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   John Addleman (1769) and his family moved to Morgan Twp., Greene County, Pennsylvania in circa 1798. John was not listed on the 1798 tax lists, as was his brother Philip, but he was listed on the 1800 and 1810 U.S. Census. He and Catherine Shockar had apparently married in circa 1789. Two of their children are documented as having been born in Virginia. George, the oldest child, was born in Dec 1789 in Loudoun County, Virginia. Sarah, the third child, was listed in the census as having been born in Virginia. The second child, Priscilla, and all the rest of their children were born in Morgan Twp., Greene Co., Penn.

"John Eddleman married Catherine Shockar either during or before 1789, the age of their oldest living child. It is unknown whether the Shockars were first in VA or southwestern PA. The Horn Papers described several pioneers who lived in both PA and VA, before finally moving westward to PA.

"The birth order of John's children was established by Olive M. Garmire-Parker and enhanced by further research in PA and OH (consider this the most up-to-date). Their children were: (1) GEORGE (b 27 Dec 1789, Loudoun Co., VA; d 30 Jan 1886, Bowerston, Harrison Co., OH) married-1 Elizabeth PRONG ca 1800, m-2 Elizabeth PRICE >1850; (2) PRISCILLA (26 Jun 1795; d 28 Nov 1843, Washington Co., PA) married Jacob HORN (ca 1796-1859); (3) SARAH (23 Aug 1796, VA; d 11 Mar 1870, LaGrange Co., IN) married William GARMIRE ca 1812 in Greeneburgh, Greene Co., PA; (4) ELIZABETH (b 1800, Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA; d 31 Jan 1867, Perry Twp., Ashland Co., OH) married Daniel SHIDLER (1787-1864); (5) CATHARINE (b 1805, PA) married John GARMIRE 28 Jan 1819, Harrison Co., OH; (6) JACOB (ca 1805; d <1865 Knox Co., IL) married Hannah; (7) EVE (b ca 1808; d Knox Co., OH) married [m1 HEDGE, m2] Phillip SHAFFER [1848 (Knox Co., OH]; (8) ADA (died in childhood); (9) ADAM (b 1809, PA; d <1846) married Susannah SHIDLER (1811-1891); (10) JOHN (20 May 1812, PA; d 5 Sep 1877, Greene Co., PA) married Eunice JEWELL (1815-1857); (11) MARGARET (b 17 Mar 1814; d 5 Dec 1871) married Jonathan JEWELL; (12) WILLIAM (16 Dec 1817, Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA; d 19 Dec 1892, "Sheridan, WY) married-1 Mary Hannah LITZENBERG (1821-18??, MO) 10 Mar 1842, m-2 Elizabeth; (13) HESTER (15 June 1820; d 3 Jul 1859, Washington Co., PA) married Robert HILL (ca 1816,West Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA) ca 1844.

"The land that was both inherited and purchased from George Shockar's estate was first purchased by Jacob Burge in 1786. A smaller portion was then sold to Daniel Arnold, who in turn sold it to George Shockar. It was described as ". . . a tract of land on waters of South Fork of Ten Mile Creek, in Morgan township, Greene County, PA., . . . containing 184 1/2 acres." The townships of East Bethlehem and West Bethlehem, Washington County, are important because many of the families into which the Addlemans married lived in these townships. It's interesting to note that the Addleman surname was not mentioned once in The Horn Papers, volumes I or II, except on a map foldout of Jefferson Twp., 1876. Dottie Algea, an Addleman Genealogist, discovered the name 'M. Addleman' as a property owner. It's possible he was Morgan (ca 1832), Jacob's son. In 1864, Morgan Addleman was the 'Attorney in Fact' and represented the Administrator for the Jacob Addleman estate.

"John Addleman's will was made on 28 Mar 1828. Katharine and John Horn were the executors. He died on 21 Apr 1828, aged 59 years. Catherine, his wife, died on 18 Jul 1849, aged 76 years, also in Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA. They were borth buried in Horn Cemetery, on the Horn farm, near Zollarsville. The names on the tombstones were written in the old German spelling, 'Adelman.'

"The Greene County Orphans Court processed a petition by John Addleman (1812) on 13 Aug 1849, to equally divide the real estate of his deceased parents. This information revealed the whereabouts of the children, some of which was reprinted in the Garmire book. It showed that two-thirds of the living Addleman children had moved west to Ohio, or further. Only John Addleman (1812) and Maragaret Jewell (1814) remained in Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA. Priscilla Horn (1795) and Hester Hill (1820) remained in Washington Co., PA.

"Anna Chambers Addleman, the widow of John Lloyd Addleman (1909-1978), lives in Clarksville, Greene Co., PA. She maintains an active interest in genealogy and is a subscriber to the newsletter. She is one of the few Addlemans (by marriage and/or name) still living in Greene County."

