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   One of the Bobo immigrant's grandchildren, SAMPSON BOBO (1737) grew up in Virginia, married and later migrated with his family to South Carolina around 1770. Several of his brothers and their families also migrated to South Carolina. They all lived around the line separating Spartanburg and Union counties. Sampson was believed to have had several children, one of whom was WILLIS (1782). It has now been proven that WILLIS married DELILAH SIMPSON, a daughter of SAMUEL SIMPSON of Union Co., SC, before 1809. He first lived in Spartanburg Co., SC, moved to central Tennessee or Maury County (a portion later changed to Marshall Co. in 1836), and then western Tennessee or Fayette County. Based upon census data, it is believed he died before 1870. His wife, Delilah, survived him and probably died in May, 1879. She was most likely recorded as "Detila Bobo," a member of the Mt. Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church.

   ALLEN HOLT BOBO (1819) was a son of Willis and Delilah Bobo, who last lived in Braden, Fayette County, Tenn. Allen and SARAH ANN HARGIS, a daughter of WILLIAM & JANE HARGIS took out a marriage license on 3 June 1844 in Fayette County, Tenn. In 1850 they were living nearby in Shelby county and in 1860 they had migrated to Bradley County, Arkansas. Allen spent his last days in Cavanaugh, which is south of Fort Smith, Arkansas, where they had a farm. It is believed that he might have been buried in the older Leard Cemetery, which is now near the Cavanaugh exit (I-540; exit 14) south of Fort Smith.

   Allen & Sarah Bobo's children initially remained in the northwestern Arkansas area. JAMES SPENCE BOBO (1846), was born in Tennessee, served in the Civil War (Confederate State of America) and claimed land for his service near Fort Smith, Arkansas. He lived his remaining days in Bonanza, Arkansas and is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery off highway 45, south of Fort Smith. His son, JOHN ALLEN BOBO (1896-1918) died in France during World War I and received the Distinguished Service Cross and the Victory Medal. Two of Jim Bobo's daughters later migrated to southern California: BERTA (BOBO) FRANCIS and SALLIE PRUDENCE (BOBO) SMITH. In addition, Allen's youngest daughter, SALLIE BOBO SCOTT (1865) and her family, later migrated to Riverside, California. ALLEN HARGIS BOBO (1862) remained with his widowed mother but eventually they migrated, along with his ailing first wife, FANNIE (WILLIAMSON), to Joplin, Missouri where she later passed away and was buried in Fairview cemetery. Allen's mother and his recently widowed sister, NANCY PRUDENCE BOBO GREEN (1856), who came from Illinois, assisted with his children. Allen Hargis Bobo then met MINNIE S. KETCHUM in Joplin, MO and married her in 1900. In a few years they migrated to Reno, NV, where they lived until around 1910 when they migrated to San Diego County, CA. Around 1915, they migrated for the final time to Riverside County, CA.

   It can be observed that four Bobo descendant families migrated to Riverside, California -- two of Allen Holt Bobo's surviving children and two of his grandchildren. One remaining son lived out his life in northwestern Arkansas and one daughter lived her final days in Joplin, Missouri. Finally, Allen Holt Bobo's widow, Sarah A. Bobo, passed away in Joplin and is buried next to her daughter.


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