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JOHN ADAMS-1 was born in Virginia and migrated with his family to Belmont Co., OH. George Adams-2 was born in VA and lived in Belmont Co., OH; Washington Co., OH, as well as Monroe Co., OH. John Adams is listed as generation-1 simply because he is the earliest researched ancestor. (The immigrant ancestor is usually noted as generation-1 but we currently haven't discovered who he is. Obviously, this will hopefully change over time.)

The SETH ADAMS-3 and HARVEY H. ADAMS-4 (1844) branch of the ADAMS surname lived in southeastern and east-central Ohio, as well as briefly in midwestern West Virginia. The older Adams ancestors lived in the most southern counties and the more recent ones migrated northward into Ohio. The counties were the following:

Belmont Co., OH

Monroe Co., OH

Noble Co., OH

Ritchie Co., WV

Washington Co., OH

Guernsey Co., OH

Tuscarawas Co., OH

Stark Co., OH



L. JOSEPHINE ADAMS (1867) married ANDREW PORTER ADDLEMAN of Eau Claire, Butler Co., PA in 1892. Port Addleman was the youngest of thirteen Addleman siblings from Butler County. The web site can be seen at:


PAUL A. ADDLEMAN, a son of JOSEPHINE (ADAMS) ADDLEMAN, married MARY L. BOBO, after establishing himself and his mother, in Riverside, Riverside Co., CA. Mary was the youngest daughter of ALLEN HARGIS & MINNIE (KETCHUM) BOBO. Two web sites showing the Bobo and Ketchum genealogy are:

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Adams, Charles F. III of Las Vegas, NV - descendant of Charles F. Adams-5 (1880) at

Adams, Dennis of Canton, OH - descendant of William R. Adams-6 at

Adams, Ed of Florida - descends from Joseph Monroe Adams-4 (1892) at [EDWARD G-6, HENRY H-5, JOSEPH M-4 (1892), THOMAS-3, HENRY-2 & JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)]

Addleman, Robert of Los Angeles (our web site author) - descendant of L. Josephine Adams-5 (1867) at [ROBERT P-7 (1936), PAUL A. ADDLEMAN-6 (1902), L. JOSEPHINE-5 (1867), HARVEY H-4 (1844), SETH-3 (1823), GEORGE-2 (1798) & JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)]

Bills, Gerald - Adams researcher in Pleasants/Ritchie Co., WV at

Bobyak, Susan of Burgettstown, PA - descendant of Edna Adams-6 McKee (1885) at

Bodenhamer, Mary Jame` of Jenks, OK - descendant of Lenora Adams-5 Adkison (1871) at

Campbell, Sue of Las Vegas, NV - descendant of Charles Foster Adams, Jr-6, at

Cox, Peggy - descendant thru Seth-3's line (Lucinda-4, Bessie Rinard-5)

Dakin, Harley P., descendant of George Adams-2 at

Gardner, Patsy - descendant of Isaac Adams-3 & Lewis Adams-4 at

Gates, Nancy - descendant of Lucas Weekley at

Hall, Michael V., Sr - descends from Nancy Jane Adams-3 at [MICHAEL V. HALL-7, MARY V. COSS-6, LAURA L. SEEVERS-5, MARY E. MILLER-4, NANCY J-3 (1844), GEORGE-2 (1798) & JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)]

Hammons, Amy - descendant of John Clive Adams-4 at [AMY N. CONSTABLE-8, KIM A-7 A. STRAIT-7, EUNICE E. ROSS-6, AMY A-5, SETH-3 (1823), GEORGE-2 (1798) & JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)]

Kessler, Kent. wife a descendant of George William Adams who married Cora B Boston at

Kinneer, Geneva Moore - descendant of Isaac (ca 1810) & William Adams (ca 1838) at

Knowlton, Wilton Merl & Vera Morgan - descendant of Adams/Knowlton at [W. MERL-6, ELIZABETH A. (ADAMS) KNOWLTON-5, GEORGE W-4, GEORGE-3, GEORGE-2 (1798) & JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)]

Lewin, Charlotte - descendant of Adams/Powell at

Lindsay, Ruth - descendant of John Adams-3 at [F. RUTH (HYSONG) LINDSAY-7 (1936), MARY MARGARET (ADAMS) HYSONG-6 (1910), PEMBERTON H-5 (1870), GEORGE-4 (1844), JOHN A-3 (1819), GEORGE-2 (1798) & JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)]

McKee, Danny of Marietta, GA - descendant of Edna Adams-6 McKee (1885) at or

Morris, Marlene. at - descendant of [MARLENE M-7 (1949), JACK A-6 (1920), ARNOLD-5 (1869), GEORGE-4 (1844), JOHN A-3 (1819), GEORGE W-2 (1798), JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)] .

Oertel, Kay - descendant of Owen M. Mulinex & Nancy Jane Adams at [A. KAY-10 (1951), RICHARD L-9 (1925) , WILLIAM E. MULNEIX-8, ALONZO L-7 (1868), OWEN M-6 (1844), DAVID S-5 (1817), THOMAS MULINEX-4 (1789), ROBERT-3 (1761), THOMAS-2 (1735), JONATHON MULLINEX-1 (1705)]]

Spurgeon, Bob - at

Trogdon, Jaquita of Claremore, OK - descendant of Charles F. Adams-5 (1880) at

Weekley, Dave - descendant of Lucas Weekley at


Abicht, Ernest - descendant of Thomas Mulinex (1829) at

Cline, James of Wooster, OH - descendant of Thomas Mulinex at

Inman, Lesa - descendant of Leonard Alonzo "Lon" Mulneix at

Oertel, Kay - descendant of Leonard Alonzo "Lon" Mulneix at [A. KAY-10 (1951), RICHARD L-9 (1925) , WILLIAM E. MULNEIX-8, LEONARD ALONZO-7 (1868), OWEN M-6 (1844), DAVID S-5 (1817), THOMAS MULINEX-4 (1789), ROBERT-3 (1761), THOMAS-2 (1735), JONATHON MULLINEX-1 (1705)]]

Trout, Craig - descendant of Robert Mulinex at

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