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[WILLIS-4 (1782), SAMPSON-3 (1737), SPENSER-2 (ca 1705), GABRIEL BOBO-1] WILLIS BOBO, b 1782 (Spartenburg Co.(?), SC), son of [SAMPSON (1737-1804, a poss. Rev. War soldier from SC) & SARAH (SIMPSON, 1743-1816) BOBO of (Spartanburg Co., SC), Sampson migrated from Culpepper Co., VA to Laurens Co., SC, Lived about 6 miles from Cross Keys, Spartanburg Co., SC], Willis lived (ca 1782-ca 1809 (Spartanburg Co., TN) and later on, ca 1817 (Maury/Marshall Co., TN), ca 1843-60 (Fayette Co., TN), Deed ca 1809, owned Cross Keys, 300 acres of land, Dec 1809 court sold to BARRAM BOBO (probably his brother) for $851 "high bid," d ca 1860-70 (prob Braden, Fayette Co., TN), poss bur Braden, TN; married DELILAH SIMPSON1 in <1809 (Spartanburg Co., SC?) [she was born ca 1784-88 (62 in 1850, 82 in 1870) in South Carolina, dau of Samuel Simpson who d 11 Aug 1796 (intestate, Union Co., SC), she was listed in 1809 as one beneficiary in a court-ordered sale of their land in South Carolina, was in the 1850-1870 census in Braden (Distric 6), Fayette Co., TN & d >1870 and <1880 (Fayette Co., TN), (poss "Detila Bobo," 1876 member Mt. Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church2, d May 1879 (Fayette Co., TN], children (birth order needs validation):

1F   SUSANNAH, "SUSAN," b ca 1811-20 (SC?); m WILLIAM GREEN HUEY 15 Feb 1832 by Robert M. White, bondsman (Maury Co., TN)

2F   ELIZABETH "BETSEY," b ca 1807 (?) (prob Spartanburg Co., SC)]

3F   SARAH "Sally", b ca 1816 "34 in 1850" (SC) [RESEARCH:]

4M   SPENCER S., b ca 1818 (prob Maury Co., TN) "52 in 1870"

5M   ALLEN HOLT, b 6 Oct 1819 ("41 in 1860") (prob Maury Co., TN)

6F   DELILAH, b ca 1820-25 (prob TN)

7F   MARTHA, b ca 1820-25 (prob Maury Co., TN); m LANCASTER B. COOPER (his m2) 2 Mar 1843 by Geo. R. Hays, Min. of Gospel (Maury Co., TN)

8F   SOPHIA A., b 1825 (prob Maury Co., TN), L 1850 (Fayette Co., TN)

9M   JOHN W., b ca 1826 (prob Maury Co., TN) "55 in 1880," Lived 1850-1880 (Braden "Dist. 6," Fayette Co., TN), Farmer, in 1870 Real Estate = $8,000, Personal = $300 (in 1870, lived with sister Nancy and mother)

10F   NANCY P. (NANNIE), b ca 1829 (51 in 1880), L 1850-1880 (Braden, Fayette Co., TN); (spinster)

1. Hemetz, Valoree/Cunningham, Barbara. Email 25 Aug 2000. "Samuel Simpson from the Enoree River region, was in the mercantile business, left a widow, Nancy (Bobo) Holland (her 2nd marriage) and 5 small children: Delilah, Sophia, Susannah, John & Samuel. Sophie & husband, James Richardson, had a son named James Franklin Richardson/Richerson. I have extensive research on the RICHERSON line."

2. Cunningham, Barbara. Letter. Barbara discovered Delilah's step-mother was Nancy Bobo, a dau of Sampson Bobo, and also Delilah may have had a link to this church.


     [ELIZABETH-5 (1807), WILLIS-4 (1782), SAMPSON-3 (1737), SPENSER-2 (ca 1705), GABRIEL BOBO-1] ELIZABETH BOBO, born 1807 (SC?), died 26 Aug 1841 (Culleoka, TN); married ISAAC REDDING 22 Dec 1829 (Maury Co., TN), [born 1805 (KY), son of Armistead Redding (ca 1768-75), (Isaac's m2 NAOMI DAVIS 25 July 1850 (Maury Co., TN)), died (Culleoka, TN)], children:

1M   ARMSTEAD W., born 1832 (Maury Co., TN); married BETTY J. TOMLINSON 21 July 1850 (Maury Co., TN)


3F   SARAH, born 1837 (Marshall Co., TN)

4M   JOSEPH TAYLOR, b 27 Oct 1838, d 3 April 1920 (Culleoka, TN), buried Shanes Cem, (Campbell Station, TN); married CLEMENTINE JOSEPHINE HARDISON 3 Mar 1870 (Culleoka, TN). She was born 12 Jan 1842 (Campbell's Station, Maury Co., TN), died 5 June 1919, buried Shanes Cem.


