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JONATHON MULLIONEAUX/MULLINIX, b bef 1705 (England), immig 10 Jun 1726 (Newgate, England) on Capt. John Wheaton's Loyal Margrett to Maryland, L 1751 (Elk Ridge, MD) & 1765 (AnAr., MD), 5 Feb 1777 Oath of fidelity (AnAr. Co., MD), d bef 1790 (AnAr. Co., MD); m REBECCA HASLIP abt 1730 (AnAr. Co., MD) [b 29 Jan 1709/10 (St James Parish, AnAr. Co., MD), d (AnAr. Co., MD)], children: [RESEARCH:]

1M   HENRY, b abt 1731 (AnAr. Co., MD)

2M   JONATHAN II, b abt 1733 (AnAr. Co., MD), d abt 1800 (Aaron Hill, Rand Co., NC); m SUSANNAH abt 1770 (AnAr. Co., MD)

3M   THOMAS, b abt 1735 (AnAr. Co., MD)

4M   WILLIAM, b abt 1737 (AnAr. Co., MD), d aft 1830 (Fred Co., MD)

5M   CHARLES, b abt 1739

6F   REBECCA, b abt 1741 (AnAr. Co., MD)

[Note: Most of this data was presented by Ernest Abicht, with parts researched by Hugh Jenkins of New Jersey & Kenneth Mulinex Day (deceased). It has been supplemented with data from various other descendants.]


THOMAS MULLINIX, b abt 1735 (AnAr. Co., MD), d bef 25 Jun 1810 (Fred Co., MD); m ELIZABETH abt 1760 (Frederick Co., MD) [b bef 1740, d Aug 1819 (Fred Co., MD), children:

1M   ROBERT, b bef 1761 (AnAr. Co., MD)

2M   CHARLES, b abt 1763 (AnAr. Co., MD), d 13 May 1836 (AnAr. Co., MD); m1 ELIZABETH CRAMLETT 24 Dec 1800; m2 ELIZABETH SHIPLEY

3M   THOMAS, b abt 1764 (AnAr. Co., MD), d bef 12 May 1846 (Howard Co., MD); m SUSANNA BROWN 6 Dec 1860 (Baltimore Co., MD)

4F   NANCY., b abt 1765 (Fred Co., MD), d 1833; m JOSEPH WEST 3 Nov 1789 (Frederick, Fred Co., MD)

5F   REBECCA, b abt 1767 (AnAr. Co., MD), d 1833 (AnAr. Co., MD); m JOSEPH MOLESWORTH abt 1767 (AnAr. Co., MD)

6F   ARIA, b bef 1769 (Fred Co., MD), d bef 1833 (Fred Co., MD); JOHN WADE abt 1795 (Fred Co., MD)

7F   KNACKNEY?/ACHSAH?, b abt 1733 (Fred Co., MD), d aft 1833; m AMOS CHAMBERS

8F   ELLINOR, b bef 1775 (Fred Co., MD), d 1836 (Muskingum Co., OH); m HENRY CLARY 12 Jun 1802 (Fred Co., MD)

9F   ELIZABETH, b 11 Mar 1777 (Fred Co., MD), d Aug 1819 (PA); m JOHN BIDDLE 21 Jul 1797 (Fred Co., MD)


ROBERT MULLINIX, b bef 1761 (AnAr. Co., MD), d aft 1822 (Fred Co., MD); m ANN CONDON 18 Jan 1878 (Frederick, Fred Co., MD) [b aft 1775 (AnAr. Co., MD), d aft 1820 (Fred Co., MD)], children:

1M   JOHN, b abt 1788 (Fred Co., MD); m ELEANOR CONDON 7 Oct 1817 (Fred. Co., MD)

2M   THOMAS, b 8 Apr 1789 (Fred Co., MD)

3M   REZIN, b abt 1798 (Fred Co., MD); m RACHEL

4M   BASIL ROBERT, b 20 Nov 1803 (Fred Co., MD), d 3 May 1874; m1 LYDIA STEVENS 5 Nov 1825 (MD); m2 SARAH ANN ENGLAND


