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CAPT. JACOB GANOE (aka Gonow, Jano, Gano, Ganoe) Line (not listed on the John M. Addleman website <> ):

Benson, Julie at

Danemark, Helen of Altoona, PA, now deceased, was a major GANOE RESEARCHER.

Day, Rob at

Doyle, Kathryn of Piedmont, CA at

Etzel, Cynthia of Hagerstown, MD (James, Alfred, Isabelle and down the tree through the Wilsons) at

Federinko, Michele Marie (Ganoe) Mignot descends from Gidion Ganoe at

Gano, Elaine & Sam descend from John Armitage Gano at

Gano-Holstein, Marjory at from George B. & Mary (Herndon) Gano.

Ganoe, Barry L. of Akron (Cuyahoga Falls), OH, descends from Gidion Ganoe at
Barry has a website for Cricket Imaging

Ganoe, William E. descends fromWilliam & Celia Ganoe of Clarion, PA at

Ganoe, Craig at in State College, PA.

Ganoe, Elaine of Boone, Iowa (joined DAR ca 1970, also helped Howard LeMaster on chapter of Gano book) at

Ganoe, Michael of Mooresville, NC (originally Lewistown, PA) at

Ganoe, Thomas M., of Clarion, PA, descends from Samuel Ganoe at

Ganoe, Thomas R. of Defiance, Ohio descends from Gidion Ganoe at

Gray, Dave at

Hamilton, Ron at descends from Alfred Ganoe-7 (1808) & Isabel Ganoe.

Helsel-De Luca, Jackie at from EMMA MARGARET-7, JAMES-6 (1784), JACOB GANOE-5 (1735),

Jarvis, Barbara descends from MARTHA-7 (1818), JAMES-6 (1784), JACOB GANOE-5 (1735) at

LaSorsa, Susan, descends from Thomas Albert Ganoe at

Lovell, Dick descends from Alfred Ganoe-7 (1808) & Isabel Ganoe at

Mongan, Pat at

Moon, Dolores descends from Sara Ganoe (ca 1828) at

Ricotta, Teresa at

Roche, Diana E. at

Van Tries, Al at

Wilson, Don at

Woodring, Carl at

Zimmerman, Kiana, from Laramie, WY at

Also, 2/7/99, the following from Jane's Names at

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