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   This is a genealogical web site to assist Addleman researchers in discovering more about the descendants of DANIEL ADDLEMAN, who lived in Maryland and Loudoun Co., Virginia and later in southwesten, Penn. The other major Addleman line, researched in The American Addlemans was 1752 German immigrant JOHN MICHAEL ADDLEMAN (1723-1814), who lived in West Caln Twp., Chester Co., Penn., can be seen on the web at: See other email and web links of interest to the researcher at the end of this section.

   These web sites can be used by researchers to rule out these lines if their "Addleman" immigrant came to America before or after 1752 and/or lived in different locations.

   Visit links to online descendants and Edelmann/Eddleman/Addleman at the end of this section.


  Check the ALLIED FAMILIES table for a quick way to find your other surnamed relatives. The last names are listed alphabetically and linked directly to their location.


  Discover what library and state where you can see a copy of the sold out book, THE AMERICAN ADDLEMANS, GERMAN IMMIGRANTS TO PENNSYLVANIA, published in 1991, in the ADDLEMAN BOOK section of this web site.--------

   I DON'T KNOW WHO MY IMMIGRANT ANCESTOR WAS! If you are new to Addleman family history, then you will have to try and determine information about your oldest known Addleman. Most likely it will be your grandparents or great-grandparents. Find out what state they came from and what county in that state. If your family tradition says your Addlemans were Pennsylvania Dutch, this simply means they were Germans who migrated to Pennsylvania. The following geographical table of contents may help to explore this web site:



Greene Co., PA

Washington Co., PA


Central OH



   Please take a few moments and contact the author using the subject: "Daniel Addleman Web Site" when emailing the author at:
The end of a 1990 Penn. research trip.



Check out other Addleman descendant email, web sites or links of interest:

Daniel Addleman's Descendants

Cook, Charles researching Garmire/Bixler at

Dolan, Heather, from Carl E. Addleman at Heather Dolan <>.

Detrick, Brian in Ithaca, NY (valid until 8/15/98) at

Elsen, Kristan (Addleman) from Thomas J. Addleman (1904) at

Hicks, Rod email in Bellingham, Washington at or his web site.

McDaniel, Bonny & Jim in Paradise, CA (from Clinton Co., MO) at

Milner, Molly at <>.

Moore, Dick in Gahanna, OH at

Moore, Don in Tecumseh, Oklahoma at

Pearson, Lois in Costa Mesa, California at

Porter, Ed in Lakewood, WA a Christopher Horn descendant at

Rabatin, Roxanna - a Laurence Curtin Addleman descendant at

Specht, Suzi - a Sarah Addleman m Wm. Garmire descendant at

Young, John - a Hannah Rose Young descendant at

Walker, Terri - descends from Susannah Firebaugh Addleman's brother Elias, at

Watkins, Carole & Dick in Rocklin, California at.


Daniel Addleman/Eddleman early MD/VA Connections

1.   William Eddleman, Ph.D., has recently (November, 2000) clarified a lot of research theories proposed by his deceased uncle Riley R. Eddleman, Ph.D. Riley had amassed a lot of research prior to publishing his 1981 book, THE EDDLEMAN - FULBRIGHT FAMILIES. Bill has recently identified the signatures of 1733 immigrant on the Richard & Elizabeth, Filb Jacob Edelmann, and later Baltimore Co., MD deed info to be identical. This makes Philip Jacob Edelmann/Addleman the highly probable father of Daniel Addleman. Bill can be emailed at Link to current immigrant theoretical data.

2.   The EDDLEMAN GENEALOGY LIBRARY, edited by Harold Eddleman, Ph.D., Palmyra, IN, can be seen at It is an excellent web site focusing on Edelman, Edelmann & Eddleman surnames.

3.   Stephen Eddleman at has presented an excellent research discussion and possible lines of descent that may clarify Daniel Addleman's genealogy. His web site can be seen at


Daniel Addleman & John M. Addleman Research

1.   Also see Robert P. Addleman's (Los Angeles) genealogical web site on 1752 German   immigrant John Michael Addleman (1723-1914) at

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