THOMAS MULINEX, b 8/10 Apr 1789 (Fred Co., MD), 3 Nov 1789 christened German Reformed Church (Frederick MD)1, son of Robert Mullinix (bef 1761), L (Sackett Creek, Ludlow Twp., Washington Co., OH), d 12 Nov 1852, 63y-7m-4d (Ludlow Twp., Washington Co., OH); m MARY A. SMITH 4 Feb 1817 (Guernsey Co., OH) [b 22 Sep 1799 or 23 Feb 1800 (NJ), d 7/8 Jan/Jun 1859, age 59y-3m-15d (Ludlow Twp., Washington Co., OH)], children: [from Josie (Adams) Addleman records & other, needs validation] [RESEARCH:;;;]

1M   DAVID S., b 1818 (Guernsey Co., OH)

2M   ROBERT, b 5 Jan 1820 (Guernsey Co., OH), d 7 Jan 1894 (Ludlow Twp., Washington Co., OH); m1 MARGARET BRILL 6 Dec 1842 (Guernsey Co., OH) [b 27 Dec 1813, d 1845 (Guernsey Co., OH)]; m2 NANCY BRILL 11 Nov 1845 (Guernsey Co., OH) [b 10 Dec 1808 (near Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA), d 7 Jan 1894 (Ludlow Twp., Washington Co., OH)] [RESEARCH:]

3F   CATHERINE ANN, b 25 Oct 1822 (Guernsey Co., OH), d 1 Mar 1901 (Noble Co., OH); m DAVID A. BRILL 20 Mar 1845 (Guernsey Co., OH) [b 1 Jun 1812 (near Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA)] [RESEARCH:]

4F   ELIZABETH, b 21 Jun 1824 (Guernsey Co., OH)

THOMAS MULINEX FAMILY 5M   WILLIAM, b 11 Mar 1825/27 (Guernsey Co., OH), d bef 1880 (Washington Co., OH); m HESTER SMITH 4 Sept 1871 (Washington Co., OH)

6M   THOMAS, b 21 May 1829 (Guernsey Co., OH)

7F   MARY JANE, b 21 May 1831 (Guernsey Co., OH); m1 WILLIAM H. ASHLEY 10 Jan 1856 (Washington Co., OH); m2 F. M. POWELL

8F   ELIZABETH "Betty" H., b 31 Jul 1833 (Guernsey Co., OH), d 31 Mar 1896 (Washington Co., OH); m WILLIAM SAMPLE 8 Jun 1856 (Washington Co., OH)

9F   HANNAH, b 1835 (Guernsey Co., OH)

10M   JOHN, b 11 Oct 1839 (Guernsey Co., OH), d 16 Sep 1909 (Wood Co., WV); m NANCY JANE SAMPLE 11 Nov 1860 (Washington Co., OH)

11M   ANDREW OWEN, b 1841 (Guernsey Co., OH)

12   MARGARET, b 1843 (Guernsey Co., OH), d 1921 (Wood Co., WV); m ADAM L. BOWERSOCK 23 May 1863 (Marietta, Washington Co., OH)

1. Trogdon, Jaquita. Email, 4 Sept 2002.

Note: A faded ink-written copy of the births from the David S. Mulinex family bible was saved by Josie (Adams) Addleman, as well as the above copy of the Thomas Mulinex family. Notice that this copy stopped with the 8th child, Betty H.


Tom & Elizabeth Mulinex 5M   THOMAS MULINEX, b 1829; m ELIZABETH GREGORY, d/o Joel Gregory [RESEARCH:]

6F   MARY JANE, b 5 Jul 1831

7F   BETTY H., b 31 Jul 1833

8M   ANDREW BAY, d 15 Feb 1842 [from Mulinex bible copy]



Note: There was also Jacob Gregory who married a Josephine Mulinex.


