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GABRIELE BAUBEAU1, b (France), d (France); m CATHERINE RIVAULT (France), children

1M GABRIEL BAUBEAU, b 1651 (Saint Sauvant, Poitou Dist., France), d >1737 MD (?)
2M LAURENCE (or LOUIS2) BAUBEAU, b 1656 (Saint Sauvant, Poitou Dist., France)
3F JEAN BAUBEAU, b 1657 (Saint Sauvant, Poitou Dist., France)

1. Published in The Bobo Newsletter.

2. Bryan Scott Johnson, Huguenots in the Backcountry, ". . . The Poitou records also list a LOUIS and JEAN BOBEAU as being among those persons arrested for assisting in the clandestine (Protestant) assemblies in 1697. . . . "

GABRIEL BAUBAU/BOBO, b 1651 or 1681 (St. Sauvant, France1), s/o Gabriel & Catherine (Rivault) Baubeau, L <1699 (near La Rochelle, France2), 1699 (immigrated from England to Virginia3), L 1703 "Bubboes Plantation" (King William Co., VA4), d > 17045; m widow ELIZABETH (SPENCER) WHITE 1703, d/o Thomas Spencer4, children:

0M THOMAS WHITE [from her m1 of James & Elizabeth White]
1M SPENCER BOBO, b ca 1705 (Mark's Parish, Orange/Culpepper Co., VA) [from her m2 of Gabriel & Elizabeth Baubau]

1. Robert G. Bobo, Bobo Research & Theory, published in the Bobo Roots Cellar, Vol. 1, No. 8, Dec., 1997. (Translations of Rivierre Journals from Museum, Couarde, Vienne Dist., France: Jean Rivierre, Dictionaire des Familles Protestantes du Poitou, 1680-1780 & Maison du Protestanisme Couarde, Vienne Dist. France.) "Rivierre uses three [surname] variations in identifying members of the same family: BEAUBEAU, BAUBEAU & BOBEAU."

2. Vera Smith, The Fairforest Story: History of the Fairforest (Lower) Baptist Church & Community, p. 92: "The Bobo (Beaubeaux) family originally came from a town not far from the city of LaRochelle, France. They were Huguenots and were followers of Calvin. After the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 a great number of the members of the family migrated to England and Switzerland."

3-4. Bryan Scott Johnson, Huguenots in the Backcountry, pgs 1-4: "The surname BOBO, BEAUBEAU, BAUBEAU, BOBEAU is of French origin, being found in the Poitou district towns (southwest of present day Poiters) of Couhe, Rom, Payre, Brux, Vaux, Messe, Ceaux, Saint-Sauvant, and Lusignan." 7 Nov 1700 recorded pg 281 - Robert Nash brought 7 immigrants (Gabriel BauBau & others) to VA and acquired 350 acres (New Kent Co., St. Stephens Parish).

5. Robert G. Bobo, Bobo Research & Theory, published in the Bobo Roots Cellar, Vol. 1, No. 8, Dec., 1997. "It seems more likely that Elizabeth became a widow sometime after 1704."

Note: The above is a condensed version of the data presented in the Bobo History section of this website. It is noted that all various French surname spellings are all pronounced, with possibly a different emphasis, simply as "Bobo".

SPENCER BOBO, b abt 1705 (King William Co., VA), and d aft. 15 Mar 1764, in VA; m1 JANE. (b abt 1705, d aft 9 Dec 1737 VA; m2 MARY TAYLOR bef 21 Sept 1749 VA, d aft 15 Mar 1764. Children:

1. SPENCER BOBO, Jr., b 1728, Caroline, VA; d Oct 20, 1817, Laurens County, SC [from m1]
2. MARY ELIZABETH BOBO, b abt 1729, VA; d 1789, Orange County, NC
3. ABSOLOM BOBO, b 1730, Abemarle County, VA; d 11 June 1811, Laurens, SC; m. AMY SIMS, bef 1781
4. JOHN BOBO, b bef 1732; d aft 1753.
5. SIMPSON BOBO, b. 1732, Caroline, VA; d VA
6. LEWIS BOBO Bobo, Lewis, b 1736, Caroline, VA; d 7 Mar 1808, Union, SC
7. SAMPSON BOBO, Sr., b 1737, Caroline, VA; d January1806, Woodruff, Spartanburg, SC
8. SARAH BOBO, b Abt 1738; d 31 Dec 1815, Laurens County, SC.

