(Noble Co., OH)

Effie M. (Adams) Burt [EFFIE M-5 (1877), HARVEY H-4 (1844), SETH-3 (1823), GEORGE-2 (1798), JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)] EFFIE MYRTLE ADAMS, b 12 Jan 1877 (WV), dau of Harvey H. & Jane (Mulinex) Adams, L 1915 (Noble Co., OH) & 1926 (Macksburg, Washington Co., OH), d 1953 (prob Macksburg, OH), bur Shafers cem (Noble Co., OH); JAMES P. BURT 1910 [b 1866, d 1940 (prob Macksburgh, OH, bur Shafers cem)]1, children:

1F   MARY MARGARET, b ca 1911

2M   GLENN H., b ca 1915

1. Bodenhamer, Mary. Pictures from her OH research trip. "They and several members of their family are buried in Shafers M.E. Church Cemetery -- [with other Harvey Adams family descendants]."


Mary, Jim Burt, Effie (Adams) Burt & Glenn

(from Mary Bodenhamer's collection)

Jaquita Trogdon wrote the following: "The picture belonged to Red, who was Lenora's daughter, Red's real name was Ethel Adkison. She never had children and when she died a few years ago Mary's Mother Helen Adkins, brother Ralph's son Mickey who lives in Ohio and is a lawyer, went over and cleaned out her house and there were 2 boxes of pictures. Well, Mickey's Dad Ralph brought one box to Helen a year or so ago and Mickey had the other box, so recently Mickey came to Ok. and brought the other box to Helen and Helen is just now going threw the pictures. She did not know who Effie was until I told her, thank God the names were on the back of the picture. I can't wait to see what is in the rest of the box!!"


"Dec., 10 1967


   Hope this finds you all well. Want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Years. BOB has two boys in college. They both have basketball scholarships. ED the youngest boy, goes to Eastern Kentucky Univ. at Richmond, KY and TOM goes to Mt. Union at Alliance, O. It is not as big a college. TOM has been to Viet Nam and he is really trying. It seems harder after you've been out 4 years. BOB is still the rural mail man. He and JANE were out to California in Sept. They went through the parks - out to Seattle Washington and down to Eureka, San Francisco. They drove 8700 miles and they sure was wore out when they got home. They went through some of the Red Wood area. SHELIA, that is young BOB's grandaughter, is excited over Christmas. She is 1 1/2 yrs old.

   GLEN still works for the City. None of his family is married. JUDY is going to get married when her boy friend gets back from Germany. JIM BURT has not been called up by the draft. He is old enough.

   Down around Macksburg, PAUL wouldn't know where he was. The highway is away up in the air. They bought farms and used them in fills. There is clover leaves to get on 77 - used to be Route 21 - all those old towns are miles off the road. Macksburg is off the road, just sits over there. Dexter City is by passed, Elba, Warren, North Salem, Whipple - will all be off the main route now. The new roads follows the road they used when PAUL was a small boy, away up on the ridges.

   BOB isn't able to do any thing. He gets around the house. He had a light stroke, it didn't paralyze him but the feeling never came back to his hand and foot. [Note: A funeral card arrived later on ROBERT D. HARE: 10 Jul 1898-3 Apr 1973.]

   JIM was 18 in Nov. So my Social Security will stop so I suppose I will have to do something. They never sent any checks so far this month. We are not going to have a big Christmas. We are going down to BILL's for dinner.

   BILL & HETTIE built a new house. They live at Derwent, O. He still runs the meat department at Sim's Royal Blue. They have 3 children, 2 in school. They have almost 3 acres. Mr. Sims is getting the children a pony for Christmas.

   How are all your children? Tell them all hello. We haven't been down to see EDNA & JUM this winter, but in the Fall they were both getting around at home. JUM had to give up being Judge.



Mary Burt Hare [MARY M. BURT-6 (1898), EFFIE M-5 (1877), HARVEY H-4 (1844), SETH-3 (1823), GEORGE-2 (1798), JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)] MARY MARGARET BURT; b ca 1911, L 1974 - The Nightingale Nursing Home (Cambridge, OH), d 6 Mar 1976 (Cambridge, Guernsey Co. OH), 65 yrs1; m ROBERT D. HARE (b 10 Jul 1898, O (mail carrier), d 3 Apr 1973 (Cambridge, OH)2, bur Northwood Cem (Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OH), children: [from Mary Burt Hare letter dated "Wed., 10 Dec 1967"]

0M   TOM, Military (Viet Nam vet), Educ (1967 - basketball scholarship, Mt. Union at Alliance,   OH) ("Bob has two boys in college.")

