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Ackerley, Michael PA - MO
Ackerley, Virginia PA - MO
Addleman, Jessie OH - NE Addleman, Wilbur J.
Addleman, Nettie PA - MO Ellis, George A.
Allen, Toleda PA - MO
Allen, unk Central OH
Alley OH - NE
Anderson MD - VA
Andrus Central OH
Armstrong Central OH
Arnold, John Central OH
Arnold, unk PA - MO
Artebello Central OH
Atcheson Greene Co., PA
Aubin Greene Co., PA
Baie PA - MO
Bailey Greene Co., PA
Baker, Aaron Washington Co., PA
Baker, Glen OH - NE
Barnett PA - MO
Barrows Central OH
Barton, Aaron PA - MO
Barton, unk PA - MO
Basinger Greene Co., PA
Beck OH - NE
Beech Central OH
Beelman Central OH
Benatre Central OH
Benden Greene Co., PA
Bennett, John OH - NE
Berger OH - NE
Berkey Central OH
Bessey PA - MO
Bickett OH - NE
Bird Central OH
Birge PA - MO
Bishop Central OH
Bixler Central OH
Blacky Central OH
Bleuett Central OH
Blunt OH - NE
Bollen OH - NE
Boob OH - NE
Bowen PA - MO
Bowen, Josiah Central OH
Bowen, Sarah Central OH
Bower MD - VA
Bowers, Cora OH - NE
Bowers, Rachel MD - VA
Bracken OH - NE
Bradley, Arthur Central OH
Bradley, Wm. F. Central OH
Brewer OH - NE
Brittingham PA - MO
Brown, Nancy PA - MO
Brown, Phyllis OH - NE
Brownfield OH - NE
Brownlee OH - NE
Bruns OH - NE
Buckingham Greene Co., PA
Bullock PA - MO
Burke Greene Co., PA
Burnfield Greene Co., PA
Burson MD - VA
Burton, Jane PA - MO
Burton, Richard Central OH
Burton, Tomas OH - NE
Carpenter OH - NE
Carroll OH - NE
Carter OH - NE
Casford Central OH
Cassel, Frederick Central OH
Cassel, Sarah Central OH
Ceelar PA - MO
Chabiro OH - NE
Chambers Greene Co., PA
Chitwood PA - MO
Christeen Central OH
Christianson OH - NE
Clawson Central OH
Clementine MD - VA
Cochran PA - MO
Coie OH - NE
Collins OH - NE
Conaway OH - NE
Connelly Central Oh
Conrad PA - MO
Cook, Clarence PA - MO
Cook, Ruth PA - MO
Cooper, Karen Greene Co., PA
Cooper, Phillip MD - VA Eliza Addleman
Corbit Greene Co., PA
Cornish OH - NE
Cornman Central OH
Cotter OH - NE
Covert OH - NE
Cowell MD - VA
Cox Washington Co., PA
Cragle OH - NE
Craig Washington Co., PA
Crail OH - NE
Cromer Central OH
Cropp OH - NE
Cross PA - MO
Daherty PA - MO
Daniel PA - MO
Darling PA - MO
Davidson PA - MO
Davis, Eva OH - NE Wm. Enos Addleman
Davis, unk-1 OH - NE
Davis, unk-2 OH - NE
Day Central OH
DeGood, Joseph MD - VA
DeGood, Lomas MD - VA
Deter Central OH
Dickey OH - NE
Dickson OH - NE
Digler Greene Co., PA
Dilts Central OH
Dimmen PA - MO
Dodds OH - NE
Dolan PA - MO
Dostroph OH - NE
Dougherty PA - MO
Dumont PA - MO
Dunbar PA - MO
Duncan, Margaret PA - MO
Dunmire Central OH
Dykstra Greene Co., PA
Eager Central OH
Eaton Central OH
Eggleston OH - NE
Ehlers OH - NE
Eidson Central OH
Elliott Greene Co., PA
Ellis, George PA - MO
Ellis, Joseph OH - NE
Ellis, Numeris PA - MO
Eloge OH - NE
Elson Central OH
Emons Central OH
Engel OH - NE
Enoch Greene Co., PA
Erickson Central OH
Eshenshades Central OH
Evans PA - MO
Everhardt OH - NE
Everett Central OH
Ewing Central OH
Farmer, Dan OH - NE
Farmer, Kittie OH - NE
Ferguson OH - NE
Feustel Central OH
Field PA - MO
Firebaugh, Susanna OH - NE David Addleman 1828
Fisher PA - MO
Fisher, Rosemary PA - MO
Fleck, Jack OH - NE
Fleck, Mary OH - NE
Fort PA - MO
Foster Central OH
