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1.0   [PHILIP EDELMAN/ADLEMAN-1, DAVID EDELMANN-A] FILB/PHILIP JACOB EDELMANN/ADLEMAN, b ca 1700-08 (prob Rott/Alsace), prob son of DAVID & ANNA MARIA EDELMAN of Rott, Germany, L bef 1733 (Steinselz/Alsace), immigrated to Philadelphia 28 Sept 1733 on Richard & Elizabeth, (and/or naturalized in 1757?), L 1750 (Baltimore Co., MD), L 1755 (Shillings Folly, Baltimore Co., MD,)[1] 1761 (Shillings Folly & Phillipsburg, Baltimore Co., MD)[2]; m MARIA MARGARETHA WENNER 15 Jan 1732 (Steinselz/Alsace church) [bapt ca16 Sep 1700 (Steinselz/Alsace), dau of Simon Wenner of Oberhoffen]1, Children (siblings[3] and/or birth order need validation):

1M   BALTASAR, b ca "late" 1732 (not bapt in Steinselz/Alsace)

2M   WILLIAM (?), L ca 1772-1810 (near Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA); m unk, children(?)[4]

3M   JOHN DAVID, b 1 Dec 1736 "son of Jacob", bapt 15 May 1737, First Reformed Church (Lancaster, PA)



6F   CATRINA, b 15 Nov 1741, bpt 16 Dec 1741 St. Mathew's Lutheran Church (Hanover, York Co., PA)? [6]

1. Eddleman, William, Ph.D. Email, 27 Nov 2000.


1.2   [DAVID-2, PHILIP EDELMANN/ADLEMAN-1, DAVID EDELMANN-A] JOHN DAVID EDELMAN, b 1 Dec 1736 "son of Jacob", bapt 15 May 1737, First Reformed Church (Lancaster, PA), L (1761 (York Co., PA), 1762 (Baltimore Co., MD),[7] 1763 (Bridgeland, Baltimore Co., MD)[8]); m ELIZABETH CATHARINA,[9] Children:

1M   PHILIP (son of David & Elizabeth Edelman)

2M   ELIAS, b 3 Jul 1743 (son of David?), bpt 4 Mar 1744 St. Mathew's Lutheran Church (York Co., PA)

3M   GEORGE HENRY, bpt 24 Mar 1761 (son of David & Catherine Edelman) St. Mathew's Lutheran Church [10]

4F   ANNA MARIA, bpt (Mar-Apr) 1762 (daughter of David & Catharina Edelman), at Reformed & Lutheran Congr. (Manchester, Baltimore Co., MD); [11] m GEORGE KUFFER 11 Oct 1796 (Loudoun Co., VA) [12]

5F   EVE (ADELMANIN)??; m JOHANNES KIEFER 13 Dec 1810 (Loudoun Co., VA)

Note: The above was added from William Eddelman's research in 1996. Also, see the Immigrant section for details.

   1.2 [DANIEL-2 , PHILIP EDELMAN/ADLEMAN-1] DANIEL ADLEMAN, b (prob PA), prob son of immig Philip Jacob Edelman of Steinselz village near Cleeburg1, Germany (28 Sep 1733 on Richard & Elizabeth2, 3 - see Immigrant & 1996 Research Supplement), of L (1761 (Baltimore Co., MD) & ca 1765-72 (Shelburne Parish, Loudoun Co., VA)), 1771 Episcopal Church Tax list (Shelburne Parish, Loudoun Co., VA), Military (Rev. War (?): served in (NC)?), d ca 1787 (Loudoun Co., VA), Estate Appraisal 8/9 Apr 1792 (Loudoun Co., VA) Administration filed 16 Apr 1804 (Derry Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA), Henry Shoupe Admin.; m ELIZABETH KEENER (L >1787 (Loudoun Co., VA), 1787-89 Tax Lists, "widow Adleman" (Loudoun Co., VA), 1810 U.S. Census Elizabeth Adelman "no males, one female over 45" (Loudoun Co., VA)). [RESEARCH:;]

