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A good early HARGIS family research introduction can be provided by the following two quotes:

   "THE HARGIS FAMILY IN AMERICA - it's origin in Europe and England, as published in the Macon County Times, Lafayette, TN, Cal's Column. After publishing the history of the Hargis family, of middle, Tenn., in the Sept. 10, 1953 issue, additional material received and printed in later issues as follows. The Hargis Family was originally from Denmark, and said to be a very fine family there. One left and went to Normandy, France. Around 1606 we find LOUIS and LOUISE HARGES left France and went to England. The name was spelled HARJES and HARGIS in Denmark, and HARGUESSEE in France. We find the name spelled HARGES and HARGIS, also HARGACE."

Quincy Hargis, 26 Sept., 1997,

   "GEORGE HARGES . . . transported to VA in 1642 by John Benton. . . .They came in at Virginia, then went up to Maryland and two generations later, went to North Carolina and points south and west."

Barbara Petticord, 6 June 1997,

An excellent research caveate on IMMIGRATION STORIES & HARGIS NAME is noted below:

1) ALL immigration stories start with two or three brothers coming from Ireland, England or wherever. The 'Sarah Hargis book' is a perfect example: except that it wasn't correct. The brothers she referenced were born here and their ancestors had been in America for about 100 years before that.

2) Like the rest of you, I was always told that the HARGIS family was Celtic in origin. However, the speculation that we are descendants of Louis Harges who resided in France and whose parents (HARJES) were from Denmark is no less credible.

3) When the Hargis/Pocahontas story passed through this list before, I recall that it was thoroughly discredited by several researchers. While we all might like to enjoy the fantasy of some link to an historical figure, we should be careful about passing along unsubstantiated stories.

4) I feel strongly that because we have access to more information, including the collective family histories and "stories" of each other, that we also have a responsibility to verify these tales before we accept them as truth and pass them on to potentially thousands of people.

James B. Davis, 22 Sept 1999,



[GEORGE HARGIS-2 (immig 1642), LOUIS HARGES-1 (ca 1622)] GEORGE HARGIS, "son of Louis & Louise Harges of Normandy, France (parents reported to have been from Denmark)," & 1606 to England, Immig 1642 "transported from England by John Benton to Middlesex Co., VA;" m SUSANNA LEA, (speculation - no marriage documentation), children: [RESEARCH:;; Camilla Hargis Muntz]

1M   WILLIAM ASA, b abt 1640 (England)

2M   THOMAS LEA, b 1647


(1) It is a theory that William Asa & Thomas Lea Hargis are the sons of George Hargis without supporting documentation (

(2) The names "LEA" and "LEE" are theorized to be phonetic spellings of the same surname (

 (3) It is theorized that the father of the two brother's, William & Thomas (both owned Hargess Hope), might have been WILLIAM (

(4) Other Hargis surnamed immigrants also arrived in America, in addition to George Hargis. WALTER HARGES acquired land from Ed Smalley in 1679 in Accomack Co., VA (]


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