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   Allen Holt Bobo (1819-ca 1878) was a son of Willis & Delilah (Simpson) Bobo, who were originally from Spantanburg, SC.

   Allen Holt Bobo was named after the Holt family that had intermarried with the Bobos and remained close, even though Allen's mother was a Simpson. Willis and his family migrated to Maury county, central Tennessee , where Allen and several of his siblings were born. Around 1840, Willis Bobo and his family moved west to Fayette Co., TN, near Memphis.

   Allen Holt Bobo took out a marriage license with SARAH ANN HARGIS 3 June 1844 in Fayette Co., TN. They soon crossed the Mississippi River into central Arkansas and were recorded in the 1860 census as living in Warren, Bradley Co. Allen H. Bobo was 41, a Constable and was born in TN. Sarah A. Bobo was 36 and born in TN. The children were: "James 13, TN; John 6, AR; Nancy 4, AR & Samuel 9/12, AR."

   Family history reported they later moved to the northwestern corner of the state to Cavanaugh, Sebastian Co., AR (near Ft. Smith). ( It is now just Exit 14 on I-540. Sebastian County has two county seats, just to confuse researchers, one in Fort Smith and one in Greenwood.) Allen Holt Bobo is believed to have passed away in 1878-80 when several members of the family died of the "bloody flux." He is theorized to have been buried in an older section of Leard Cemetery, down the road from the Baptist church.


Leard CemeteryNorthwestern Arkansas

  Allen Holt Bobo (1819-ca 1878), son of Willis Bobo, was probably born and raised in Maury Co., TN, the son of Willis & Delilah (Simpson) Bobo. Willis Bobo lived in Maury County from around 1815 through 1845. Then Willis migrated westward, near Memphis, to Braden, Shelby Co., TN, where he and his wife probably died.

   Allen Holt Bobo married Sarah Ann Hargis (1824-1904) in 1844, Fayette Co., TN. His oldest children were born in TN: William (1846) & James Spence (1847). Allen then migrated to central Arkansas to Warren, Bradley Co., where he had 5 more children: John (ca 1854), Nancy Prudence (ca 1856), Samuel Oliver (ca 1859), Allen Hargis (1862) & Sallie Ann (1865). He was on the 1860 census in Warren. He was reported to have served in the Confederacy during the Civil War but no federal records have been found. After 1866, Allen migrated to the northwest to Cavanaugh, Sebastian Co., AR (south of Ft. Smith). Allen Holt Bobo and two of his children died around 1878-80 of the "bloody flux" and are presumed to be buried in the nearby Leard cemetery.

You can reach Leard Cemetery from the Cavanaugh Road exit of interstate route 540 going south from Fort Smith but it is actually over the county/state line in Pocola, Leflore County, Oklahoma.

Leard Cemetery
Pocola, Leflore Co., OK

"My wife's greatgrandparents are buried in Leard Cemetery and I recently found her ggrandmother is buried there also. I been to the cemetery on several occasions. My wife ane I were married at Cavanaugh Baptist Church.

Since posting this message, I have found out that Leard Cemetery belongs to Cavanaugh Baptist Church [in Arkansas] but the land is actually in Oklahoma. I could never figure out why I couldn't locate a listing for it in Sebastian County, AR. It is listed in Leflore County, Oklahoma.

A cousin of my wife's died recently the funeral program listed it as Leard Cemetery, Pocola, Oklahoma.

David" []

s. a. bobo JOPLIN, MO

   SARAH ANN (HARGIS) BOBO,a daughter of WILLIAM & JANE HARGIS of Fayette Co., TN, was born 28 Apr 1824 in Tennessee, possibly Maury County. She and her future husband, ALLEN HOLT BOBO (1819) took out a marriage license in Fayette Co., TN on 3 June 1844. They migrated to central Arkansas and lived in Bradley Co., in 1860 and last in Sebastian Co.

   After her husband, Allen Holt Bobo, passed away, widow Sarah and her son, ALLEN HARGIS BOBO (1862), migrated to Joplin, Jasper Co., MO before 1900. Sarah passed away in Joplin and was buried in Fairview Cemetery. The date of death on the tombstone reads: 2 Nov 1904.

   The obituary in the Joplin Daily Herald stated: "Died, at 6:30 last evening, Mrs. Sallie Ann Bobo, age 80 years, 6 months and 5 days, at the residence of Mrs. Green, 1520 Moffet avenue, daughter of the deceased. The funeral was held at 4 o'clock this afternoon from the Methodist church, corner Eighteenth and Byers avenue. Interment in Fairview cemetery."

Fairview Cemetery, Joplin, MO

The Bobo plot has others buried there but only Sarah has a stone.

   Ella Frances ("Fannie") Bobo, Allen Hargis Bobo's first wife, is also buried there. She died 8 Aug 1898, age 28 years.

   Sallie's daughter, NANCY ("Nannie") Prudence (BOBO) GREEN, widow of WM. GREEN of IL, later rested beside her and was buried on 13 July 1928.


Mountain View Cemetery Northwestern Arkansas


   James Spence Bobo ((1847-1922), son of Allen Holt Bobo, was born in Tennessee but lived the majority of his life in Arkansas. At the age of 17, he served in the Confederacy cavalry of the Monroe Regt. He received bounty land for his service. He first married Delilah Bowman in 1871. They were divorced with no children. In 1892 he married Mrs. Dorothy Lula (Favors) Gideon, who had 4 children. Jim & Lula had 6 children: Berta Alta (1893), John Allen (1896-1918), Dolly (1909), Lorena Buddie (1901), Sallie Prudence (1905) & James Lecil (1909-1913). Their family is buried in another rural cemetery between Bonanza & Hackett at Mountain View.   Sgt. John A. Bobo, son of James S. Bobo, served in World War I with honors, receiving posthumously the Distinguished Service Cross and the Victory Medal. No flag was seen at his grave in Mountain View cemetery.




