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A. Who were the parents of Capt. Jacob Ganoe (1735)?

Subj: Samuel Gano

Date: Saturday, 2 July 2005

Hi Bob 
Vern Gledhill here. I recently returned to research after the death of my wife. I have read your web site on the Ganoe--Gano--Ganow etc. family. As an introduction--my mother Emily Gledhill was a contributor to the LeMaster Gano Book. As I am sure that you know there are some errors in that book. 
My purpose in writing is to correct something on the web site. A contributor has said that the Samuel Ganoe born in 1800 to Samuel Ganoe, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Armitage Ganoe, and Esther Ann Adams was the Samuel Gano of Goodhope, Fayette County, Ohio This is incorrect. 
Proof is easy to come by. The Samuel who was the son of Samuel Ganoe, born 1782, was still in Pennsylvania at least by 1836 according to some of the letters on your site. The Samuel who married Mary Newland can be found in the 1840 census of Fayette County Ohio. He is listed in the 1840 census index as Samuel Gane. I had long suspected that Gane was incorrect. With the advent of the home computer ---the orignal census page can be blown up to show that the correct name is GANO. Further, as shown in the 1850 census---3 of his children were born before 1836 in Ohio. The 1840 census shows more children born early in the 1830's. In addition, there is a child, Sarah Eliza, born in 1850 but not listed in the census.I have the names of 2 of the older children that were married and away before 1850. Likewise this Samuel can be shown to be in Ohio in the early 1830's and probably the 1820's. 
I believe that it can be shown (not completely documented yet) Samuel Gano married to Mary Newland was the son of Isaac Gano and was born in Virginia in 1800. Mary Newland was also born in Virginia and was the daughter of Nicholas and Priscilla Murphy Newland.  I have more data on this family---but I believe that the dates of Samuel Ganoe, son of Samuel Ganoe, of Virginia still being in Pennsylvania in 1836 prove that he was not the spouse of Mary Newland of Goodhope, Fayette County, Ohio. 
Regards and good hunting,  

Subj: Ganoe reunion

Date: Sunday, August 1, 2004 1:52:01 PM


Just wanted to let you know about the Ganoe reunion held 7/31/04. Everyone had a great time even though the weather was a bit damp in this area . Once again as we did two years ago we when we met Barry Ganoe and his parents we made another connection between two of Jacob and Elizabeth ( Armitage) Ganoe's children . This time we had the pleasure of meeting Deborah (Ganoe) Jones who descends through their son James and we of course through Samuel . As you may remember when we met Barry and his parents we reconnected Samuel and Jacob Jr.

We have set a date for the next reunion 7/29/06 -- would'nt it be great to reconnect two more of Jacob and Elizabeth's children? That means we would nead at least one descendent from: Sarah, John, Jeremiah, William, Henry, Margaret, Mary and Alijah. That is assuming they all had descendents.

Tom Ganoe

Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2003


   Recently while doing some searching on line dunn - Name Index. I came upon the name James Ganeau it states that he had a child, Jacob Ganoe b. May 7 1735. James was born in 1685 in Staten Island d. July 24 1757. This is the only source of this information I have at this time could this be the missing link between Jacob and Etienne Stephen Gayneau?

Date:   Saturday, March 15, 2003


   With regard to Tom's finding that Jacob Gano may be the son of James, the following is from my notes on the family:

   Mary Rehfuss in her DAR application # 255 611 identifies him as the son of James Gano (1684-1757) and born in Delaware. She later changed her opinion and suggested Col. Lewis Gronow as his father. Later it was concluded that "Gronow" is a surname in itself and not "Gano" misspelled.

   Jane Topoly <topoly> has stated that she found in the Pennsylvania State Library in Harrisburg: Etienne Geneau (1630 LaRochelle, France - 1733 New Rochelle, NY) married Lydia Metereau; Stephen Geneau (1654 - ) married on 9 Jul 1679, Susanna Vesselton and had 13 children, one of whom was; -- James Gano ( 1684 - will probated 2 Feb 1767 ) married 1st on Apr 1719, Jane Ownes and 2nd Mary; -- Jacob Gano (30 Apr 1735 - 7 Aug 1812) married Elizabeth Armitage.

