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   William Eddleman ( has been able to validate major portions of his uncle Riley Eddleman's book and earlier research by November, 2000. He is more than 95% positive that German immigrant PHILIP JACOB EDELMAN was the father of DANIEL EDDLEMAN and of course, DAVID EDELMAN was Philip Jacob's father, who also immigrated in 1733 on the ship Richard & Elizabeth to Philadelphia.

   In a 1980 letter, researcher Dennis A. Kastens reported to Riley Eddleman, Ph.D., "Hold everything! I found your immigrant forebearer in Steinselz! PHILIPP JACOB EDELMANN, son of DAVID EDELMANN, a citizen of Rott/Alsace, and MARIA MARGARETHA WENNER, daughter of SIMON WENNER, citizen of Oberhoffen/Alsace were married in the Steinselz Church on January 15, 1732."

   This earlier research recently became more credible after Dr. Riley Eddleman's nephew, William Eddleman, had reviewed and validated major portions of Riley's book and research notes. William (Bill) has also completed a major review of "18th Century Edelmann Land Records in Maryland," which he has compiled. He has compared Philip's signatures and has concluded that Philip Jacob Edelmann, the 1733 German immigrant, is most likely the father of Daniel Addleman.

   The following is a 1996 research supplement to data published in my 1991 book, The American Addlemans.

GREEN SECTION: (see Chapters 1, 2 & 16) October 1, 1996

   The research continues on the members of Daniel's family. I have been reviewing data from the William H. Eddleman Collection and have discovered that some of the early Edelman data now has more meaning. Frank R. Shoupe recently discovered that Daniel Addleman also migrated from Loudoun County, Virginia to southwestern, Pennsylvania ca 1787 -- Derry Twp., Westmoreland County. Gaylord Griffiths (Wescosville, PA) believes the daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Edelman/Addleman may be the Catherin who married George Uncapher. We now have two CATHARINEs: (1) Daniel's daughter Catharina Edelmann, born in 1771 and the previously identified wife of George Uncapher, (2) Catherine, born in 1774. We also have EVE EDELMANIN, who married JOHANNES KIEFER 13 Dec 1810 in Loudoun Co., Virginia. I'm theorizing this could be David Addleman's youngest daughter, whose sister (?) married GEORGE KUFFER.)

   Finally, I am recreating a projected family of the early Edelmans/Adlemans/Addlemans. What makes this difficult is the large number of similarly-surnamed individuals in and around the same locations. The reader will notice that many similar names were used by the projected Philip's sons and daughters in naming their children. (Notice the similarity in the children's names between George Uncapher and John Addleman (1769).) I am more convinced that the father's name was probably Philip, as both sons (Daniel & David) each named their first son Philip. Obviously this still needs a lot of research validation.

   I have updated (Nov., 2000) the projected early genealogy with data provided by Bill Eddleman's research and that of his uncle, Dr. Riley Eddleman. Many thanks to both of them.




DAVID EDELMANN1, b ca 1684, of Rott/Alsace (near Cleeburg), L 1732 "a citizen of Rott/Alsace", immig 28 Sept 1733 to Philadelphia, PA on Brigantine Richard & Elizabeth; m ANNA MARIA [b ca 1679], children:

1M   FILB/PHILLIP JACOB, b ca 1700 (prob Rott/Alsace) son of David Edelmann of Rott/Alsace2

2F   ANNA ELIZABETH, b ca 1713 (prob Steinselz, Germany), immig 1733 Richard & Elizabeth to Philadelphia; m MATTHES/MATHEW BAUSER/BOWSER bef 1733? [b ca 1711, immig 1733 Richard & Elizabeth with parents Matthes Bowser (63) & Esther Bowser (49)], children (Anna Margret & David both bapt 12 May 1739 First Reformed Church (Lancaster, PA))

1. Eddleman, William. Email, 27 Nov 2000. Bill sent copies of earlier 1980 research letters between Rev. Dennis Kastens and Dr. Riley R. Eddleman. He commented, "The EDELMANN surname is of Pfalz & Alsacian (not Swiss) standing, having been there already prior to the 30 Years War in Zweibrucken, Weissenburg & Strassburg . . ., [as well as] WENNER."

