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Widower Allen Hargis Bobo married Minnie Sherman Ketchum in Joplin, MO.

Gathering at Bobo Store
(L - R) Marie Bobo, Othalia, Chas. & Velma S., Minnie Allen & Mary, Ernest, Grandma L.J. McCorkell, Harry & Mae Conley, Otto Bobo, Vera & Chas. holding Margaret S.

[ALLEN HARGIS-6 (1863), ALLEN HOLT BOBO-5 (1819), WILLIS-4 (1782), SAMPSON-3 (1737), SPENSER-2 (ca 1705), GABRIEL BOBO-1] ALLEN HARGIS BOBO, b 6 Oct 1863 (Warren, AR), L (<1892 AR, ca 1861/66 TX, 1891/93 Indian Terr., 1893 Ft. Smith, AR, ca 1898/1903 MO, 1903/10 NV & >1910 CA), O (Farmer & Hunter; Newspaper carrier: 1900-03 Joplin Missouri Daily Globe, route manager Reno Nevada Evening Gazette & news agent San Francisco Bulletin in Reno & 1923-25 delivered the Press in La Sierra (Riverside Co., CA)), [d 17 Jul 1950 (Riverside, Riverside Co., CA), bur Olivewood Cem; m1 ELLA FRANCES ("Fannie") WILLIAMSON 2 Aug 1886 (Sebastian Co., AR [b ca 1870 (MO), dau of Mr. & Ann (Wright) Williamson and sister of Lucy Ann Hastings, d Aug 1898 (Joplin, MO), bur Fairview Cem]; m2 MINNIE SHERMAN KETCHUM 25 Sep 1900 (Joplin, Jasper Co., MO) [b 26 Feb 1875 (Marble Hill, MO), dau of Col. Asa Calkins (Attorney & Judge) & Lillias Jacinth (BURTON) Ketchum, Educ (Joplin Business College), O (owner General Store "Bobo's Confectionery"), d 1 Aug 1947 (Riverside, CA), bur Olivewood Cem]. [Also Reference:]


Two Bobo Families

Grandma Ketchum-McCorkell, Mary (3), Herbert (5), Allen Johnson (5), Rose Marie Johnson (8), Lester (8),
Alberta Johnson (10), Ernest (10), Vera (15), Bertha (Bobo) Johnson (30) & Velma Conley-Bobo (15)
[L to R]


1F   BERTHA MEMORA, b 11 Oct 1887 (Cavanaugh, Sebastian Co., AR), (by Allen & Ella)

2M   LUTHER, b Nov 1988 (Colman farm, near Ft. Smith, AR), d (poss Jan/Feb) 1989 (near Cavanaugh AR)

3M   OTTO WILLIAMSON, b 28 Oct 1890 (Cavanaugh, AR)

0F   VELMA LOUISE CONLEY, b 1902 ('Adopted - Minnie (Ketchum) Bobo's niece)

4F   VERA LORENA, b 8 Jun 1902 (Joplin, MO) (by Allen & Minnie)

5M   ERIC ALLEN, b 16 Feb 1905 (Reno, Washoe Co., NV), d 10 Aug 1907 (Reno, NV), bur Mountain View Cem (C2-101-4, Cottonwood Lawn)

6M   ERNEST KETCHUM, b 15 Oct 1906 (Reno, NV)

7M   LESTER IRWIN, b 1 Jan 1909 (Reno, NV)

8M   HERBERT PRYOR, b 17 Apr 1912 (San Diego, San Diego Co., CA), O (Broker: Potatoes/Onions; ret'd 1989), L (Los Angeles & San Pedro, CA), Social (founding member L.A. Golf Assoc. & member Elks Club 54 yrs), d 26 Aug 1991, age 79, cremated; m1 MARY HELEN MONTOYA 18 Sep 1936 (Reno, NV) [b 7 Nov 1914 (Mexico), dau of Federico Montoya of Chihuahua, Mexico, naturalized 13 Mar 1932, d 19 May 1981 (San Pedro, CA), cremated 21 May 1981 Green Hills Mem. Park (San Pedro, CA); sig other-2 IVA ADAMS [secretary & companion] aft1981 (she d 21 Oct 1995 (Torrance, CA), prob cremated)

A young Herbert Bobo and later, Herb & Helen (Montoya) Bobo in retirement.