   Many of the early German pioneers who later came to southwestern Pennsylvania, originally immigrated from the Palatinate to either Baltimore or Pennsylvania between 1745 and 1750. A little information on these neighboring Germans might provide some insight into the early German migrational patterns and possibly shed some light on the whereabouts of John's (1769) father, Daniel Adleman and/or his family. Abraham Crumrine "immigrated from the Palatinate, in Germany, in 1748." A grandson of Abraham Krumrein/Crumrine was "a son of George Lenhart Krumrein, who landed at Philadelphia from the Palatinate in 1749. George departed Maryland for southwestern Penn., in 1801. Johannes and Phillip Battenfeld/Bottomfield arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Two Brothers, 28 August 1750. An earlier immigrant family was that of Christian Neichswander/Nyswaner, who was born in Berne, Switzerland, and later immigrated to Germantown in 1726. His descendants lived in Lancaster Co., Penn., Frederick Co., Maryland (1754) and finally in Morgan Twp., Washington Co., Penn (1786). Some later immigrants were Jacob Shidler immigrated from Bavaria to Philadelphia in 1751 and Richard Wise (1722), born in Hesse-Darmstadt and immigrated to Philadelphia in 1757.


   John Addleman (1769) and his family began appearing in the 1800 U.S. Census for Greene County, Pennsylvania. He was not recorded on a summarized version of the 1798 Morgan Twp., Greene County tax lists but was noted as being on the 1800 and 1810 census. There is very little current documentational evidence that a large number of Addlemans once lived in Greene County, Penn. The wills of George Shockar and John Addleman provided the most detailed information. At the death of John's wife, Catherine (Shockar) Addleman, John, Jr., filed to have his father's estate estate partitioned.



(Greene Co., Penn.)

1.22 [JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] JOHN ADDLEMAN, b 1769 (Loudoun Co., VA), L (<1798 (Loudoun Co., VA) & ca 1798 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), O (Farmer), d 21 Apr 1828 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), bur Horne Cem; m CATHERINE SHOCKAR (b 1775, dau of George & Margaret Shockar, d 18 Jul 1849, bur Horne Cem (near Zollarsville)).

JOHN ADDLEMAN's will was written in Greene Co., Penn., on 28 Mar 1828 & registered 13 Apr 1828. An abstract has been provided below:

   1.   wife KATHARINE, the plantation I now reside on for life; also three horses, one wagon, three cows,     two heifers, fifteen sheep, eight hogs, two-thirds of the grain, all household and kitchen furniture, beds &     bedding, all farming utensils, and a sufficiency of meat and other articles for family use

   2.   each under age son, ADAM, JOHN & WILLIAM as they come of age:a $40 horse, to make them     equal to those that I have portioned off

   3.   each single daughter EVE, PEGGY & HETTY: $30 to make them equal with those daughters that are     married

   4.   at the executors discretion, the sale of 50 acres to pay for outstanding debts

   5.   Executors: my wife KATHARINE & JOHN HORN, Sr.


1M   GEORGE, b 27 Dec 1789 (Loudoun Co., VA)

2F   PRISCILLA, b 26 Jun 1795 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA)

3F   SARAH, b 23 Aug 1796 (Virginia)

4F   ELIZABETH, b 1800 (Morgan Twp., PA)

5F   CATHERINE, b 1805

6M   JACOB, b 1805 (Morgan Twp., PA)

7F   EVE, b ca 1808 (Morgan Twp., PA)

8F   ADA (died young)

9M   ADAM, b 1809 (Morgan Twp., PA)

10M   JOHN, b 20 May 1812 (PA)

11F   MARGARET, b 17 Mar 1814 (Morgan Twp., PA)

12M   WILLIAM, b 16 Dec 1817 (Morgan Twp., PA)

13F   HESTER, b 15 Jun 1820 (Morgan Twp., PA)


1.22(10) [JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] JOHN ADDLEMAN, Jr., b 20 May 1812 (PA), O 1870 (Farmer, R.E.=$12,000), L (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), d 5 Sep 1877 (Greene Co., PA), "in his 66th year;" m1 EUNICE JEWELL (b 26 Sep 1815 (PA), dau of Moses Jewell, d 2 Jan 1857 (Greene Co., PA), bur Mt. Zion Baptist Cem, "aged 42 yrs") 21 Oct 1839; m2 MAY (b ca 1817 (PA)) >1857, Children (Ref. U.S. Census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880):

1F   CATHERINE, b 17 Mar 1842 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA)

2F   PATIENCE, b ca 1844 (Morgan Twp., PA)

3M   MOSES JEWELL, b 23 Oct 1846 (Morgan Twp., PA)

4F   MARY ANN, b ca 1851 (Morgan Twp., PA)

5M   JOHN AUSTIN, b 1 Feb 1852 (Morgan Twp., PA)

6F   MARGARET, b 28 May 1855 (Morgan Twp., PA)


1.22(10)1 [CATHERINE-5 (1842), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] CATHERINE ADDLEMAN, b 17 Mar 1842 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), d 7 Jul 1898 (Jefferson Twp., Greene Co., PA); m DEMAS ROSE (b 18 Feb 1836 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), O (Farmer), d 30 Oct 1909 (Jefferson Twp., PA) ca 1862, Children (Ref: 1880, 1900 U.S. Census):

1M   JOHN A., b Oct 1861 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA); m EMMA C. ca 1884