   Pat Mongon's mother-in-law is in possession of material copied by Ms. Virgil Gano1 Marcus of Iowa from a 150 year old family Bible belonging to Melvin Gano. A sheet on Jacob Gano is as follows:

   "Gano, Jacob b. 1750-75

   Father - Gano, James

   Wife - Armitage, Elizabeth

   Children - Gano, Jeremiah C. b. 13 May 1797 M. Barkhurst, Margaret

   James' father was Stephen, Jr. and his father was Etienne Ganeaux alias Stephen Gano from   France."

1. Gano, Elaine. Email, 15 Mar 2003. I read the email from J. Gordon Hanna about Jacob Gano. I am the Mrs. Virgil Gano from Marcus that was mentioned, and Pat Mongan is a distant relative, but I have never had proof that James was the father of Jacob Gano. We do have the family Bible and it belonged to Jeremiah Gano and never told anything further than the fact that "Jacob Gano was Jeremiah's father and Elizabeth Armitage was his mother." It never mentioned James Gano. Things get twisted around over the years and read between the lines. Yes, I am the one that corresponded with Mrs Rehfuss and I still have her correspondence if you are interested. Maybe you already have all of it. Let me know before I copy it off.

Date: May 21, 1991  

   We also have the earlier work completed by Helen Danemark.

Gano Researchers,

I am searching for my gggrandmother, Sarah Gano's parents. I have been going over the information on the Jacob Gano web site. I need some help in deciphering some information in one of the Old Gano Letters dated May 1, 1836. One of the lines read; Samuel Gano lives in Joberson Co. Cetanian town. Could this be Jefferson County, Su-tan-e (Punxsutawney)? My Sarah was born in Jefferson County about 1827/28. She married Luther Geer about 1843. He was a native of Jefferson County. Sarah died and was buried in Mt. Tabor Cemetery on April 10, 1895, Eldred Twp. Jefferson County. I have leaned toward the idea that Sarah belonged to the Clarion Co. or the Clearfield Co., PA Ganos. Can any of the researchers give me any input on these assumptions. Thanks.

Dolores Moon

Email, 5 Apr 2005,


[February 3, 2006] "But, I would like to correct another piece of misinformation that I have accidentally perpetuated.  I tried to confirm an earlier e-mail I received in 2004, from one of the descendants of Malissa Ganoe Kane (daughter of John and Elizabeth McGee Ganoe), who said that John Ganoe's middle name was listed as Armitage, on Malissa's birth certificate.  She's going to send me a scan of the death certificate, but in the meantime she transcribed it and there is NO middle name listed for John Ganoe.  The name Armitage does not appear anywhere on records I have here, so the John Armitage Ganoe born in 1827 does not appear to be the same John Ganoe who married my gg grandfather's sister, Elizabeth McGee, and my conclusion is still that John Ganoe was the son of Samuel Ganoe who lived in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania and died between 1850 and 1860.

Census records for the John Ganoe who married into my family consistently show that he was born about 1824.  My census summaries follow the transcription of Malissa Ganoe Kane's Death Certificate.  Incidentally, the certificate has misspelled McGee as Magee.  Our family has used the McGee spelling since leaving Ireland.

Department of Health Services
K-500  40 017797  3198 Dist No.1979 Reg No. 71
Death Date: March 28 1940
Cause of Death: Chronic Myocarditis, Arterio Sclerosis
1. Full Name: Malissa A Kane Place of Death:(A) County: Los Angeles (B) City: Alhambra Rural H2 (C) Name of Hospital or Institution: French's Rest Home (D) Length of Stay: 8yrs. Community: 8yrs State: 31yrs (A) Veteran: None  (B) Soc Sec: None Sex: Female Race: Cauc Name of Husband: (A) Daniel H. Kane Birthdate: Oct 27 1855 Age 84 yrs 5 mo 1 day Birthplace:East Brady, Penn Usual Occupation: Housewife Industry/Business: Own Home Father: John Ganoe Birthplace: Penn Mother: Elizabeth Magee Birthplace: Penn (A) Informant: Mrs Minnie L. Adams (B) Address: 218 W Emerson Pl. Wilmar ....... (A)Burial: Removal  (B) Date:  04/01/1940 (C) Place: Fullerton, Calif

Here are the census summaries I have for John and Elizabeth McGee Ganoe and the transcription of Elizabeth McGee Ganoe's Death Certificate:

NOTE:  Eliza Ganoe is listed as relinquishing her right to administer in the Estate File of Jacob McGee (1876) and is listed as an heir.