DAVID S. MULINEX, b 28 Nov 1817/18 (Guernsey Co., OH), son of Thomas & Mary (Smith) Mulinex, L (Lebanon, Monroe Co., OH , Ludlow Twp., Washington Co., OH & Germantown (old Saltpetre), Liberty Twp., Washington Co., OH)1, Occup (retail grocer), Land ("owned in Germantown and sold to son Charles"), d 1 Jul 1882 "64y-7m-2d" (Germantown, Washington Co., OH), bur Walters Cem; m MARY ANN MORGAN 11 Jun 1840 (Guernsey Co., OH) [b 14 Oct 1825 (Guernsey Co., OH), d 8 May 1885 "59y-6m-24d" (Germantown, Washington Co., OH)], children: (from family bible records) [RESEARCH:]

1M   GEORGE THOMAS, b 25 Jul 1841, d 28 Jun 1844 3y-11m-28d

2M   EVIN OWEN/(OWEN M.?) MULLENIX, 19 Feb 1844 (OH), d 11 Jan 1903 (Ritchie Co., WV); m NANCY JANE ADAMS2 (of Graysville, Monroe Co., OH) 13 May 1866 (Wingett Run, OH) [RESEARCH:]

DAVID S. MULINEX FAMILY 3F   MARGARET JANE, b 13 Nov 1846 (OH), d 5 Jun 1915 (Macksburg, Washington Co., OH), bur Shafer Church Cem; m HARVEY HOLLAND ADAMS 25 Feb 1869

4F   MARTHA ("Marthy") ELIZABETH, b 18 Jun 1849; m HENRY COON

5F   MARY ANN, b 12 Oct 1852, d 8 May 1885

6F   SARAH AMANDA, b 16 Aug 1856 (Washington Co., OH); m JAMES K. MEYERS 21 Jan 1875 (Washington Co., OH)

7M   WILLIAM JOHNSON, b 22 Nov 1858, L 1915 (Hebron, Porter Co., IN)

8M   CHARLES WESLEY, b 30 Nov 1861/62 (Washington Co., OH), L 1915 (East Sparta, Stark Co., OH),d ( Stark Co., OH); m MARGARET J. HENDERSHOT bef 1885 (of Germantown, Washington Co., OH)

9M   CHARLES OWEN, b 8 Aug 1872

10M   DELBERT, L 1915 (East Sparta, Stark Co., OH)

[Note: It is not clear whether Evin Owen Mulinex may be either one or two sons.]

1. Abicht, Ernest. Email (, 4 Sept 2002. "David S. last owned property in Germantown and was a retail grocer."

2. Oertel, Kay, Email, 29 June 2000. "Mrs. Nancy Jane Adams married my G-granddad Owen M. Mulinex/Mullenix, etc. We do not know who her 1st husband was."

Note-1: Ernest Abicht wrote: "Sorry but I have no pictures of the David Mulinex Family, Germantown, or the cemetery. However i have been to both many times. There is not much left of Germantown anymore and I doubt if the old [Walters] cemetery can be reached by automobile now. It is at least two miles off of the Saltpeter creek road. The church was torn down several years ago and there are several graves without markers if they ever had one."

Note-2: Louisa Josephine Adams Addleman saved a handwritten copy of the David S. Mulinex family in her collection. She seems to have included others on the same page, i.e., "Louisa Josephine Adams was born January 1, 1867 [died Nov. 1955]" & "Rhobirdie Camcedell Adams was born Oct the 10th 1869." Of course, the death of Josie was added by my mother, Mrs. Paul Addleman. The "MULINEX" name was repeated after each given name on the record above but I didn't record it above to save space -- Bob Addleman.


Owen Mulniex EVIN OWEN MULINEX, b 19 Feb 1844 (OH), son of David S. Mulinex, Military (Civil War: Pvt., Co. G, 78th Regt, OH Vol. Inf; enlisted 23 Nov 1861 & Honorably Discharged 1 July 1864), L 1880 (Grant District, Ritchie Co., WV), d 11 Jan 1903 (Ritchie Co., WV), age 59; m MARY /(or Nancy) JANE ADAMS "at age 21" 13 May 1866 (Wingett Run, Washington Co., OH)1 [of (Graysville, Monroe Co., OH), b 2 Mar 1845 (Monroe Co., OH), d 7 Jul 1906 (Ritchie Co., WV), her m1 SILAS BROWN, div (Spring 1864); brother of William Adams (b ca 1852 (OH), age 28 in 1880) in 1880 Ritchie Co., WV]2, children: [RESEARCH:]

