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(Early Gano History)

ETIENNE GAYNEAU I, b 1590, L (prob Purlboreau), d 1658; m MARIE GENEAU (b 1610, d 1682), children:

1M   ETIENNE GAINEAU II (aka Etienne Rochelle), b ca 1630-40 (LaRochelle, Charente-Maritime, France)

Note: This was from a descendants chart titled, "Descendants of Etienne Gayneau" from an unknown source.

ETIENNE GAINEAU/GAYNEAU/GENEAU/GANO II (aka Etienne Rochelle & Etiene Genejoy), b ca 1630 (LaRochelle, Charente-Maritime, France), Religion (French Huguenots), immig 1661 on The Beaver (Amsterdam to New Amsterdam, NY), Capt. Pieter Reyersen, L (Staten Island, NY) "Estiene Genejoy, from Rochelle, wife and three children 7, 3, and 1/2 years old," L prob 1675 (Harlem, NY) & aft 1675 (Richmond Co., L.I., NY), Land 29 Apr 1662 & 15 July 1679 "a house and lot in Broadway," 1676 "granted 80 acres of land on Staten Island near the commons,"1 d 1706 (Staten Island, NY) ; m LYDIA MESTEREAU 16 Mar 1653 (La Rochelle, France) [b ca 1630 (La Rochelle, France)], children: [RESEARCH2-3;]

   "Etienne GATBEAY & Lydia MESTEREAU (prob son of Etienne of Purlboreau, d 1658 France per Les Archives, La Rochelle France. (Etienne Gayneau died, 68 years old, in 1658 (born 1590). Etienne GAINEAU stove-maker merchant, marriage of March 16 1653 with Lidia Mestereau. Notary deed of La Rochelle Notary, LEFBURE, March 24 1653 indicates that after marriage, Etienne GAYNEAU and Lidia MAESTEREAU took a perpetual lease for 25 years for a house street Les Cloustiers. Arrived in America on De Beaver May 9, 1661, per Year Book of The Holland Society of New York, with three children b in La Rochelle, France. One child was baptised at Amsterdam Oct 17, 1660 1 1/2 on sailing list 1661."4

1M   ETIENNE/STEPHEN III, b ca 1654 (La Rochelle, France)

2M   LOUIS, d 1658 (La Rochelle, France)

3F   LIDIE MARIE, b 6 Jan 1658 (La Rochelle, France), d bef 16795

4F   MARIE MADELAIN, b Oct 1660 (Rochelle, France),, bapt 17 Oct 1660 (Amsterdam), "1 1/2 on sailing list," L (Morrow Co., OH)d 13 Jun 1761 (Westfield, NJ); m JOHN DENMAN6 III 1690 (b 1643 (Essex City, MA), son of John Denman (1621, English immig to MA),L 1661 (Newtown, Long Island, NY), d Dec 1713 (Newtown, Queens City, LI, NY), Will 13 Dec 1713), children: (Martha (1691), Mary (1694), Elizabeth (1697), John IV (1700), William (1702), Phillip (1704) & Thomas (1706))


6F   SARAH, b 4 Feb 1663 (NY); m JEAN MAMBRU 1686

1.   Zimmerman, Kiana. Mail, 30 July 01, Harlem (City of New York), It's Origin & Early Annals, New Harlem Publishing Co., NY, 1904, p. 324.

2.   LeMaster, Howard. Gano Family USA 1970, (Carlinville, IL). Howard LeMaster donated his collecion to the Illinois State Historical Library in Springfield, IL.

3.   Addleman, Robert P. The American Addlemans (Closson Press, 1991; Utah Bookbinding, 2001). A small subsection was devoted to the Ganoe family on pages 71-78.

4.   Miranda, Madgel. Email (, 23 Feb 1997. "My mother was a Gano."

5.   Danemark, Helen. Email, 1 Aug 2000. "I believe one of the girls had died by 1679 -- "old Etienne signed a document leaving all his possessions to Stephen, later Stephen went to court and renouced this documen saying all should be shared by him and his onlyest sister (unnamed)."

6.   Snyder, Betty Pond. Letter, Three pages: "Descendants of: Etienne Gayneau," from her book.

Note-1: Helen Danemark worked with Howard LeMaster on the PA section of his book. She is now one of the few remaining authorities on Ganoe history.

Note-2: Barry L. Ganoe has been researching the Gayneau/Gano family in early Long Island and New Rochell, NY and has contacted the Huguenot Historical Society in New Platz, NY ( He wrote: "I am trying to connect ETIENNE and LYDIA's children to our JACOB GANOE Sr."