"On the 17th of September, 1767, DANIEL ADDLEMAN and PHILIP ADDLEMAN sued Edmund Sands for a debt owed and was awarded two pounds and five shillings. Daniel Addleman, along with his wife ELIZABETH and son PHILIP leased farm land from George William Fairfax, Esq. in 1772 in the Parish of Shelburne, Co. of Loudoun, VA. This was part of the land owned by GW Fairfax called "Piedmont" with a total of 17, 296 acres. The Addleman lease was tightly drawn as was all the rest from squire Fairfax as he retained all rights to minerals and not a tree of value could be cut without his consent and if done, a fine could be levied. This land adjoined the Catoctin creek and I think, was in the area of Lovettsville, VA. The yearly rent for this farm of 117 acres was two pounds, ten shillings payable each may 1st. Daniel Addleman died anywhere from 1788 to 1792 when an accounting of his estate was filed. The reason I say 1788 is that his name was on the book that encompassed this time-frame but was not recorded until 1792. Seemingly, the land was held by son Philip until 1798 when the title was transferred to GEORGE COOPER. I can only guess that he would have been some kin to the PHILIP COOPER who married ELIZA ADDLEMAN/EDELMAN in 1799."


   1M   PHILIP, b ca 1764?

   2M   JOHN, b 1769

   3F   HANNAH, b 1770

   4F   CATHARINA, b 17 Nov 1771, (Frederick, Frederick Co., MD)4, bapt 11 Dec 1771 (Loudoun Co., VA), bapt/sponsors     Jacob Schaeffer &Maria Decker (in), L 1791 (Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA) & a     communicant at New Jeruselem Lutheran

   5F   CATHERINE, b 5 Oct 1774 (Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA)

   6F   ELIZA, b >5 Nov 1778; m PHILIP COOPER 5 Nov 1799 (Lovettsville, Loudoun     Co., VA) "Loudoun Co. created from Fairfax Co. in 1757/bride 21 or older in 1799"

1.   Eddleman, William H. William H. Eddleman Collection (Penn. Genealogical Society, Philadelphia, PA). "1733, DAVID & PHILIP EDELMAN, Michael Hammer, and Peter Scheib of STEINSELZ with WIVES AND CHILDREN for AMERICA. Rott and Steinselz are two villages adjoining each other, within a mile or so of CLEEBERG, which is just a little south of WISSEMBERG near the Lauter River which forms the southern boundary of the Palatinate and is the division line between present Germany and France."

2.   Yoder, Don., editor. Pennsylvania German Imigrants 1709 - 1786, (Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.), 1989, p. 295. "CLEEBURG. 1733 . . . Philip Jacob Edelman arrived at Philadelphia, Sept. 8, 1733, on the Brigantine Richard & Elizaheth."

3.   Eddleman, William H. William H. Eddleman Collection (Penn. Genealogical Society, Philadelphia, PA). "A list of the passengers imported in the Brigantine Richard and Elisabeth, Captain Christopher Clymer, Sept 28, 1733: . . .DAVID EDELMAN 49 (signed with X), ANNA MARIA EDELMAN 54, MARGARETHA EDELMAN 26, PHILIP JACOB EDELMAN 25 (signed FILB JACOB EDELMANN), BATAZAR EDELMAN 4 . . . "

4. Milner, Molly email,, 27 Sept 2009: "Catharina, the daughter of Daniel Edelman who was born in 1771 appears to have been born in Frederick, Frederick County, Maryland, not Loudoun County, Virginia. Source:  Maryland German Church Records, Vol. 3, p. 63, Baptismal records of the Monocacy Lutheran Congregation and its successor, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Frederick, Frederick County, Maryland; Text:  Catharina, dau. of Daniel and Elisabeth Edelmann b. 17 Nov. bp. 11 Dec. 1771, Sponsors:  Jacob Schaeffer and Maria Deckerin."