1F   MINNIE B/ROSETTEA b 10 Feb 1867 (Washington Co., OH)

2M   LEONARD ALONZO "MULINIEX"3, b 20 Sep 1868 (or 20 Nov 1869) (Washington Co., OH), son Owen & Nancy Jane (Adams) Mulinex, L (1871-1915 Goose Creek, Ritchie Co., WV & >1915 Pike, Ritchie Co., WV), moved to WV at age 3, d 1960 (Ritchie Co., WV); m NANCY ALLIE BOWIE4 [b 11 Apr 1875 (OH), dau of Eli C. Bowie of Noble Co., OH (1840-1922, d (Ritchie Co., WV) & Margaret Priscilla Haines (1854-1889, d (Ritchie Co., WV), d Aug 1952] [RESEARCH:;]

3F   MATILDA JANE, b 3 Oct 1871

4M   CHARLES O., b 9 Aug 1872 (Washington Co., OH), d bef 1880 (Washington Co., OH); m poss ANNA? [L ca 1950 (Riverside, Riverside Co., CA?), had a son named CHARLES?]

5F   IDA ETTA, b 2 May 1875 (Washington Co., OH), d 1956 (Ritchie Co., WV); m ALBERT CARMICHAEL 2 Feb 1897 (Ritchie Co., WV)

6F   EPPA MAUD, b 7 Aug 1879 (Ritchie Co., WV), d 4 Nov 1893 (Ritchie Co., WV)

1. Knowlton, Vera. Email, 17 July 2000, Nancy: "From the Washington Co, Marriages - Mulinex, Owen to Adams, Nancy J. (Mrs.)"

2. Abicht, Ernest. Email, 18 July 2000, Nancy Jane Adams: "She apparently took back her maiden name after her first marriage to Silas Brown."

3. Alonzo Leonard Mulinex, aka A. L. Mulinex & Leonard Alonzo Mulinex according to Ernest Abicht at [In the 1880 Census in Ritchie Co., WV, Alonzo was listed as "L. A., WM, 10, son, OH OH OH." Also, "Wm. Adams, WM, 28, Bil'brother-in-law, farmhand OH OH OH" was living with Owen & Jane Mulinex & family.

4. Inman, Lesa. Email (, 4 Feb 2005. "Lon" (A.L.) Mulneix and his wife Allie were my great grandparents.


MINNIE B/ROSETTA, b 10 Feb 1867 (Washington Co., OH), son Owen & Mary Jane (Adams) Mulinex; m1 CALVIN BEAGLEY/BEAKLY 8 Jun 1885 (Ritchie Co., WV); m2 LOUIS DEWITT ("2nd marriage as identified in mother's will"), children:

1M   LOUIS N. DEWITT, L 1955 (Columbus, OH)

Mulinex-DeWitt Letter


Allie & Alonzo Mulneix LEONARD ALONZO "Lon" MULNEIX1/(aka A. L. Mulinex), b 20 Sep 1868 (or 20 Nov 1869) (Washington Co., OH), son Owen & Nancy Jane (Adams) Mulinex, L (1880 (Grant District, Ritchie Co., WV; 1915 Goose Creek, Ritchie Co., WV & >1915 Pike, Ritchie Co., WV), d 1960 (Ritchie Co., WV); m NANCY ALLIE/ "ALIE" NANCY BOWIE 30 Sep 1894 (Rtchie Co., WV) [b 11 Apr 1875 (Washington Co., OH), dau of Eli C. Bowie of Noble Co., OH (1840-1922, d (Ritchie Co., WV) & Margaret Priscilla Haines (1854-1889, d (Ritchie Co., WV), d Aug 1952], children: [RESEARCH:;]

1F   GERTRUDE; m SANDFORD SCATTERFIELD, children (2 sons - one, d 2001 and the other went to KS)