2F   ELDORA, b ca 1864 (Morgan Twp., PA)

3M   WILLIAM R., b ca 1866 (Morgan Twp., PA)

4M   BIRLIE O., b ca 1875 (Morgan Twp., PA)


1.22(10)2 [PATIENCE-5 (ca 1844), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] PATIENCE ADDLEMAN, b ca 1844 (Morgan Twp., PA); m SAMUEL SHAPE (b ca 1837 (PA), O (Farmer)) 1866, Children (Ref. 1880 U.S. Census):

1M   JOHN A., b ca 1868 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA); m ELLA O'NEIL (b 9 Feb 1872, dau of Aliff Shepherd & Lucy (Thomas) O'Neil

Ella O'Neil (O'Neal), who was born 9 Feb 1872, was a granddaughter of Barnet O'NEAL (1776-1860). Barnet married Martha HUGHES on 6 Jun 1799, according to the Swan-Hughes Bible. Her great-grandfather, Barnet O'Neal, Sr., according to "a frayed page in the Swan-Hughes Bible indicates . . . [he] was born in 1751. . . . It is almost certain that both Barnet [Sr.] and Henry O'neal served in the Revolution, but the evidence for Barnet O'Neal [Sr.] is not as conclusive as for his brother Henry O'Neal, whose name is found among the Frontier Rangers from Washington County for 1778-1783. . . . Barnet O'Neal [Sr.] did not survive the Revolution, for Washington County court records show that he died about 1779 . . . ."

The O'Neal and Hughes families were cousins. "When Felix HUGHES brought his family to the Tenmile Country about 1767, two of his cousins, Henry and Barnet (Barnabas or Barney, etc) [O'NEAL], boys about the age of Felix Hughes' own sons, were in the party. . . . As Felix HUGHES was a son of Thomas and Briget (O'Neal) HUGHES, the relationship with the two boys may easily be seen. . . . There are several interesting genealogies of the Hughes Family, one of which carries the record of the family back to Ireland in the year 1542, and carries down to where we find Felix HUGHES, in Loudon County, Virginia, in 1739. Thomas HUGHES, one of the sons, had married, in Donegal, Ireland, Briget O'NEIL, and had at least three sons when he came to America. They were FELIX, who married Cynthia Kaighn; JOHN, who married Mary Hunter, and THOMAS HUGHES.

"Felix HUGHES, . . . son of Thomas and Briget (O'Neil) HUGHES, was born in County Donegal, Ireland, about 1723, and died in Greene County, Pennsylvania, in 1805. He married in Loudon County, Virginia, about 1748, Cynthia KAIGHN, said to have been an only daughter. Felix HUGHES and his family with some cousins, the O'NEILS, joined the party of immigrants, said to have amounted to some sixty-five persons, who left Virginia in 1769, to settle in what is now Greene County, Pennsylvania. . . . Felix and his son, James, warranted the tracts of land on which they settled, but Thomas Hughes sold out on July 24, 1780, to James Carmichaels, and removed to the Tenmile where in later years he laid out the town of Jefferson."


1.22(10)3 [MOSES J-5 (1846), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] MOSES JEWELL ADDLEMAN, b 23 Oct 1846 (Morgan Twp., PA), O (Farmer), d 5 May 1923 (Jefferson Twp., Greene Co., PA), bur Jefferson Cem; m LUCINDA R. ENOCH (b 1 Dec 1846 (PA), d 3 May 1923 (Jefferson Twp., PA), bur Jefferson Cem) ca 1880, Children ( Ref. 1880 U.S. Census):

1M   JOHN ABNER, b 26 Aug 1880

2F   GRACY, b 1885


1.22(10)31 [JOHN A-6 (1880), MOSES J-5 (1846), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] JOHN ABNER ADDLEMAN, b 26 Aug 1880, d 8 Nov 1946, bur Jefferson Cem; m ORA MAE GHRIST (b 28 Jun 1878, dau Thomas L. (1854) & Sarah Eleanor (CHAMBERS) Ghrist, d 14 Jun 1944 (Jefferson Twp., Greene Co., PA), bur Jefferson Cem) 21 Oct 1902, Children:

1M   CLARENCE WILFRED, b 4 Sep 1903 (Morgan Twp., PA), O (Merchant Marine), d 3 Feb 1966 (Portland, OR ?); m STELLA WILSON (Omaha, NE)

2M   THOMAS JEWELL, b 1 Nov 1905 (Clarksville, PA)

3M   JOHN LLOYD, b 15 Jan 1909 (Clarksville, PA)

4F   LAURA MAE, b 7 Sep 1915 (Clarksville, PA)

5F   LUCINDA ELEANOR, b 24 Sep 1921 (Clarksville)


1.22(10)312 [THOMAS J-7 (1905), JOHN A-6 (1880), MOSES J-5 (1846), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] THOMAS JEWELL ADDLEMAN, b 1 Nov 1905 (Clarksville, PA), O (Teacher at Rinehart College: lectured in Chemistry), d 3 Feb 1966 (Canton, GA), bur Cherokee Memorial (Canton, GA); m MARY SOKEL 1942 (Pittsburgh, PA), Children:

1F   MARY ANN, b 1943; m MICHAEL JOHNSON 1964


1.22(10)313 [JOHN L-7 (1909), JOHN A-6 (1880), MOSES J-5 (1846), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] JOHN LLOYD ADDLEMAN, b 15 Jan 1909, O (Farmer), Military (WWII: Pvt., Co. B, 1256th Eng Batt; Hon. Dis.), d 27 Oct 1978 (Clarksville, PA), bur Smith Cem (Waynesburg, PA); m ANNA HARRIET CHAMBERS (b 5 Mar 1912, dau of Joseph Henry & Bertha Mae (SPROAT), L 1991 (Clarksville, PA)) 2 Mar 1932 (Clarksville, PA), Children:

1F   ANNA MARGARET, b 12 Dec 1932 (Clarksville, PA)

2F   LEAH EILEEN, b 17 May 1936 (Clarksville, PA)

3F   THELMA JOYCE, b 3 Jan 1941 (Clarksville, PA)


1.22(10)3131 [ANNA M-8 (1932), JOHN L-7 (1909), JOHN A-6 (1880), MOSES J-5 (1846), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] ANNA MARGARET ADDLEMAN, b 12 Dec 1932 (Clarksville, PA); m1 ROBERT LLOYD RAY 1932 (Pittsburgh, PA), div; m2 WILLIAM LEE BENDEN (O (M.D.)), Children:

1M   DAVID LLOYD, b 24 Apr 1954; m CAROLE A. RIGELL



4M   TIMOTHY HOWARD, b 31 Mar 1961; m MICHELE LYNN ELLIOTT 17 Jun 1989


1.22(10)3132 [LEAH E-8 (1936), JOHN L-7 (1909), JOHN A-6 (1880), MOSES J-5 (1846), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] LEAH EILEEN ADDLEMAN b 17 May 1936 (Clarksville, PA); m 26 Jun 1954; m CHARLES CURTIN WILLIAMS, Jr., Jan 1954, Children:

1F   RONDALL CURTIN, b 16 Jun 1956

2F   DIANA KAY, b 7 Aug 1959


1.22(10)3133 [THELMA J-8 (1941), JOHN L-7 (1909), JOHN A-6 (1880), MOSES J-5 (1846), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] THELMA JOYCE ADDLEMAN, b 3 Jan 1941 (Clarksville, PA); m EDWARD HANDFORD, Children:

1F   MARSHA RAY, b 10 Feb 1959; m1 DAVID L. ZOLLARS, m2 RICK PETERMAN 14 Feb 1987

2F   TAMMY ANN, b 5 Aug 1960; m RANDY BURNFIELD 31 Dec 1979, m2 JOE ROSS 1983

3M   GEORGE DOUGLAS, b 25 Oct 1961; m SHARON LYNN SHAFER 24 May 1986

4F   VALERIE LEE, b 14 Feb 1965; m TERRY BASINGER 1984


1.22(10)314 [LAURA M-7 (1915), JOHN A-6 (1880), MOSES J-5 (1846), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] LAURA MAE ADDLEMAN, b 7 Sep 1915 (Clarksville, Greene Co., PA), L 1991 (Pass Christian, MS); m HOMER ATCHESON, Children:

1F   RUTH ELEANOR, 4 Apr 1935 (Mather, PA), L 1991 (Pass Christian, MS); m RAYMOND MOORE

2M   JOHN WILLIAM, b 6 Feb 1937 (Clarksville, PA), L 1991 (Pass Christian, MS)


1.22(10)315 [LUCINDA E-7 (1921), JOHN A-6 (1880), MOSES J-5 (1846), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] LUCINDA ELEANOR ADDLEMAN, b 24 Sep 1921 (Clarksville, Greene Co., PA), L 1991 (Clarksville, PA); m CLINTON EARL NYSWANER (b 7 Aug 1921, L 1991 (Clarksville)) 29 Nov 1941 (Clarksville, PA), Children:

1M   THOMAS CLINTON, b 10 May 1942 (Charloroi, PA), L 1989 (Middletown, MD); m SHIRLEY GIOVANUCLI (Clarksville, PA)

2M   GUY WILLIAM, b 15 Oct 1944 (Charloroi, PA); m FLO WHETZEL (Cumberland, MD)

3M   KENNETH LEE, b 24 Feb 1946 (Charloroi, PA); m PHYLLIS PIPER

4M   CHARLES LLOYD, b 9 Jul 1948 (Charloroi, PA); m LYNDA AUBIN

5M   TODD A., b 4 Apr 1960 (Charloroi, PA); m VALORIE SZOPO

6M   DELL A., b 19 Jun 1965 (Charloroi, PA)


1.22(10)4 [MARY A-5 (ca 1851), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] MARY ANN ADDLEMAN, b ca 1851 (Morgan Twp., PA); m ROBERT BUCKINGHAM, Children:


2F   IDA


1.22(10)5 [JOHN A-5 (1852), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] JOHN AUSTIN ADDLEMAN, b 1 Feb 1852 (Morgan Twp., PA), O (Farmer), d 4 Feb 1943; m1 MARY MARIA LEWIS (b 9 May 1859, d 27 Jul 1886), m2 MARY R. YOUNG ca 1889, Children (Ref. 1880, 1900 U.S. Census):

1M   ALBERT, b 15 May 1877 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), d 16 May 1947 (Morgan Twp., PA), bur Bethlehem Baptist Cem (Ruff Creek, PA); m LILY N. SHIRK (b 28 Nov 1879, d 16 Mar 1959, bur   Bethlehem Baptist Cem)

2F   MARGARET, b ca1879

3F   ISA OLA, b 22 Aug 1880 (Morgan Twp., PA), d 26 Feb 1955

4F   MINNIE M., b Jan 1883 (Morgan Twp., PA)

5MSAMUEL L., b 29 Mar 1896 (Morgan Twp., PA), d 7 Jan 1967, bur Horne Cem; m NANNIE BURKE

6M   WILLIAM J., b Jul 1897 (Morgan Twp., PA)


1.22(10)52 [MARGARET-6 (ca 1879), JOHN A-5 (1852), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] MARGARET ADDLEMAN, b 28 Sep 1878, d 20 Dec 1937; m FRANK JOHN WATSON (b 12 Jan 1877, d 1960) 11 Oct 1899, Children:

1M   RANSON R., b 28 Aug 1900; m RUTH DIGLER (b 25 Nov 1902)

2M   JOHN AUSTIN, b 13 Aug 1904, L (Clarksville, PA); m VERA CAIN KRAMER (b 16 Jun 1900)

3M   FRANKLIN LLOYD, b 28 Feb 1920


1.22(10)54 [MINNIE M-6 (1883), JOHN A-5 (1852), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] MINNIE M. ADDLEMAN, b Jan 1883 (Morgan Twp., PA), d 1916; m ALLEN J. BAILEY (1890-1919), Children:

1F   MARGARETE, b 1913, d 1926


1.22(10)56 [WILLIAM J-6 (1897), JOHN A-5 (1852), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] WILLIAM J. ADDLEMAN, b Jul 1897 (Morgan Twp., PA), d 1973; m (unk), Children:




1.22(10)6 [MARGARET-5 (1855), JOHN-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] MARGARET ADDLEMAN, b 28 May 1855 (Morgan Twp., PA), d 19 Mar 1939 (Morgan Twp., PA, bur Horne Cem; STIRES B. LEWIS (b 17 Jan 1855 (PA), O (Farmer), d 20 Feb 1903, bur Horne Cem) ca 1869, Children (Ref. 1870-80 U.S. Census):

1F   BERTHA W., b ca 1869 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA); m JOHN CORBIT

2F   BELLA, b 31 Dec 1876, d 27 Oct 1956

3F   MARY BELLE, b 31 Dec 1877 (Morgan Twp., PA), d 28 Oct 1956

4M   JOHN LESLIE, b 9 May 1891, d 23 Dec 1943

5M   HARRY, b 1893, d 1928; m FLORENCE McCOLLOUGH




1.22(11) [MARGARET-4 (1814), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] MARGARET ADDLEMAN, b 17 Mar 1814 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), d 5 Dec 1871, bur Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cem "57y-3m-18d;" m JONATHAN JEWELL (his m1 may have been to Sarah Jewell (d 3 Mar 1854, bur Calvary Baptist Church Cem, "aged 34y-1m-9d),Will probated 1895), Children (Ref. 1860-1880 U.S. Census):

1M   SOLOMON ADDLEMAN, b May 1831 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA)




1.22(11)1 [SOLOMON-5 (1831), MARGARET-4 (1814), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] SOLOMON ADDLEMAN, b May 1831 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), O (Farmer, 1870 R.E.=$9,900), d 1907, bur Horn Cem; m NANCY HILL (b 1838 (PA), dau of James S. & Elizabeth (YOHE) Hill, d 1891, bur Horn Cem), Children (Ref. 1860-1880 U.S. Census): [RESEARCH:]

1F   MARGARET ELIZABETH, b ca 1856 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA); m JAMES K. GAYMAN (son of Joseph & Susan (GREENLEE) Gayman)

2F   DISSIMANA ("DESSE")1, b ca 1858 (Morgan Twp., PA), d 1933; m JAMES HAWKINS 28 Feb 1878 [RESEARCH:]

3M   JAMES CURTIN, b Feb 1860 (Morgan Twp., PA)

4M   THOMAS STEWART, b 5 Feb 1863 (Morgan Twp., PA)

5M   ROBERT MILLIGAN, b 21 Jul 1866 (Clarksville, Greene Co., PA), Educ (LLB Univ. of Michigan, 1895), O (1895 Attorney (Wheeling, WV) & 1915-1928 Judge (Ohio Co., WV), L (Birch Lynn (Wheeling, WV)); m MARGARET JOBES (dau of Rev. Campbell Jobes)

6F   MARY ELLEN, b ca 1869 (Morgan Twp., PA)

7F   CORA A., b ca 1871 (Morgan Twp., PA)

