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Horn Cemetery Marker

This photo was taken on a 1990 research trip near Zollarsville in Washington Co., Pennsylvania. It is in the Horn Cemetery.

It shows the larger tombstones that were allowed in the older cemeteries. Many newer cemeteries will not allow any but flat markers that will facilitate lawn maintenance.

This marker remembers the Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church that was dedicated June 27, 1869. It was incorporated May 20, 1872 and dissolved Sept. 9, 1942.

The 'Horn Burial Ground' has many Addleman descendant graves, such as: Addlemans and Horns.


Addleman tombstones in Washington Co., Penn.

This is located near Zollarsville,Washington County, Pennsylvania at the old Horn Cemetery.

One reads: Solomon Addleman 1831-1907; Nancy Addleman 1836-1891. [See Carole Watkins at]

Another is Thomas S. Addleman, born Jan 5, 1863 died May 17, 1900; Addi E. his wife, Apr 26, 1865 died Aug 9, 1902.

Another is J. Curtin Addleman 1860 - 1933; Sarah E. Addleman 1859 - 1934.


Olive & Bryson Addleman

OLIVE CORA (HARRIS) & W. BRYSON ADDLEMAN (1852-1943) taken in the early 1920's. He originally migrated from Green Co., PA.

For an overview, click on the home page "Green Co., PA" folder tab and scan down to William's (1817) migration westward.

Provided by descendant Roger Hicks at


Bryson Addleman

A hearty welcome from W. BRYSON ADDLEMAN (1817) from the 1920's, Eugene, Oregon.

Provided by great-grandson Roger Hicks at


Lora & Loma Addleman

LORA & LOMA ADDLEMAN, circa 1920's Oregon.

Lora married WILL TOWNSEND & Loma (1852-1943) married JAMES DENTON HICKS.

Provided by Roger Hicks at


May Belle & Raudy Addleman

This picture of May Belle Townsend and Raudy Lee Addleman was taken on 1/9/98 in Sheridan, Wyoming.

It was scanned by descendant Roger Hicks at


Hicks Brothers

This photo of the Addleman-descendant Hicks brothers was taken on July 4, 1940.

The William H. Hicks' boys are (top): Hobart, Jim, Bob & Hadley.

Jim Hicks, is the grandfather of Roger Hicks who scanned this photo.


August 18, 2007 4:29:35 PM PDT

I wanted to tell you that the information submitted with my application for membership in Daughters of the American Revolution, based upon Daniel Addleman being a Civilian Patriot, has been authenticated by DAR and I should be receiving my Life time number after National votes on it October 6.  I am so excited about this.  Some of my proof was based upon the information in your book and I was able to get a copy of Daniel's name and amount he contributed to Washington's Continental Army contained in the Loudin County Virginia Rough Minute Book, plus a copy of a deed of property leased to him from a Mr. Fairfax. I will be happy to let you know, when I receive my DAR membership.  Thanks for writing the book

.Janice L. Hall
Grandaughter of Edith Easter Addleman

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