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(Born in New Jersey)

This web site is dedicated to the clarification of New Jersey/Virginia-born JOHN ADAMS' (ca 1775) family, both ancestors and descendants. JOHN ADAMS-1 migrated with his family to Belmont Co., OH and this line follows his son, GEORGE-2 (1798), who was also born in Virginia. Very little is known about his ancestry, except for stories passed down through generations that his parents were from Pennsylvania and possibly a descendant of John Q. Adams (?). This web site was originally named for one of SETH-3's sons, HARVEY HOLLAND ADAMS-4 (1844-1926), but it has recently been modified to be more consistant with the latest research. (See the VISITORS SECTION for links to various researchers.)

   This web site has been initially created from papers, pictures and documents that were saved by LOUISA JOSEPHINE ADAMS (1867-1955), oldest daughter of HARVEY H. ADAMS, who took them with her after her father's death in Macksburg, Washington Co., Ohio in 1926, when she joined her son, PAUL A. ADDLEMAN (1902), in Riverside, California. Now they can be shared with all who have an interest.

   In the past twelve months (1999-2000), this web site has expanded with new data and pictures from rediscovered cousins. Long lost connections were re-established with Adams descendants in Ohio; Jenks, Oklahoma; Pennsylvania and Virginia. In addition, research was provided about the Adams and allied families in and around Ritchie County, West Virginia. Contacts with three early allied families were made: McKEE, MULINEX and WEEKLEY. Information from the MULINEX history may provide clues as to where the ADAMS family originated. The MULINEX family lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Guernsey Co., Ohio, before relocating along the Ohio River. Finally, the knowledge of SETH ADAMS' wife and children has now been expanded from that gleaned from two obituaries to much more. MARY (MILLS) ADAMS (1823-1913) was buried in Ingram Ridge Cemetery, Pleasants Co., WV. Their children now are identified as twelve: MOLLY (1850), HARVEY HOLLAND (1844), LOUISA E. (1845), SETH W. (ca 1852), JAMES M (ca 1855), SARAH EMILY (ca 1855), CHARLES W. (1858), W. NEWTON (ca 1865), JOHN C. (ca 1867), JOSEPHINE (ca 1868) & JOHN (ca 1868).

   Recently, various Adams internet researchers were able to make contact with each other and two earlier Adams generations were identified, as well as their allied families. The data in this web site is current and all new information will be presented as it becomes available. The following paragraphs pertain more to the descendants who lived on both sides of the Ohio River.


  Our earliest known Adams ancestor was JOHN ADAMS, who was born in 1765, Virginia and possibly lived there until around 1798. Around 1823, he purhased land in Belmont Co., Ohio. He passed away in 1853 in Monroe Co., Ohio. We have not learned where he lived in Virginia.


Another Adams surnamed ancestor, ISAAC ADAMS (born ca 1810) was noted in the 1850 U.S. Census with his wife DELILAH and eight children in District 33, Marshall Co., Virginia (between Belmont Co., OH and Greene Co., PA). In the 1870 census, he was living in Aleppo Twp., Greene Co., PA. (The land between OH and PA is now recognized as West Virginia.) This line was apparently the beginnings of an interracial Adams line with several of them described as "mulatto." (Jan Slater has completed much of this newer research -

   An Adams obituary was recently brought to my attention where it was noted her nationality of origin was GERMAN. She was from the Harvey H. Adams line. This bit of infomation may be a hint at our early Adams origin. Many early migratory patterns (1758-1800) existed for early German settlers where they came from Lancaster /York Counties in eastern Pennsylvania to Maryland to Virginia to Greene County in western Pennsylvania. Of course, many then migrated into Ohio where our Adams family was later researched.

   The above insert of "Three States in 1850" has been included to remind all of us about the early geography. A person could have lived in all three states (Ohio, Virginia & Pennsylvania) but in reality was not that great a distance apart. We obviously need more research on our early Adams family in Virginia.


  HARVEY HOLLAND ADAMS, last lived (1926) in Macksburg, Washington County, Ohio. His obituary (see Genealogy Section: Ohio) revealed much about his family. He was born in Liberty Township, Monroe County, Ohio and "in early life he became a member of the M. E. church in Volcano, [Wood Co.,] West Virginia." The 1926 obituary also mentioned that he had three brothers and one sister who attended his funeral. JOHN & SETH ADAMS lived in Goose (s) Creek, Ritchie Co., WV and CHARLES W. ADAMS lived in Eureka, Pleasants Co., WV. A sister, Mrs. WILLIAM SINNETT, lived in Elizabeth, Wirt Co., WV.