2. Eddleman, William. Email, 27 Nov 2000. Bill wrote ". . . The signature of "FILB JACOB EDELMANN" from the Richard & Elizabeth 1733 ship's passenger list and the oath of allegiance list match the signatures on the [later] deeds. He signed "edelmann" no matter what the spelling was in the deed, as you can note. We are lucky that Baltimore Co. had the ACTUAL grantor sign the deed book!"


1.0   [PHILIP EDELMAN/ADLEMAN-1, DAVID EDELMANN-A] FILB/PHILIP JACOB EDELMANN/ADLEMAN, b ca 1700-08 (prob Rott/Alsace), prob son of DAVID & ANNA MARIA EDELMAN of Rott, Germany, L bef 1733 (Steinselz/Alsace), immigrated to Philadelphia 28 Sept 1733 on Richard & Elizabeth, (and/or naturalized in 1757?), L 1750 (Baltimore Co., MD), L 1755 (Shillings Folly, Baltimore Co., MD,)[1] 1761 (Shillings Folly & Phillipsburg, Baltimore Co., MD)[2]; m MARIA MARGARETHA WENNER 15 Jan 1732 (Steinselz/Alsace church) [bapt ca16 Sep 1700 (Steinselz/Alsace), dau of Simon Wenner of Oberhoffen]1, Children (siblings[3] and/or birth order need validation):

1M   BALTASAR, b ca "late" 1732 (not bapt in Steinselz/Alsace)

2M   WILLIAM (?), L ca 1772-1810 (near Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA); m unk, children(?)[4]

3M   JOHN DAVID, b 1 Dec 1736 "son of Jacob", bapt 15 May 1737, First Reformed Church (Lancaster, PA)



6F   CATRINA, b 15 Nov 1741, bpt 16 Dec 1741 St. Mathew's Lutheran Church (Hanover, York Co., PA)? [6]

1. Eddleman, William, Ph.D. Email, 27 Nov 2000.


1.2   [DAVID-2, PHILIP EDELMANN/ADLEMAN-1, DAVID EDELMANN-A] JOHN DAVID EDELMAN, b 1 Dec 1736 "son of Jacob", bapt 15 May 1737, First Reformed Church (Lancaster, PA), L (1761 (York Co., PA), 1762 (Baltimore Co., MD),[7] 1763 (Bridgeland, Baltimore Co., MD)[8]); m ELIZABETH CATHARINA,[9] Children:

1M   PHILIP (son of David & Elizabeth Edelman)

2M   ELIAS, b 3 Jul 1743 (son of David?), bpt 4 Mar 1744 St. Mathew's Lutheran Church (York Co., PA)

3M   GEORGE HENRY, bpt 24 Mar 1761 (son of David & Catherine Edelman) St. Mathew's Lutheran Church [10]

4F   ANNA MARIA, bpt (Mar-Apr) 1762 (daughter of David & Catharina Edelman), at Reformed & Lutheran Congr. (Manchester, Baltimore Co., MD); [11] m GEORGE KUFFER 11 Oct 1796 (Loudoun Co., VA) [12]

5F   EVE (ADELMANIN)??; m JOHANNES KIEFER 13 Dec 1810 (Loudoun Co., VA)


1.3   [DANIEL-2, PHILIP EDELMANN/ADLEMAN-1, DAVID EDELMANN-A] DANIEL ADLEMAN/ ADDLEMAN/EDELMANN, b (prob PA), prob son of Philip Jacob Edelman of Steinselz, Germany & immig 1733 on Richard & Elizabeth, L (ca 1760 (Manchester, Carroll Co., MD), 1761 (Baltimore Co., MD) & 1765 (Sherburne Parish/Cameron Parish (near Lovettsville), Loudoun Co., VA) & ca 1772 (Fairfax Co., VA) [13] and <1804 (Derry Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA)[14]), d ca 1787 (PA);[15] 9 Apr 1792 Estate Appraisal[16] (Loudoun Co., VA), 1804 Estate Administration (Westmoreland Co., PA); m ELIZABETH[17] L 1865-1810 (Loudoun Co., VA).

