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(some provided by Helen Danemark)

1.   [This letter was sent from Warriors Mark by Jacob Gano, Jr to his brother, Jeremiah Gano in the state of Indiana.]

"May 1, 1836

   "I now for the second time take in hand to write to you since I received your letter dated Jan. 1, 1835. We received it very unexpected with gladness and joy for we had almost given up.

   Your old mother [Elizabeth Armitage Gano- widow of Rev. War Capt. Jacob Gano] is still living and living ....... and has got a good deal childish. She is full of complaint. She is often talking about you and it would overjoy her to see you if it could .......

   The family connections is all well present, only myself . I have been .... with a pain in my brest. [a lot that was unreadable] I have not seen him yet only heard he was in the neighborhood. I have not sold my property yet but I expect to sell shortly if I sell. I think of coming to see you if it pleases God to spare me.

   Addleman, John and Sarah, they beginning to get old and frail, their children all married but three, that is William and John and Sarah, and ...... that remain single at present.

   James and Barbary Gano is well as usual. They have three children married, Alford, Jacob, and Margaret. Alford lives on the ols place.

   Samuel Gano lives in Joberson Co. Cetanian town.

   John A. Gano lost his wife and......I received a letter from .... years ago. He then remained a widdower and have got account of him since.

   James Fulton and Mary lives in Allegheny town by Pittsburg, and in his letters to me states that he wrote many letters to you but can get no answer ..... he thought you had been taken ........ [another unreadable part]

   Edward Cartwright and Margrat lives over the baldeagle mountain and lives on a place they want to make their own.Their ..... works for the iron works and makes a tolerable good living. Edward cut his knee and has been crippled for one year.

   Myself follows the stone masonery business. My two oldest sons and myself got $43.00 a month last winter for working an ore bank. I wish you would write me a letter as soon as you receive this letter and let me know whether you have bought land where you now live or what you now......"

[Note: Modern punctuation, bold letters, indentations etc., provided by the website editor for emphasis.]

2.   [from Jacob Gano, Jr in Warriors Mark, Pa. to Jeremiah Gano in Huntersville, Indiana - written May 5, 1840]

May 1840

   Dear brother, I take up my pen once more to inform you of some of my intentions after my best respects to you and family. I will inform you that we are all well at present. Thanks be to God for his goodness. I feel myself better prepared to answer your letter dated March 13th, 1837 than I have for four years back. We have thought that if the Lord wills to spare us and favor us with luck that we would be ready to land in your Wabash country against the last of October or the middle of November. I now ask for a serious and candid statement of the Wabash country to wit, how is it now. I wish you to inquire in Lafayette where Adam Nevlings 60 acres lie and go see it. I think he tells me that it lies about five miles from Lafayette. I have thought of buying that land but shall not until you let me know what it is worth. I wish you would attend to this matter as soon as possible for my calculations is to settle up and prepare for the western countries. I have been farming of late years and have kept a team hauling on the roads and one at the furnaces. I now have 45 acres of fall grain out. I intend hauling with my team til after harvest. I have thought of not selling my team but moving out by land. I might need my horses and wagon there. Will you please write what I had better bring with me that could not be had there for my own convenience. We have nine children children, six boys and three girls.

   John and Sarah Addleman are well at present, altho they are both getting frail. Their children are all married except two of the younger ones, William and John who remain with them. I believe the whole family belongs to the Methodist Church ....... and William Addleman both is .......... and is getting along well.

   James Gano and family is well at present, although age brings on infirmities. James begins to look old. There is five of his children married and three single. All of his family belongs to the Methodist Church. Edward Cartwright and Margaret is well but very frail. Five of their children is married and six single ones. I have no account of Samuel Gano now nor of John Gano nor of James Fulton. The last account he was moving to Eicht town where from bever....... to place called New Sebum, Ohio. I intend to if I receive a letter from you if the account is good from you to write to Fulton immediately and try to get him to go along with me there. I also intend to write to Samuel and John Gano and try to get them along if possible.

   Produce here - Wheat 75 cents, rye 62 cents, corn 62 cents, oats 28 cents, bacon 12 1/2 cents, hay 12 dollars for ton, man's wages for month $20.00 and board themselves for day 75 cents. For one days hauling with a team four dollars. Grain is very plenty in our country. This season the crops in the ground look remarkable well. Their reason it has been very healthy here for several seasons back except the rheimatick complaint with some, I hope, my dear brother, Jeremiah, that my letter may find you in possession of a living faith in Christ Jesus, continue to look to the Lord for help in every thing every time of need and He will comfort your hurts in all causes. The great ........ philosopher says if I had not but bever...... in his pomp I could sway nations, but we are taught that the name of one faithful man will uncover the arms of the Lord. Have faith unto death and you shall wear a crown of life. The Lord has done great things for my ........ for the last four years of my life.