Foster, Glen PA - MO
Fox, Elsie OH - NE
Fox, Max OH - NE
Fraga OH - NE
Freeman Central OH
Fulkerson PA - MO
Fuller, Bell Central OH
Fuller, Elizabeth Central OH
Fuller, James PA - MO
Fulton Greene Co., PA
Funderburgh PA - MO
Fupferer OH - NE
Garber MD - VA
Gardner, Mark MD - VA
Gardner, Mary PA - MO
Gardner, Robert Central OH
Gardner, Zola Central OH
Garmire, John Central OH Catherine Addleman
Garmire, William Central OH Sarah Addleman 1796
Garvey PA - MO
Gates PA - MO
Gayman Greene Co., PA
Gearhart Central OH
Gettie Central OH
Ghrist Greene Co., PA
Giggy Central OH
Gillespie OH - NE
Gilsdorf OH - NE
Giovanucli Greene Co., PA
Godfrey PA - MO
Godsey OH - NE
Goldman, Jack PA - MO
Gonnerman OH - NE
Gray Central OH
Green, Jenny OH - NE
Green OH - NE
Gregg PA - MO
Grell OH - NE
Gries OH - NE
Griffith PA - MO
Griggs PA - MO
Grossman Central OH
Gruenwaldt OH - NE
Gungle PA - MO
Gutshall PA - MO
Haines OH - NE
Haley PA - MO
Halferty OH - NE
Hall, Forest PA - MO
Hall, Herbert PA - MO
Hamilton Central OH
Hammons OH - NE
Handford Greene Co., PA
Haney OH - NE
Hankey OH - NE
Hansen OH - NE
Harris, Lilly PA - MO Albert H. Addleman
Harris, Olive PA - MO W. Bryson Addleman
Hart, Earl OH - NE
Hart Central OH
Hartley Greene Co., PA
Hartsock Central OH
Hatfield OH - NE
Haupt PA - MO
Hauser OH - NE
Hawkins, E. Greene Co., PA
Hawkins, James Greene Co., PA
Hayes OH - NE
Haynes PA - MO
Heaston OH - NE
Heaton MD - VA
Hedge Central OH Eve Addleman ca 1808
Hegner OH - NE
Heiner OH - NE
Hellbusch OH - NE
Henson Central OH
Herbert Central OH
Hewitt MD - VA
Hibbard OH - NE
Hicks, Etta PA - MO Thomas Addleman 1863
Hicks PA - MO
Hightshoe OH - NE
Hileman OH - NE
Hill, Nancy Greene Co., PA
Hill, Robert Washington Co., PA
Hoff, Martha Central OH
Hoff, Nancy Cemtral OH
Hogan, Herschel PA - MO
Hogan PA - MO
Hollingsworth Central OH
Holsinger Central OH
Holt PA - MO
Horn, Christopher MD - VA
Horn, Demas MD - VA
Horn, Jacob Washington Co., PA Priscilla Addleman
Horn, Lloyd Central OH
Hoschar OH - NE
Hoschar, Wilford OH - NE
Hoss PA - MO
Hostettler Central OH
Howell OH - NE
Humphrey Central OH
Humprey PA - MO
Hunziker PA - MO
Hurley Central OH
Husk MD - VA
Ingals PA - MO
Irish Central OH
Jackson Central OH
Jacob OH - NE
Jamison OH - NE
Jansen OH - NE
Jaques PA - MO
Jeffries PA - MO
Jenkins Central OH
Jewell, Eunice Greene Co., PA John Addleman 1812
Jewell, Jonathan Greene Co., PA Margaret Addleman
Jobes Greene Co., PA
Johnson, Amy Central OH
Johnson, Andrew PA - MO
Johnson, Michael Greene Co., PA
Johnson, Nancy MD - VA
Johnson, Paul PA - MO
Johnson, Robert OH - NE
Jones, Charity OH - NE John Addleman 1823
Jones, Clyde Central OH
Jones, Lettie Central OH
Jones, Minnie PA - MO
Jordan OH - NE
Jungjohann OH - NE
Kaffenberger OH - NE
Kay OH - NE
Keener MD - VA
Kelly OH - NE
Kelso PA - MO
Kime Central OH
King Greene Co., PA
Knapp, Frank Jr. OH - NE
Knight, Anna PA - MO
Knight, Shep PA - MO
Kopp OH - NE
Kornhaus PA - MO
Kramer Greene Co., PA
Krapp OH - NE
Krejci OH - NE
LaFaver, Frances  
LaFaver, Roy Central OH
LaFollette PA - MO
Lantz MD - VA
Leaman Central OH
Leighley MD - VA
Lemley PA - MO
Lewis, Dale OH - NE
Lewis, Mary Greene Co., PA
Lewis, Stires Greene Co., PA
Lickty Central OH
Liggett, Frank OH - NE