(son of Daniel-2)

1.21 [PHILIP-3 (ca 1764), DANIEL-2, PHILIP EDELMAN/ADDLEMAN-1] PHILIP ADDLEMAN, b ca 1764? (VA?), O (Farmer), Military (Rev. War?), L (1798- ca 1823 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA) & >1824? (Hellier Twp., Knox Co., OH)), ("Philip Addeman" was Administrator for John Peck's estate ca 1823-24 in Greene Co., PA), d 18 Oct 1845 (Hellier Twp., Knox Co., OH), Will Book B (1840-1849: Knox Co., OH), bur Houck cem (Knox Co., OH); m SUSANNAH SHOCKAR [b (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), dau of George & Margaret Shockar, d <1845 (OH), bur Houck cem (Knox Co., OH)].

Hilliard, Knox Co., OH [Philip's age approximation: In 1771 he was under 21. In 1787 he was 21 or older. In 1800 he was between 26 and 45 years. In 1810 and 1820, he was over 45 years. (His younger brother John was born in 1769 and his son John was born ca 1788.) It is estimated he was born between 1760-65. The birth year 1764 is a workable approximation.]

Phillip Adleman's will abstract & proof: written 13 Apr 1845, probated 28 Oct 1845 (Knox Co., Ohio):


2.   dau EVE

3.   dau SUSANNAH


5.   also GEORGE ADLEMAN, MARGARET ADLEMAN, EVE ADLEMAN JOHN & POLLY ADLEMAN get 105 acres of land in Helier Twp., Knox Co.

6.   GEORGE, MARGARET & EVE ADLEMAN get 160 acres of Military land in Sixth Twp (George - 40 acres in Northwest quarter; Margaret 40 acres in Southwest quarter; and Eve 40 acres in Northeast quarter)


     Executor: JOHN ADLEMAN

     Signed in presence of: John Bordon, Nathaniel Bordon, Samuel Adleman & John McCay

     Witnessed by: John Borden, Nathaniel Borden, Soloman Adleman & John McClay

     Valid: Swore in court on 18 Oct 1845 by Nathaniel Bordon & Soloman Adleman

Children: (1798 (Morgan Twp., PA) tax list; 1800-20 U.S. Census (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA)):

1M   JOHN, b ca 1788 (VA)

2F   EVE


4F   POLLY, b ca 1800 (VA), L 1850 (Knox Co., OH)

5M   (unk), d <1845 (Knox Co., OH)

6M   GEORGE (?)


1.214 [JOHN-4 (CA 1788), PHILIP-3 (ca 1764), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] JOHN ADDLEMAN, b ca 1788 (VA), L 1850 (Knox Co., OH), O (Farmer, R.E.=$1,200), bur Houck cem (Knox Co., OH); m MEHITABLE "HETTA/Hetty Bell" CLAWSON (Greene Co., PA) [b ca 1798, (PA), bur Houck cem (Knox Co., OH) 1 ], Children (Ref: 1850 U.S. Census): [RESEARCH:]

1M   SOLOMON EDDLEMAN2, b ca 1821 (PA)

2F   SUSANNA, b ca 1830 (PA), bur Centerburg cem (Knox Co., OH); m DAVID TRIMMER BEST [RESEARCH:]

1. Moore, Dick. Email 20 Apr 2003. "I descend from PHILIP ADLEMAN of Knox County, Ohio through: son JOHN, SUSANNAH ADDLEMAN m. DAVID T. BEST, WILBERT IRVIN BEST m. ELIZABEH ROSS, GLADYS BEST m. GEORGE FULLER, BETTY JANE FULLER m. GORDON MOORE, my parents."

2. Mooe, Dick. Email, 21 Apr 2003. "Surname variations: Philip used "Adleman", his son John and granddaughter Susannah used "Addleman", John's son, Soloman used "Eddleman", as did Hetty Bell after John's death."