   "I mentioned at Christmas time that I had found a little bit of information on DANIEL ADDLEMAN who died here in 1804 that proves the Administration here was not an extension of the business from Virginia. . . . I sent these papers to a lady in Chicago who is a long time genealogist . . . She replied that without doubt the belongings indicated to her that this Daniel was a school teacher and kind of a dandy. The fine shirt and coat and other things plus the silk handkerchiefs would show him to be a pretty snappy dresser. She said that at that time a man of means would have a handkerchief tucked in his sleeve or sometimes carried in hand for show and not utility. The books, watch, cushion and the traveling gear would mean that he would go from school to school and the cushion was part of the trade being used for obvious reasons since schoolhouse furniture was rough. An interesting analysis I think. It would show from the Administration that Daniel did some farming too and he must have used either land owned by UNCAPHERS or SHOUPS since a search of records in Westmoreland Co. using every conceivable spelling found no ownership for Daniel."[18]


1M   PHILIP, b ca 1764 (?) "Daniel's son by heirship", L (Loudoun Co., VA)[19], 1798 (Greene Co., PA) & Hellier Twp., Knox Co., OH); m SUSANNAH SHOCKAR [20]

2M   JOHN, b 1769, L (Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA), [21] attended New Jeruselem Lutheran Church, L ca 1798 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), d 21 Apr 1828 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA); m CATHERINE SHOCKAR [22]

3F   HANNAH, b 1770, d 3 Apr 1847 (Morgan Twp., PA); m JOHN ROSE (1764-1825) [23]

4F   CATHERINE, b 17 Nov 1771 [24] "Daniel & Elizabeth's dau", or 5 Oct 1774 (Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA), attended New Jeruselem Lutheran Church, L 1799 (Salina, Washington Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA), d 15 Apr 1855 (Westmoreland, Co., PA), bur St. James Cem; m GEO. UNCAPHER (b 8 Oct 1772 (Lovettsvile, VA), son of Philip, d 12 Mar 1834 (Saltsburg, PA), bur St. James Cem (Salina, PA)) [25]

5F   ELIZABETH "Eliza", [26] b ca 1778 (21 in 1799?); m PHILIP COOPER 5 Nov 1799 (Lovettsville, VA) [27]



___________ (Footnotes for the above semi-theoretical section only.)

1.   10 Apr 1755 PHILIP ELDEMAN from JACOB SHILLING 40 pounds 229 acres, folio 380, Shillings Folly.

2.   Baltimore County Deeds, 1761 PHILIP ADLEMAN to GEORGE MOYERS, Pt. Shillings Folly & Phillipsburg, 243 acres, folio 511.

3.   No proof exists that these are siblings yet.

4.   Note: Did William have a daughter CATHARINE, b 5 Oct 1774 that was confused with Daniel's daughter Catharine b 17 Nov 1771?

5.   Records of Ref. Church, Frederick Co., Frederick City, Md. (Ref. Ch. Hist. Soc. Hinke), 2 Aug 1767 "Across the Potomac at George Schumachers the Reformed Deacon: Communicants - DANIEL EDELMAN, MARIA MAGDALENA EDELMAN."

6.   St. Matthew Lutheran Church (Hanover, York Co., PA). CATRINA, dau. of PHILIP EDELMAN, b 15 Nov 1741, bapt 16 Dec 1741. Sponser: Bernhart Houx and wife. (It's not clear whether this Philip is the same one who later lived in Maryland.)

7.   Baltimore, Maryland - Subscription list agreement between Lutheran & Reformed, 1762: "David Edelman, 0.15.00 and Daniel Edelman 0.10.00."

8,   Baltimore County Deeds Register 1659-1800. 5 May 1763, DAVID IDLEMAN to GEORGE MYERS 140 pounds, Bridgeland -- addition to Bridgeland.

9.   If this isn't the same person, then M1 ELIZABETH and m2 CATHARINA.

10.   Records of Rev. Jacob Lischy, minister in York Co., Pa, reformed. Sponsor: Henry Conrad and wife Elizabeth.

11.   First Record Book for the Reformed & Lutheran Congregation at Manchester, Baltimore County, Maryland (now Carroll County). This was translated from the original manuscript by C. T. Zahn, Westminster, Maryland, 1936 in collection of Reformed Church Historical Society, Lancaster, PA. "Sponsors: Friederich Decker and Anna Maria."

12.   Wertz, Mary Alice, Marriages of Loudoun Co., VA 1757-1853 (Baltimore: Geneal. Pub. Co., 1985), p. 86, 88. (Is this the same Anna Edelmann? Also, is George Kuffer the brother of Johannes Kiefer and both married Edelman daughters?)