   "ROBERT M. ADDLEMAN is another of the sterling and highly esteemed citizens of Wheeling who can claim the fine old Keystone state as the place of his nativity, and he is a representative of families whose names have long been identified with the annals of that commonwealth. He was born at Clarksville, Greene county, Pennsylvania, on the 21st of July, 1866, and is a son of SOLOMON and NANCY (HILL) ADDLEMAN, both of whom were likewise natives of Pennsylvania. The father devoted the major portion of his active life to the vocation of farming and both he and his wife were residents of Clarksville at the time of their deaths. . . . His higher academic studies [were] in Wayneburg College and Bethany College. . . . He accordingly enter the law department of the celebrated University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, in which he was graduated as a member of the class of 1895, and from which he received his well earned degree of Bachelor of Laws. . . . He was admitted to the bar of West Virginia in the autumn of 1895 and has since that time been actively engaged in general practice in the city of Wheeling. . . . He is a member of the State Bar Association, and also of the Ohio County Bar Association.

   "On the 7th of October, 1896, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Addleman to Miss MARGARET JOBES, daughter of Rev. Campbell Jobes, who is a clergyman of the Christian church and who now resides at Bethany, West Virginia.

   "It was by appointment from Governor Henry D. Hatfield that he went on the bench as judge of the first Judicial Circuit of West virginia. In the fall of 1916 he was elected by popular voite to fill out the unexpired term, and in November, 1920, was elected for a full term of eight years, this term expiring in December, 1928."

1. Lesley. Email, 24 Aug 2002.". . . Dissiman, born in 1858 and died in 1933, she would have been my great-great-grandmother."


1.22(11)13 [J. CURTIN-6 (1860), SOLOMON-5 (1831), MARGARET-4 (1814), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] JAMES CURTIN ADDLEMAN, b Feb 1860 (Morgan Twp., PA), d 1933, bur Horn Cem; m SARAH E. WEAVER (Mar 1859 (PA), d 1934 (Morgan Twp., PA), bur Horn Cem), Children:

1F   CHARLOTTE, b 1883

2M   CLARENCE EARL, b 1886


1.22(11)131 [CHARLOTTE-7 (1883), JAMES C-6 (1860), SOLOMON-5 (1831), MARGARET-4 (1814), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] CHARLOTTE ADDLEMAN, b 1883; m E. L. HAWKINS, Children:











1.22(11)132 [CLARENCE E-7 (1886), JAMES C-6 (1860), SOLOMON-5 (1831), MARGARET-4 (1814), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] CLARENCE EARL ADDLEMAN, b 1886; m NELLIE AGATHA HARTLEY, Children:

1M   ROBERT HARTLEY, b 1921 (Clarksville, PA)

2F   LENORA ELLEN, b 1923 (Clarksville, PA)

3M   LAURENCE CURTIN, b 13 Jan 1926 (Clarksville, PA)


1.22(11)1321 [ROBERT H-8 (1921), CLARENCE E-7 (1886), JAMES C-6 (1860), SOLOMON-5 (1831), MARGARET-4 (1814), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] ROBERT HARTLEY ADDLEMAN, b 1921 (Clarksville, PA), Military (WWII & Korean Conflict: U.S. Army), O (Dentist (DDS); m BETTY KING (b 1925 (Waynewbug, PA), O (U.S. Navy)) 1947 (TX), Children:

1M   ROBERT LEE, b 1949 (Waynesburg, PA), O (Gov't); m PATRICIA OGLE 1982, children (Hilary (1987) & Stephanie (1989))

2M   JEFFERY L., b 1951 (Chambersburg, PA), O (Engineer); m DEBBIE 1975, children (Bret (1986) & Jason (1988))

3M   CURTIS E., b 1957 (Chambersburg, PA), O (Gov't)


1.22(11)1322 [LENORA E-8 (1923), CLARENCE E-7 (1886), JAMES C-6 (1860), SOLOMON-5 (1831), MARGARET-4 (1814), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] LENORA ELLEN ADDLEMAN, b 1923 (Clarksville, PA), O (Teacher); m ROBERT S. McMINN (b 1921 (Jefferson, PA), O (Sales), Military (WWII: U.S. Army)). Children:

1F   MARSHA, b 1955 (Indiana, PA); m KENT DYKSTRA (O (Sales)) 1978 (Somerset, PA), children (Merideth (1984), Kelsey (1988) & Chase (1990))

2M   ROBERT S., Jr., b 1957, O (Attorney); m LAURIE NUERNBERGER 1979, children (Spencer (1983) & Tara (1986))


1.22(11)1323 [LAURENCE C-8 (1926), CLARENCE E-7 (1886), JAMES C-6 (1860), SOLOMON-5 (1831), MARGARET-4 (1814), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] LAURENCE CURTIN ADDLEMAN, b 13 Jan 1926 (Clarksville, PA), Military (U.S. Army), O (Banker); m PATRICIA LOU SWIHART (b 1929, dau Frederick B. & Leanna (SWART) Swihart) 1948, Children: [RESEARCH:]

