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Adams before John Adams (1765) NJ

1. Immigrants (from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany)

a. Immigranted to MA (1650 - 1757)

b. Parents immigrated 1757-65 (Philadelphia)

(1) John was later born in NJ

c. Immigrated first to Caribbean and 2nd to America

(1) John was later born in NJ

d. Immigration Ports

(1) MA, VA, Philadelphia, NC, NY or Islands

2. Indirect line-of-Descent from President John Q. Adams

a. Nieces, nephews, cousins

3. First-born

a. Parents died

(1) Accident, murdered (war or Indians), illness or mother in childbirth

4. Not first-born

a. Second, middle or even younger (no inheiritance)

b. Enlisted in Wars (Militia, Indian or Rev. War)

5. John raised by another Family

a. Parents died

6. Migrations

a. From MA to CT to NJ

b. From Philadelphia to NJ or NY or eastern PA

7. Family divided in Migrations

a. South to NC some remained in NY or NJ

8. Family History Similar but not True

Maybe you can give me a few pointers on where to look for my John Adams (1765) line that migrated from: (unknown county) NJ, Belmont Co., OH, Washington Co., OH &WV.

JOHN ADAMS, b 1765 NJ* (1850 U.S. Census), Military: Rev. War soldier “a noted hunter” & probably a Colonial Indian Fighter who served with Gen. Anthony Wayne (with 3,000 men) at ‘Fallen Timbers’, Aug., 20, 1795 the final battle of Northwest Indian War (1785-1795) and Lived ca 1797 Captina Creek, Goshen Twp., Belmont Co., OH) migrated to VA/Goshen, Belmont Co., OH ca 1797; first married unknown or Mary Dyer; second marriage Mary Ann Marsh 23 Feb 1802 (Jefferson Co., OH) and had seven childen:

1f unknown
2F Elizabeth; m William Murray 1822
3F Sarah, b (Belmont Co., OH); m William Snively 1820
4M George b 23 March 1798 (VA)
5F Catherine b q2 Mar 1807, d 1885 (Washington Co., OH); m Jacob Skinner 1823
6M Henry b 1808, d 1860/70 (Perry Twp., Monroe Co., OH); m Elizabeth Way
7M John A., Jr. b 25 Mar 1813 or 1819; m Matilda Powell

1. Was his father an immigrant from overseas or an existing American Adams?
2. Where were his parents and/or other siblings?
3. *His ‘birth state’ was reported to be Virginia in early censuses and but finally in 1850 it was changed to New Jersey. (Did he say VA to strengthen his ‘squatters claim’ to early Ohio land (Mason-Dixon Line) but later told the truth in 1850?)
4. The county in New Jersey is unknown.

References: Caldwell’s History of Belmont County notes his early arrival in Goshen Twp., Belmont Co., Ohio and having served with Gen. Wayne at Fallen Timbers (pg. 410). Also in the Diary of Nehemian Wright, it refers to “John Adams who lived on the bend of Captina Creek on the SW corner of the SE quarter of Sec 1, Twp 7 Range 5.”

Note: The above research was originally from Ed Adams. Email, 3 Sept 2002.

Bob Addleman

April 13, 2011

"Interested in your Adams line.  My husband's Adams line was from NJ.  The area is Morris and Hunterdon Co, NJ.  A family bible reflects line as William, Paul Sr, Paul Jr.  My research is to hopefully find more information on William Adams and origin of the family before USA.
Although Conrad is not in our records, the 1700's are not complete. . . .I'm looking for Adams that were in Hunterdon Co, NJ.  I'm looking for a Nathaniel Adams born sometime in the early 1700's.  I know for sure of 3 children he had but not much else.  Do you or anyone you know have anything on Nathaniel?  I'm trying to connect him w/a David that was born abt 1761 in NC.  Thanks"


April 14, 2011

"I see posts looking for NJ Adams.  I am looking for the family of Susanna
Adams b. 1799 in NJ
.  She married Jonathan Pullen b. 1791 in NJ.  They lived
in Nottingham near Mercerville, NJ in the 1840's, then moved to Trenton,
Mercer, NJ.  I have not been able to connect Susanna to any Adams family,
and also her husband Jonathan's Pullen family.  I have descendent
information.  Susanna and Jonathan had four children that I know of:
Theodore, Lewis C, Louisa A, and Edward S (my ggrandfather)"

Hello Cousins!