1.23 [HANNAH-3 (1770), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] HANNAH ADDLEMAN, b 1770, d 3 Apr 1847 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), bur Rose Cem "in her 77th yr;" m JOHN ROSE (b 1 Jul 1764, d 28 Nov 1825 (Morgan Twp., PA), son of (Tychicus & Catherine Rose?), bur Rose Cem "aged 61y-4m-28d").

"[An extract of] the will of JOHN ROSE of Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA (Will Book I, p. 276, Estate #510), dated 3 Nov 1825, proved 29 Nov. 1825; gives to wife HANAH the plantation . . . . a son JOHN ROSE living in Sugar Creek, Ohio to live rent free. . . children under age to remain with their mother . . . at decease of wife executor to sell residue and divide among children equally . . . Executors: HANAH ROSE & ABRAHAM YOUNG of Washington Co. . . . .Witnessed by: ARON ROSE & ISAAC HEATON ." [Provided by Louis A. Pearson, 1996.]

Children: (birth order needs validation) [ RESEARCH:; & Christine Rose of Rose Family Assoc; &,].

1M   JOHN, b ca 1790-1800, L 1825 (Sugar Creek, OH)

2M   JACOB, b 5 Feb 1797

3F   HANNA, b ca 28 Oct 1798 [RESEARCH:]

4M   AARON, b Oct 1800

5F   ELIZABETH, b ca 1807 (?)

6M   DAVID, b ca 1808

7M   EDOM, b ca 1810

8M   AMON, b ca 1815; m Mary

9F   REBECCA; m Christopher HORN




1.232 [JACOB ROSE-4 (1797), HANNAH-3 (1770), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] JACOB ROSE, b 5 Feb 1797, d 9 Sep 1864 (Greene Co., PA); m Catherine LANTZ (b 19 Dec 1795, d 16 Feb 1881), children:

1M   ANDREW, b 1822; m MOORE

2F   HANNAH, b 1820 (?);m COWELL

3M   JOHN E., b 1825 (?); m1, m2, m3 [RESEARCH:]

4M   CHRISTOPHER, b 1829, L (Scotland Co., MO); m Margaret

5M   ELI, b 1831, d 1917; m ELIZABETH

6M   LOT, b 1835, d 919; m ELIZABETH

7F   MARY, b 1837?, d 1911; m1 P. L. MAIN; m2 HUSK

8M   COMMODORE PERRY, b 2 Dec 1840 (Waynesburg, Greene Co., PA), L (Jasper Co., IA), d 21 Aug 1920 (Villisca, M., IA); m ELIZABETH C. STEPHENS 21 Oct 1861 (Monmouth, W, IL) (b 2 Feb 1842 (Waynesburg, Greene Co., PA), d 8 Jul 1927) [RESEARCH:]


1.233 [HANNAH ROSE-4 (1798), HANNAH-3 (1770), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] HANNA ROSE, b 28 Oct 1798, d 27 Jan 1853 "of typhoid fever," bur Horn Cem (Zollarsville, Washington Co., PA); m ABRAHAM YOUNG 17 Oct 1818 [b 29 Sep 1797, son of John Young & Laama Myers, d 26 Jan 1853 "of typhoid fever," bur Horn Cem (Zollarsville, Washington Co., PA)], children: [RESEARCH:]

1F   LAAMA, b 1 Aug 1819, d 12 Mar 1876; m ISAAC HEWITT

2M   ANDERSON, b 12 Jan 1821, d 7 Feb 1840

3M   JOHN, b 24 Nov 1822

4F   SARAH, b 2 Feb 1825, d 12 May 1844

5F   CAROLINE, b 28 Feb 1827, d 1 Aug 1839

6M   MORGAN, b 8 Feb 1829, d 2 Feb 1906, bur Hewitt Cem (Rices Landing, Greene Co., PA); m1 HARRIET NORRIS, m2 EMMA BRADBURY

