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[The research 'brick wall' for our Adams line is with the earliest, JOHN ADAMS (1765, VA).]

Subject: [ADAMS-L] Notes from Frankfort, KY on Adams family of VA to KY
Date: November 27, 2005 3:50:17 PM PST

I am going to post some notes I found in Frankfort, some time ago that might help someone researching this Adams family.

If you would be so kind to help me with any corrections I would appreciate the help.
Kentucky Adams.
Adams Family
After the items of the Adams Family were completed, the following data was received from J.R. Handrick, Sr. of Fort Worth, Texas. It seems valuable to add it to the record.

(1) Robert Adams, from Island of Anglesea, North Wales. Member of the First House of Burgesses 1620, Colonial Virginia. Register says he was Burgess 1623-24

He came to America on the "Bona Nova" in 1620. Was Burgess from Martin's Hundred, (21V55) his wife applied to the Court January 21, 1628, for permission to administer his Estate, (30V273). His Nuncupative Will proved at James City Court, April 9, 1629 by Oath of John Lyford, Minister (31V214.

The (21V55), (30V273) (31V214 refers to Swenn's Index. There are also references in Records of the London Company, who colonized Virginia.

(2) William Adams, - Ref: D.A.R. Magazine, June 1926, pp 364-365.

(3) Robert Adams, b ca 1680 d ca 1740. His "WILL" dated Feb 22, 1738 and proved June 17, 1740, Goochland. Co.Va

Other references:

The Irvine's, and Their Kin
The Adams Family, Book II
The Cabell's and Their Kin
Our Quaker Friends, by Bell, pub. 19-5-pp 258-259
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy by Henshaw 6 vol.
James Clark - Mansfield and Christopher Clark and Allied Families by Helen
Fairfax McNaught Seary pp 252-56
Campbell Chronicles and Family Sketches by R.H. Early p 338
History of Albermarle Co. VA by Edgar Woods. pp 252-56
Henning's Statures at Large of Virginia - Regarding Robert Adams settler in
Virginia 1620, etc
William Richmond and Timothy Terreee - Colonial Virgnian's by Celeste Jane
Terrell Barnhill
Doyle's Official Baronage of England under Marriages
Historical Register D.A. R. Magazine Oct 1890 and Oct 1894
Whitmore's History of the Adams Family

It is said Robert Adams was a brother of Henry Adams of Braintree, Massachusetts (ancestor of John Quincy Adams

From the Family Tree of Henry Adams the name was first Ap Adams and the first ancestor as Lord Ap Adams, called to Parliament by Edward I, as "Baron of the Realm" from A.D. 1296 to 1307

Subject: [ADAMS-L] Robert Adams was a settler on James River in 1620
Date: November 27, 2005 2:49:28 PM PST

Can anyone tell me about Robert Adams who was a settler on James River in 1620 he had a son, William Adams who was the father of Robert Adams who died in 1739 and married Mourning Lewis. Both left wills and Mourning left a will" and deeds of gift and showed as well in Robert's will their children.

I am not familiar with the old Robert Adams (settler on James River in 1620. He is my ancestor. Do you know who he married and if he other children than the son, William Adams

I do not know who William Adams married either and the only child I have for him is Robert Adams who md Mourning.

Thank you for any help.

Subject: Re: [ADAMS-L] Re: Adams
Date: November 29, 2005 9:26:08 AM PST

I wonder if your Hugh Adams (ca 1775, VA) could be a brother to my John Adams-1 (1765, VA)???

This is my brick wall!

My line then shows up as John Adams-1 (1765, VA in Belmont Co., OH (1798-1850);
his son George Adams-2 (1798, VA) Washington Co., OH/Monroe Co., OH (1836-1884);
his son Seth Adams-3 (1823, OH) Washington Co., OH, WV (Wood Co/Pleasants Co/Ritchie Co)
his son Harvey H. Adams-4 (1844-1926) who lived in Monroe Co., OH, Ritchie Co., WV)

Any help would be appreciated.
Bob Addleman

On Nov 24, 2005, at 2:05 PM, wrote:

I believe JOHN ADAMS parents to be HUGH ADAMS b. abt 1775 in VA and ELEANOR


My name is Charlotte Lewin. I am researching Joseph POWEL. He can be found in York Township, Belmont County, Ohio in 1820 and in Ludlow Township, Washington County, Ohio in 1830 Federal Census. My reason for contacting you is, I have deed records for George and Abigail Ward ADAMS. My Joseph and Mary Powel sold Ludlow Township property to them April 30, 1836. Since they may have had a child named Seth, you may want to check on a relationship between Abigail and Seth Ward. There is a marriage record in Belmont County Ohio for George and Abigail.

I think there is a link between my Powell family and your Adams family. I don't know exactly what that link is as I am still working on it. But it seems George and Abigail were neighbors of Joseph and Mary Powel in Belmont and Washington Counties. If you are interested in any of the above records please contact me. I would be happy to share them with you. My e-mail address is:

Also members of my Powel family ended up later in Pleasants and Ritchie County, West Virginia and later in Kansas. I have been trying to discover where George Adams came from before he arrived in Belmont County.