   I believe the Lord that he has caused my peace to flow as a river. I have been trying in great weakness to encourage my fellow travelers to ...... to ...... to the ...... in all causes and sinners to flee from the wrath to come being ...... from heaven and Church to exsort them to see you face to face that our joy may be full. So fare you well. _______________

  Jacob Gano

  Sophiah Gano


  Jeremiah Gano

  Margaret Gano


   O let us prepare to meet our God. O let us remember the value of our ........... .

Be sure to let me know how the work of the Lord is prospering with you and in that place.


3. "March 3, 1846

JACOB & SOPHIAH GANO [Warriors Mark, Pa, March 5, 1846]

to their Brother

JEREMIAH & MARGRET GANO [Huntersville Post office, Tippacanew County, Indiana State]

Dear brother:

   I thank my god allways that he is prolongin my days, to live to gloryfy him. A considerable time is past since I had the opportunity of reading a leter from you. My heart would be glad to here from you in Paticular how you are geting along in the way to heven. I still retain a hope that our meeting time will soon role round when we will meet in heven where we will be parted no more forever, o my brother, indure hardships Be a good soldier heven is desirable if you get there before I do, look out for me im coming too. I never will forget the day that Jesus Washed my sins away may god help us all to meet them.

   Our friends is all well at Present. ADDLEMAN family is all married. JAMES GANOS is all married but two. EDWARD CARTWRIGHTS family is all married but three. I have n ot heard anything of SAMUEL GANO for three years. [Something about SAMUEL GANO family having moved to a bend on the Alleghany River.] And was well at that time. It is something like three years since I got a leter from JOHN. He then was well and living in Ohio Trumwell county near Youngstown. I received last fall a leter from JAMES FULTON he then lived in Cincinata and was well he told me that his son LORENZA had been to see you some time previous to that.

   I live on the old methodust meeting house track of land on wich is clereed two hundred acres of land and have been farming it for the past three years. our luck has been bad the frost last year Was very severe our loss of grain is thought to be about seven hundred dolars if it not been for bad luck I intended to come and see you.

   There has been some of our nebours moved out to Eulinois [Illinois] BEVY GREEN is one moved to bec county I also had a notion to move out but I heard it was sickly and gave up the notion.

   you would not know your old native Warriors mark if you seen it. the place has improved very much Congress this seting has granted . . . . [handwritten page 3] . . . .

   Please to answer these few poor writen lines speedly I want to here from you very much. O dew If the lord spares me, I yet think I will come west and see you.

   May the lord bless you and keep you

   And own you and crown you at last

   Excuse the poor hand wright

   So fare you well."


Hello my name is Jack Everetts.I recently found that my lost grandmother was a Ganoe.Her mother was Eliza.her father was elijah.Her name was blanch.She was married first to a Nash.she had two boys.Then she was married to charles Everetts she had one son to him Paul Everetts who was my dad.We are trying to find anything on Nash and Charles.Hope to hear from you with any help you might have.Jack from Canton Ohio

Subject: My Ganoe Grandmother
Date: June 30, 2010

July 09, 2010
"Thanks for including us in this mailing!  My yahoo email is but I forwarded your email to our home email here. I'm Deb Glantz Hanna, J. Gordon Hanna's daughter-in-law, wife of Richard Hanna and I have all the family records now...Gordon passed away several years ago....(as did his wife, Josephine).I have also put it on with all my family stuff.  I'm called DGH49 on ancestry and the tree is called The Works or the Family Smithsonian.  I also have a tree called the Hannas....I am hoping to write everything up....under each gradnparent, I have stories and reports...sort of quilt like I guess....packed with information to recreate lives.....
You have a wonderful website there. I will save all the info and add it to mine.
We are heading out to PA this summer, to check out more graves and to just hang around State College because it's so nice....
Rick is interested in his family history, as is our son, Ben.....he likes pics of all the men, with their hunting rifles, etc.....
I think it's cool that Rick has a relative that may go back to Westchester, NY since I grew up in Port Chester, Westchester, mom, a Stocking, had Williams in her past, in NJ, that connect to Bordens in NJ, who had come down from RI....and their paths almost cross Rick's NJ relatives...that's about as close as we get...the rest of mine are up in New England and upstate NY...Next week is vacation Rick and I are very happy....
thanks again.

Deb Glantz Hanna

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