1850 Census - Madison Twp - Clarion Co. - Pennsylvania, p. 194 (Fed 97B), Dwelling No.. 1358, Family No. 1387

John Geno       Age 26  M  W    Laborer Val. of RE:  $30.       Born:  PA
Elizabeth "     Age 24  F   W                              Born:  PA
Catherine  "    Age 11  F   W                              Born:  PA
Mary D.  "      Age 3   F   W                              Born:  PA
Nancy J.  "     Age ?/12         F   W                              Born:  PA

NOTE:  Family is living next to Adam McGee, Jacob W. McGee, John Philips, Jacob Geno, Thomas Gnow, Jacob McGee, J.L. McGee and other relatives.  Name is very faded on census form.

1860 Census - Kellersburg P.O. - Madison Twp - Armstrong County - Pennsylvania - p. 124 - Dwelling No. 963 - Family No. 860

GONER, JOHN - Age 36 - M - Day Laborer - Val. Pers. Prop: $78. - Born: PA
_____ , ELIZABETH - Age 35 - F - Born: PA
_____ , MARY - Age 13 - F - Born: PA
_____ , JOSEPH - Age 8 - M - Born: PA
_____ , MELISA - Age 6 - F - Born: PA
_____ , SARA - Age 2 - F - Born: PA

1870 Census - Kellersburgh P.O. - Madison Twp - Armstrong County - Pennsylvania - p. 39 - Dwelling No. 254 - Family No. 268

GENOW, JOHN - Age 46 - M  W - Carpenter - Val RE: $300. - Val Pers. Prop: $100 - Born: Born: PA
_____ , ELIZABETH -Age 38 - F  W = Keeping House - Born: PA
_____ , JOSEPH - Age 17 - M  W - At Home - Born: PA
_____ , MALISA - Age 14 - F  W - Born: PA
_____ , SARAH - Age 11 - F  W - Born: PA
_____ , KIANE(?) - Age 10 - F  W - Born: PA
_____ , THOMAS - Age 4 - M  W - Born: PA

(Living next door to George and Mary Delilah Whippo -- the daughter of John and Elizabeth McGee Ganoe)

1870 Census -  Kellersburgh P.O. - Madison Twp - Armstrong County - Pennsylvania - pp. 39 &40 - Dwelling No. 255 - Family No. 269

WHIPPO, GEORGE - Age 28 - M  W - Garden ? - Val RE:  $100. - Val Pers. Prop: $150 - Born: PA
_____ , MARY - Age 23 - F  W - Keeping House - Born: PA
_____ , ANNA - Age 6 - F  W - Born: PA
_____ , CHARLEY - Age 1 - M  W - Born: PA

1880 Census - Foster Twp - McKean County - Pennsylvania - ED 77 - p. 74B (Image 74) - Family No. 754 & 755
(Indexed as "John Gande" at

GANOE, JNO. - W  M - Age 55 - Carpenter - Born: PA - Father Born: PA - Mother Born: PA
_____ , ELIZA - W  F - Age 52 - Wife - Keeping House - Born: PA - Father Born: PA - Mother Born: PA
_____ , KITTIE -W  F - Age 18 - Daughter - At Home - Born: PA - Father Born: PA - Mother Born: PA
_____ , ALFRED - W  M - Age 13 - Son - At School - Born: PA - Father Born: PA - Mother Born: PA
_____ ,  JOSEPH - W  M - Age 27 - Son - Carpenter - Born: PA - Father Born: PA - Mother Born: PA
_____ , KATE - W  F - Age 24 - Daughter-in-Law - Keeping House - Born: VA - Father Born: VA - Mother Born: VA
_____ , EDDIE - W  M - Age 1 - Grandson - At Home - Born: PA - Father Born: PA - Mother Born: VA

1900 Census - City of Parker - Armstrong County - Pennsylvania - ED No. 26 - Sheet 48? - Page 161A - Weyart (?) Street - Dwelling No. 97 Family No. 97