Deeds & Land Grants: The Powells had land bordering next to John Adams in Monroe Co., OH. It's also probable that the Powell were speculators with land grants.

(GO TO JOHN ADAMS CENSUS DATA. Also see previous section.)



We know very little about the MILLS family but census data with the same surname has been been reported in various locations where the ADAMS family lived.

(Theorized Family Connection)

ROBERT MILLS, b ca 1785 (MD), occup (saddler), L 1840 (Belmont Co., OH); m1 PATIENCE SHORT 12 Mar 1812 (Barnesville, Warren Twp., Belmont Co., OH) [b ca 1894 (DE)]; m2 PATENCE SHAW ca 1816 (Barnesville, Belmont Co., OH)2, children: (needs validation)

1F   SARAH, b ca 1814 (OH); m WILLIAM HICKY (b ca 1813 (OH)) [prob m1]

2F   MARY ANN, b ca 1815 (OH); m ROBERT HICKS 6 June 1833 (Belmont Co., OH) (b ca 1817 (OH)]

3M   ISAIAH, b ca 1821 (OH), L 1850 (Ludlow Twp., Washington Co., OH); m NANCY (ALLEN?), children: (Matilda Allen, 11, Louisa Mills, 6 & Caroline Mills, 3 (all b (OH)) [prob m2]

4F   MARY, b 1 Jul 1822 or 1823 (OH) "27 in 1850," poss brother Isaiah Mills 29 in 1850, L 1850 (Ludlow Twp., Washington Co., OH), 1880 - widowed (57 & living with son James M. Adams in Ritchie Co., WV), d 31 Dec 1913 (Goose Creek, Ritchie Co., WV) "lived 92 yrs," bur (Ingram Ridge Cem., Pleasants Co., WV)]; m SETH ADAMS

5F   LUCULIA, b ca 1828 (OH); m ISAAC ADAMS [b ca 1826 (OH)], son Isaiah Mills Adams, b ca 1849 (OH)

[Note: This was formulated from the following emails, data and what we know about Mary & Isaiah Mills.]

1. Jaquita Trogden, email, 10 July 2002. "I found a marriage for Mary Ann Mills Belmont Co., married a Robert Hicks on June 6, 1833."

2. Jaquita Trogden, email 15 July 2002. "Robert Mills married 1812 "Patience Short" and then 1816 "Patence Shaw", both in Barnsville, OH."


Subj:   Robert Mills, father of Mary Mills Adams?

Date:   Monday, June 3, 2002 3:46:02 AM

From: (Jaquita)

   I just went threw the Belmont Co. census and looked at all of the Mills, it was the 1840 census, there were 4 Mills familles, and of those 4 only one fit, and it was the Robert Mills family, they only list the mans name and not the wife or children in the 1830 and 1840 census. Robert was the only person with a daughter that would be Mary Mills [Adams, b ca 1822; wife of Seth Adams] age which would have been 17 in 1840. I don't think she had married yet, because Harvey Holland was born 1844, and as far as I know he was the oldest. The 1840 census gave no other information other than the ages of the people living in the household.

   I looked in the Ohio Marriages and I found a Robert Mills married to a Patience Shorts on March 12, 1812, Belmont Co., Ohio ( what do you think could it be Mary's parents??)

   Then only other marriages that it shows are all for Robert Mills, but the dates are too far off, one is 1837 and the other is 1849, those are Roberts in Belmont co. and then there is a Robert Mills in Richland co but the date of that marriage is 1858.

   So unless they married in some other county, I say we probably have Mary's parents. [In 1850, Robert Mills was 65, a Saddler and from MD; Patience was 56 and from DE.]

* * *

Subj:   Re: Mills family

Date:   Monday, July 8, 2002 4:06:33 PM

From:   HILTI

To:   Bobadleman

I just looked at the web site and I noticed that you were able to make out the spelling of some peoples names better than I did. Did you see on those census, the 1850 census, had a Isaac Adams 24, and it looks like Luculia Adams 22 & their son Isaiah Mills Adams 1. I bet this is a sister to Mary Mills and to Isaiah Mills. It looks like Luculia named her son after her brother. What do you think the spelling of her name might really be, I can't really tell for sure.





   "MILLS, THOMAS: Service -- Virginia; Va. No. 16808, No. S.16200

Born in 1765 on Elk River, Maryland; moved to Ohio County, Virginia, resided in Tyler County, Virginia, in 1833; moved to Monroe County, Ohio, in 1834. Volunteered in 1781 with Captain Silas Zane's company and served from may until October when it was disbanded. In May, 1782, again volunteered with Captain Zane and was wounded four miles from Wheeling by Indians by eight bullets. After his recovery, he volunteered against the Indians in 1791 yunder Joseph Biggs, commander of the Kirkwood Blockhouse, and was out again in 1793 under Captain McMahon. Received pension in 1833 in Ohio or Tyler County, Supporting data filed by Noah Zane, George Dully, and Abraham McColloch."