I just checked family tree DNA and found that you all match my uncle’s 12 marker – genetic dist. 1. I had 1 match of Adams in the past year so I was delighted to see more of you appear. I do not know if you have got all your results yet on the Y25, Y37, or Y67 matches or if you did your testing due to a group effort; but I could use some input if you have it.

Are any of you related to the Adams that came from Scotland and ended up in New York? They then went to Michigan and Illinois. I know this is vague but here is my info: My gr grandfather was Charles E. Adams was born in IL in April 1858. He had 1 sister Clara – who ended up in Michigan and married a John Searl or John Sears; and 1 brother Bert (could be short for a longer name). His parents were from New York originally - so figure maybe born around 1820 or so. It was a common knowledge the family came from Scotland (probably after had been in Ireland). The last generation did not provide the city in Scotland before they passed away in Iowa. I have been stuck on my brick wall for 20 years now and if any of this information sounds like it fits in your family tree - please let me know?

I have signed my uncle up in the projects of: Adams, McCain, Scottish-Clans, and Ulster. If you have not signed up – you may want to – to see where you fit.
I appreciate talking to you all. Have a great day!

Sincerely, Raejean

Hi, I am actually a cousin-in-law as I married into the Adams Family in 1983. The DNA samples we submitted came from our sons. We have traced our tree back to Scotland and here is some of the information I have:

Forrest Adams, living, 1959 Virginia (husband)
Earl Adams, Living, 1927 in Minn Elaine Webber (father of Forrest)
Vernon Adams 1879-1960 Minn Elsie Eggestein (grandfather)
George Adams, 1847-1912, NY Sara Ellen Clark (GGrandfather)
Erastus Adams, 1816 -1895 Conn Celestia Randall (GGGrandfather)
William Adams, 1790-1868 Kentucky Rhoda (GGGGrandfather)
Abel Adams, 1740-1821, Conn Elizabeth Summers, (GGGGGrandfather)
Jonathon Adams, 1702-1761, RI Elizabeth Dunbar (GGGGGGrandfather)
James Adams, 1668-1741 MASS Honor Hall (GGGGGGGrandfather)
James Adams, 1640-1707 MASS Patricia Ramsdell (GGGGGGGGrandfather)

This is as far back as I have with me. I do know that the original Adams came over on a prisioner ship from scotland and worked at an iron factory near Boston. Don't remember much else off the top of my head, but if this helps anyone, I would be happy to share.

Adams Law Firm

1 May 2002

Two John Adams Marriages?

I think John Adams(1) was married twice.

First to Mary Dyer: I think they had three children.

  Elizabeth m.Thomas Grissell

  Sarah m.William Snively

  George (b. 23 May 1798)m.Abigail Ward

Second to Mary Ann Marsh on 23 Feb 1802 in Jefferson Co Ohio. I think they had three children:

  Catherine b. 12 Mar 1807 m. Jacob Skinner

  Henry b.1808 m. Elizabeth Way

  John b. 1812/13 m. Matilda Powell

Have you found anything along these lines in your research??

Ed Adams -

Children Born Location Mother Father Lived Theoretical
m1: Mary Dyer
John Adams 1765 NJ-VA. NJ, PA, VA, MD
Belmont Co., OH
Belmont Co., OH (1797?)
Belmont Co.,OH
prob. OH
m2: Mary Ann Marsh, b 1768 VA
m 1802 Jefferson Co, OH Belmont Co., OH
John A.
d 1853 Monroe Co., OH

June 6, 2009

We have never found out which city or county in New Jersey was the location where our John Adams was born?

Recently, Adams were described in "Middletown Monmouth County NJ,plus theres at least 23 other names in this book." This was from "[ADAMS] Found Script Written Ledeger from early 1800s." in the above referenced location.