Many have researched their Bobo lines of descent from Spencer Bobo senior. This is a just visual presentation to show that Sampson Bobo was the 7th sibling of Spencer & Jane Bobo and Sampson's grandfather was the Bobo immigrant.


[SAMPSON-3 (1737), SPENSER-2 (ca 1705), GABRIEL BOBO-1] SAMPSON BOBO, b 1737 (VA), brother of Lewis Bobo, L (Caroline Co., VA; Albemarle Co., VA; & ca 1770-71 Cross Anchor area, Spartanburg Co., SC), Land Grant 11 Feb 1773 (450 acres on the Tiger River)1, 2, Military (Rev. War: "11 May 1786 - certified for military duty;"3 Pvt., in Col. Thomas Brandon's Reg't, Union Co. Militia [State not Federal], SC;4-6 poss "a patriot at Cowpens;7 1787 GA "Head-Right & Bounty Grants" (Washington Co., GA8, 9), see Rev. War research questions, d 17 Apr 1804 (Spartanburg Co., SC) "at home, 6 miles from Cross Keys"; m SARAH (Sally) B. SIMPSON 1762 (Culpeper Co., VA) [b ca 1743 (Culpeper Co., VA), dau of Joseph Greene Simpson & Elizabeth Aulder Simpson, Land (Nov., 1809 - 620 acres "after the Rev.")10, d 1816 Will (20 Jan 181311, probated 16 Feb 1816), Spartanburg, SC], Children (14 or 15 (?) - birth order needs validation): [RESEARCH:;; kathleen@casbs.Stanford.EDU]

SAMPSON &  SALLY BOBO 1M   BURWELL "Burrell," b 15 Apr 1763 (Culpeper Co., VA), d 10 Dec 1830; m ELIZABETH ROEBUCK 15 Oct 1786 [d/o Benjamin Roebuck, Sr., "a Rev. Soldier of SC) [RESEARCH:]

2M   ABSOLOM, b 3 Mar 1765 (Albemarle Co., VA), L (KY & MS), d 1831; m AGNES G. (Goode?) HAWKINS 7 Mar 1806 (Christian Co., KY) [m witnesses: Geo. S. Foster, Robt. Hawkins & Elizabeth Wood; Widow Agnes Bobo m2 Henry Freeman; (Note: "Not the one who married Ann Musgrove." Ref - Melanie Nolan's report on The Three Spencers & The Three Absoloms.)]

3M   SPENCER BYRUM, b 29 Mar 1767 (Culpeper Co., VA), O (Baptist Minister 2 Nov 1799 (Padgett's Creek), Feb 1804 (New Hope & Cedar Shoals)), d 20 Feb 1816 (Spartanburg Co., SC), bur New Hope Baptist Cem (Spartanburg Co., SC); m JANE FARROW 4 Aug 1790 (Spartanburg, SC) [b 1 Aug 1768, d 28 July 1828 (Spartanburg Co., SC), bur New Hope Baptist Cem], children: 1 dau, d "early childhood"

4F   NANCY, b ca 1770 (Culpeper Co., VA), Rev. War Widow's Pension, L 1813, d <1860 (Carroll, TN); m1 JEREMIAH HOLLAND <1790 (Laurens, SC) (b 16 Sep 1768 (Frederick, MD, son of Abraham Holland12), m2 <1797 SAMUEL SIMPSON13 (d 18 Oct 1797); d 1795 (Laurens Co., SC); m3 >1797 JOHN COLBERT/ CALVERT ca 1798 (d 1809); m4 ca 1801 MATHEW PATTON ["his m1 & m2 daughters of Charles (1727-1805) & Mary Moore (1733-1805)"13a, L 1850 (Gibson Co., TN), Military (Rev. War, Capt., "scout")], children: (SARAH HOLLAND (1790), SAMUEL PIERCY SIMPSON & WILLIAM L. PATTON (abt 1806)) [RESEARCH:;]

