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Family History Book

   Read about 500 years of Addleman genealogical history which spans 8 - 10 American descendant generations. See why our German ancestors rushed to immigrate to Pennsylvania. Discover why being a member of nobility and owning land was so important. Learning about history, geography and historical migrations can be fun when you're reading about your own ancestors. You may qualify to belong to the Daughters/Sons of the American Revolution or a Colonial Society. This privately published and limited publication book has been called, THE AMERICAN ADDLEMANS, German Immigrants to Pennsylvania, 1991.

   The American Addlemans, an award-winning book, is much more than just another genealogical history book. In addition to basic family records, it also has artistic drawings, pictures and many quotes from obituaries and county histories. Many historic letters, an original Revolutionary War officer's commission certificate and many other interesting documents have also been reproduced. It is easy to read, well organized and has an excellent index.

   THE AMERICAN ADDLEMANS, German Immigrants to Pennsylvania is in limited supply with no remaining copies. These handsome red books with gold lettering were sold on a "first come, first sold" basis.

   Our Addleman family history is in an 8 1/2 x 11 hard-cover book of over 525 pages. This book is easy to read and also has a preface, 4 major Addleman descendant sections, an appendix and an index. More than 45 allied families are specifically detailed in tables and many others are identified as spouses and in-laws. (This book is not a high volume commercially produced book, a name-and-address list, nor a book on how to do research.)

   The American Addlemans is about the Adelmann/Edelmann family, early 18th century German immigrants to Philadelphia, 1550-1991. The first chapter reveals a lot about the early German culture and society. Several copies of original documents in the book reveal more about these protestant immigrants: German Manumission application, Religious letter of introduction, Officer's commissioning papers and Civil War letters. Available family letters, obituaries and county history information were included with the 8 - 10 Addleman generations.

   Samples from the book's historical letters and documents present a clearer understanding of our ancestors:


   "To the Most Serene Prince, His Highness Carl, the ruling prince of Löwenstein Wertheim and Rochefort etc. etc. etc. of the Holy Roman Empire, my most gracious Prince and Lord, most humble memorials and pleas . . . for the favor of release of my son . . . [who wants to go to] . . . Pennsylvania and there to work and seek his fortune . . . ."


   "This journey lasted from the beginning of May to the end of October, fully half a year, amid such hardships as no one is able to describe adequately with their misery. . . . The real misery [began] with the long ocean voyage. The passengers being packed densely like herrings . . . without proper food and water, were soon subject to all sorts of diseases, such as dysentery, scurvy, typhoid and smallpox."


   "We marched in the said month of July, 1776, by the way of Lancaster to Philadelphia. Our company was then placed under the command of Colonel Watt. Immediately we were taken by water in a 'Row Galley,' as it was called, to Trenton. . . . The company to which I belonged then formed a part of the army on their retreat, under Gen'l Washington, which marched to Trenton and crossed the Delaware. [Later on,] I was taken to Philadelphia and placed in the Hospital, where my wounds were examined by the Surgeons."


   "I suppose you would like to know how times is here. Last Sunday we had a pretty hard fite at Pautuxian mountain. We chaste them off the mountain that nite and held the battle ground. The rebels came with a flag of truse monday morning to get thair wounded and ded. Yesterdady we had another hard fite with the rebs. We hald them on the same ground. I dont no yet how it will go. The loss is heavy on both sides. I think the war can't last long if evry fite goes like yesterday. . . . I got a hold through my blous sleve and one thro my cattridge box but that was as good as a mile for me."


   "Having decided to go West, he sold his farm and . . . took a flatboat at Millsboro, Washington Co., Penn., and traveled on the Monongahela River to Pittsburgh, where they boarded the steamer Manhattan and went down the Ohio River to Cairo, then up the Mississippi to St. Louis . . . [and then up] . . . the Missouri River."


   "We are campt about one hundred feet from the booth. The line formed last night so we waited till this morning when the line was up to our tent. . . . Thar will bee one of the greatest govermant horse raises that has ever been runn."



(Where the Addleman book can be seen)

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