Liggett, unk OH - NE
Lightner Central OH
Linkenauger OH - NE
Liston Central OH
Litzenberg, Mary PA - MO William Addleman 1817
Litzenberg, Priscilla MD - VA
Lloyd PA - MO
Locha PA - MO
Long OH - NE
Longstretch Central OH
Lonnie Central OH
Loos OH - NE
Lopp Central OH
Lowrey Central OH
Lucas Central OH
Lundquist OH - NE
Lute OH - NE
Main MD - VA
Malone OH - NE
Markey Central OH
Markley Central OH
Marr, Hiram Central OH
Marr, John Central OH
Marshall OH - NE
Massey OH - NE
Matlack, Wm. PA - MO
May Greene Co., PA
Mayfield, Oscar Central OH
McBride OH - NE
McCollough Greene Co., PA
McDaniel PA - MO
McDonald OH - NE
McFeaters/McPeters OH - NE Nettie Addleman
McMinn Greene Co., PA
McRae OH - NE
McVisher Central OH
Mehrens PA - MO
Menuez Central OH
Merrifield PA - MO
Merrill OH - NE
Meyer, Lula Central OH
Meyers Central OH
Michael Central OH
Miller OH - NE
Mitchell PA - MO
Moles PA - MO
Moles, George PA - MO
Monkosky Central OH
Montgomery PA - MO
Moore MD - VA
Moore, John MD - VA
Moore, Lillie Central OH
Moore, Louis OH - NE
Moore, Raymond Greene Co., PA
Morris OH - NE
Mortensen OH - NE
Mullens*Broken Link* OH - NE
Mumaw Central OH
Munger PA - MO
Muniz PA - MO
Munsey PA - MO
Murray Central OH
Myers, Eliz. Central OH
Myers, George Central OH
Neal Central OH
Neighbors PA - MO
Neilsen OH - NE
Nelson Central OH
Nessen OH - NE
Netten Central OH
Newcomer, Lewis Central OH
Newcomer, Peter Central OH
Nguyen OH - NE
Nice PA - MO
Nondoof, Dase Central OH
Nondoof, Kate Central OH
Nuernberger Greene Co., PA
Nyswaner Greene Co., PA
O'Keefe OH - NE
O'Neil Greene Co., PA
Oates PA - MO
Oelschlager Central OH
Ogle Greene Co., PA
Overturf PA - MO
Owsley Central OH
Oyler PA - MO
Palmer, Anna OH - NE
Palmer, Robert-1 OH-NE
Palmer, Robert-2 OH - NE
Parkins OH - NE
Pengra Central OH
Persinger OH - NE
Peterman Greene Co., PA
Peters, Elmer Central OH
Peters, Shirley Central OH
Peterson OH - NE
Petrie Central OH
Phillips Central OH
Pine Central OH
Piper Greene Co., PA
Porter MD - VA
Postner Central OH
Price, Elizabeth OH - NE George Addleman 1789
Price, Laura OH - NE
Price, Marla OH - NE
Pride MD - VA
Prine PA - MO
Prong, Elizabeth OH - NE George Addleman 1789
Purdue Greene Co., PA
Rabourn PA - MO
Rae OH - NE
Rasco PA - MO
Ray Greene Co., PA
Redaway Central OH
Reigle, Daniel OH - NE Elizabeth Addleman
Reith PA - MO
Reitters Central OH
Renner, Jane MD - VA
Renner, Rebecca MD - VA
Renshaw Central OH
Reynolds PA - MO
Revillac OH - NE
Rice OH - NE
Rice, Mattie Central OH
Richards Greene Co., PA
Riddle Cenral OH
Riddle, Ira Central OH
Riddle, Thomas OH - NE
Rigell Greene Co., PA
Robb OH - NE
Robinson, Dale PA - MO
Rodewald Central OH
Rodgers PA - MO
Rodieck PA - MO
Rogers PA - MO
Rook PA - MO
Rose, Demas Greene Co., PA
Rose, Hannah Washington Co., PA
Rose, John MD - VA Hannah Addleman
Ross Greene Co., PA
Rottman Central OH
Roy Central OH
Saams OH - NE
Sack, Blanche OH - NE
Sack, Myrtle OH - NE
Samain PA - MO
Sanders PA - MO
Sands, Ray OH - NE
Sands, Ronald OH - NE
Schafer OH - NE
Schaub OH - NE
Schick Central OH
Schindler PA - MO
Schneider OH - NE
Schulte OH - NE
Schwartz, Helen OH - NE
Schwartz, Marcella OH - NE
Scott, Bruce PA - MO
Scott, James Washington Co., PA
Scott, unk Central OH