1F   LAUREL P., b 1951 (Washington, PA), O (Nurse), L (1979 (Pittsburgh, PA) & 1983 (Dallas, TX); m GARY PURDUE (O (M.D., surgeon), Military (Navy)) 1978 (Zollarsville, PA), children (Ian S. (1979), Heather L. (1981), Keith C. (1983) & Kyle F. (1985))

2M   KEVIN F., b 1953 (Camp Carson, CO), L 1991 (Indiana, PA), O (Mine Foreman), Military (Army); m KAREN COOPER (b 1959), children (Rachel N. (1989)


1.22(11)14 [THOMAS S-6 (1863), SOLOMON-5 (1831), MARGARET-4 (1814), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] THOMAS STEWART ADDLEMAN, b 5 Feb 1863 (Morgan Twp., PA), O (Farm Laborer), d 17 May 1900, bur Horn Cem; m ADDI ELLEN RICHARDS (b 26 Apr 1865, d 9 Aug 1902), Children:

1F   NELLIE BERYL, b 1896, d 1918; m WILLIAM PAUL VIRGIN (1896-1938)

2M   SOLOMON LEE, b 1898, d 1970; m MYRTLE VIRGINIA (b 1899)

3M   RAYMOND, ("died in infancy")


1.22(11)16 [MARY E-6 (1869), SOLOMON-5 (1831), MARGARET-4 (1814), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] MARY ELLEN ADDLEMAN, b 1869 (Morgan Twp., PA), d 1914; m WILLIAM FRANCIS WISE 1887, children: [RESEARCH: See Carole Watkins at]




1.222 [PRISCILLA-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] PRISCILLA ADDLEMAN, b 26 Jun 1795 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), L (Washington Co., PA & ca 1817-1827 Harrison Co., OH), O (Farmer, Cooper), d 28 Nov 1843 (Washington Co., PA); m JACOB HORN (b ca 1796 (West Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA), son of John Horne, (his m1 Mary "wife of Jacob Horn" ?), d 12 Oct 1858 (Washington Co., PA), bur Horn Cem "Aged 72 yrs . . .," Will probated 1858), ca 1817. [RESEARCH: &]

"Here, about 1796, was born JACOB HORN, the father of subject. His boyhood was spent attending the subscription schools, held in the little log-cabin schoolhouses of that period, and subsequently he learned the cooper's trade, which he followed for a number of years. At the age of twenty one he found himself possessed of little more than the education gleaned from the meager teachings of the primitive schools, his trade, and a strong and rugged constitution. He started manfully to work at coopering, making casks, barrels, tubs, etc., many of which were used by parties upon whose property were located still-houses. Soon after attaining his majority he married PRISCILLA ADDEMAN [sic], a daughter of JOHN ADDEMAN [sic], who was then a resident of Morgan township, Greene county, and not long afterward he and his young wife moved to Harrison county, Ohio, where they lived for several years, and here their son ISAAC was born. Soon tiring, however, of the new country, they returned to Pennsylvania, taking up their residence upon the home farm, where ISAAC still resides. Here were born to them the following children: SAMUEL, now living in Iowa; SARAH, deceased; DEMAS, a prominent farmer of West Bethlehem township. residing on the farm adjoining that of his brother ISAAC; JOHN, of near Millsboro, Greene county; CATHERINE (deceased) JACOB, who died in early boyhood, and ELIZABETH, living in Washington county. The father died in 1859, having been preceded to the grave by the mother in about 1844."

Children (1850-80 U.S. Census):

1F   MARGARET, d <1850 (East Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA ?)

2F   CATHERINE, "deceased"

3M   SAMUEL, b ca 1818 (West Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA)

4M   ISAAC, b 20 May 1824 (Harrison Co., OH)

5F   ELIZABETH, b ca 1827 (PA)

6M   DEIMAS, b ca 1830 (PA)


8M   JOHN, b 28 Sep 1833, L (near Millsboro, Greene Co., PA), d 13 Feb 1896

9M   JACOB, d <1850 "died young" (his birth order is unknown)


1.2223 [SAMUEL HORN-5 (ca 1818), PRISCILLA-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] SAMUEL HORN, b ca 1818 (West Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA); m ANNE ca 1841, Children (1850 U.S. Census):

1M   JOHN, b ca 1841 (West Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA)

2M   THADDEUS, b ca 1846 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA)

3F   RACHEL, b ca 1847 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA)


1.2224 [ISAAC HORN-5 (ca 1818), PRISCILLA-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] ISAAC HORN, b 20 May 1824 (Harrison Co., OH), O (Farmer, 1860 R.E.=$3,920), d 17 xxx 1895 (Bethlehem Twp., PA); m1 ANNE (East Bethlehem Twp.), m2 AMY COX (dau Jacob Cox (of East Bethlehem Twp.), d 16 Mar 1883) Nov 1844 (East Bethlehem Twp.).

