Two Marriages [JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)] JOHN ADAMS,1 b 1765 (Monmouth,NJ), L 1797 (prob "a squatter" at Goshen, Belmont Co., OH)/1798 (VA) & poss 11 Aug 1823 (Belmont Co., OH), Census (1820 (York Twp., Belmont Co., OH);1830-50 Wayne Twp., Belmont Co., OH),2 Deed 11 Aug 1823 (60 acres, S7T6R5, Belmont Co., OH),3 poss War of 1812 veteran 15 Sep1812 thru 21 Mar I813, Pvt., in Capt. Thomas Latta's Company (Jefferson Co., OH)4, d 20 Jul 1853 (Monroe Co., OH) or d 20 July 1853 (Monroe Co., OH); poss m1 unknown (VA?)5; prob m2 MARY ANN MARSH b 5 April 1765 (Rahway, Union Co., NJ)/ or 23 Feb 1802 (Jefferson Co., OH)6 d 22 Sept1853 (Middlesex NJ) or [b 1768 (NY/VA), (dau of Capt. Christopher Marsh, b 7 May 1742 (Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ), d 26 Oct 1810 (Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ) & his wife Ann Brown (b 5 May 1749 (Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ), d 2 Dec 1814 (Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ) ]7, children: (birth order needs validation) [RESEARCH:;;;]

1F   unk [poss from m1?]


3F   SARAH, b (Belmont Co., OH); m WILLIAM SNIVELY 19 Oct 1820 (Belmont Co.,OH)8

4M   GEORGE, b 23 Mar 1798 (VA)

5F   CATHERINE, b 12 Mar 1807 (prob OH), d 6 Feb 1885 (Independence Twp., Washington Co., OH), from age 77y-10m-25d; m JACOB SKINNER 3 Apr 1823 (Belmont Co., OH) [poss m2?] [RESEARCH:;] (scroll down)10

6M   HENRY, b 1808, L (poss 1830 Wayne Twp., Belmont Co., OH), d 1860/70 (Perry Twp., Monroe Co., OH); m ELIZABETH WAY [b 1811, d 1902] [RESEARCH:;]

7M   JOHN A, Jr., b 25 Mar 1813 or 1819 (OH); poss m MATILDA POWELL, [b 1803, L 1850 (York Twp., Belmont Co., OH); m DAVID POWELL] [RESEARCH:;]

1. Knowlton, Vera Morgan. Email 22 June 2000. "I have land records that tell that John and Mary were the parents of George. It seems that they weren't getting along and for a small sum, George was to take over the land and take care of his mother." [Thanks to Vera for sharing her data on the early Adams family of Belmont Co., OH.]

2. Hall, Michael V., Sr. Mail, 7 & 25 July 2000, Census & Death Records. John & Mary Adams sold 60 acres of land to George Adams according to Mike's copy of the deed. Mike has made an intensive study of the Adams/Ward families in Belmont, Washington & Monroe Co., OH during 1999-2000. He shared his research with Vera Knowlton. [Thanks Mike!]

3. Lindsay, Ruth. Email 3 & 4 Aug 2000. "I just found out that Ed Adams and I are 4th cousins!"

4. Pleasants Co., WV website (; " . . . and a grandfather of each [grandson Geo. W. Adams (1832) & Elizabeth Flanagan] was in the War of '12." Also, Ohio War of 1812 Soldiers (, John Adams & Thomas Adams. Needs validation.

5. Hall, Michael. Email 11 Aug 2000. Mike presents a logical arguement that John Adams (1765) probably had two marriages.

6. Hall, Michael. Email 5 Aug 2000. LDS site indicates John Adams & Mary Ann Marsh were married 23 Feb 1802 in Jefferson Co., OH.

7. Lindsay, Ruth. Email 4 Aug 2000. Ed Adams has JOHN ADAMS, b 1765, d 20 July 1853 (Monroe Co., OH) m MARY ANN MARSH, b 1768 VA and children: GEORGE, CATHERINE, SARAH & HENRY.

8. Adams, Ed. Email, 2 Dec 2000. "I don't know, but I don't think there was another child of John Sr. named Matilda -- my opinion only!"

9. Hall, Michael. Email 6 Aug 2000. "Marriage record Page 36, Belmont Co. Marriages: William Snively - Sarah Adams - Oct 19, 1820."