This was from the Message Board Post of




   THEORY-1: Did the ancestors of John Adams (1765), who was born in Virginia or New Jersey, originate from   ENGLAND or GERMANY?

   THEORY-2: If the immigrant Adam (s) ancestor arrived in America between 1725 - 1760, he was   probably from Germany; otherwise, he was probably from England.

So far, we have not been able to prove either nationality. The table below shows possible Adams immigrants.

 Send in your Adams immigrant research to be included with those below to Bob Addleman (

Name From Ship / Date To
Adams, Nicholas, 21 Rotterdam William & Sarah Philadelphia
    21 Sept 1727
Adam, Martin Rotterday, Deal England Snow Betsie Philadelphia
    27 Aug 1739
Adam, Yohanes, 27 probably Rotterdam Loyal Judith Philadelphia
    25 Nov 1740
    Capt. Lovell Paynter
Adam, Anthony, 26 prob Rotterdam Snow Molly Philadelphia
    26 Oct 1741
Adam, Henry, 36 prob Rotterdam Europa Philadelphia
    20 Nov 1741
Adams, John & wife Lennox, England ISTG Merry Jacks Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mariner   June 1749
Adam, Hans Jacob Schlaitforf Richard & Mary Philadelphia, PA
with dau Anna Barbara   17 Sept 1753 (Jacob Adam, 330 a.
Kuhn & husband     Berks Co., 15 Nov 76;
Johannes Kuhn & 3 ch.     Jacob Adam, single,
      Fallowfield Twp.,
      Wash., Co., PA)
Adam, Johann Jacob* Schlaitdorf Richard & Mary Philadelphia, PA
wife Anna Kummerlin Dornach 30 Sept 1754
Anna Magdlena (1743),    
Margaretha (1745),    
Maria (1747),    
Barbara (1750),    

Note-1: The above table was extracted from Pennsylvania German Immigrants (1709-1786), edited by Don Yoder and

Note-2: "Johannes Kuhn, farmer, and Anna Barbara, daughter of Hanw Jacob Adam, the village watchman, went to Pennsylvania 1753, went to Pennsylvania with her old father and three children."

Note-3: Hans Jacob Adam of Schlaitdorf is listed with Johann Caspar Gajer (Geyer, Gayer) on Richard & Mary in 1753. Casper is listed in: Philadelphia - 1769; Cumberland Co., PA - 1770 and Westmoreland Co., PA - 1785.

* Could JOHN ADAMS (1765), born in Virginia, be a son of JACOB & ANNA ADAM who immigrated in 1754?




   THEORY: John Adams (1765) probably lived in eastern Virginia before migrating to Belmont Co., Ohio.

1765 VA - John-1 1763 MD <1705 England
1798 VA - George-2 1800 MD 1726 MD (immig)
    1730-1810 MD An.Ar
1808 York twp Belmont Co., OH 1802 Belmont Co., OH 1815 Guernsey Co., OH
1823 - Seth-3 Bel. Co., OH 1852 Wash. Co., OH
1844 - Harvey H-4 Mon. Co.OH 1861 Monroe Co., OH
1888 Monroe Co., OH  
1900 Ritchie/Pleasants Co., WV   1903 Ritchie Co., WV
Macksburg & Wingett Run  
Ludlow Township   Ludlow Township
Washington Co., OH   Washington Co., OH

This abbreviated table may assist us to visualize the migrations of these three allied families. It should be noted that several families migrated into nearby (across the Ohio River) Ritchie Co., West Virginia to work in the oil fields. Eventually, some returned to Ludlow Twp., Washington County, Ohio. [It appears that George Adams two sons lived near each other: Brother Seth Adams' line was in Macksburg and brother Isaac Adams' line was in Wingett Run.]




Saturday, May 18, 2002 8:05:51 PM

   It has been a while since I have researched the Adams and Ward families. A diary that was recently found was dictated by Elijah Perkins. Elijah was born on November 17th, 1794. This was a man who actually knew Seth Ward, the father of George Adams' wife Abigail Ward. He mentions Seth Ward several times in his diary.