5M   SAMPSON, Jr., b ca 1771 (Culpeper Co., VA), d 17 Apr 1804 (Spartanburg Co., SC); m SARAH EDWARDS

6F   MARY ("Polly"), b 25 May 1773 (Spartanburg Co., SC), d 10 Nov 1857 (Spartanburg Co., SC); m ABSOLOM BOBO, son of Spencer, Sr. & Judith Bobo, children: (Edward Musgrove; Sampson m Rebecca Woodruff; Jane m Alfred Dean; Lavinah m Amos Woodruff) [RESEARCH: kathleen@casbs.Stanford. EDU; Melanie Nolan of TX]

7M   BARHAM "Barrum," Sr., b 28 Mar 1776 (Cross Anchor, Spartanburg Co., SC), 1812 Guardian for Simpson children (Union Co., SC)14 1812-14 "built a large brick house of Georgian Colonial Type at Cross Keys," d 20 Sep 1829 (Cross Keys, Union Co., SC), bur Bobo Family cem (northeast side of Hwy 49), "left a large estate to his widow"15; m FRANCES ANN WOODSON ANDERSON abt 1799

8M   HIRAM FOSTER, b ca 1777 (Spartanburg Co., SC), L 1813 (co-Exec to mother's 1813 will), d 19 Jul 1830 (Montgomery Co., TN), Will Bk F, pg 113-14 (Montgomery Co., TN); m ELIZABETH CONNEL dau of (William Connell, b ca 1769 (son of Giles Connel, b ca 1740 (Wythe Co., VA), d bef Jun 1804 (Spartanburg, SC)))

9F   ELIZABETH (Betsy), b 14 Feb 1779 (Spartanburg Co., SC), d 10 Apr 1846 (Spartanburg, SC); m ANTHONY FOSTER 16 Jun 1796 (Spartanburg Co., SC)

10M   CHANEY, b ca 1780 (Spartanburg Co., SC), L 1813 (co-Exec to mother's 1813 will), d Jul 1844 (Robertson Co., TN), Will Bk 12, p. 197 (Robertson Co., TN); m RACHEL MARTINDALE [RESEARCH:]

11M   WILLIS, b ca 1782 (Spartanburg Co., SC), migrated (Maury Co., TN); m DELILAH SIMPSON16, 17, dau Samuel Simpson of Union Co., SC [ref. Nancy Bobo above] [RESEARCH:;]

12F   LEVINAH, b ca 1784 (Spartanburg, Union Co., SC); m GEORGE ROEBUCK

13M   JEREMIAH, b ca 1787 (Union Co., SC); m MARY "Polly" GOODE 30 Jun 1809 (Christian, KY) [witness to marriage - Joseph Goode from booklet Rocky Springs Methodist Church, Claiborne Co., MS] [RESEARCH:]

WILLIAM WILDER 14F   unknown, d bef 1813; m WILLIAM WILDER, [b ca 1772 (Union Co., SC) or Feb 1766 (VA), L 1813 "in Sally Bobo's will", d (Bedford Co., TN)]

1. Bobo, James E. Early Bobo Research, ca 1992: "Craven City, S.C., February 11, 1773, SAMPSON BOBO is granted 450 acres on the TIGER RIVER."

2. Andrea, Leonardo. BOBO, research compiled for Jack E. Ladson, Jr., 1948. "Before the Revolution, he removed to SC and settled six miles from Cross Keys. . ."

3. Cousins by the Dozens, pg. 6, Sampson Bobo (1738-1804): ". . . certified for Military Duty in the American Revolutionary War, May 11, 1786 after the fall of Charleston and served in Brandon's Regiment."

