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   This is a genealogical web site to assist Bobo researchers in discovering more about the family and descendants of WILLIS BOBO (1782-1860), a younger son of Sampson & Sarah (Simpson) Bobo of Spartanburg, SC. A family group page on Sampson Bobo is shown as a starting place in the Genealogy Section.

   Check the Surname Section for a quick way to find all Bobo first names and your other surnamed relatives. The names are listed alphabetically and linked directly to their locations.

   Discover the library and state where you can see a copy of the now sold out book, KETCHUM-McCORKELL PIONEERS, Midwestern Families of Lillias Jacinth Burton, published in 1993, in the Bibliography Section of this web site [book].


   I DON'T KNOW WHO MY BOBO ANCESTOR WAS! If you are new to Bobo family history, then you will have to try and determine information about your oldest known Bobo. Most likely it will be your grandparents or great-grandparents. Find out what state they came from and what county in that state. The following may help and then scan down the appropriate subsection in GENEALOGY:

SAMPSON BOBO's Section: Spartanburg Co., SC

WILLIS BOBO's Section: SC (1809-15, Spartanburg Co.) TN (1815-45 Maury Co., Marshall Co. & 1845-79 Fayette Co.)

ALLEN HOLT BOBO's Section: TN (1819-60 Maury Co., Marshall Co. & Fayette Co.) & AR (1860-78 Bradley Co. & Sebastian Co.)

ALLEN HARGIS BOBO's Section: AR (1863-98 Bradley Co. & Sebastian Co.), MO (Joplin, Jasper Co.), NV (1903-10 Reno) & CA (1910-15 San Diego Co. & 1915-50 Riverside Co.)



   [Note: I have extracted most of the largest chapter from my Ketchum-McCorkell Pioneers book that was published in 1993, called "Minnie Ketchum Bobo" and simply called it the "Willis Bobo Family" web site. (In other words, I only included the data that was directly related to this Bobo family.) In addition, I have added the now validated line of Willis Bobo (1782). Willis was the 'missing link' between Allen Holt Bobo and Sampson Bobo. If anyone would like information on the greater Bobo family, not just Willis Bobo's (1782) line of descent, contact:
Robert G. Bobo maintains a 9,015-Bobo-name FTM/GEDCOM database at, or link to his web site at Robert-G-BOBO,

Link to Charles (Chuck) H. Bobo's email Bobo Family Association research news.



Addleman, Robert P., researching Sampson's son Willis Bobo at

Bishop,Daniel researching Sampson Bobo at

Bobo, Chuck researching Sampson Bobo at

Bobo, Robert G., researching Sampson Bobo at

Cunningham, Barbara - descends from Sampson's dau Nancy Bobo at

Hemetz, Valoree researching Nancy Bobo at

Patton, Joyce researching Nancy Bobo descendants at

Researching Sampson Bobo at kathleen@casbs.Stanford.EDU.

Researchin Sampson's son Chaney Bobo at

Researching Nancy Bobo descendants at



Brown-Headington, Sonya - descends from Parthema Ann Owen at



(Descendant Links)

Bennett, Amy (Smith) - descends from Prudie (Bobo) & Verlin Smith at

Maudi, Debbie - descends from Albert A. Scott at

Warkentin, Audra - descends from Sallie (Bobo) & Hubert A. Scott at

Heminger, Jessica - descends fom Joyce Francis-8 & Arthur Heminger at



(Descendant Links)

Addleman, Bob - descends from Mary L. Bobo-Addleman at

Addleman, David - descends from Mary L. Bobo-Addleman at

Addleman, Jon - descends from Mary L. Bobo-Addleman at & website.

Bobo, Steven - descends from Otto Bobo at

Hamilton, Carole - descends from Mary L. Bobo-Addleman at

Karnesky, Marcia - descends from Vera L. Bobo-Strohmeier at

Karnesky, Ronald - descends from Vera L. Bobo-Strohmeier at

Martine, Cindy - descends from Otto Bobo at

Moad, Mary Helen - descends from Sardis Bobo & Ernest Bobo at

Thornton, Thena - descends from Lester Bobo at

Also, two web sites are available for Willis Bobo descendant allied families. One is the KETCHUM family at and the other is the ADDLEMAN family at

   Please take a few moments and contact the author using the subject: "Willis Bobo Web Site" when emailing him at: I welcome additions or changes.

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