ETIENNE/STEPHEN GAINEAU/GAYNEAU/GANEAUX/GANO III (aka Francis1), b ca 1654 (France), son of Etienne/Estienne/Stephen & Lydia Gaineau of Staten Island, Deed 9 July 1679 (bequeathed land after his decease to son [Stephen]; revised 21 Apr 1680 to "bee divided betweene mee [Stephen] and my sister"), d 1696 or 1733; m SUSANNAH USSELTON ca 1 Aug 1679 (Staten Island, NY), dau of Francis Usselton, children:2 (needs validation)

1M   STEPHEN, b 1680 (New Rochelle, NY); m ANN WALTON (?) [RESEARCH:]

2M   DANIEL. 3 b 1681, L 1763 (Hopewell Twp, Hunterdon Co., NJ), d 1767; m SARAH BRITTON [b ca 1692 (of Staten Island, NY), d 11 Sep 1785], children ("many but only 3 married: Daniel, Susannah & Rev. John")

3F   SUSANNAH, b 1684, d 1771

4M   JAMES4, b 1685 (Staten Is., NY), d 24 July 1757 "age 72"; m1 prob ELEANOR (FOUKE?), m2 JANE OWEN 19 Apr 1719 (New Castle Co., DE), m3 MARY O'ROUK aft 1760 [RESEARCH:]

5F   CATHERINE, b 1686

6M   FRANCOIS/FRANCIS, b 1688, d 1750, L (New Rochelle, Westchester Co., NY); m widow JUDITH BARNARD (widow of Samuel Bernard of New Rochelle, NY), "had no descendants"5

7M   JOHN, b 1689, d 1745 ("may have been a grandson instead")

8M   LOUIS, b 1694, L (DE); m prob ANN CISEAU

9M   ISAAC6, b 1696, Will June 1772, d 1776; m JANE GULICK of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NY (1702-1788), children: (Stephen (1728-1809) m Abigail Allen (1758-); Isaac, David, Nicholas)

10F   SARAH ("may have been a graddaughter instead")

1. Confer, Dixie. Email (, 1 Jan 1999. This shows Steven III/aka Francis' death year as 1733 in New Rochelle, NY, but it also shows his birth year as "1630 in the Island of Guernsey". [Obviously someone has mixed up the data between the two Stephens, one born in 1630 and the other in 1654.]

2. Most of the children's data came from Betty Pond Snyder's research. The detailed deed info came from Madgel Miranda.

3. Confer, Dixie. Email, 1 Jan 1999. Daniel Gano, son of STEPHEN GANO & SUSANNAH USSELTON, married Sarah Britton and had a son, Rev. John Gano, b 27 July 1727 (Hopewell, NJ), [a chaplain in the Rev. War]. [Helen Danemark also confirmed this corrected version.] "Rev. John Gano married Sarah Stites, who died in 1804 in Frankfort, KY. Rev. John & Sarah had John Stites Gano 1766, who married Mary Goforth." Robert Hervey at clarified Daniel's (1681) three children who married).

4. Mongan, Pat. Email, 24 Oct 1998 to Paul Vance. "Ref. 150 year-old family Bible of Melvin Gano and compiled by Ms. Virgil Gano Marcus, Iowa: . . . "JAMES' father was STEPHEN Jr. and his father was ETTIENE GANEAUX alias STEPHEN GANO from France."

5. Danemark, Helen. Email, 4 July 2001. "Historians say that the only Gano who lived in New Rochelle, NY was Francis who married the widow and had no descendants."

6. An unknown descendants chart lists the line from Isaac Gano & Jane Gulick as: Stephen (1728), Stephen (1780), Allen (1805), Alexander (1836), James Marion (1855), James William (1880), Lee Edward (1912) & James William II (1943).


[ETIENNE/STEPHEN GAINEAU/GAYNEAU/GANEAUX/GANO-3 (aka Francis1) 1654, ETIENNE GAINEAU/GAYNEAU/GENEAU/GANO-2 (aka Etienne Rochelle & Etiene Genejoy), ca 1630, ETIENNE GAYNEAU-1 (1590)] JAMES GAYNEAU1, b 1685 (Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY), d 24 July 1757 "age 72"; m1 prob ELEANOR (FOUKE?), m2 JANE OWEN 19 Apr 1719 (New Castle Co., DE), m3 MARY O'ROUK aft 1760, children: [RESEARCH:]

1M   JACOB, b 5 or 7 May 1735 [from m1]

1. Grello, Larry, email <>, 22 Feb 2005. "If you are interested, attached (in html format) is a report on genealogy that I believe to be correct (based on gathering information on various trees, sources, etc.) on the descendents of Etienne Gayneau through the Ganoes ... through my wife's line . . .

I don't have proof of that ... just data from somebody's tree on Rootsweb. The information I have proof (through own research, incl. census data) is Thomas Ganoe (born about 1817) to the present. The older information is based on other people's trees and information ... just looking to put the information out there ... hopefully ... for somebody to confirm, correct, etc.."

Note: It seems reasonable to assume that each generation would have about 20 years between marriages; however Capt. Jacob Ganoe had a longer gap of 44 years before his marriage and first child was born.


If you have not read Helen Danemark's analysis on James, as Jacob's father, please do so now!

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