7M   ANDREW JACKSON, b 7 Feb 1831, d 13 Jul 1908, bur Hewitt Cem (Rices Landing, Greene Co., PA); m RACHEL AILES

8M   LEWIS, b 7 Apr 1834, d 18 Aug 1904, bur Hewitt Cem (Rices Landing, Greene Co., PA); m RACHEL PENNINGTON

9M   URIAH T., b 28 Mar 1837, Occup (doctor in Smithfield)

10M   HARVEY, b 28 Dec 1840, d 25 Aug 1845


1.234 [AARON ROSE-4 (1800), HANNAH-3 (1770), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] AARON ROSE, b Oct 1800, d Oct 1856; m Rebecca (RENNER?), children:

   1M   SOLOMON HACY, b 1833; m Milenda PRIDE

   2M   LERORY W., b 1835; m1, m2 Jane RENNER

   3M   LEWIS TILLMAN, b 1838; m Elizabeth

   4M   JOHN, b 1840; m Lydia (?)

   5M   AMON, b 1842; m Nancy CLEMENTINE

   6M   GEORGE DALLAS, b 1844; m Melissa

   7M   LEWIS BOWER, b 1847

   8M   SPENCER, b 1849; m Nancy JOHNSON

   9M   AARON, b 1855; m Anna M.


1.235 [ELIZABETH ROSE-4 (1807), HANNAH-3 (1770), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] ELIZABETH ROSE, b 1807; m CHRISTIAN GARBER (b 1802), children:

   1M   ENOS, b 1828

   2M   WASHINGTON, b 1832

   3F   HANNAH, b 1836

   4F   EMELINE, b 1838

   5F   LUCY A., b 1842


1.236 [DAVID ROSE-4 (1808), HANNAH-3 (1770), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] DAVID ROSE, b 5 Feb 1808 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), d 14 May 1879 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), bur Rose Cem "aged 71y-3m-9d;" m1 MARY M. HEWITT (d 12 Dec 1875, bur Rose Cem "aged 69y-11m"); m2 ELIZABETH GREENLEE aft 1875 (b 29 Nov 1820, her m1 unk, d ca 2 May 1901 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA)), Children: [RESEARCH:;]

1M   ADAM H.1, b 1830, d 1884; m MARTHA J. GREENLEE (b 18 Jul 1841 (PA), dau of Elizabeth Greenlee, d 1 Nov 1891 (Greene Co., PA)

2M   JOHN, b 1831

3M   LEVI, b 1834

4F   SARAH, b 1835; m Mark GARDNER

5M   DEMAS, b 1836

6F   HANNAH, b ca 1838; m Demas HORN

7F   SUSANNAH, b 1841; m (?) LEIGHLEY

8M   ABIJAH, b 1842, d 1908; m Rebecca WILLARD

9F   REBECCA, b 1844; m William BURSON

10F   MALINDA, b ca 1846; m David PORTER

11F   MARY, b ca 1847; m Joseph DeGOOD

12F   MARGARET, b 1852; m Lomas Adolphs DeGOOD

13F   AMY P., d 13 Apr 1852, bur Rose Cem "aged 3m-1d"

1. Chris, Email ( 22 May 2003. "ELIZA GREENLEE, "a single woman," . . .DAVID ROSE was the father of Eliza's daughter. . . and Martha married ADAM J. ROSE. The Adam-Martha marriage preceded Eliza's & David's. Martha was what was referred to in our family as a 'wood's colt'."



