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Gregg & Tanya Ganoe Family
Madeline, Eden & Olivia (L - R)

(Photo by father, Tom Ganoe)


A corner view of the older section of Burket Cemetery - compliments of Jackie Helsel, 2006.

The old Gano/Ganoe and related families are in Section 1 (on the left) as you drive into the cemetery (near the large Civil War monument). Here is a link to Burket Cemetery, compliments of (The older stones (above) are in section 1.15 or scan down towards the middle of the names.) Also, link to my my personal records on this website as Burket Cemetery.


"August 25, 2006

"This spring, I traveled to Warriors Mark and spent four great days roaming cemeteries and court houses and back roads. Found the gravestones that you have mentioned in your site, but need to go back to check out Thomas & Nancy Campbell Ganoe graves. Also discovered other surname graves (Martin Funk family). Took photos and what a blessing the digital camera is! Was able to email copies of the Martin Funk families tombstones to folks who had them buried elsewhere. Burket cemetery is truly beautiful, as is the entire area of Warriors Mark. The people who live there are really warm and friendly, and I highly recommend Laurel Ridge B & B (owned by Wally & Kay Lester) just outside of Warriors Mark...both owners and B & B are outstanding. Also the owner (Ram) of the gas station in Warriors Mark was outstanding. No wonder the Ganoe family lived & stayed in Warriors Mark for so long! The Huntingdon County Courthouse people were also most helpful and friendly in helping a copy of James Ganoe's last will & testiment. (Does anyone want me to email it) From the 1873 Atlas, I was able to locate where James & Barbary Ganoe (parents of Emma Margaret) & Joseph & Margaret Campbell (parents of Nancy Campbell Ganoe & sister of my gg grandmother Mary Jane Campbell Bressler) had lived. Unfortunately, the house is gone and now replaced by new structure. Beautiful site though. As I traveled the roads, I could not help but picture how our ancestors must have running water, dirt roads, horses & wagons, long skirts for the women, outhouses...great indurance & hard work, for sure.

I definitely will return next summer.

Again, I thank you for your most informative web good it feels to know that not only did we come from such strong people, but that we, their descendents, care enough about them and each other to share of ourselves. I just wish I could find some old photos of the Ganoe family."

Jackie Helsel <>
(Ganoe descendent through Emma Margaret Ganoe Bressler)"

Large monument close-up - compliments of Jackie Helsel.


January 5, 2010

Subject: this is your relative Deborah Ganoe Jones (see Facebook)

I have visited Warriors Mark, PA
I have visited Addleman grave in Denver
I have moved from MA to NC.



Here are the two photos I mentioned gg-gramma Bressler & gg-grampa Bressler

He is William Snyder Bressler (wounded, imprisoned and died in the south--have additional info on that), and she is Mary Jane Campbell Bressler. He is the son of Johann Daniel Bressler & Emma Margaret Ganoe. She is the daughter of Joseph Harris Campbell and Margaret Dean. Their son was William S. Bressler who married Carrie Shugart. Their daughter, Della Beryl Bressler married J. Allen Woodside. Their daughter, Ardath, (my mother) married John Curtis Helsel (my father). I expect the "Snyder" was given William Snyder out of respect for his mother's mother, Barbary Snyder. Interesting how names are passed down, isn't it? The Ganoe, Campbell, and Dean families can all be found in the Huntingdon Cty. censuses. I'm having a devil of a time, however, finding the Campbells and Deans who preceeded Joseph and Margaret. I will send dates soon. Right now, I am under the weather with the horrendous cold that seems to be sweeping the nation. Happy New Year to all our family!

Roy & Molly Ganoe

Attached is a picture of my grandparent's, Roy Rufus Ganoe and Martha (Mollie) Ellen (Hess) Ganoe

Barry L. Ganoe

Here is a picture of Barry L. Ganoe infront of his previous photo business at CRICKET PHOTO but in 2009 revived to Cricket Imaging.