2M   CHARLES "Duke"


4M   TONY, b 27 Dec1895 (WV), d. Mar 1976 (Cairo, WV);2 m EMMA, [b 26 Aug 1893 (WV), d Dec 1982 (WV)]2


6F   GOLDIE, b 1903, L (Ritchie Co., WV) []

1. Inman, Lesa. Email, 28 Oct 2002 & 4 Feb 2005. "My grandfather was Leonard Alonzo "LON" Mulneix. I have recently visited the original property owned by Alonzo and Alie. I have pictures, but the old house is gone. There is a barn and an old cellar. I also have gravestone pictures. I have a certified copy of their marriage certificate as well. I also have a picture of Owen Mulneix's grave. . . . Also, you have posted a picture of A.L. Mulneix and his wife in front of their house. There's another man in the picture on the left side. On close inspection, he looks to be a man of color. Do you know who he is? He has a dark complexion. Any info you have about this man would greatly be appreciated! "

2. Social Security Death Index.

Mulinex house, WV A. L. MULINEX

On the left, an early picture from the Josie (Adams) Addleman collection.

On the right, a much later picture of the same house. A. Kay Oertel recently scanned this 1957 picture of the A. L. Mulinex house where they lived for a few years. Also the name appears to have been reversed in later years -- from "A. L. Mulinex" to "Leonard Alonzo Mulneix."


WILLIAM EARL MULNEIX1, b ca 1898, "married at age 23, of Ritchie Co., WV", L (St. Marys, WV) & (Butler Co., PA); m FRANCES C. TRAUTMAN 8 Oct 1921 by Perry J. Null (Pleasants Co., WV)2 [FRANCES, b 10 Sep 1900 (PA), L (Pleasants Co., WV), "married at age 21," d Jul 1981 (Butler, PA)2] , children: (16 kids born in (St. Marys, WV & Butler Co., PA) [RESEARCH:] (needs further research)

1M   RICHARD LEE, b 6 Jan 1925 [2nd oldest son]

2F   ADELINE, b 11 Jul 1926, d 20 Sep 1996 (Butler, PA)3

3F   ESTALLEN B., b 24 Oct 1927, d 19 Mar 1986, bur Nine-Mile Cemetery (Pleasants Co., WV)3

4M   WILLIAM FRANK, b 16 Jan 1927 (PA), d Nov 1976 (Renfrew, PA)3

5M   CECIL RAYMOND, b 27 Jul 1934 (PA), d Jul 1980 (Butler, PA)3

1. Oertel, Kay. Email 26 Nov 2000. Nancy's parents both died in Richie Co., WV -- Eli on 23 Apr 1922 & Margaret on 6 July 1889. " Terry was named after Great Uncle Sandford.... he was married to Great Aunt Gert .... Alonzo's Daughter."

2. Pleasants Co., WV website ( PLEASANTS COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA MARRIAGES, 1916-1931.

3. Social Secuity Death Index.


Kay Oertel & family RICHARD LEE MULNEIX/aka MULINEX, b 6 Jan 1925 (PA) [surname spelled "Mullinix" on birth certificate] son of William E. Mulneix, d 14 Mar 1992; m ADELINE V. VELTMAN, 11 Aug 1946 (Gibsonia, PA) [b 11 Jul 1926,dau of Andrew (from Amsterdam, Holland) & Adelen G (Schiman) Veltman, d Sep 1996, children: [RESEARCH:]

1F   SANDRA "Sandy" LEE


3F   A. KAY, L 2002 (Connoquenessing Twp., Butler Co., PA); m LARRY EUGENE OERTEL

4F   DONNA R., b 14 Aug 1953, d 29 Mar 1993

5M   TERRY SANFORD; m unknown [d Sep 1997]

6M   MITCHELL EARL, b 4 Aug 1959, d 4 Dec 1959


1. Oertel, Kay. Email, 23 Aug 2002. "Twins are born !! Autumn Katherine .... 6 lbs 12 ozs....19 inches long. ... about 7:52 PM. Austin Eugene.... 6 lbs 4 ozs..... 18 1/2 inches long..... about ."