0M   ED, Educ (1967 - basketball scholarship, Eastern Kentucky Univ at Richmond, KY)


2F   VIRGINIA "in Palmetto, FL," -- JANE (a dau or granddaughter?)

3M   JIM, b Nov 1949 "18 in Nov 1967, drives a semi & takes milk to Columbus;" m (unknown - "wife & son")

   ". . . Two of Bob's boys are undertakers, one went to college and his is on these computers. He has to keep going to school to keep on the latest improvements. Beth is in Columbus, Missouri helping her husband get through college." [an excerpt from an undated letter [probably before 1973] from Mary Burt Hare]

   "22 Aug 1974 -- JULIA BURT & 2 daughters were down to see Mother. She told me MARY BURT HARE is not well & is in The Nightingale Nursing Home in Cambridge, O. Sometimes her mind isn't too clear and one leg amputated [from cousin's letter]."

1. Trogden, Jaquita. Email 27 July 2002, " Mary Burt Hare died March 6, 1976 Cambridge, Guernsey Co. Ohio she was 65. Death certificate number: 017088 Volume: 22414."

2. Trogden, Jaquita. Email 27 July 2002, Ref: " Ohio Deaths 1970-88, Cert. # 036367, Vol. 21292."


"Monday, 5 June 1973


   We have had a lot of rain. I am having some time getting rid of 45 yrs collection. Sold some, lots not fit for sale. Just keep sakes, but I am going into a 3 room apt and bath, so I don't need very much. It's a government projects, you pay according to your income.

   My brother, GLENN, has been sick since April 9. He has a tumor, it's in the sinus down toward spine. It effects the balancing. He has not had a drop of water for 3 weeks. His throat is swollen so bad he can't hear or talk and just see's partly, but he knows. He can write. The Drs can't do anything they cut a hole in his stomach and put a tube in it and feed him some. It is just a year ago that his wife had that big tumor or . . .

   Aunt ADDIE is 85 and she lives with WALTER ADAMS her youngest son. She can't be left alone, WALTER or RUTH stays with her.

   ETHEL ADKISON is back in Canton. ELLA, INEZ & WINNIE all live in Canton and they are getting old. ELLA lives with her daughter EILEEN BOARD. These are aunt Nola's girls.

   It sure is a handicap to lose your limb. It's hard to do anything. It will be Sept. or Nov. before I can see about a leg. My knee is rather stiff but is is loosening ups some. . . . . My stepdaughter and husband have been here since last Nov., but they are going to Canada for July & Aug. fishing.

   My brother is 58, was not sick until this hit him. He is going to be buried at Macksburg up at Shafer's church. It's just a matter of time the Dr. told him they couldn't do anything they are giving him radium for 25 days. They used other treatment but they didn't help.

   Jim took me to church yesterday. He and his wife and son stayed with me this weekend. He brought a cooked chicken frozen, instant potatoes and stuff they could cook quick for dinner. He is working on milk truck now. I enjoy hearing from you. I know you will make a good home for the boys. . . . God will see her through, he never fails us.



[BILL HARE-7 (1967), MARY BURT-6 (1898), EFFIE M-5 (1877), HARVEY H-4 (1844), SETH-3 (1823), GEORGE-2 (1798), JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)] BILL HARE, L 1967 (Derwent, OH), "runs meat dept;" m HETTIE ["works at Pleasant City school"], children:

1F   RHONDA   "age 14, a freshman at Meadow Brook"

2M   MARK "age 12, goes to Pleasant City"

3M   KEVIN "age 8, goes to Buffalo"


[GLENN H. BURT-6 (1915), EFFIE M-5 (1877), HARVEY H-4 (1844), SETH-3 (1823), GEORGE-2 (1798), JOHN ADAMS-1 (1765)] GLENN H. BURT, b 13 Jan 1915 (Noble Co., OH)1, "bro Glenn is 58 in 1973," d 3 July 1973, bur Shaffer's Church Cem (Macksburg, OH); m JULIA ANN BURT [b. 26 Jan 1922, d 22 Nov 1999 (Cambridge, Guernsey, OH), L (Claysville, Guernsey Co., OH)], children: [RESEARCH:;]

1F   JUDITH K. "Judy", b 17 Aug 1946, "oldest, lives next to mother," m (unknown) "married 6 yrs"

2M   JAMES E. "Jim", b 4 May 1948, "lives on the other side of his mother . . . has a boy about 1 yr. old," L 2002 (Columbus, OH)

3M   WALTER E., b. 3 Dec 1950

4F   JANE L, b 21 Feb 1953

5M   THOMAS E., b 21 Apr 1955 "Tom, Jane & baby live at home"

1. Trogdon, Jaquita. Email, 12 Sept 2002. "Here is a death record I found on for Julia Ann Burt and data on the children."


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