"In this recessionary economy I am doing well with my graphic arts work."I still do some "on the side" commercial and governmental photo related work. I will always be connected to the photo industry in one capacity or another in the years to come."

Sunday, May 30, 2004

It's been a long time since I have participated in the little Ganoe Family Tree Research Group. My life has changed dramatically over the past two years. I closed my photo business and sold all of the business related equipment in July 2002. I went to work as an Assistant Zoning Inspector for Springfield Township (my home community) in suburban Akron, Ohio upon the closure of my business. In October 2003, I was recruited by Franklin Township (a neighboring community) to become their Chief Zoning Inspector. This was a great move for me because Franklin Township is merging with New Franklin Village, a small adjacent community to become the City of New Franklin on January 1, 2006. I have been busy researching municipal zoning codes to rewrite a new city zoning code for the upcoming city government. I also help to create a new environmental awareness and education group that covers the suburban Akron (Summit County) area. Check out our website at <>. Lastly I have started an exploratory committee to run for Springfield Township Trustee in 2005. I have gained many community and political contacts over the past two years. I have my eyes on running for the Ohio Legislature down the line. I decided to start up my family tree research again because I really missed working on it. I never did finish my application to the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). I hope to achieve that goal before the end of this year. I still have several gaps to fill in on my SAR application. I am missing information about Jacob Ganoe Jr and his wife Sophia Lewis Ganoe. If you have any dates on births, deaths or marriages, please let me know. I would appreciate any info floating around about Jacob Junior and Sophia. Be sure to send my best to everyone in the Ganoe Family Tree Research Group.

Your cousin,
Barry L. Ganoe
Akron, Ohio

Tom Ganoe & wife

Here is a picture of Thomas R. Ganoe and his wife.


Helen Danemark   Helen Danemark, who recently passed away on 20 Aug 2002, was a Capt. Jacob Ganoe descendant and researcher who had helped many, one of whom was Howard LeMaster. Helen was also a very active member of the Blair Co., Genealogical Society and helped them to establish and operate their new library in Altoona, PA.


On Friday, September 13, 2002 Judy Banja (jbanja@email. replied to my query about Helen. "Billie (Helen) Danemark died recently while on a visit to her son in Alabama. [She commented,] I was shocked! I didn't even know she was ill."

   Before she left to visit her son, she emailed me and speculated about who might continue her research if something should happen to her in the future. It gave me a feeling of 'unease' but fate catches up with us all. We will remember her with fondness and appreciation for all those that she had helped in genealogy, including me. Helen Danemark of Altoona, Blair Co., PA was born on 1 Jan 1923 and died on 20 Aug 2002 according to the Social Security Death Index.

Bob Addleman (

     # #

"Loss of a Friend

   - On August 20th, the Blair County Genealogical Society lost a very dear friend, Helen Danemark. Known by many simply as "Billie," she was a constant at the library on Thursdays with many patrons coming in on that day just to meet with her. Billie was also in attendance every Tuesday (workday) to do filing and spend time with her friends. One of our long time members, Billie's membership number was 12. Her absence will be greatly felt."1

   "It seemed so strange to be sending Billie's obituary. No one realized how sick she was, she was a very private person. She had such a wonderful sense of humor, and she knew every inch of the library. It was because of her that we were able to get our own building. She is really missed."2

   " Re: The Ganoe [web]site. I smiled the entire time I was reading Billie's note and theory. It sounded so much like her. I also want to let you know that Billie left her genealogy notes, books, notebooks, everything to the BCGS, and we are in the process of cataloging it. (She was a pack rack! and kept clippings on everything!!) That will all be inventoried and placed in the newsletter. I would be very happy to place any additional material as you find it into her Ganoe Collection. Billie sure loved her genealogy, and it would be wonderful to add to her work."3

1. Blair Co. Gen. Soc, BCGS Newsletter, News column, Sept./Oct./Nov., Vol. 23, No. 3, pg. 1.

2, 3. Whiteman, Annie (BCGS Admin.). Email (, 19 Nov 2002.