   "MILLS, JOHN (Lieutenant): Service -- Virginia; Va. No. 1936, No. W.5378 and B. L. Wt. 1512

   Private, Thirteenth Virginia, February 2, 1778; regiment designated Ninth Virginia, September 14, 1778; ensign, August 6, 1779; transferred to Seventh Virginia, February 12, 1781; second lieutenant, May 26, 1781. Servied to January 1, 1783.

   September 13, 1785, Ohio County, Virginia, was married to RUTH SHEPHERD, daughter of Colonel David Shepherd. Among those witnessing the ceremony were General Benjamin Biggs, James Mitchell, John McIntire, William Boggs, David Shepherd, Father; and Moses Shepherd, brother of the bride; Mary McCullock, Elizabeth McIntire, Rachel Crawford, the Rev. Richard Yates, who performed the marriage ceremony, and his wife. Much information given in statement by Mrs. Lydia S. Croger, wife of Moses Shepherd.

   Supporting data filed by John White, Solomon King, and Archibald Woods. Soldier received five years full pay under act of March 22, 183. Bounty land warrant was received for 200 acres. Soldier died,September 13, 1833 and is buried in Stone Church Cemetery, Elm Grove, Wheeling. His widow received pension certificates in 1839 and 1844."1

1. Johnston, Ross B., comp. West Virginians in the American Revolution (Clearfield Company), pg. 197. [Are either John or Thomas Mills related to Mary Mills Adams?]



(non-Military from WV)

"Mills, Hugh   -   Botetourt County

Mills, James   -   Botetourt County

Mills, John   -   Botetourt County

Mills, Mary   -   Botetourt County

Mills, Thomas-   Monongalia County"1

1. Reddy, Anne Waller, comp. West Virginia Revolutionary Ancestors- whose service were non-miliatry and whose names, therefore, do not appear in Revolutionary indexes of soldiers and sailors., 1930, pg. 54-55.

1850 Ludlow Twp., Washington Co., OH1

Isaiah Mills, 29 M, Farmer, 400 OH

Nancy Mills, 29, F, OH

Matilda Allen, 11, F OH

Louisa Mills, 6, F, OH

Caroline Mills, 3, F, OH


Robert Mills, 65, M, Saddler, 7,000, MD

Patience, 56, F, Del

Mary A. Hicky, 35 F, OH (could this be a Mills daughter? Married Robert Hicks 6 June 1833 Belmont Co., OH)

Lorenzo Hicky, 33, M, OH

William Hicky, 37 M, OH

Sarah Hicky, 36 F, OH (could this be a Mills daughter?)

Charlotte Hicky, 22 F, OH

Louisa Hicky, 17, F, OH

Ezekiel Hicky, 20 M, OH

Martha Hicky, 15 F, OH

Robert Hicky, 13 M, OH

John Hicky, 12, M, OH

Amanda J. Hicky 13, F, OH

Mary E. Hickyt 11, F, OH

1860 York Twp., Belmont Co., OH2

John Mills, 65, M, laborer, OH

Eliza Mills, 60, F, OH

John Mills 25, M, laborer, OH

David Mills 24, M, laborer, OH

Samuel Mills 20, M, laborer, OH

John Mills 18, M, laborer, OH

Alfred Mills 7, M, OH

Drusilla Mills 2, F, OH

Frank Mills 1, M, OH

1. Jaquita Trogden, email, 4 July 2002 "I also noticed that Isaac Adams and wife, it looks like Luculia, had a 1 year old son named Isaiah Mills Adams. Is Luculia a sister to Isaiah and Mary?"]

[Gerald Bills had previous speculated that Isaiah Mills was a brother to Mary Mills who married Seth Adams.]

2. Jan Slater, email 13 May 2002



During the 1940-50's in Riverside, Riverside Co., CA, there was a family that was very close to Josie (Adams) Addleman and her son, Paul Addleman and his family. This was LESTER & DOROTHY WEST and their three children: unknown, Ruth Jane and Sandy. They were reported to have been cousins from either Ohio or West Virginia. We lost track of them after Josie passed away. We later did not know which cousin connection they might have been. Possibly it was Adams, Mullinex or ??

1850 Ludlow Twp., Washington Co., OH

William West, ??, M, Farmer, VA

Margaret West, 65, F, VA

William West, 20, Farmer, OH

(The Delong family is also recorded with the West family.)

[Note: Jaquita Trogden, email, 4 July 2002]



Date:   Sunday, July 7, 2002 8:44:37 PM



I noticed on this census there was a Law family. George W. Adams 1832/1916 married Elizabeth Flanagan 1834/1915. She was the daughter of John and Harrietta Law Flanagan. Cousins?


1850 Ludlow Twp., Washington Co., OH

MATHEW LAW, 30, M, Farmer, OH




SAMUEL ... LAW, 3, M, OH

JESSIE LAW, 21, M, Farmer, OH


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