10. Trogdon, Jaquita, Email, 4 May 2011. "I found someone that has a Adams tree, she is related to the John Adams & Mary Ann Marsh's daughter Catherine Adams that married Jacob Skinner, anyway she had a town in New Jersey where she says John Adams 1765 was born, it was Monmouth, New Jersey." (See new info above.)

NOTE-1: In order to research more data of JOHN ADAMS, we may have to research the origins of some of the early allied families.

NOTE-2: "Reference rumors about descendancy from Pres. John Quincy Adams : President Adams was born in Braintree, MA on July 11, 1767, two years after our John Adams-1 (1765) was born (Michael Hall,"

NOTE-3: Lewin, Charlotte. Email, June 2000. [Charlotte Lewin provided all of the above extracted research on the Adams, Powell & Ward families.]

NOTE-4: Adams, Ed. Email, 3 Sept 2002. " I've done some speculating on John Adams migration, and offer the following: (An excerpt from "History of Belmont County", by Caldwell.)

   Page 403: Quote, "It is difficult to decide with certainly who was the first settler in Goshen Township, or in what year he came. The probability is however that it was John Adams, and that he came in 1797/1800 and settled on section 1 southeast corner." " It was said by some that Adams squatted on Congress land five years before any other settlers came. That he lived eight years without seeing and apple, and that he lived on corn meal and pounded hominy; that some hunters came along one day and gave the children some biscuits, but not knowing what they were for, they used them for playthings."

   Another Quote from the diary of Nehemian Wright: "John Adams who lived on the bend of Captina Creek on the SW corner of the SE quarter of Sec 1, Twp 7 Range 5." "This diary, taken in connection with verbal reports, renders it more that probable that John Adams was the first white man that ever settled in Goshen Twp"

   On page 410, Caldwell has this to say: "John Adams, who was with Wayne at Fallen Timbers, was a noted hunter. It was his custom to wear a blue hunting shirt in pattern not unlike an army overcoat. It had a cape trimmed with yellow on the front and around the bottom. He was a very large man, standing six foot four, was nimble and athletic. (Here's the important part) A year or two after Waynes treaty, he was hunting the thick forest on Captina Creek."

   Waynes treaty was signed on August 3rd 1795. I believe we can, with the above references come to the conclusion that John Adams, with a family, was living in Ohio by 1797."

NOTE-5: Trogdon, Jaquita. Email, 18 Jan 2007. "John Adams (85, New Jersey) & Mary Adams (82, New Jersey) in 1850 census living in Wayne Twp., Belmont Co., OH. He was also in the 1820, 1830 & 1840 Census. . . . I was on and I went to the 1850 census, they just put the 1850 online and I found our John Adams Jr. born 1813 and below it was John Sr. and his wife Mary they are living with what I believe to be his son-in-law.  It says he is years old which our John would be and he was born in New Jersey and so was his wife Mary.  I sent the census to you to see, what you are seeing is the second page of the census where John Jr.'s wife Matilda is on the top of the page and then his children, John was on the previous page."

[CATHERINE-2 (1807), JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)] CATHERINE ADAMS, b 12 Mar 1807 (prob OH), d 6 Feb 1885 (Independence Twp., Washington Co., OH), from age 77y-10m-25d; m JACOB SKINNER 3 Apr 1823 (Belmont Co., OH) [poss m2?, occup (Reverend)], children: [RESEARCH:;] (needs clarification)

1M ISAAC, b 1849 (OH or PA?); m CAROLINE TYSON 14 Jul 1868 (Wash., Co., OH)

[HENRY-2 (1808), JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)] HENRY ADAMS, b 1808 (Belmont Co., OH), L (poss 1830 Wayne Twp., Belmont Co., OH), d ca 1860-70 (Perry Twp., Monroe Co., OH); m ELIZABETH WAY 1828, [b 1811 (OH), d 1902 (Belmont Co., OH)], childen: [RESEARCH:;]

1M   ELIAS, b 1828-29 (Belmont Co., OH), L 1853-70 (Green Twp., Monroe Co., OH); m HANNAH HUFFMAN [b 1830], children (Eveline 1853, Cynthia 1856, Elias N. 1862, Simon 1864, Charles C 1869 & Lovina L 1870)