"Hanna, J Gordon

In Cheshire, Ct., Jan. 29, 2004, Joseph Gordon Hanna of Elim Park Baptist Home. Born in Warriors Mark PA, May 23, 1921, son of the late Joseph M. and Alverta M. Simpson Hanna. A graduate of Dickinson College, he was an Analytical Chemist at the Chemist at the Connecticut Agricultural Experimental Station before his retirement in 1984. A veteran of W.W. II, Gordon was a pilot in the Army Air Corp flying B24’s in the European Theater. He was a member of the American Chemical Society. A Memorial Service was held at Elim Park Chapel on Feb. 6, 2004.

Deb Glantz Hanna"


[March 14, 2004] "I have been going through my father-in-laws genealogy consolidate and save the material. I came across your e-mail address. Grampie Hanna ( we call him) passed away on Jan. 27. at Elim PArk, Cheshire, Ct. He had returned to Elim Park nursing home, after being at YAle New HAven Cardiac Intensive Care. His heart just gave out. We had a memorial service for him at Elim Park at which we had a chance to meet relatives from Pittsburgh that my husband had not seen for 30 years.

I hope to go through all his genealogy and carry on...along with my own family history of course. I can send a copy of his Memorial Service, if anyone in interested. He did a fantastic job with his genealogy...and I hope to save it for my son and pass some on to other researchers...His study was filled with notebooks and family history books he had purchased. I have chosen the Gano book to go through first...but will get to all of them. I see he has a copy of The American Addlemans...along with lots of other family books and a large 3 ring notebook, for Addlemans. I'll be looking through those too. I have already shared some iinfo wiith the PA. Genealogical (or History) Philadelphia (I have the letter somewhere on my dining room table...) and the Ct. Soc. of Genealogists.

I just wanted to pass on to Grampie's genealogy friends, the news of his death. I think he would have wanted us to.....He really enjoyed all the online fmaily he was a very big part of his life. Thanks for all the info and support you, along with other genealogists, gave him.

Deb Glantz Hanna Gordon's daughter-in-law....." []

[Sun, 14 Mar 2004] "Thanks so much for the info. Was saddened to hear that Gordon Hanna passed away. We had corresponded several times. He really seemed like a fine gentleman.. Sorry I never got to meet him. Still keeping my eye out for Warriors Mark info.

Al Van Tries"

Elaine & Virgil Gano

ELAINE & VIRGIL GANO in front of one of the ancestor's grave.

 On April 10, 2002, Elaine wrote: "It was such a thrill when we drove to Pa. in the 80's and found Jacob Gano's grave, his wife, and may of his family. It was in a little country cemetery with a small church. You could look off over the hills. . . . . One wonders how long those old stones will stand. Jacob's was quite tipped."

Ganoe Reunion 2002

   "Attached is a photograph of a recent Ganoe Family Reunion held on Saturday, August 3, 2002 at Clarion, Pennsylvania. Special "thanks" go to the folks in Clarion that graciously invited me to their family get together.  

   This is the first time in nearly 160+ years that our two branches of the Ganoe family have reunited. The branches that got together are descendants of Capt. Jacob and Elizabeth (Armitage) Gano's children...Samuel Gano (Clarion County Branch) and Jacob Gano Jr. (Clearfield County Branch).

   It is my hope that someday we can eventually reunite everyone descended from Capt Jacob and Elizabeth. Thanks again to my distant cousins from the Clarion branch for a wonderful time!"