Whippo, George W. - Head - W  M  - Born: October 1841 - Age 58 - Married 36 years - Born: PA - Father Born: PA - Mother Born: PA - Occupation:  Carpenter
_____ , Mary D. - Wife - W  F  Born: February 1847 - Age 53 - Married 36 years - Children Born: 11 - Children Living: 10 - Born: PA - Father Born: PA - Mother Born: PA
_____, Harry T. - Son - W  M  Born: October 1878 - Age 21 - Single - Born: PA - Father Born: PA - Mother Born: PA - Occupation:  Carpenter
_____, Mary E. - Daughter - W  F  Born: May 1881 - Age 19 - Single - Born: PA - Father Born: PA - Mother Born: PA - Occupation:  Servant
_____, Nanie A. - Daughter - W  F  Born: November 1884 - Age 15 - Single - Born: PA - Father Born: PA - Mother Born: PA - At School
_____, Samuel W. - Son - W  M  Born: January 1889 - Age 11 - Single - Born: PA - Father Born: PA - Mother Born: PA - At School
_____, Clara L. - Daughter - W  M  Born: September 1891 - Age 8 - Single - Born: PA - Father Born: PA - Mother Born: PA - At School

Geno, Elizabeth - G-Mother - W  F  Born: September 1828 - Age 71 - Widow - Children Born: 1 - Children Living: 1 - Born: PA - Father Born: PA - Mother Born: PA


PLACE OF DEATH:  Armstrong County, City of Parker
Registration District No. 93
File No. 58893
SEX:  Female - COLOR: - White
DATE OF BIRTH:  Sept 16, 1826
AGE:  80 years, 8 months, 25 days
BIRTHPLACE:  Redbank, Pa
BIRTHPLACE OF FATHER:  Redbank, Clarion Co., Pa.
NAME OF MOTHER:  Catherine Le Fever
BIRTHPLACE OF MOTHER:  Athens County, Ohio
OCCUPATION:  House Keeper
INFORMANT:  Mrs. George Whippo
ADDRESS OF INFORMANT:  Parkers Landing, Pa.

DATE OF DEATH:  June 21, 1907
I hereby certify that I attended deceased from April 14, 1907 to June 21, 1907, that I last saw her alive on June 21, 1907 and that death occurred, on the date stated above, at 6 PM.  The cause of death was as follows:  PLEURA PNEUMONIA (Duration) 7 days.  Contributory:  Catarrhal Jaundice (Duration) 14 Days.
(Signed) A. M. Hoover, M.D.
June 22, 1907, Parkers Land., Pa.
DATE OF BURIAL  June 23, 1907
UNDERTAKER:  J. D. Smith? & Sons - Parkers Landg, Pa.

John Geno1, b ca 1824 (PA), poss s/o Samuel Ganoe, Age 26 in 1850, L (Madison Twp, Clarion Co., PA)  Occup (Laborer); Elizabeth [b ca Sept 1828, Age 24 (PA), d widow, ca 1899 age 712]. children:

1F Catherine, b ca 1839 Age 11 in 1850 (PA)
2F Mary D., b ca 1847 Age 3 in 1850 (PA)
3F Nancy J., b ca 1849 Age ?/12 in 1850 (PA)

1. 1850 Census - Madison Twp - Clarion Co. - Pennsylvania, p. 194 (Fed 97B), Dwelling No.. 1358, Family No. 1387
2. Geno, Elizabeth - G-Mother - W  F  Born: September 1828 - Age 71 - Widow - Children Born: 1 - Children Living: 1 - Born: PA - Father Born: PA - Mother Born: PA

NOTE:  Family is living next to Adam McGee, Jacob W. McGee, John Philips, Jacob Geno, Thomas Gnow, Jacob McGee, J.L. McGee and other relatives.  Name is very faded on census form.

GONER, JOHN1 (aka GENOW2 GANOE3 GANDE4), b 22 Aug 1824 (PA) 36 in 1860, L 1860-70 (Kellersburg P.O., Madison Twp, Armstrong Co. PA), 1880 (Foster Twp., McKean Co, PA), Occup (Day Laborer), d 23 Jan 1896 (PA), bur Parker Presbyterian Cem (Perry Twp., Armstrong Co., PA); m ELIZABETH McGEE - [b ca 1825 (Redbank, PA), Age 35 in 1860, d/o Jacob McGee (b Redbank, Claron Co., PA) & Catherine Le Fever (b Athens Co., PA), "Widowed", d 21 Jun 1907, 80 yrs-8 mos-25-days (Parker, Armstrong Co., PA) bur Parker Presbyterian Cem (Perry Twp., Armstrong Co., PA)5], children:

1F MARY - Age 13 (1860)- F - Born: PA
2M JOSEPH - Age 8 (1860), 17 (1870), 27 (1880)- M - Born: PA; m KATE age 24, b VA; son Eddie age 1
3F MELISA/MALISSA A., b 27 Oct 1855 (East Brady, PA), d/o John Ganoe & Elizabeth McGee, - Age 6 (1860), 14 (1870), d 28 Mar 1940 (Alhambra, Los Angeles Co., CA), bur (Fullerton, CA)
4F SARAH (KITTIE?)- Age 2 - (1860), 11 (1870), 18 (1880) F - Born: PA
5F DIANE - Age 10 (1870), F  W - Born: PA
6M THOMAS (ALFRED?) - Age 4 (1870), 13 (1880) M  W - Born: PA

1. 1860 Census - Kellersburg P.O. - Madison Twp - Armstrong County - Pennsylvania - p. 124 - Dwelling No. 963 - Family No. 860
2. 1870 Census - Kellersburgh P.O. - Madison Twp - Armstrong County - Pennsylvania - p. 39 - Dwelling No. 254 - Family No. 268
3. 1880 Census - Foster Twp - McKean County - Pennsylvania - ED 77 - p. 74B (Image 74) - Family No. 754 & 755
4. Indexed as "John Gande" at
5. DEATH CERTIFICATE #3216158 - ELIZABETH GANOE - PENNSYLVANIA DIVISION OF VITAL RECORDS; Informant Mrs. George Whippo (Living next door to George and Mary Delilah Whippo -- the daughter of John and Elizabeth McGee Ganoe).
6. Death Cert., Malissa A. Kane, Dept of Health Services, researched by Diana E. Roche.

Please feel free to share this information.
Diana E. Roche
McAllen, Texas"

On Feb 4, 2006, at 11:33 AM, Diana E. Roche wrote:
"But to answer your question, I'm only familiar with the published information on the John Armitage Ganoe, who is purported to be the son of Jacob Gano, Jr.  Most of those files have John Armitage Ganoe born in 1827.  There is no way anyone who researched the John Ganoe who married Elizabeth McGee could have ever concluded that birth year from the evidence.  There's nothing whatsoever to support it (that I've discovered).  I did run across another John Ganoe with a wife named Elizabeth in the census records one time.  It may have been in the Warrior's Mark, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania area.  I concluded it wasn't my John Ganoe because the dates and family information were off.  One of those census records from 1870 is an Eliza Ganoe, born about 1828, who is a widow (apparently, living near Isaac and Mary Ganoe), - Dwelling No. 98, Family No. 98.  She has a daughter (looks to be) named Harriet A.  In 1860, (Bradford, McKean County, there is a John Ganoe living in the household of Wm. Shed who is 33 years old.  That would make him born in 1827.  This may be the John Ganoe who was listed as being born in 1827.  Somewhere I also ran across a file saying another John Ganoe settled in Iowa."



DAR #255611 1962 Mrs. Mary Speer Ganoe Rehfuss**
DAR # 1969 Mrs. C. Harrison Dwight (Cincinnati, OH)
DAR #654063 1980 Betty Albertina DuBois Brown (Florence, OR)
DAR #722467 1996 Sheryl Lynne Lusk Cuomo (Ganoe-Armitage)

* Jacob Gano (Gonow, Ganoe), Captain, Penn. Militia under Lt. Col. Hugh Davidson & Major John Shaver in Huntington Twp., Bedford Co. 6th Co., 2nd Battallion per 5th Ser.
[Vol 5. p. 87 PA Archives]

**Mrs. Rehfuss' DAR older application was later proven to have some errors.

The DAR charts below were provided by Cynthia Etzel.


In a message dated 2/3/2007 5:55:07 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes:
  "He was a Capt. in the 
Bedford Co., PA Militia and had his name written as "Jacob Gonow".  
It was later spelled as Gano and Ganoe."

