1833 that he was a voluntary member of the Cumberland County Associators. In July, 1776, he joined a one-hundred-man company of volunteer Riflemen command by Capt. McConnel, Lieut. McClure and Sergeant Leathers. William enlisted at Shippensburg, Cumberland Co., Penn. William made the declaration in order to qualify for a pension passed by an act of Congress on 7 June 1832.

William Kelly stated on his military pension application #25704, the following:

" . . . We marched in the said month of July, 1776, by the way of Lancaster to Philadelphia. Our company was then placed under the command of Colonel Watt. Immediately we were taken by water in a 'Row Galley,' as it was called, to Trenton. We remained there one night. From thence to Princetown, Elizabethtown to Amboy. We remained there 2 or 3 weeks and were then marched to a place called Bergen Point. There we were stationed a month or more. From thence we were marched to Fort Lee and if I recollent right, it was under the command of Col. Bull. Our company was not taken within the garrison, but was stationed a small distance from it. We sheltered ourselves in little huts covered with Brush. We marched from Fort Lee immediately after the taking of Fort Washington in the middle of November, 1776, where my brother, SAMUEL KELLY, was taken prisoner. All the garrison of Fort Lee abandoned it also.

"The company to which I belonged then formed a part of the army on their retreat, under Gen'l WASHINGTON, which marched to Trenton and crossed the Delaware. Our company remained with the army under the command of Col. WATT until the day after Christmans when the whole army was divided into three divisions to attack the Hessians on the opposite side at Trenton. The division to which our company belonged, did not succeed in getting across on acount of the great freezing during the night. The captive Hessians were brought over the next day and Captain McCONNEL's company, to which I belonged, guarded part of them to Philadelphia. We then returned under Col. Watt to Trenton, having remained only one night in Philadelphia. At Trenton I remained until January, when I returned home. I received no written discharge. My officers returned as well as the men.

"In the month of April, 1778, I was drafted in the militia. I then resided in Cumberland County. My Captain's name was ROBERT McCOY. Only one company marched. We joined the Battalion at the Crooked Billet, sixteen miles from Philadelphia, then in possession of the British. One of the Battalions [was] commanded by Col. WATT, the other by Col. SMITH. Our company had arrived on the first day of April and on the morning of the 12 of May, the enemy attacked us. All the troops were dispersed and I was wounded with a sabre on the forehead, which fractured my scull [and] also the . . . arms.

"I was taken to Philadelphia and placed in the Hospital, where my wounds were examined by the Surgeons -- one of whom was Dr. WILFORD. He dressed the wound on my head and took from it a part of the Scull. This wound can be yet seen. When the British evacuated Philadelphia, I with other, was left, and as soon as I sufficiently recovered, I returned home to Cumberland County. (The inference to be drawn from this statement of Kelly's, is, that after being wounded, he fell into the hands of the enemy, the British, by whom he was carried a prisoner to Philadelphia, where his wounds were dressed by the British surgeons as noted. W.F.W.) The wound I received on my head was from a Horse man. The name of one of the prisoners I can recollect is ABRAHAM SMITH, also ROBERT LEATHERS, JAME CALHOON, WM. W. GRIFFOLK, DAVID WILLS, they were in the Hospital with me.

"[The Court then asked William Kelly several Questions.]

*   Where and in what year were you born? "In Cumberland Co'y on the 28, Feb'y, 1755."

*   Have you any record of your age, and if so, where is it? "I have a record. It is now in my possession."

*   Where were you living when called into service? Where have you lived since the Revolutionary war? And were do you   now live? "I lived in Cumberland County. I have lived for forty-six years in Centre County, where I now live."

*   How were you called into service, were you drafted or did you volunteer? "My first service was as a volunteer. My   second service drafted as a militia man."

*   State the names of some of the Regular officers, who were with the troops where you served, such Continental and Militia   Reg'ts as you can recollect and the general circumstances of your service? "I can recollect Gen'l WASHINGTON,   Gen'l PUTNAM, Col. BULL, but our company being a Rifle company, we had not a very good opportunity of becoming   acquainted in any way with the officers of the Regular army. We were never paraded with the main body until we were   retreating through the Jerseys. Then we were generally in front or the rear and whatever orders Col. WATT received,   were obeyed. These are the reasons why I cannot now recollect more of the names of the officers of the Regular army.   Capt. M'COY, under whom I marched when drafted, was killed at the Crooked Billet."

William Kelly was granted his Revolutionary War pension on 19 Dec 1833 and "inscribed on the Roll of Penn'a at the rate of 26 Dollars 66 Cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March, 1831."


1M   JAMES, b 1784

2F   SARAH, b 1786, d 1846; m JOB WILLIAMS 1804

3F   CATHERINE, b ca 1789, d 1846; m GEORGE RECORDS ca 1812

4M   WILLIAM MOORE, b ca 1794, d Nov 1863

5M   ROBERT, b 1797 (Centre Co., Penn.), d 1868 (near Port Matilda, Penn.); m1 XXX OSBORN ca 1817, m2 ANN WHIPPO, ca 1824

1. Addleman, Robert P., The American Addlemans, Closson Press, 1991, p. 82-85. (The original research was provided by Jim Kelly from a 1990 letter.)


JAMES KELLY, b 1784, d ca 1815; m XXX LAW (?) ca 1804, Children:

1F   ANN, b ca 1805

2M   WILLIAM WASHINGTON, b 20 Feb 1807 (Halfmoon Twp., Centre Co., PA), d 22 Apr 1879 (Curwensville, Clearfield Co., PA); m ELIZABETH ADDLEMAN, dau of William, 1832

3F   JANE, b ca 1809

4F   LAW, ca 1811

5M   ROBERT, b 13 Aug 1812, D 27 Sep 1894 (Crawford Co., PA); m ELEANOR WALDE 22 Jan 1837

6M   JOHN, b ca 1814

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