Sedoris, Shirley-1 PA - MO
Sedoris, Shirley-2 PA - MO
Selvidge Central OH
Shafer Greene Co., PA
Shaffer, Philip Central OH Eve Addleman ca 1808
Shannon, Dennis PA - MO
Shannon, Henry Central OH
Shape Greene Co., PA
Shephard OH - NE
Shidler, Daniel Central OH Eliz. Addleman 1800
Shidler, Susannah Central OH Adam Addleman ca1805
Shipp PA - MO
Shirk Greene Co., PA
Shockar, Catherine Greene Co., PA John Addleman 1769
Shockar, Susannah MD - VA Philip Addleman
Short PA - MO
Shuette, Marie Central OH
Shultz Central OH
Shutt Central OH
Sibert Central OH
Simonis PA - MO
Sinkhorn PA - MO
Slack, George Central OH
Slack, J. Central OH
Slocum OH - NE
Smalley OH - NE
Smiley PA - MO
Smith, Dale PA - MO
Smith, Donna Greene Co., PA
Smith, James PA - MO
Smith, Jerusha Central OH
Smith, Julia OH - NE
Smith, Mildred Central OH
Smith, Timothy OH - NE
Snodgrass OH - NE
Snyder, Arnold OH - NE
Snyder, Michael Central OH
Soams OH - NE
Sokel Greene Co., PA
Sparling Central OH
Stamp OH - NE
Stander OH - NE
Stark, William PA - MO
Starks Central OH
Startzer OH - NE
Stembridge PA - MO
Stephens MD - VA
Sterling OH - NE
Stiffler Central OH
Stine Central OH
Stoakes OH - NE
Stork OH - NE
Stroman Central OH
Stubbins, Anna OH - NE
Stubbins, John OH - NE
Stucki PA - MO
Stuecking OH - NE
Summy Central OH
Sunday Central OH
Swain PA - MO
Swalley Central OH
Swank PA - MO
Swihart Greene Co., PA
Szopo Greene Co., PA
Tass Central OH
Tatum Central OH
Taylor, Frank Central OH
Taylor, Paul OH - NE
Taylor, Sterling OH - NE
Tetters, M. Central OH
Texas OH - NE
Thompson, Claude Central OH
Thompson, Electa Central OH
Thompson, Gretchen OH - NE
Thompson, Hazel PA - MO
Thornbury Central OH
Tille PA - MO
Tilly PA - MO
Tobin PA - MO
Townsend, Margaret PA - MO John S. Addleman 1866
Townsend, May PA - MO
Townsend, Will PA - MO
Traynor OH - NE
Treacle OH - NE
Trindall OH - NE
Trude PA - MO
Trushel, Lewis OH - NE
Trushel, Louis OH - NE
Tuttle, Julia OH - NE
Tuttle, Marie Central OH
Twoey Greene Co., PA
Tyson OH - NE
Ulfers OH - NE
Uncapher, George MD - VA Catherine (A) Eddleman
Vandry OH - NE
Vasper Central OH
Vera OH - NE
Verley PA - MO
Virginia Greene Co., PA
Virgin Greene Co., PA
Wagner OH - NE
Wagoner Central OH
Warren OH - NE
Watkins, James OH - NE
Watson, Frank Greene Co., PA
Way OH - NE
Wear OH - NE
Weaver Greene Co., PA
Webber PA - MO
Weeks PA - MO
Wegener OH - NE
Weise OH - NE
Welch OH - NE
Westover Central OH
West OH - NE
Wharton Central OH
Whetzel Greene Co., PA
White, Roy Central OH
White, unk-1 OH-NE
White, unk-2 Central OH
Whitlow PA - MO
Whitt OH - NE
Wiesneth OH - NE
Wigg OH - NE
Wile PA - MO
Willard MD - VA
Williams, Charles, Jr. Greene Co., PA
Williams, Cindy PA - MO
Williams, Jennie Central OH
Willoughby OH - NE
Wilson, Oscar OH - NE
Wilson, Stella Greene Co., PA
Wiltrout Central OH
Wimmer Central OH
Winters PA - MO
Wise, Rebecca Central OH
Wise, William Greene Co., PA
Wolf Central OH
Wright, Harvey PA - MO
Wright, Howard Central OH
Wright PA - MO
Yordy OH - NE
York PA - MO
Young, Abraham*Broken Link* MD - VA
Young, Mary Greene Co., PA
Young, Sarah Central OH
Young, unk PA - MO
Zercher Central OH
Zimmerman OH - NE
Zollars Greene Co., PA


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