2M   THOMAS, b 7 Nov 1830 (Way Twp., Belmont Co., OH)

3F   ELLEN, b 1834 (Way Twp., Belmont Co., OH)

4F   ABIGAIL, b 1836 (Belmont Co., OH)

5F   SARAH, b 1838 (Belmont Co., OH)

6M   WILLIAM H., b 1840; m AMELIA ADAMS [b 1832, d 1923 (Belmont Co., OH); m AMELIA ADAMS [b 1832, d 1925 (Belmont Co., OH)]

7M   JOHN C., b Dec 1842 (Perry Twp., Monroe Co., OH), L 1881-91 (Wash Twp., Monroe Co., OH); m MARTHA M. ADAMS [b May 1861] children (Lavista M. 1881 & Thomas E 1891)

8M   JOSEPH M., b 1845 (Perry Twp., Monroe Co., OH)

9M   ISAAC N., b 1849 (Perry Twp., Monroe Co., OH); m NANCY E. ADAMS [b 1849], children (Ellen J. 1869)



[THOMAS-3 (1830), HENRY-2 (1808), JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)] THOMAS ADAMS, b 7 Nov 1830 (Belmont Co., OH), son Henry Adams of Belmont Co., OH & Elizabeth Way of PA, d 17 Jan 1919 (Ashland, Ashland Co., OH), bur Ashland, OH1; m SARAH JANE DUNN 27 Nov 1853 (Monroe Co., OH) [d bef 1919], children:

1M   JOSEPH MONROE, b 6 May 1862/6, d 2 Feb 1954 (Marietta, Washington Co., OH); m PRISCILLA SCOTT 12 Jan 1888 (Monroe Co., OH) [RESEARCH:]

2M   JOSIAH SINCLAIRE, b 28 Feb 1866, d 31 Aug 1956 (Medina, Medina Co., OH); m HANNAH MIRIAH BIGLEY abt 1886 [b 23 Aug 1871 (Monroe Co., OH), d 11 Aug 1940 (West Salem, OH)], children (Clarence Ray 1887, Franklin 1892, Hollie 1892, Bessie Viola 1894, James Thomas 1896, . . .)

1. Knowlton, Vera. Email 9 Aug 2000, Asa & Thomas Adams' death records. "Informant for Thomas Adams' death certificate was "J. S. Adams."


Pvt. John Adams [JOSEPH-4 (1862), THOMAS-3 (1830), HENRY-2 (1808), JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)] JOSEPH MONROE ADAMS, b 6 May 1862, Ld 2 Feb 1954 (Marietta, OH); m PRISCILLA SCOTT 12 Jan 1888 (Monroe Co., OH), div [b 23 Apr 1864 (Wash., Twp., Monroe Co., OH), d 9 Sep 1951 (Bethel Twp., Monroe Co., OH)], children:

1F   FLORENCE, b 6 Jan 1889 (Monroe Co., OH, d 12 Feb 1918 (Center Twp., Monroe Co., OH)

2M   HENRY, b 1892 [RESEARCH:]

3M   JOHN Q. b 16 Mar 1893 (Monroe Co., OH), Military: WWI - Pvt., Co. L , 336th Inf., Obit - Pvt. John Adams (Surenes1, Surenes, France), d 7 Oct 1918, bur Surenes American cemetery, 25y-6m-21d2 ; m unk, children (Wavelet 1918)

4F   RACHEL JANE, b 19 Sep 1895 (Monroe Co., OH), d 14 Mar 1946 (Monroe Co., OH); m OSCAR POWELL 24 Dec 1921 [b 9 Feb 1896 (Monroe Co.,OH), d 9 Jun 1971)], children (Edith Irene 1923 & Vivian Yvonne 1932)

5M   JAMES ALEXANDER, b 13 Feb 1898 (Monroe Co., OH), d 1974

6M   HOMER, b 1 Oct 1900 (Monroe Co., OH), d 29 Jul 1956 (Monroe Co., OH); m ELIZABETH PEARL MENDENHAL [b 8 Nov 1903 (Wash., Co., OH), d 1958 (Monroe Co., OH)

7F   MARY, b 1906 (Monroe Co., OH), d Feb 1984 (Monroe Co., OH)

[Note: The above lines of descent from Henry were sent by Ruth Lindsay & Jaquita Trogdon from Ed Adams' emails.]