1.   In this diary he mentions that Timothy and Aaron Ward were half-brothers to Seth. So, we now know that Seth's father was married twice as all carry the name of Ward.

   My wife Jennifer and I went over today to where Seth Ward had his farm in Belmont County, Ohio to try and locate his gravestone. With all of the rain that we have had lately, it was impossible to do the kind of looking that we wanted to.

   After reading around on the site again, I noticed two things that caught my attention. I prefer to ask questions openly, rather than to the individual. That way the answers can be shared by all who have an interest. So here are a couple.

2.   It was mentioned by Ed Adams that he believed that John Adams was married first to Mary Dyer. Ed, could you please tell what you base this belief on? I hope that this is true, as this would open new doors to researching this Adams line.

3.   Also, Moses Ward is thought to be the father of our ancestor Seth Ward (born about 1763). Where does this information come from?

Mike Hall,


1 June 2002

Jaquita Trogdon ( emailed the following:

In the 1920 U.S. Census of Ludlow Twp., Washington County, Ohio, where does JOHN Q. ADAMS (ca 1877) fit in?

Adams, John Q.   w, m 53 in 1920, Ludlow Twp   OH

Oriola   w, f, 45   (all born in OH)

Harry   w, m 12

Beady   w, m 9

Howard   w, m 5





21 Aug 2002 from Gerald Bills ( to Bob Addleman (

Subject: Adams in Ingram Ridge Cemetery (Pleasants Co., WV)

"John W. Adams (8/21/84 - 9/20/1966) s/o Cornelius Adams and Nancy Hendrickson per Ruttencutter funeral Home Records. M. Della Adams (3/4/1891 - 6/7/1970) w/o John W. Myrtle Della (Dennis) Adams d/o of Stephen Dennis and Hanna Blair. Cornelius Adams 24 and Margaret A. Hendrickson. 21 married 27 July 1887 in Washington County, O. Cornelius Adams was the son of Moses Adams per death records. You will find this family in the census reports of Newport Township, Washington County Ohio."

"Discussion: Since this family lived in Washington Co., OH and are buried in the same cemetery in Ingram Ridge, Pleasants Co., WV, as are some of Seth Adams descendants,it is reasonable to assume that they are somehow related to our Adams branch.

From the above paragraph sent by Gerald Bills, we have: John W. Adams (1884-1966), s/o Cornelius Adams & s/o Moses Adams. The only person we have with the name "Moses" was Moses Ward, an allied family ancestor.

As Seth Adams (1823-1874) was obviously named for his maternal grandfather, Seth Ward (his oldest brother was named for his paternal grandfather John Adams), it is reasonable to assume that somehow the two lines influenced each others naming patterns. Reference the Wards in Item-4 above and the Ward allied family data.

We still don't know the Adams ancestor of John W. Adams (1884) or how he came into the picture. We can estimate (20 yrs=generation) that Cornelius Adams, his father, was born ca 1864 and that Moses Adams, his grandfather, was born ca 1844. That would place Moses Adams as having been born about one generation after Seth Adams (1823).

Was "Moses" a second name that we don't know about and one of Seth's sons? Is he a cousin? We still need more info on this."

Note: The above was emailed by Nikki Adams (, 21 Jan 2008.

Subject: Re: Moses Adams genealogy

Date: January 21, 2008

Email from Nikki Adams <>:

I found your website regarding the Adams' family genealogy.  I have info regarding your mystery Moses Adams.  His line is my husbands direct line. I would love to hear from you. I hope that we can find info that fits our lines together.  If you need more info, I will try to help. Thanks for responding!!
Nikki from WV"

"Cornelius was born July 11, 1858.  His father was Moses Adams b. 1820-1821 in PA and died in 1897.  This Moses had two wives and at least 10 children.  If my Moses birth dates are correct, perhaps he is a brother to your Seth?
Moses had another son, Moses Kent Adams aka "Kent Lumus Adams"  this is my husband's great grandfather. Moses Kent was born in 1873 in Newport, Washington Co, OH.  We don't have much on the father, Moses.
Moses, b 1820-1 (PA), d 1897, bur Ingram Ridge Cem (Pleasants Co., WV); m1 Sarah J. , m2 Susan, children:

M1. Alcinius Adams [from m1]
M2. Albert Adams
F3. Almeda Adams
M4. Levi Adams
M5. Charles Adams
M6. Cornelius Adams, b 11 Jul 1858
F7. Wilma Jean Adams
F8. Sarah Adams
M9. Moses Kent Adams, b 1873 (Newport, Wash. Co., OH [from m2]
F2. Sylvania Adams

(From the above we have in Ingram Ridge Cemetery (Pleasants Co., WV):

MOSES ADAMS, b 1820-1 (PA), d 1897; m1 SARAH J., m2 SUSAN

1M .Alcinius Adams [from m1]
2M .Albert Adams
3F .Almeda Adams
4M.Levi Adams
5M.Charles Adams
6M.Cornelius Adams, b 11 Jul 1858
7F. Wilma Jean Adams
8F .Sarah Adams
9M Moses Kent Adams aka (Kent Lumus Adams), b 1873 (Newport, Wash. Co., OH) [from m2]
10F .Sylvania Adams

CORNELIUS ADAMS, b 11 Jul 1858 (24); m NANCY HENDRICKSON (21) married 27 July 1887 (Washington Co., OH) [census reports of Newport Township, Washington County Ohio], children:


JOHN W. ADAMS, b 21 Aug 1884 [per Ruttencutter funeral Home Records]; m M. Della (DENNIS)Adams (3/4/1891 - 6/7/1970), d/o of Stephen Dennis and Hanna Blair

Note: Research from Gerald Bills <>& Nikki Adams.<>.





   THEORY: Is the family of Isaac, Delilah Adams, et al., related to the John Adams family of Virginia and   Ohio?

ISAAC ADAMS, b ca 1810 (40 in 1850/58 in 1870), poss Mulatto, L 1850 (Marshall Co., VA), 1870 (Alleppo Twp., Greene Co., PA); m DELILAH (poss DANES/ DAINS/ DEANS?) [b ca 1814, (36 in 1850/65 in 1870), d 5 May 1877], children: (1850, 1870 U.S. Census) [RESEARCH:]

1F   ELIZABETH A., 16 in 1850 (PA)

2F   MELINDA, 14 in 1850 (PA)

3M   WILLIAM, 12 in 1850 (PA)

4M   THOMAS, 10 in 1850 (PA)

5M   JAMES, 8 in 1850 (PA)

6M   HARRISON, 6 in 1850 (PA), 24 in 1870

7M   URIAH, 4 in 1850 (PA), 22 in 1870

8M   JOHN Q., 2 in 1850 (VA)

9M   DANIEL, 9 in 1860, 25/28 in 1870 (PA)

Note: Provided by Geneva Moore Kinneer & Jan Slater. "All but Delilah were listed as mulatto in PA."


Daniel Adams DANIEL ADAMS1, b 1851 (York Twp., Belmont Co., OH),poss son of ISAAC ADAMS (1825, Bethel Twp., Monroe Co., OH), "went west during Gold Rush & no further data; m MARTHA JACKSON 18 Oct 1877 (Belmont Co., OH), children: [RESEARCH:,]





1.   Britton, Faith, email 11 June 2001. "Is it possible that Daniel's father, Isaac, was the son of George Adams? Margaret Elsie's grandson lives near Beallsvile where mny of your Adams were from." Faith sent the picture of Daniel..

[Note: We need to clarify how Daniel Adams is related.]