[SARAH-5 (ca 1814), WILLIS-4 (1782), SAMPSON-3 (1737), SPENSER-2 (ca 1705), GABRIEL BOBO-1] SARAH "Sally" BOBO, b ca 1816 (SC), d ca 1850-52 (Giles Co., TN?); m MADISON LOGAN OWEN 20 Aug 1837 by Littleton Vaughn, J.P. (Maury Co., TN) [b ca 1812 (VA), L 1840-50 (Maury Co.Giles/Co., TN), 1860 (Wayne Co., TN), O (farmer), m2> 1860], children:

1F   ELIZABETH, b ca 1834 (TN) "16 in 1850;" m1 BREWER, m2 ENOCH RISNER ca 1884 [Sally Bobo's dau?]

2M   JOHN S., b ca 1839 (prob Maury Co., TN); m SARAH H. [by Sally & Logan Owen]

3F   MARY JANE, b ca 1841 (Maury/Giles Co., TN); m RUFUS PRYART

4M   WILLIAM ALLEN, b 28 Apr 1842 (Maury/Giles Co., TN), d 24 May 1917; m MARY A. MARGARET CASTEEL 5   May 1861 (Waynesboro, Wayne Co., TN)

5F   SARAH DELILY, b 18 Feb 1843 (Maury/Giles Co., TN), d ca 1884 (Waynesboro, TN); m ENOCH RISNER

6M   SAMUEL W., b ca 1846 (Maury/Giles Co., TN); m poss TENNESSEE J. TALLY [or poss never married]

7F   PARTHENA ANN1, b 28 Apr 1847 (Giles Co., TN), d 7 aug 1914 (Giles Co., TN); m JOHN L. RISNER 25 Feb 1872 (Wayne Co., TN) [RESEARCH:]

8F   MARTHA O., b ca 1849 (Giles Co., TN)

9M   THOMAS S., b ca 1852 (Giles Co., TN), d 1914

10M   MATHEW., b ca 1850, d <1860 (not in 1860 Wayne Co. TN U.S. Census)

1. Brown-Headington, Sonya. Email 13 Mar 2003. "My mother's grandmother was PARTHEMA ANN OWEN, SALLY BOBO's daughter."


[SPENSER S-5 (ca 1818), WILLIS-4 (1782), SAMPSON-3 (1737), SPENSER-2 (ca 1705), GABRIEL BOBO-1] SPENCER S. BOBO, b ca 1818 "30 in 1850 & 52 in 1870" (Maury Co., TN), O (tailor), lived 1818-1842 (Maury Co., TN), 1850 (Williams Port, Maury Co.), >1850-ca 1870 (Braden (Dist. 6), Fayette Co., TN), in 1860, in (Weakley Co., TN), Occup. (Tailor); married MARGARET J. WILLIAMS 8 Oct 1840 by Hartwell H. Brown, Elder, Methodist Episcopal Church, [born 3 Jan 1823, dau John E. (1796-1851) & Rachael H. (Ayres) Williams, died 10 Oct 1871, bur Somerville Cem, Fayette Co., TN], children:

1F   JOSEPHINE "Josie," b ca 1845-46 (Maury Co., TN) (6 in 1850 & 24 in 1870),

2M   JOHN W. "Johnnie," b ca 1849-50 (Maury Co., TN) (1 in 1850 & 20 in 1870)

3F   MARGARET "Maggie," b ca 1856 (prob Fayette Co., TN) (14 in 1870))


[L. DELILAH-5 (ca 1820), WILLIS-4 (1782), SAMPSON-3 (1737), SPENSER-2 (ca 1705), GABRIEL BOBO-1] LYDIA DELILAH BOBO, b ca 1820-25 (prob TN); m ABRAM S. HARGIS 27 Oct 1841 by John W. Ray, MG (Maury Co., TN (b 23 Oct 1814 NC, prob son of William & Jane Hargis and prob brother of Sarah (Hargis) Bobo, d 1860 (Bradley Co., AR), children:

   1F   JANE, b ca 1844

   2F   NANCY, b ca 1847

   3M   WILLIAM A., b ca 1852; m ELIZABETH SCOGGINS 13 Nov 1881 (Bradley Co., AR)

   4M   JAMES, b ca 1859


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