Note-1: Kay Oertel ( emailed that her family lived in her great-grandfather Alonzo Mulinex' house (previously Owen Mulineix's) in West Virginia between 1957 and 1959. The family picture was taken 24 May 1957 with: Kay holding kitten, mother Terry Sanford, Sandy sitting (14 years old there) Richard Curt, and Donna.... She died March 29, 1993. Compare this later picture to the earlier one above.]

Note-2: This branch of theMulinex/Mulneix family is very 'nervous' about providing information on living descendants for genealogical publication.


GOLDIE MULNEIX1, b 1903, L (Ritchie Co., WV), dau of Leonard A. Mulneix, d.1982; m William Raymond SCHOFIELD ("had 7 children, including my father, Freeman at Whiskey Run, Finch, WV"). [RESEARCH:]

1M   FREEMAN, b (?) Whiskey Run (Finch, WV); m unk, children (Lesa Inman)

1. Inman, Lesa. Query: "... My Grandmother was b. 1903 and d. 1982. She had 7 children, including my father, Freeman. My grandfather was known as "Shorty" and he was an oil rig builder. Many relatives on the Schofield side are buried at Mt. Olivet Methodist cemetary, which was part of my great-grandparents' property. We have extensive research on the Schofield family, but I would like info re: Mulneix or Mulinex.


MARTHA ELIZABETH MULINEX, 18 Jun 1849, dau of David S. & Mary Ann (Morgan) Mulinex; m HENRY COON ca 1872, children:

1M   HARVEY H., b 1873

2M   CHARLEY, b 1878


Lloyd G. Meyers SARAH AMANDA MULINEX, b 16 Aug 1856, dau of David S. & Mary Ann (Morgan) Mulinex , d 1 Jul 1884 (Washington Co., OH); m JAMES K. MYERS 21 Jan 1875 ["a widower," L 1915 (Jacksonburg, Wetzel Co., WV)], children:

1F   ANNA "Annie" VICTORIA, b 9 Nov1875 (Washington Co., OH), d 1933 (Washington Co., OH), bur Paw Paw cem; m PHILIP SCHENK 3 Dec 1899

2M   WILLIAM HENRY "Harry", b 1 Sep 1877

3F   LULU M., b 9 Oct 1879; m JAMES F. SHANKLAND

4M   BENJAMIN BLAKE, b 6 Sep 1881 (Washington Co., OH); m MINNIE C. NIEB 14 Dec 1904, son: Lloyd Gerald Myers, b 24 Jun 1905, d 12 Dec 19081

5F   EMILY B., bef 1 Jul 1884, d 25 Aug 1884

Note: Both Sarah Amanda and her daughter Emily died about the same time in 1884.

1. The obit clipping for Lloyd G. Myers was from the Josie Adams Addleman collection.


CHARLES WESLEY MULINEX, b 30 Nov 1861/2 (Washington Co., OH), son of David S. & Mary Ann (Morgan) Mulinex, d (Stark Co., OH); m MARGARET J. HENDERSHOT bef 1885 (of Germantown, Washington Co., OH) [ b 1868 (Washington Co., OH), dau of Cephas & Deliala Hendershot, d (Stark Co., OH)], children:

1M   GEORGE, b 12 May 1885 (Liberty Twp., Washington Co., OH), d 24 Nov 1885 (Liberty Twp., OH)

2M   HIRAM DELBERT, b 10 Aug 1886 (Washington Co., OH); m ANN ETHEL CONGLETON 10 Aug 1906 (Washington Co., OH)

3M   HERMAN, b 13 Nov 1887

4F   GOLDIE, b 17 Oct 1888 (Washington Co., OH), d 19 Sep 1898 (Washington Co., OH)

5M   HARRY, b 3 Oct 1890 (Washington Co., OH), d 19 Sep 1901 (Washington Co., OH)

6F   IDA M., b 14 Jul 1892 (Washington Co., OH)

7F   ANNA, b 25 Jan 1894 (Washington Co., OH), d 12 Sep 1901 (Washington Co., OH)


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