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   This is a working web site to facilitate ongoing research for the descendants of the Revolutionary War officer, Captain JACOB GANO / JANO / GONOW / GANOE, last of Warriors Mark, Huntingdon Co., PA.

   Researchers are also trying to discover the 'missing link' between Jacob Ganoe (1735) and the immigrant ETIENNE GAINEAU / GAYNEAU / GAINEAUX (ca 1650), who came from France on the ship The Beaver in 1661 through Amsterdam and settled in Long Island, NY. [Notice that the various French spellings all have about the same phonetic sound in English, i.e., "gah - no" or "guh - no."

   One final caveat is that much of the data on the web site has been validated but researchers have to read carefully to perceive theories that have not been validated, as well as to watch for errors in existing research.


   "ETIENNE (Stephen) GAYNEAU, born around 1630 (aka. Etienne Rochelle, Etienne Genejoy, Frncois Gayneau etc.) a stove maker merchant, is believed to be the son of Etienne Gayneau (d. 1658) of Purlboreau, France. The Gayneau/Gano family comes from a poor thrifty merchant family. The majority of the family was Catholic. It is thought that our Stephen Gayneau changed his religious belief and joined the French Huguenot movement that emigrated to Holland and then on to America in search of religious freedom. ETIENNE (Stephen) GAYNEAU and his wife LYDIA MESTEREAU arrived in America on the ship De Beaver on May 9, 1661 at New York with three children under the name of ETIENNE GENEJOY. The Gayneau family settled on Staten Island with many other Huguenots. The ship, De Beaver was a Dutch ship. And thus the spelling GENEJOY FOR GANO.1"

1. Hervey, Robert. 12 July 2001, Gano Board, RootsWeb Message Boards.



   "This is probably too late for the Ganoe entry in your book but this is my [researcher Helen Danemark] reasoning for believing Jacob was born in West Chester County, New York.

   "Rev. John W. Jordan wrote at least 25 volumes of biographies between the years 1905 and 1916. They included almost every county in Pa. I read somewhere that he was commissioned by the State of Pa to interview the elderly and record their memories of their ancestors. The GANOE FAMILY was recorded in his book titled, JUNIATA VALLEY AND ITS PEOPLE. This was in 3 volumes written in 1913. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that it was a descendant of THOMAS GANOE, son of JAME's, grandson of JACOB, who gave the interview since this was the line that was followed by Rev. Jordan. Interviews with the elderly, especially ones you do not know personally in the days before recorders, are bound to contain many errors both by the interviewer and the interviewee.

   "It is confused as to JACOB and STEPHEN. It makes JACOB the immigrant but tells STEPHEN's story. Jordan realized there was an error as it was not possible for JACOB to have fled France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes and to have lived long enough to become a Methodist in America.

   "The second part on JAMES also contains errors, the "worst" in my line as MARGARET was listed as dying as an infant. Since she died in 1843 and the interview was in 1913, 70 yrs later, it is forgivable. Thank heavens for the old letters which proved she lived and was JAMES' daughter!

   "The third part is on THOMAS and leads down to EMMA ELIZABETH GANOE, wife of LEVI NEARHOOF. In the same book, is an interview on the NEARHOOFs. I believe that Jordan probably interviewed LEVI and EMMA on both families which could have made the interview more difficult.

   "When Mrs. REHFUSS [on her DAR application] claimed JAMES GANOE as JACOB's father, this led to him being claimed as being born on Duck Creek Hundred, Delaware. Because JACOB named his son, JAMES (probably after JAMES ARMITAGE), Mrs. REHFUSS claimed JAMES of Duck Creek as the father. When almost positive proof proved otherwise, she claimed LEWIS. This too was "proven (?)" incorrect when he listed his 6 children in his will. Mrs. REHFUSS tried a few more spots to put JACOB but to no avail.

   "If JACOB had come to Huntingdon Co. by the way of Delaware, I believe the Jordan interviewee would have mentioned it. JACOB is evasive -- he was born 1735 but where? He shows up for the Rev. War but where was he from his birth in 1735 until 40 some years later?? He married ELIZABETH ARMITAGE about 1780 at age 45. Was he married before?? Was he an Indian fighter traveling where no records were kept?? So many unanswered questions."

[The above was written by Helen Danemark on 21 May 1991.]

[[Gano Huguenot Society membership can be obtained through the already accepted one of Mrs. C. Harrison Dwight of Cincinnati, OH, data 1969.]]

* * *

Note: Don't forget the obvious and check in Howard LeMaster's book, GANO FAMILY U.S.A. 1970. This out-of-print book can be found in some major libraries.

If you see any changes in the above or anyone wants me to expand it with additional info (pictures?), please send me the data ( and I'll try to keep this current.


   I am glad that someone realizes that research was much more difficult to do in the late 1960s. No internet, no computers, I had to go to Harrisburg to look at microfilm -

   I helped Howard Lemaster with a lot of the PA search. I was just beginning and he told me where to go and what to look for. I just pulled out every Gano from anyplace I could find. He sent me to Easton, Pa. - Trenton, NJ - Dover, DE plus all the local courthouses and cemeteries. I think he did a tremendous job considering the lack of sources. He said, " I'm doing the first book on the Gano family and I hope it's only the first of many to follow." We should be thanking him - even with the Internet, all the societies and other sources that are available now, where would we have started without Howard. It does upset me when so many are putting all the errors and fables that were proven incorrect back into our History. The Gano webpage is great and I'm enjoying every minute I spend on the search.

Happy hunting!! Helen1

1. Danemark, Helen. Email, 11 July 2001.

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