4. McCall, Mrs. Howard H. (Ettie Tidwell), compiler. Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia and Other States, (Gen. Pub. Co., Baltimore), 1968, Vol. II., pg. 14: "Was a REV. SOLDIER of S.C. Served in Brandon's Regiment. Private Union Co. SC Militia. (U.S.D.A.R. 129986. "Indent of S.C. Rev. Soldiers' Claims" by Salley.)"

5. D.A.R. DAR PATRIOT INDEX - CENTENNIAL EDITION, Part 1, Washington, D.C. 1994., pg. 293: "BOBO: Lewis: b a 1765 SC d a 10-12-1793 GA m Mary Parks Sol GA; Lewis: b c 1736 VA d 1805-08 SC m Sarah - - - Capt PS SC; Sampson: b c 1738 FR [sic, VA] d 1804 SC m Sarah (Sally) Simpson Pvt SC." [Not Continental.]

6. Moss, Bobby Gilmer. Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution, (Gen. Pub. Co., Inc., Baltimore), 1983, pg 79: "South Carolina Roster: . . .Bobo, Sampson. . . d 17 Apr 1804, m. Sarah (Sally) Simpson, 1762. After moving from Virginia, he served in the Union District militia under col. Brandon. [cites sources] A.A.567; X2753; McCall, II, 14." He also notes "Bobo, Lewis, a captain under Col. Brandon (Young, William, S4782); Bobo, Absolom, b 1764 Albemarle County, Va. While residing in Spartanburg District, he was drafted during February or March 1781 under Col. Benjamin Roebuck and Capt. George Roebuck. He guarded prisoners at the Orangeburg gaol; [and] Sympson [Simpson], Samuel - He served in the militia under Col. Brandon before the fall of Charleston. (A.A.7035; X3123)."

7. Moss, Bobby Gilmer. The Patriots at the Cowpens, Rev. Edition, Scotis Press, pg. 335, ". . .Bobo, Sampson (S.C.) . . ." Moss commented, "The names listed below are names of soldiers who were possibly at Cowpens. These names appear in a variety of places . . . or were in the right unit to have been in the battle of Cowpens." [They were not validated by Moss before publication.]

8. McCall, Mrs. Howard H. McCall-Tidwell & Allied Family, (Gen. Pub. Co., Baltimore, MD), pg. 328 "List of Rev. Soldiers: . . . Bobo, Lewis (S.C.) & Bobo, Sampson (S.C.). . ."

9. Lamar, Marie De & Rothstein, Elisabeth, comp. Records of Washington County, Georgia, 1985 Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. (Baltimore), pgs 1-4. ". . . Bobo, Sampson 1787 & Bobough, Lewis 1786. . . ." [In the Preface was a note:] " . . . Washington County and Franklin County . . . were the two counties where bounty grants were made to soldiers of the Revolutionary War. These soldiers were eligible for bounty grants upon proof of their service no matter what state they served, and soldiers from every state applied for and received bounty grants -- [some sold their land and] many of them settling on their land. There was a fire in the Washington County courthouse in 1855 which destroyed many of the early records of the county, and the courthouse was burned by General Sherman on his march to the sea. . . . Therefore, the majority of the records given here are from sources other than the courthouse. . . . a man would be entitled to 200 acres as his own head-right plus and additional 50 acres for his wife, each child and each slave . . not to exceed 1000 acres."

9a. Bishop, David. Email, 25 Nov 2002. "Sampson Bobo had a brother Lewis, who had a son Sampson, born in Union County and his age would make him more likely to have been a private in the [Rev. War] service than his uncle Sampson."

10. Cousins by the Dozens (extract), pg. 6. "In Claude Spark's History of New Hope Baptist Church is recorded the following: "A plat of 1081 acres of land, made in Nov. 1809, of which 620 acres were laid off for the Widow of Sampson Bobo . . ."

11. Andrea, Leonardo. Will of "Mrs. Sally Bobo (Sarah Simpson Bobo. . 26 Jan 1813, pr. 20 Feb 1816 (Union Co., SC). . children: BURRELL, ABSALOM, CHANEY [Ex.], JEREMIAH, BETSY, SAMPSON [Jr.], WILLIAM WILDER, SPENCER, BARAM, NANCY, HIRAM [Ex.], WILLIS, LEVENIA & POLLY." [No birth order implied.]