1. Monroe Co., OH website. Email, 7 Oct 2002. "Ohio Genealogical Society (OGS) quarterly, The Report, Fall 202, Vol. 42, No. 3, pg. 138; "Pilgrimage for the Mothers and Widows of Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines of the American Forces Now Interred in the Cemeteries of Europe, as provided by the act of Congress of March 2, 1929: Monroe County: ADAMS, Mrs. Priscilla, Route 1, Rinerd Mills / Mother / ADAMS, John / Pvt. / Co. L , 336th Inf./ Surenes/ __ / Unknown."

2. Adams, Ed. Email, 7 Oct 2002, Ed provided the website for the Surenes American Cemetery at (click on: dead, WWI, Surenes and Adams John.)


Ed & Mary Adams [HENRY-5 (1892), JOSEPH-4 (1862), THOMAS-3 (1830), HENRY-2 (1808), JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)] HENRY ADAMS, b 1892; m ETHEL MAE (CUNNINGHAM) RINARD , children: [RESEARCH:]

1F   ALMA PAULINE, b 18 Jul 1918 (Widowville, Ashland Co., OH); m ROBERT HAROLD FULMER 23 Dec 137, div, children (Robert 1938, Nancy 1942 & Roger 1946)

2F   ETHEL JEAN, b 8 May 1924 (Wash., Co., OH); m HERBERT ELSWORTH FENTON, Jr. 1 May 1947, children (David 1953)

3M   EDWARD GUY,1 1 Jul 1929 (Ludlow Twp., Washington Co., OH) [RESEARCH:]

4M   GARY SHERMAN, b 7 Sep 1939 (Wash., Co., OH); m1 SHERRY REED 12 Sep 1960, div; m2 RUTH ANN (FOWLER) BAKER 16 Jun 1975, children (Stacy 1966 & Susan 1968)

1. Adams, Ed. Email, 20 Aug 2000. "I grew up in the Wingett Run, Bloomfield, Rinards Mill area."

2. Trogdon, Jaquita. Email-Picture, 22 Jan 2001. Jaquita forwarded a picture that Ed had sent her of his 50th wedding anniversary. Ed has completed extensive research on his branch of the early Ohio John Adams descendent family.


[EDWARD G-6 (1929), HENRY-5 (1892), JOSEPH-4 (1862), THOMAS-3 (1830), HENRY-2 (1808), JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)] EDWARD GUY ADAMS, 1 Jul 1929 (Ludlow Twp., Washington Co., OH); m MARY KATHRYN McGREGOR 29 Nov 1947 [b 28 Jul 1932 (Lawrence Twp., Wash., Co., OH)], children: [RESEARCH:]

1M   EDWARD LEE, b 12 Sep 1948 (Marietta, OH); m1 SHERRY LEE BRANDENBURG 19 Jan 198, div; m2 ELISETE SANTANA FREITAS m 21 Dec 1994

2F   DEBORA KAY,b 6 Aug 1951 (Marietta, OH); m1 ARTHUR RICHARD LONG 3 Sep 1968, div; m2 JOHN VIRGIL De MORE Jun 1977, div; m3 RONALD JOHN PLON 20 Feb 1984

3F   PAMELA SUE, b 21 May 1953 (Encino, CA), d 21 May 1953 (Encino, CA)

4M   SCOTT M., b 23 Dec 1962 (Decatur, GA); m HOLLY LEE COBB 14 Jun 1986


[JOSIAH S-4 (1866), THOMAS-3 (1830), HENRY-2 (1808), JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)] JOSIAH SINCLAIRE ADAMS, b 28 Feb 1866, d 31 Aug 1956 (Medina, Medina Co., OH); m HANNAH MIRIAH BIGLEY abt 1886 [b 23 Aug 1871 (Monroe Co., OH), d 11 Aug 1940 (West Salem, OH)], children: [RESEARCH:]

HOLLIE ADAMS - Obit Lela G. Clark 1M   CLARENCE RAY, b 1887 (Monroe Co., OH), d 2 Oct 1958 (Wooster, OH); m PRESHIE C STRICKLING [b 21 Apr 1895 (Monroe Co., OH), d 22 Oct 1977 (Wooster, OH)], children (Thelma E. KAUFMAN)