Allen & Minnie Bobo in San Diego

   ALLEN HARGIS BOBO (son of Allen Holt Bobo), his second wife, MINNIE (KETCHUM) BOBO and their family and friends at Coronado, San Diego, California circa 1910.

   On the back is written: "Allen & Minnie at the Beach." Minnie Bobo is the center adult with two of her children near her -- Ernest (1906) and Vera (1902). On her right is Allen Bobo and Minnie's Ketchum-niece, Velma (1902), who was called their 'adopted daughter.' The lady on the left and apparently her three children are described as "Reno friends." (This looks very much like Bertha (Bobo) Johnson (Allen's daughter from his first marriage) and possibly her three children?)

   Audra Warkentin has generously provided many of these pictures from her Bobo-Scott Collection of historic photos. The Scott family was another Bobo allied family that migrated from Fort Smith, AR and OK to Arlington, Riverside Co., CA.--------

allen hargis bobo ARLINGTON, RIVERSIDE CO., CA

   This old black & white picture is of ALLEN HARGIS BOBO (1862-1950). Allen was born October 6th in Warren, Bradley Co., Arkansas and was one son of ALLEN HOLT & SARAH ANN (HARGIS) BOBO. Allen later told the story how he was born weighing only 2 1/4 pounds with a bad rupture. Nobody believed he would live but he lived a long life.

   Health was always a major theme in his life because he was so small. (At the age of ten, he only weighed 41 pounds.) It was believed that in order to survive, he should toughen himself by practicing hunting and fishing. Another belief of the times was to migrate to a 'healthier' (sometimes warmer) climate.

   As it turned out, Allen lived a long life and had two wives. He first married ELLA FRANCES WILLIAMSON on 2 Aug 1886 in Sebastian Co., AR. Fannie passed away in Joplin, Jasper Co., MO, where they had moved hoping to improve her health. After a while, he married MINNIE SHERMAN KETCHUM on 25 Sept 1900. They migrated to Reno, NV and then to CA -- first near San Diego and lastly, Arlington, Riverside Co., CA. Allen had a total of 9 children from both marriages. Allen passed away on 17 July 1950 and is buried in Olivewood Cemetery in Riverside.


Bobo's Confectionery Store
(On Magnolia Ave., opposite Sherman Institute/High School)

This was the second location of Bobo's Confectionery Store in Riverside County, California. The first was in the older business section of Arlington, on Magnolia Avenue near Van Buren. This second store was located on Magnolia Avenue, near Jackson Street and across the street from the Federal Indian School -- then called Sherman Institute (now Sherman High School). The boy at the corner of the building is believed to be Ernest Bobo and the boy against the porch post is believed to be Herbert Bobo.

Minnie (Ketchum) Bobo operated the store successfully for many years. It was later sold and made into a Mexican restaurant. Eventually it was again sold and demolished to make way for a medical professional building near a hospital.

Bobo's Prima Vista Gardens
(Arlington, CA)

These farm trucks are loaded with the then famous 'Bobo Watermelon', a round seedless melon, from Allen Bobo's Prima Vista Gardens farm in Arlington, Calif. It was on Tyler Avenue and slightly east of what is now known as the 'Tyler Galleria'. In addition to being a farmer and horticulturist, Allen was also a carpenter. He later modified his large two-story home and moved several large sections as the beginnings of several nearby homes. The house next to Bobo's Confectionery (above) was eventually owned by his youngest daughter Mary and her husband, Paul Addleman.

John W. & Sallie Ann (Bobo) Scott Family BOBO - SCOTT FAMILY
(AR to CA)

   In Fort Smith, AR Marriage Record B, page 395 (1870-1891) states: ". . matrimony between Mr. JOHN W. SCOTT county of Sckullyville and Choctaw Nation, aged twenty years and Miss SALLIE A. BOBO of the county of Sebastian and State of Arkansas, aged sixteen years . . . 8 June 1881."

   According to Frontier Research, Vol. 4, No. 4, June 1985: "In 1882, John Scott with family of two, claimed citizenship and three years in the Choctaw Nation." It also reported that James Bobo, with a family of two, also lived one year in the Nation.

After 1920, John & Sallie [daughter of Allen Holt Bobo] Scott migrated to Arlington, Riverside Co., CA. Later, they were both buried in Olivewood Cemetery in Riverside (no stone).

   This picture and several others were provided by descendant Audra Warkentin from the Bobo-Scott Collection. She can be reached at

John W. Scott, Hubert & Sallie Ann (Bobo) Scott

   This picture shows JOHN W. SCOTT and his wife, SALLIE ANN BOBO, with their son HUBERT. As Hubert is still relatively young, this was probably taken in Oklahoma or Arkansas.

   Audra Warkentin reported, "... the family moved out [to Arlington, CA] during the depression looking for work. Hubert came [to CA] in the 20's because he knew 'your' family was out here already. He went back for the family and moved to CA [around 1932]."


At Sallie's Grave
Olivewood Cemetery

(Riverside, California)

SALLIE ANN (BOBO) SCOTT was buried in an unmarked grave (Sect E, Lot 1, Plot 12) in Olivewood cemetery, Riverside, California. Her date of death was noted as 3 August 1926.

For many years, it was forgotten by later descendants of Allen Hargis Bobo, that Allen's sister, Sallie Ann Bobo Scott, was buried in the 'family cemetery.'

JOHN W. SCOTT, had marked his recently deceased wife's location with his hat.

(This picture was provided by Audra Warkentin.)

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