   MARGARET JANE (MULINEX) ADAMS passed away in 1915. Her obituary also revealed a lot about the locations of both the Adams, as well as the Mulinex families. It is now clear that these families lived on both sides of the Ohio-West Virginia border. If one looks at an Ohio county map, it can be seen that Harvey Adams lived in at least two southeastern counties: Monroe and Washington. His siblings lived in West Virginia in the nearby southwestern counties of Pleasants, Ritchie and Wirt. This is slightly south of Macksburg. Even though the counties are in two states, they are very close to each other.

   If we use a little speculation, we might assume that the Adams family patriarch, SETH ADAMS, was deceased by 1915 and lived in Ritchie Co., WV. The reasoning for this conclusion is that Seth Adams senior was not mentioned in his daughter-in-law's 1915 obituary. Harvey Adams was reported to have lived in Volcano,Wood Co., WV early in his life. And finally, the heaviest concentration of sons was in Ritchie Co., WV.

   I'm beginning to get a better picture of the Grant District in Ritchie Co., West Virginia during 1870-90 now. (Before this, in 1850, Seth & Mary Adams and family were in Ludlow Twp., Washington Co., Ohio.)

   Probably several members of SETH & Mary (Mills) ADAMS' family were earning a living from working in the oil business. Siblings Harvey (1844), John C. (1850), Seth W. (Jr.?) (1852) and Charles W. (1858) were all in West Virginia around this time.

   By 1915, only Charles Adams was in Goose Creek, Ritchie Co., WV, along with Alonzo Mulinex. Mrs. Lloyd Snyder lived in Jacksonburg, WV, which is way out of this area. By 1926, Seth (Jr.?) had moved back from Beverly, OH to Gooses Creek, Ritchie Co., WV and lived near his brother John Adams. Charles W. Adams had moved from Gooses Creek to Eureka, WV (no longer on current maps). A sister, possibly Lucinda J. (1847), was described as Mrs. Wm. Sinnett and was living in nearby Elizabeth, Wirt Co., WV. Most of the other siblings had moved back across the river to Ohio.

   We have three locations where they lived while working in or around the oil fields in West Virginia: Volcano (Wood Co., WV), Gooses Creek (Ritchie Co., WV) and the Grant District (Ritchie Co., WV). Gooses Creek and the Grant District are believed to be the same place and Volcano is adjacent to it on the west.

   The Grant District of Ritchie County, Wv was described as the western portion of Ritchie County (adjacent to Volcano, Wood Co., WV) and included the twons of Glendale, Nutter Farm, Petroleum, Cornwallis, Cairo, Mellin and Cisco. The volcanic oil fields were mainly in the Grant District.

   Minnie Lowther described in her book, Ritchie County History, "Goose Creek forms the line between Wood and Ritchie counties for six one-half miles north of its mouth, and the Baltimore and Ohio railroad follows it for six miles -- from Volcano to east of Petroleum." Many settlers lived in what was called "Goose Creek Settlement," but only a few pioneer names were mentioned, not the Adams name.

   Oil "wild cat wells" were discovered between 1865-70. Minnie Lowther in her Ritchie County History stated, "In these early days, the oil interest centered in the Volcano field, in the heavy lubricating oil . . . . but after the conflagration, on August 4, 1879, which destroyed most of the town, the development was carried southward . . ." She also said, "Ten years after the Volcano field commenced its decline, Cairo began to show signs of becoming a center for this development, and about 1890 prospecting was begun. . ." We can see that there was an increase of oil activity around 1865 and a decline beginning around 1880-90.

   Maybe this will help our understanding of some of the Adams family migrations. We know that Harvey H. Adams and family were in Volcano & Grant District between 1870-90. He was listed in Valcaus in 1870 and in Grant District in 1880. He was listed in the War Pensioners from WV index in 1890. He was back in Macksburg, Aurelius Twp., Washington Co., OH in 1890 through 1926.

   Descendants of Harvey Adams began migrating north from Washington Co., Ohio. They lived in the eastern Ohio counties of: Noble, Guernsey, Tuscarawas andStark. One son, CHARLES F. ADAMS and nephew, HARVEY HENRY ADKISON, migrated to Jenks, Tulsa Co., Oklahoma before 1915. The oldest daughter, JOSEPHINE ADAMS, married PORTER ADDLEMAN in Pittsburgh, lived in Beaver Co., PA and then later migrated to KS. After Port Addleman passed away in 1911, Josie took her two sons back to Macksburg, Ohio to live with her father. Later on, in 1926 and after the death of Harvey H. Adams, Josie followed her son westward to Riverside, Riverside Co., CA.

   We now know much more about the ADAMS & MULINEX families of Ohio and West Virginia. The information has been added to the genealogy section and a separate allied family section for the Mulinex family. We now know that the Mulinex family came from England and lived in MD and in Guernsey Co., OH. At some point, they were apparently affluent exporters of tobacco. Some members of the Mulinex family also lived in Washington Co., OH.

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