2M   FRANKLIN, b 9 Jan 1892 (Monroe Co., OH), d 1899 (Monroe Co., OH)

3M   HOLLIE,b 9 Dec 1892 (Monroe Co., OH), d 4 Dec 1982 (Ashland, OH); MARY STRICKLING 7 Feb 1914 [b 19 Dec 1896 (Monroe Co., OH), d Feb 1991 (Ashland, OH)], children (Harry Robert 1916 & Delbert 1920)

4F   BESSIE VIOLA,b 30 Nov 1894 (Monroe Co., OH), d 28 Oct 1967 (Ashland, OH); m GUY FREDERICK ANDERSON

5M   JAMES THOMAS, b 22 Nov 1806 (Monroe Co., OH), d 21 Aug 1955 (Ashland, OH); m MYRTLE MAUMAW

6F   LELA GAIL,b 22 Jul 1898 (Monroe Co., OH), d 25 Feb 1980 (prob Mechanicsburg, Wayne Co., OH); m CLARK

7F   MARY GRETHEL, b 16 Oct 1900 (Monroe Co., OH), d 19 Feb 1965 (Ashland, OH); m1 ARTHUR WILLIS [b 1900 OH]; m2 ROBERT LEE

8F   GOLDIE MAY, b 16 Aug 1902 (Monroe Co., OH), d 14 Sep 1994 (Lodi, OH); m JOSEPH SEAL

9F   MYRTLE LEORA, b 7 Jan 1905 (Monroe Co., OH); m1 JOHN KRAMER [b 1898 OH], children (Dale); m2 HARRY CLINAGE

10M   DORSEY DALE, b 7 May 1906 (Monroe Co., OH), d 1933 (Ashland, OH)

11F   MILDRED LUCILLE, b 22 Sep 1908 (Monroe Co., OH); m HOWARD SANER

12M   WILLIAM TAFT, b 18 Jan 1910 (Monroe Co., OH), d 20 Jun 1977; m LEONA H. BUTLOLPH


[JOHN-2 (1812), JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)] JOHN ADAMS, Jr., b abt 1812 (OH), L 1860 (Monroe Co., OH), d 14 Jun 1879 (Ludlow Twp., Washington Co., OH); m MATILTA/MATILDA SEALS1 POWELL 11 Feb 1837 (Belmont Co., OH) [b ca 1816 (OH), poss dau Joseph Seal, poss m1 to Powell (?)], children:2, 3 [RESEARCH:]

1F   ELIZABETH, b ca 1836-8 [dau of John Adams (1813) & Matilda Powell], "12 in 1850," L 1850 (Wayne Twp., Belmont Co., OH)

2F   NANCY, b 1844 "10 in 1850," L 1850 (Wayne Twp., Belmont Co., OH)

3M   JOHN, b 1846 (OH), "6 in 1850," L 1850 (Wayne Twp., Belmont Co., OH); poss m CHARLOTTE HANLON4 11 Feb 1874 (Washington Co., OH) [dau of Mary A. Hanlon (ca 1830) & sister of James W. Hanlon & Julia A. Hanlon, d bef 1880 (Washington Co., OH)], children: Mary M., b ca 1874 (OH)

4M   WILLIAM, b 1847 (OH) "3 in 1850", L 1850 (Wayne Twp., Belmont Co., OH)

5F   MADELINE, b 1855 (OH)

1. Hall, Michael V., Sr. Email 25 June 2000. George Adams sold 9 acres (S7T6R5) for $100 to Joseph Seal on 7 July 1831. [Is this Matilta's father or brother?]

2. Hall, Michael V., Sr. Mail, 7 July 2000, Adams Census & Death Data. [1860 Monroe Co., OH Census]

3. Lindsay, Ruth. Email 3 Aug 2000. "Ed Adams has John Adams (1813) married to a Matilda Powell on 19 Dec 1839 (Wash. Co., OH). Their children include: Elizabeth (1838), John (1846-1929)." [Is Matilda Powell the same as Matilda Seals? Ed Adams research indicates this.]

4. Knowlton, Ruth. Email 17 July 2000. "Could this John P. Adams who married Charlotte Hanlon be the son of John & Matilda Seals? - Needs validation.


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