"ISAAC HORN, one of the most prominent farmers of West Bethlehem township, is a grandson of JOHN HORN, who was one of that township's earliest settlers, he having come from east of the Alleghany mountains early in the opening up of "Washington county, locating upon a large tract of land in the southern part of the township. . . . ISAAC HORN was born May 20, 1824, in Harrison county, Ohio. Whe he was about three years old, his parents . . . returned to Pennsylvania, where he has since passed his life. His education, like that of his father [JACOB HORN], was of the log-cabin school extraction, primitive but substantial. Mr. Horn vividly remembers the seats in the school, which were made of slabs, as were also the desks, and the other furnishings were on a par. When not at school, or assisting in clearing and improving the property then owned by his father, the lad's time was occupied in learning his father's trade, coopering. In the boyhood of our subject much of the country was yet woodland, and many wild animals still roamed the hills and forests.

"In November, 1844 Mr. Horn married AMY, daughter of JACOB COX, of East Bethlehem township, and he remained on the old homestead which came into his possession upon the death of his father. To Mr. and Mrs. ISAAC HORN were born the following children: NOAH, a merchant of Clarktown, Amwell township; ANNABEL, PRISCILLA and WILLIAM I., living at home with their father. WILLIAM I., is married to HANNAH CRAIG, of West Bethlehem township, and is now conducting the farm work. Mr Horn's residence is quiet, yet imposing, situated in the center of a thriving community, about a half mile from Zollarsville, and all the improvements, which are numerous, have been made by him. The house was erected in 1866, the barn and out-buildings, all of which give his place an air of prosperity, having been built a few years later. Politically Mr. Horn is a lifelong Republican, and in religion a member of the Disciple Church. His wife, AMY departed this life March 16, 1883, deeply lamented, by not only her own family, but by all who knew her."

Children (1850-60 U.S. Census):

1F   ANNABEL, b ca 1846 (PA)

2F   PRISCILLA, b ca 1848 (PA)

3M   NOAH, b ca 1851 (West Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA), O (Merchant (Clarktown, PA)

4M   WILLIAM I, b >1860.; m HANNAH CRAIG (of West Bethlehem Twp., PA) (Note: William could have been the youngest or the oldest.)


1.2225 [ELIZABETH HORN-5 (ca 1827), PRISCILLA-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] ELIZABETH HORN, b ca 1827 (PA), L (Washington, Co.); m AARON BAKER (b ca 1825 (PA), son of Joseph (ca 1790) & Martha Baker, O (Farmer, 1870 R.E.=$9,200)) 1850, Children (1850, 1870-80 U.S. Census):

1M   JOSEPH A., b Jun 1850 (East Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA)

2M   WILLIAM, b ca 1853 (East Bethlehem Twp., PA)

3M   DEMAS N., b ca 1855 (East Bethlehem Twp., PA)

4M   GEORGE R., b ca 1857 (East Bethlehem Twp., PA)

5F   MARGARET E., b ca 1858 (East Bethlehem Twp., PA)

6F   MARY A., b ca 1860 (East Bethlehem Twp., PA)

7F   MARTHA ADA, b ca 1862 (East Bethlehem Twp., PA)

8M   CHARLES H., b ca 1864 (East Bethlehem Twp., PA)

9M   FRANK B., b ca 1866 (East Bethlehem Twp., PA)

10MHARRISON, b ca 1874 (East Bethlehem Twp., PA)


1.2226 [DEMAS HORN-5 (ca 1830), PRISCILLA-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] DEMAS, HORN b ca 1830 (PA), O (Farmer, 1770 R.E.=$6,000), L (West Bethlehem Twp.), d 1919, bur Horn Cem; m HANNAH ROSE (b ca 1838) ca 1860, Children (1850-80 U.S. Census):


1M   DAVID, b ca 1860 (West Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA)

2M   MARY, b ca 1861 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA)

3M   LAURA, b ca 1864 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA)

4F   IDA, b ca 1865 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA)

5F   SARAH, b ca 1867 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA)

6M   GEORGE G., b Jan 1870 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA)

7M   HARRY, b ca 1873 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA)

8M   OSCAR, b ca 1875 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA)

9M   CHARLES, b ca 1876 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA)

10F   BESSIE, b Mar 1880 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA)


1.22(13) [HESTER-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] HESTER ADDLEMAN, b 15 Jun 1820 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), d 3 Jul 1859 (Washington Co., PA); m ROBERT HILL (b ca 1816 (West Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA), possible son of Jacob & Hannah Jenkins Hill (?), O (Farmer, 1870 R.E.=$10,000)) ca 1844, Children (1850-80 U.S. Census):

1M   URIAH W., b ca 1844 (West Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA)

2F   MARGARET E., b ca 1846 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA)

3F   MARTHA JANE, b ca 1850 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA)


1.22(13)1 [URIAH W. HILL-5 (ca 1844), HESTER-4 (1812), JOHN-3 (1769), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] URIAH W. HILL, b ca 1844 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA), O (1870 Farm Laborer & 1880 Farmer); m ELIZABETH (b ca 1849 (PA)) ca 1869, Children (1860-80 U.S. Census):

1M   CLARENCE, b ca 1870 (West Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA)

2F   MARY E., b ca 1778 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA)

3M   JOHN R., b ca 1880 (West Bethlehem Twp., PA)


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