Barry L. Ganoe,



      Richard A. Lovell, the G-G-Grandson of Alfred Ganoe, Born Jan 26, 1931 in the small town of Allemansville PA high in the central PA mountains. He went to grade school in Allemansville then in nearby Janesville PA, the home town of his Grandmother Helen Nancy Wilson, where he finished 8th grade in 1944. He went on to high School at Madera, PA graduating in 1948. He worked as a building tradesman for 2-3 years until Korea then joned the US Navy. He completed electronics Technician school 2nd in the class, worked at Great lakes Naval Station a couple of years then on to a large aircraft carrier. While on the USS Hornet he was responsible for the maintenance of Radar, Low, & high frequency radio equipment. Discharged from the Navy in 1954 as an ET-II, he married his present wife and moved to Lansing, Michigan where he started at Michigan State University in 1955. Graduating with a BS in 1960, he took employment in Chicago, IL, where he worked for two companies. He then relocated to Scottsdale AZ which became his home. After 23 years of R & D service, the Dial Corp. offered him early retirement in 1989 and he loves it. Dick has 4 children and 7 grandchildren, none of whom chose to stay in AZ. At 72 yrs., Dick still actively manages a profitable real estate rental business in Phoenix [Contact Dick at:]


(Descendants of Thomas Albert Ganoe)

"What a wonderful website!!  I would like to contribute my Ganoe family information, as I am a direct descendant through Cap't Jacob Ganoe and Jacob Jr. . . .

My sources are the 1950 - 1900 Pa Fed Census, LeMaster's book,  family knowlege and death cert.  I have not formally published this yet online at my own website but intend to, you are welcome to put it on your website, providing you give credit to  Diana E. Roce and Evelyn Gannoe Johnson who share info with me as well as myself ;Susan LaSorsa.
I look forward to hearing from you with question and comments or additional information you can add to mine, especially concerning Jacob Ganoe  Jr and John Armitage Ganoe.

Sincerely, Susan LaSorsa"



"Here is the photo of Eliza Ganoe and her husband, David Phillips (sometimes spelled Philips). I have a photo of John and Elizabeth McGee Ganoe's daughter, Mary Delilah Ganoe Whippo, and she looks very much like her father. Her father doesn't look much like Elizabeth "Eliza" Ganoe Phillips. . . . I forgot to mention that the photo I sent you of Eliza Ganoe and David Phillips was sent by a descendant whose own family has a pile of personal letters from a Keller Phillips, Eliza and David's son. Keller had David Phillips' family Bible in his possession when he wrote the letters and who is certain that this is David and Eliza.

Another descendant, who doesn't directly know the descendant who sent this photo, recently contacted me and asked if I had any photos of David Phillips and Eliza Ganoe. I sent this one and they said they have photos similar to it, but from a slightly earlier period. They verified the people in this picture I sent you are the same in the photos they have of David and Eliza Ganoe Phillips."

[Also, check at the end of the Research page.]

(Also see Old Ganoe Letters & Queries)

Subject: Ganoe Web site information

Date: February 2, 2007 7:25:40 PM PST

My name is Michael Lee Ganoe, I live in Mooresville, NC was born October 31, 1957, father Harry Lee Ganoe and mother Alice Arlene Kibe Ganoe are both from lewistown, Pa. now living in Felton, De and a sister Carol Lynn Ganoe Thompson living in Stanley, De. I have 3 children, Ashley Lyn Ganoe 22, Kimberly Anne Ganoe 19 and Aaron Michael Ganoe 16. I was married for 18 years to Martha Eugenia Allen Ganoe now divorced. I talked to my father last night and he reminded me of the monument in the middle of downtown Lewistown honoring the soldiers from Lewistown who fought in the Revolutionary War and reminded me of Jocob Ganoe's name being on thie monument. I will be doing more research myself on my family i.e. grandfather was Harry Franklin Ganoe etc.

Thanks for the info and keeping the Ganoe name alive.

Michael Ganoe

May 5, 2009

Hi, I have not corresponded with you for a long time.  Get an occasional email once in a while with Gano information.  My niece, Suze Morton, has decided to get her DAR, and I will send her Virgil's papers, as her grandfather, Melvin Gano, was a brother to Virg, and she should be able to go through that way.
What I have always wondered, have we ever had positive proof that Jacob Gano's father was James Gano or Ganoe?  I see it in material that I get once in awhile, but never have seen positive proof. 
Let me know if you have heard anything.  I would appreciate it.  \
Elaine Gano

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