13.   Leesburg Court House. Records of Loudon Co., VA (Deed Book H, p. 433), 27 May 1772. "Geo. Wm. Fairfax, Esq. lease to Daniel Addleman 117 acres in Parish of Shelburn on Branch of Kittackton . . . . Leased for the tenure of the lives of the said David [sic, Daniel] Addleman his wife Elizabeth, and his son Philip."

14.   Shoupe, Frank R., (Leechburg, PA), 9 Aug 1991. "Henry Shoup was Administrator in 1804 for Daniel Addleman's estate."

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19.   Leesburg Court House. Records of Loudon Co., VA (Deed Boox Y, p. 259), 19 Mar 1798. PHILIP ADDLEMAN to GEORGE COOPER "DANIEL ADDLEMAN 117 acres since deceased and the above recited indenture fell to the above PHILIP ADDLEMAN."

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24.   Wm. H. Eddleman Collection. Records of Lutheran Church, Frederick Co., MD. Baptisms, p., 563. An extract from the Collection of the Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, MD> "Daniel Edelmann and wife Elisabeth-dau. Catharina, born 17 Nov. 1771, baptized 11 Dec. 1771. Sponsors: Jacob Schaffer and Maria Deckerin."

25.   American Addlemans, see pg. 39. Also reference Mary Lois Smith (Marion, OH) 1950 query in Your Family Tree. No other data supports William as the father of Catherine who married Geo. Uncapher. Also, see Gaylord Griffiths comments in first paragraph.

26.   Wertz, Mary Alice, Marriage of Loudoun Co., VA 1757-1853 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1985), pg. 31. "Cooper, Philip & Elizabeth Addleman. George Cooper attests ages, bm. 5 Nov. 1799."

27.   Shoupe, Frank R., (Leechburg, PA),1990. Frank pointed out that Philip Cooper's brother, George Cooper, took over the Daniel Adleman farm lease. Also see American Addlemans, Table 4, pg. 37. There were two notes for "Catharina Edelmann" -- one on 17 Nov 1771 and a baptism on 11 Dec 1771.



   Daniel Adleman (or Addleman) has been clearly identified as the earliest male ancestor of this branch of American Addlemans. He married Elizabeth and had at least three children: Philip, John (1769) and Hannah (1770). A fourth child is speculated to have been Eliza who married Philip Cooper in 1799. Daniel lived in Baltimore Co., Maryland and Loudoun Co., Virginia. He was a farmer. The recorded deeds identified Daniel and Elizabeth as being married. Other tax information identified Philip Adleman as the oldest son. As the records did not require data for tithable White males under the age of sixteen, John (1769) the youngest son, was not recorded until 1787. It is unknown whether Daniel served in the Revolutionary War. A 'Daniel Addleman' was noted as having served from North Carolina. Daniel died intestate circa 1787. The estate inventory was filed in Loudoun Co., 8 April 1791. As his wife was listed as "Widow Adleman" on the Loudoun County Tax List "A" in 1787, we can assume he died on or before this date. Daniel's last name was erroneously printed 'ADDLERMAN' in a 1972 book on Virginia Wills & Administrations.

   Philip Adleman, Daniel's oldest son, was listed on a land lease until it was transferred to George Cooper in 1798. Philip Cooper, who married Eliza Addleman, is a probable brother to George Cooper . Philip and Eliza Cooper's marriage record stated "George Cooper, who also test. bride over 21." This could imply the bride was young, which would rule out a remarriage for widow Elizabeth Addleman. We still don't know if there is a relationship between Elizabeth Addleman, who married Philip Cooper, and Daniel Addleman. This author has speculated she may have been the fourth child of Daniel & Elizabeth Adleman. If this relationship existed, it might explain why nothing more was heard about widow Elizabeth Adleman. She may have lived with Eliza and Philip Cooper. (All this is pure speculation.) Soon after the transfer of the leased land, three of Daniel's children moved to Morgan Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania.

   Daniel's oldest son, Philip Addleman and family, may have been the first Addleman to have moved to Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA. He probably married one of George Shockar's daughters, Susannah Shockar, in Virginia and had at least five children. Later on, he and his family moved to Helier Twp., Knox Co., Ohio. Daniel's next son, John (1769) married Catherine Shockar and moved to Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA. (More will be provided on John Addleman (1769) and his descendants in Chapter 17). Daniel's daughter, Hannah (1770) married John Rose and also lived in Morgan Twp., PA. At this point, it seems very few early Addlemans remained in Virginia, except possibly Eliza (Addleman) and her husband Philip Cooper. Eliza's brother-in-law, George Cooper, took over the original 'Daniel and Philip Addleman' farm lease in Loudoun Co., Virginia.