Three States in 1850 1850 Marshall County Va (now WV just next door to Greene Co. PA)

District 33

1252 1258

Isaac Adams 40 M laborer PA

Delilah Adams 36 F PA cannot read/write

Eliza A. Adams 16 F PA in school

Melinda Adams 14 F PA in school

William Adams 12 M PA in school

Thomas Adams 10 M PA in school

James Adams 8 M PA in school

Harrison Adams 6 M PA

Uriah Adams 4 M PA

John Q. Adams 2/12 M VA

1860 Belmont County OH, York Township

Powhatten Point Post Office

311 395

Isaac Adams 48 M Farmer real estate-none, personal estate $175, Penna

Delina Adams 55 F Penna

William Adams 19 M Farmer Ohio

Thomas Adams 17 M Farmer Ohio in school

James Adams 16 M Ohio Farmer Ohio in school

Harrison Adams 13 M Ohio in school

Uriah Adams 11 M Ohio in school

Daniel 9 M Ohio in school

1870 Greene County PA Aleppo Twp

58 58

Isaac Adams 58 M M Laborer 500 Penna

Delila 65 F W Keeping house Penna

Daniel (28 or 25 - hard to read) M M Penna

59 59

Uriah Adams 22 M M Laborer 300 Penna

Mary Adams 85 F M Keeping House Penna

John Adams 7/12 M M

1870 Greene County PA Center Twp

237 237

Francis B. Adams 44 M M Farmer 600 200 Penna

Hannah Adams 38 F M Keeping House Penna

Margaret Adams 16 F M Penna

Mary Arabell Adams 7 F M Penna

Emma Adams 4 F M Penna

Elyssis Adams 2 M M Penna

Harrison Adams 24 M M Virginia

Also for 1880 - this may be the same Harrison?

1880 Belmont County, Mead Township

141 155

Adams, Harrison W M 34 Farmer WV Penna Penna

Adams, Nancy Jane W F 32 Wife Keeping House Ohio Ohio Ohio

Adams, Theodore W M 11 Son attended school Ohio WV Ohio

Adams, George W. W M 1 Son Ohio WV Ohio

Adams, Mary W F 10 (no relationship given) Penna WV WV

And 1880 here is Daniel w/Isaac

1880 Belmont County OH, York Township

3 3

Adams, Daniel W M 29 Farm laborer Cannot Read/Write WV PA VA

Adams, Martha W F 25 wife keeping house Cannot Write Ohio VA Ohio

Adams, Jane W F 1 daughter Ohio WV Ohio

Adams, Christiana W F 1/12 Arpil daughter Ohio WV Ohio

Adams, Isaac Mu M 68 Boards widowed laborer "consuption" PA PA VA

And Thomas

1880 Belmont County OH York Township

13 13

Adams, Thomas W M 39 Laborer PA blank blank

Adams, Sarah W F 39 wife keeping house cannot write Ohio blank blank

Adams, Delila W F 16 daughter at home cannot write Ohio PA Ohio

Adams, John W M 15 son laborer cannot write Ohio PA Ohio

Adams, Elizabeth W F 14 daughter at home Ohio PA Ohio

Adams, Isaac W M 12 son at home cannot write Ohio PA Ohio

Adams, Belinda W F 10 daughter Ohio PA Ohio

Adams, Louisa W F 8 daughter Ohio PA Ohio

Adams, Emeline W F 3 daughter Ohio PA Ohio


(Emails & Research)

Here is what I [Jan Slater -] have pieced together on this family and I believe they are related to my ADAMS family of Greene Co. PA in part because all but Delilah are listed as mulatto in Greene County and Isaac is listed as mulatto in 1880 in Daniel's home - not surprising that he is listed as a boarder since the rest of the family are passing as white.

   Harrison Adams is living in the Francis B. Adams houshold in 1870 in Greene Co. PA - the wife of Francis Adams is believed to be Mariah Hannah Wilson, daughter of my Jacob Wilson of Greene County PA. Mariah's sister, Jacob's daughter Malinda Wilson was my GGgrandmother married to William H. ADAMS of Greene County PA. This Francis Adams & family is in Marshall County WV in 1880 and later moved to Calhoun County WV.

   Below are 1850, 1860 & 1870 & 1880 of what I have found so far - all from Ancestry Images or the Greene County PA online images for Isaac & Delilah & their family.

   I am going back sometime to look at more of the 1860 1870 and 1880 Belmont census pages to see who is living in the ADAMS home in 1870 since the neighors are similar in 1860 and 1880 - maybe some inlaws or other relatives.