"Mother Bedford and the American Revolution"  by Larry D. Smith 1999
Page 274
Born:  1735
Died 1812
Buried in the Burket Cemetery, Warriors Mark Twp. (now Huntingdon Co. PA)

Jacob GANOE served as Captain of the 6th Co. 2nd Battalion of the Bedford Co. Militia in 1781.
Hope this helps in your search.
Jean (

Subject: James Ganoe...PA Mortality Census 1870...interesting
Date: September 7, 2007 10:42:20 AM PDT

I just noticed (thought I've looked at it before) that on the (attached) 1870 mortality schedule that in the line listing "Ganoe, James" it indicates that both his father and mother were of foreign birth! Interesting to note, also, that he died of "GRAVEL" [kidney stones]. Just thought it was too interesting NOT to throw into the proverbial "pot". Double check it for me...need to know I am seeing clearly.

Jackie Helsel

Subject: RE: Ganoe Family
Date: February 25, 2009

You came to mind about a week or so ago when I received a Ganoe Family inquiry from a lady named Teresa Ricotti who resides in northern Kentucky near Cincinnati, Ohio.  Her mom is a Ganoe with roots back to Clearfield County, PA.  I'm sure she is related to you and I since Clearfield County is within close proximity of Huntingdon County (Warrior's Mark).  Teresa and I connected through Facebook.  I'm trying to find her family connection...I believe she is descended from one of the Jacob Gano(e), Sr. children.  Maybe we can help her find her roots with some of the Ganoe connections floating around out there.


Hello Barry,

"My Grandfather was Blair Ganoe he had 1 brother Grant.His Father was Walter Conrad Ganoe from Centre County then Clearfield Co, PA he also lived in Akron OH then Canton OH.One of his sisters married a Truax from Canton OH area.The Ganoe Reunions were held in Canton, OH in the 50's when my mother was a kid.My mother and some of her brothers and sisters migrated to Buffalo, NY in the 60's and spent most of their adult lives there, some moved back to Williamsport, PA and one brother moved on to TX, my mom and I moved down to KY about 12 years ago.I would love to see a copy of your family tree my mother and I were talking tonight and she is having trouble with Walter's brother and sisters names and she thinks that may be where we are connected but not for sure.Have you seen a copy of the book written by Howard LeMaster "Ganoe, Gano, Ganow". That book shows where we were all connected and my Mom did say she knows her family also has been traced back to LaRochelle France with the same time frame. The only thing I know is someone took our families copy or one of my Uncles have it in their possession. I know back in the early 70's my grandmother donated a copy to the Clearfield library in my Grandfather's name.I know I come from a big family because my Grandparents had 11 children who lived to adulthood and I knew the family was bigger than that but I didn't know many of the extended families. Some of the last names I can remember was my Grandmother was Haney before she married Blair Ganoe. Truax's as I used earlier, Conrad was also another sir name.I look forward to hearing back from you, I think it would be so cool to get to know another part of our family!!!"

Teresa R. Ricotta email is Crittenden, KY 41030

WALTER CONRAD GANOE, L (Centre Co., PA, Clearfield Co., PA, Akron, OH & Canton, OH); m unknown, 11 children

3F unknown; m TRUAX

BLAIR GANOE; m HANEY, children

[Note: Can we have some names and dates to go with this?]

March 29, 2012

Hello, Doing some internet surfing I came across the Ganoe Family Website.  From my maternal grandmother’s side, I am a direct descendent of Captain Jacob Ganoe, he is my Great 5X Grandfather.   Harriet Ann Ganoe 1848-1926 married into the Woodrings, who married into the Gibbs-my other’s maiden name.  Harriet Ann Ganoe was the granddaughter of Jacob, Jr. 
Anyway, it was exciting to find this website and I plan on studying it thoroughly.  My thought tonight is to see if any Ganoe Family Reunions are in the planning, I see where there was one 10 years ago in Pennsylvania and was hoping it was an annual event that I may visit and perhaps meet some unknown cousins.  Thank you.
George Shadman
99 Elizabeth Dr
Barboursville, VA 22923

March 29, 2012

I just came across your website and it is wonderful.  I am just getting back into my family genealogy.  I am related through George Whippo and his wife Mary Delilah Gano.  Their daughter Anna Bertha is my Great Grandmother.   Never knew my Grandfather so not much was known about his family.  I have met a few since the internet was invented. 
Thanks for maintaining such a wonderful page.  I go past Warrior's Mark about twice a year and always want to stop, but always on my way to somewhere and not time.  I am going to try and make time this summer.
Leslie Stover Raybuck <>
Venango County, PA

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