12. Cunningham, Barbara. Letter, 2 Apr 1996 & Email, 4 Sept 2000, Nancy Bobo's Marriages: (1) Laurens Co, SC - Will Book A-1, p. 108 - Sale of Est. of Jeremiah Holland decd, 1795; Will A-1, p. 109 "Appraisal of estate of Jeremiah Holland decd, 1795, Sampson Bobo administrator.," (2) "Samuel Simpson died October 18, 1797 intestate, leaving a widow Nancy Simpson and five children. . . ." (3) Union County SC - Minutes of the County Court 1785-1799 - Monday, 2nd day April 1798. "Ordered that Nancy Simpson (now Colbert)... administratix to Estate --- Samuel simpson decd be suspended as admx. in consequence of her marriage with John Colbert;" and (4) "Capt Matthew Patton who died in 1837 . . ." Barbara added, "She [Nancy] also applied for a Rev. War pension as Nancy Patton, widow of Matthew. (Melanie Nolan from TX helped to clarify the above.)

13. Hemetz, Valoree/Cunningham, Barbara. Email 25 Aug 2000. "Samuel Simpson from the Enoree River region, was in the mercantile business, left a widow, Nancy (Bobo) Holland (her 2nd marriage) and 5 small children: Delilah, Sophia, Susannah, John & Samuel. Sophie & husband, James Richardson, had a son named James Franklin Richardson/Richerson. I have extensive research on the RICHERSON line."

13a. Bishop, David. Email, 25 Nov 2002. Ref: William Boyce White, Jr., Chester Genealogical Society Bulletin, Vol. XIV, Number II, June, 1991, p. 37: "Article on Capt. Matthew Patton, born June 4 1758. Born at Landsford, Chester District, SC. Later, he lived in the Fairforest section of Union and Spartanburg Counties, SC. Then he removed to Tennessee, where he died on February 16, 1837. He was an outstanding soldier and officer in the American forces during the American Revolution. He was married three times. . . Capt. Matthew Patton's third wife was of Tory blood and is said to have mistreated the Captain in his old age. She was Nancy Simpson widow of Samuel Simpson, of the Fairforest Section."

14. Union County Heritage, Union Co., SC - The Barham Bobo House. ("This book is still for sale.")

15. Cunningham, Barbara. Letter 2 Apr 1996, pg. 3: "From Union County Decrees of the Court of Equity 1808-1838. WPA Project 2004: June Term 1812, ". . . .adding Delilah Bobo, James Richardson & Sophia his wife, Barrem Bobo as Guardian for Susannah Simpson, John Simpson & Samuel Simpson." [And]. . . "February Term 1814. . 11 Aug 1796 Samuel Simpson sold to John Simpson a tract of land of Eighty Eight acres. . . said Samuel departed this life intestate on 18th day of Oct 1797 leaving a widow and five small children. . . Nancy Simpson widow of the said Saml administered on the Estate of the said intestate. . ." Also, Byron & Barbara Sistler's 19th Century TN Church Records, Vol. 2, pg 22: "Mt. Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church in Fayette C o., TN - BOBO Detila (prob Delilah) 1876 (a member that year), d May 1879."

16. Addleman, Robert P. Ketchum - McCorkell Pioneers, 1993, pgs. 80, 82-83. Also see Maury Co., TN Bobo Supplement, 2000. (And also see Barbara Cunningham's research.)

17. Cunningham, Barbara. Research Letters/emails: 2 Apr 1996, 15 Apr 1996, 15 July 1996 & 8 Aug 1996 on Willis & Delilah Bobo family, among other Bobo data.

Note: In Myra Lake Howell's book Genealogy of the Sampson Bobo Family of South Carolina, 1978 (Los Angeles), she cites one source as: "REVOLUTIONARY RECORD of SAMPSON BOBO, Sr., State of South Carolina, Office of Historical Commission A. S. Salley, Secretary . . ."


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