Possible marriage record of Isaac & Delilah

Isaac (spelled Isacc) Adams - Dailla Danes - Ohio Co - June 11, 1835

Records of Marriages solemnized by Isaac Mayes, Justice of the Peace, Washington County, Pa., 1811 - 1845


   There is also a Greene County PA newspaper record there is a newspaper record in 1837 of an Isaac Adams that broke jail in Waynesburg (Greene County) - he was being held on kidnapping charges - the article said he was about 20 years old - a "bright mulatto" and he escaped with another man of similar age by the name of John Dean. Another Greene County researcher tells me there are/were DAINS in Greene County. If this is the same Isaac Adams (I think it probably is) there is a possibility that the kidnapping charge had something to do with his white wife.

   There is record about Greene County of a signed petition in 1830 to the State of Pennsylvania asking to outlaw interracial marriages. The reference is found in "Woodson's Free Negro Heads of Families in the 1830 Census for Greene County Pennsylvania". That 1830 petition coincides nicely with another ADAMS (of color that later passed for white) family that left Greene Co. PA for Muskingum Co. OH in 1834 - Abraham Adams shows up in Greene Co. 1830 and in Land Patent records for Muskingum Co. in 1834 - his line married back into the Greene County PA line. I would love to see a copy of the actual petition as it might well be useful in determining the maiden names of some of the white wives in my lines.

   There is a lot to digest here I know, I went back to some old information and checked it on the census pages at Ancestry. It has taken me a few hours but I think that most of this information is correct and that this family is related to my lines in Greene County, PA.

Jan Slater

13 May 2002


  I hope that what I put together makes sense - it really does appear that this Isaac is the same person in all of those census years.

   I wish I could hazzard a guess but I am not sure yet who their parents are. I don't know if I should assume that the Mary listed in Isaac's household in 1870 is his mother or not - I am looking but have not yet found a Mary Adams to fit her age description in another household in 1850 or 1860 - of course so many people went by their first name one place and their middle name another. I will look more at the Greene County Adams families in early census years to see where this Isaac might fit in. I believe he is NOT a son of Abraham Adams as I have some estate information and he is not listed as an heir - other than that I don't have many clues so far.

   I am going to look more at the Danes/Dains in Western PA based on the marriage record and the fact that there are still Dains living in Greene County PA per another researcher who is looking at the information on all persons of color in the area. I will also check my files to see who else has inquired about this family - I know that Candace Church believes she is descended from Francis Adams who has Harrison in his household in 1870 - I will forward all of this to her as well.

   Tell me what you think about the MILLS family living next to Isaac in 1860 Belmont Co. OH - could this John Mills be related to Mary Mills Adams?

Jan (13 May 2002)


Subject: Moses Adams Brick Wall
Date: February 14, 2009

"It has been quite some time since I last contacted you but my browser brings up your pages when I search for Moses Adams.

In Greene County, PA there is a Moses Adams born about 1818 on the List of Poor Children Schooled by the County for 1825 and 1826.  The parent is Mary Adams. Other children of Mary Adams are Isaac with no age shown and John born about 1814. 

In the 1820 census Mary Adams is listed with 3 male children under the age of 10, 1 age 14 -26 and 1 female age 26-45.  Mary could be the widow of Isaac Adams who appears in the 1810 census of Greene County PA.

In 1830 Maryanne Adams is listed as 1 female between the ages of 40 -50, with 3 male children between 14 and 26, 1 female under the age of 10 and 1 female between 10 and 24. 

The List of Poor Children does not designate race. 
In 1810 Isaac Adams family is listed as white.
In 1820 Mary Adams is listed as Free Colored.
1830 Maryanne Adams is a white woman with Free Colored children. 

The Adams family of Greene County, PA is notorious for changing colors in the census and when the families left the area they most often were listed as white in the census.  This is a family that appears to have easily crossed the color line and is often passed over by researchers because we had no idea that our ancestors were anything other than Caucasian.

I don't know if this is the same Moses Adams of the "Brick Wall" but he might just be.

Jan Slater"(}

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