9F   MARY LILLIAS ANN, b 13 Mar 1914 (San Diego, CA)

Ernest, Allen, Lester & Herbert Bobo (left); Allen & Minnie (Ketchum) Bobo (right).

Allen Hargis Bobo Family Migrations

2 Aug 1886 Cavanaugh, Sebastian Co., AR: Allen H Bobo & Ella Frances Williamson were married in Sebastian Co., AR. Bertha was born in 1887, Luther born in 1888 & Otto was born in 1890 in Cavanaugh, AR. Luther died in 1889 AR & Fannie (Frances) died in 1898, Joplin, MO.

25 Sept 1900 Joplin, MO: Allen H Bobo & Minnie Sherman Ketchum were married in Joplin, Jasper Co., MO. Vera was born in 1902, Joplin, MO.

1905-10 Reno, NV: The Allen & Minnie Bobo family had lived in the city of Reno, NV in 1905 where  Eric (16 Feb 1905, died 1907), Ernest (15 Oct 1906) & Lester (1 Jan 1909) were born.  Otto W. (28 Oct 1890), Bertha married Ed Johnson 22 Apr 1906 in Reno. "They took out papers to adopt their Ketchum-descendant niece Velma Conley (born 1902 & her mother, Grace (Ketchum) Conley, died 6 Oct 1902) but the papers were never filed."

1910 San Diego, CA: "We left Reno, Nevada when we were 8 years old [ca 1910]. . . . Our father, ALLEN H. BOBO, went earlier to San Diego and had a house waiting for us."). (Otto must have also gone to San Diego.)

1916 - Otto married Mrs. Mildred Ruth Mays in 1916, Clovis, NM.

1910-17 Dehese, San Diego Co., CA: Herbert (17 Apr 1912) & Mary (13 Mar 1914 at Dr. Dale's Sanitarium in San Diego) were born.

The 1915 Dehesa graduation/year ending card was in a one-room country school in San Diego county that showed 26 pupils, four of whom were Bobo children:  Vera, Velma, Ernest & Lester.

(Vera & Velma were 13, Ernest was 9 & Lester was 6.)

I recall Mary (Bobo) Addleman having commented: “They moved twice in San Diego”.  Once when they first got there in the city & lastly to Dehesa, San Diego County, east of the city in the country.  They later moved to Arlington when their water well was flooded from a storm.

[Dehese is now known as El Cajon but a twisting road retains the name of Dehese Road. The old community of Dehese was bypassed & minimized when I-8 was built.]

1917 Arlington, CA: The Bobo family moved to Arlington & farmed Prima Vista Gardens. It was on Tyler Avenue and slightly east of what is now known as the 'Tyler Galleria'.

The photo of the Two Bobo Families (Bobo & Johnson from my website) had the ages of the children on the back, so it had to have been around 1917:  Grandma Ketchum-McCorkell, Mary (3), Herbert (5), Allen Johnson (5), Rose Marie Johnson (8), Lester (8), Alberta Johnson (10), Ernest (10), Vera (15), Bertha (Bobo) Johnson (30) & Velma Conley-Bobo (15) [L to R]. (Mary was 1 year old in 1915.)

Riverside, CA: Minnie operated Bobo's Confectionery Store in Riverside County while Allen was a horticulturalist & farmed. He grew a round watermellon whch was patented as the Bobo Mellon. He later sold the patent. The store’s first location was in the older business section of Arlington, on Magnolia Avenue near Van Buren. The second store was located on Magnolia Avenue, near Jackson Street and across the street from the Federal Indian School -- then called Sherman Institute (now Sherman High School). After selling the store, Allen & Minnie Bobo lived in a small house on the corner of Jackson & Miller Streets. Now all was converted into a hospital complex.

Note: Bettye Heinrich, emailed, 6 Dec 2012: "Thanks for letting me know the school booklet arrived.  Truth is I do not know how long I have had it.  I have not bought any old cards, albums, etc for at least 15  years.  I am guessing that it was in a batch of cards that I bought and I just never paid any attention to it.  I was sorting through them a few days ago and that is the first I remember it being among my collection.  It surprised me to see what excellent condition it is in since it was from 1915."

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