1.2361 [ADAM H-5 (1830), DAVID ROSE-4 (1808), HANNAH-3 (1770), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] ADAM H. ROSE1, b 1830, d 1884; m MARTHA J. GREENLEE [b 18 Jul 1841 (PA), dau of Elizabeth Greenlee, d 1 Nov 1891 (Greene Co., PA)], children: [RESEARCH:;]

1F   MARY A., b 14 Jul 1861 (PA)

2F   MARGARET A., b 29 Sep 1863


1.23611 [MARY A-6 (1861), ADAM H-5 (1830), DAVID ROSE-4 (1808), HANNAH-3 (1770), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] MARY A. ROSE, b 14 Jul 1861 (PA); m PETER J. McCARTHY ca 1899 [b May 1860 (NY), d unk], children: [RESEARCH:;]

1F   MARJORIE R., b 20 Dec 1900 (Clarksville, Greene Co., PA)

2M   PETER J., b 6 Oct 1902 (Clarksville, PA)


1.23612 [MARGARET A-6 (1863), ADAM H-5 (1830), DAVID ROSE-4 (1808), HANNAH-3 (1770), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] MARGARET A. ROSE, b 29 Sep 1863; m1 unk HOMER bef 1888; m2 WILLIAM M. HUPP ca 1895 [b Feb 1872 (PA)], children: [RESEARCH:;]

1F   ALICE R. HOMER, b Nov 1888 (PA) [from m1]

2F   MARTHA MAY HUPP, b 26 Jun 1896 [from m2]

3F   IVA HUPP, b 11 May 1901

4M   GEORGE F. HUPP, b ca Oct 1904


1.237 [EDOM ROSE-4 (ca 1810), HANNAH-3 (1770), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] EDOM ROSE, b ca 1810, d Jul 1861; m CASSANDER BOWER, children:

   1F   CASSANDER BOWER, b 1806, d 12 Nov 1891

   2M   MORRIS, b 1834; m Rachel BOWERS

   3F   CLARINDA, b ca 1837

   4M   WILLIAM, b ca 1838

   5F   MARY ANN, b ca 1840

   6F   ANNA BELL, b ca 1842

   7F   HANNAH, b ca 1845

   8F   SUSANNAH, b ca 1846

   9M   NEWTON, b ca 1849

   10F   ELIZA, b ca 1852; m John A. MOORE



   1M   JOHN (died young)

   2F   HANNAH (died young)


   4M   ABIJAH



1.2362 [JOHN ROSE-5 (1831), DAVID ROSE-4 (ca 1808), HANNAH-3 (1770), DANIEL-2, PHILIP ADDLEMAN-1] JOHN ROSE, b 1831, d 1907, bur Jefferson Cem; m PRISCILLA A. LITZENBERG, b 1836, d 1908, children:

   1M   WILLIAM H., b 1857, d 1858 bur Jefferson Cem (Jefferson, Greene Co., PA)


Note: Lois A. Pearson has been actively researching the Addleman/Rose line for some time and can be contacted at:



1.24 [CATHERINE-3 (1774), DANIEL-2 , PHILIP EDELMAN/ADLEMAN-1] CATHERINE EDDLEMAN, b 5 Oct 1774 (Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA), d 15 Apr 1855 (Loyalhannah, Westmoreland Co., PA), bur St. James Cem (Salina, PA); m GEORGE UNCAPHER (b 8 Oct 1772 (Lovettsville, VA), son of Philip Unkefere (1749) & grandson of George (or Martin) Ungerfehr (d Feb 1764 (Heidelberg, (Loyalhannah, Westmoreland Co., PA)) ca 1793/4 (New Jerusalem Church (Lovettsville, VA), 1799 migrated (Washington Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA), Children: (This line needs to be validated.)

   1M   JOHN, b 14 May 1795

   2F   ELIZABETH, b 18 May 1798

   3M   SOLOMON, b 20 Jun 1800

   4F   MARGARET, b 12 Aug 1802


   6M   PHILIP, b 16 Feb 1807

   7M   JOSEPH, b 12 Jul 1809

   8M   ANDREW, b 24 Aug 1811

   9M   ISRAEL, b 22 Feb 1813

   10M   ISAAC, b 11 Sep 1816


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