   Once again, the reader should be warned that 'poetic license' and/or 'educational intuition' was used in the choice of structuring Philip Adleman as the father of William and Daniel. Philip could also have been structured as an older brother to William and Daniel. In addition, a second option was the placement of Eliza Addleman as a fourth child of Daniel Adleman. Both of these concepts need to be validated with further research.

   From a historical perspective, it is interesting to observe the surname transition from a German spelling to the Americanized version. Many of the early documents have a variety of early spellings for these ancestors. In part, this is due to the individual phonetic interpretations from those who recorded the data. It is believed the German surname may have originally been EDELMAN, which evolved to ADLEMAN and finally in 1770-87, to ADDLEMAN.

   In order to organize the sporadic historical information, three theories have been proposed:

   1.   EARLY EMIGRANT -- Daniel Addleman's ancestors possibly emigrated from Germany before 1752. [Now believed to be 1733 on the Richard & Elizabeth]

   2.   COLLATERAL FAMILY -- Much can be indirectly learned of the Addleman family through research on collateral family lines or from their close friends. [some validity]

   3.   LATER EMIGRANT -- Daniel Addleman or his father may have been German emigrants who emigrated from Germany after 1752. [no validity]

   It now appears that there was some validity in two of the above three theories. Bill Eddleman is now (11/2000) 95% convinced that the immigrant & father of Daniel was PHILIP JACOB EDELMAN who immigrated in 1733 on the ship Richard & Elizabeth. Current and future Addleman researchers will have to continue to build their data and hopefully, one day have enough documentation to make a 100% valid determination. At the moment, the most beneficial information has been from collateral or close family ties. Inferential and conceptual data implies this branch of early Addlemans may have immigrated to America before 1752.

   German-American migratory patterns suggest that early (1730-50) settlers first lived in or around Philadelphia before moving to Lancaster Co., PA. From Lancaster & York counties, they moved southward to Maryland. Some may have continued southward into northern Virginia. After the Mason-Dixon line was established, many moved in southwestern Pennsylvania. Available documentation suggests the Shoups and Uncaphers lived in the German settlements. John Martin Ungefare was naturalized on 4 Jun 1738 in Baltimore Co., Maryland, along with his children: George, Francis and Catherine. In 1764, John Martin Ungefare died in Heidelberg Twp., York Co., PA. John and Henry Shupe also lived in Heidleburg Twp., Lancaster Co., PA, in 1752. Peter Edelman lived nearby. Philip Baker and Daniel Adleman were noted to have lived in Maryland and Virginia. Addlemans, Shoupes and Uncaphers were living near Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA and attended the New Jerusalem church. Later on, Addlemans, Uncaphers and Shoupes moved to southwestern Pennsylvania. Henry Shoupe was the Administrator for Daniel Addleman's estate in 1804, even though he had already moved to Westmoreland Co., PA. Daniel's three identified children had also already moved to Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA.

   More documentation will be required before a better research conclusion can be derived. It is hoped that future Addleman researchers will find this existing summary beneficial for their future theories and research. Frank Shoupe also commented:

   "You have likely seen these but I'll mention it anyway. There is a three volume set of books of the Pennsylvania German Church Records which contains many EDELMAN entries. I only jotted one which was an EVA EDLEMAN d/o JOH. ADAM & JULIANA being baptized in the Trinity Lutheran at Lancaster on 7 Sept. 1760. None of the local libraries short of Pittsburgh have these books and I'm not sure when I will get to the Carnegie again."

   Future researchers must also sort out the numerous immigrant Adelman/Edelman lines to determine the immigrant of this branch. This was one reason a 'broad-based immigrant surname research approach' was used. Finally, this web site was created from as much of the sold out 1991 book, The American Addlemans, as feasibly possible. Some of the data has been updated from notes and current research from others. If you see an error or changes you would like, please contact the web master Robert P. Addleman by email: Good luck!

(NOTE: For more information on: (1) DANIEL's DESCENDANTS, go to GENEALOGY or

(2) for the IMMIGRANT, go to IMMIGRANT.)


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